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Welcome to Nulandistan: Svoboda Thugs Silence MP Petro Symonenko inside Ukraine's Parliament

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Welcome to Nulandistan. Democracy flew out the door of Kiev in February 2014. Any semblances of a functioning democracy are disappearing day by day. Brute force is being used against civilian protesters opposing the unelected Yatsenyuk regime that is backed by the US and the EU. Yatsenyuk's coup-installed regime has cracked down on media freedoms, sent the Ukrainian military to attack anti-coup protesters under the pretext of NATO-backed anti-terrorism operations, and started purges and witch hunts all over Ukraine. The regime's officials have begun to glory Hitler's invasion of Ukraine and Eastern Europe too. Inside the Verkhova Rada or Ukrainian Parliament any deputies who dare speak against the regime and its policies are silences and beaten up. This is the US-supported freedom of speech that has been brought to Ukraine, Nuland-style. In this video MP Petro Symonenko is pushed and prevented from speaking just for daring to condemn the use of the Ukrainian military against civilian protesters by Yatsenyuk's regime. Before being silenced, Symonenko made the key point of noting how the ultra-nationalists were serving foreign interests and not the national interests of Ukraine. A atmosphere of intimidation and bullying is the new order of the day in Nulandistan and politicians opposing the regime are regularly threatened and beaten, some to the point of near death. For more articles and information about the US-supported coup in Ukraine please visit Global Research at www.GlobalResearch.ca http://www.globalresearch.ca/the-road-to-moscow-goes-through-kiev-how-the-protests-in-ukraine-transformed-into-a-coup-that-could-target-russia/5370479
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anosjk (1 год назад)
This is the Right.This is Barbarism. This is what they call "Democracy", "to stand by Western values".This is the world today, we are (up to now) in their hands. But Resiliance shall come, have no doubt.Maybe we'll all be dead, or killed by them. But it will come. And each of them will bw punished, or dead too.
peter R (1 год назад)
The thugs of the bandera nazi fascists obviously in control. Funded by the US/EU/nato organizations. Such shame!
Born Tobleed88 (2 года назад)
slava nazi slava Ukraine
Kelly Ng (2 года назад)
Nulandistan = Ukrainian speaking area.
Vera Maier (3 года назад)
The fascists did just prove his last sentences !
1Fireskull (3 года назад)
Do not suck the Jews in Ukraine.  Submit to nationalism and the country will achieve peace and prosperity.  Nationalism is rising in Europe and near Asia because of traitor political parties and outside meddlers. Learn to be patriots instead of selling Ukraine on the open international market for all comers.
78XT500 (4 года назад)
Welcome to an Oligarchy that came to power by violence, and that will hold onto that power by violence. Bye Bye a once proud Ukraine, you lot are just cheap labour and resources for the EU super rich now. And you euromaidan lot gave it to them on a plate. 
Helga Anndersson (4 года назад)
Crazy man  "zsupersaiyan"you are!!! I am not sure you understand Russian. Hi is the only ONE COURAGEOUS man (may be one of few)  in the actual parliament in Ukraine!
Clips (4 года назад)
Free Donezk till Odessa!Down with FACISM!
peter R (1 год назад)
if the US is helping the Ukraine, why is their, the peoples' standard of living on the same level as that of impoverished African countries?
Coffee Succubus (3 года назад)
+kallikratia79 wat
Clips (3 года назад)
+Sereniama Walkans I think you dont know anything about the "Worldsterrorist"-land you come from. ;)
Coffee Succubus (3 года назад)
+kallikratia79 First, I am not from Ukraine. I am from thr US. Second, its not called that. Third, the US is helping Ukraine allot more than Russia who does nothing but demand. Russia is a fascist criminal state. You dont know anything about Ukraine like I do. So stfu boy.
Clips (3 года назад)
+Sereniama Walkans Go back to Nuland-istan.Ukraine is a slave state of US interests......use your brain idiot. Look at the past.....Jugoslavia.....Serbia....Iraq...Afghanistan....Lybia......do you realy think USA are your friends?They only look fort their interests....and know you worked for their interests.
brahim119 (4 года назад)
USA 'building' democracies, the hypocrisy is beyond nausea.
, , ubuibiok (4 года назад)
. . 
Obito Uchiha (4 года назад)
Kick that communist pig out!
Falconer Omen (4 года назад)
FIghts are common in parliaments in some parts of the world. The Duma in Russia used to be famous for its brawls until Putin came to power. Also there was a massive brawl in the Taiwanese parliament over the trade deal with China. Svoboda only have 8% of the seats.
A White (4 года назад)
More and more....... Nulandistan , May 12th Parliament (English subtitles)  ALL TRUTH ABOUT SITUATION IN UKRAINE
TheYizuman (4 года назад)
I'm sure you Ukrainian - Kiev lovers love hearing from the official Ukrainian-Kiev backed Governor praising Hitler and insulting the WWII vets that fought against the Hitlerites.  У губер. Херсонской области забран микрофон_9.5.14_The Kherson reg. governor's microphone took away
A Gcase (4 года назад)
Propaganda channel Low low
A Gcase (4 года назад)
WAR IN UKRAINE Angry mob set up by Putin's special forces + local mafia which always been pro-russian. Russians use stolen ukrainian passports from annexed Crimea to stir trouble by thousands. They are organised by Putin. They pay drunks and unemloyed + sympathisers + organise local russian pro-putin mob who just like entertainment like this... They are taught to shout at ukranian solders. They prevent and do not allow to capture special russian forces occupying government buildings + local separatists or mafia which are the same in many cases... This is 10% of population in East 90% want peace, no trouble. 60-75% want to be in Ukraine. But they afraid to come out as pro-russian mob very agressive, have guns and spies and money from Russia. No law now... The goal for Russia to annexe Ukraine...
Vaska X Tumir (4 года назад)
No freedom of speech even inside the parliament itself.  And the metaphorically deaf and blind will go on screeching that there's no nazism in Ukraine or its new Kiev regime.
Cancayate4 (4 года назад)
this is how democracy works, you got two people go for president, one is pro-russia and one is pro-europ.  where is the one work for ukrain, none.
Cancayate4 (4 года назад)
There is no space/freedom for Ukrain people on its own land.  The government is controlled by either side.
Cancayate4 (4 года назад)
Well speak, white men want to control every country, every race on the earth. Feed the money to a small gang and let the gang to throw own government. then the gang becomes the dog, the dog control and watch the people.  It is a called white men elite  club. Ukrainian welcome to the white men club, sit...
Antoine Najm (4 года назад)
NeoNazis. Sure it is Putin's rhetoric, but what do you call this behaviour but plain fascism? A courageous man. (love the accent)
Antoine Najm (4 года назад)
Had a wine dinner! 😊😊😊
Antoine Najm (4 года назад)
The mrs obama bandwagon is too much lols😄😄
Antoine Najm (4 года назад)
Journalists are shite with the proper action could make my day !!!!
Antoine Najm (4 года назад)
+Haniya Khalid if you get à chance to see my Twitter, à journalist told me to dismiss this as irrelevant Because they "only représent 2% of voting intentions ". People are blind !
Antoine Najm (4 года назад)
NeoNazis. Sure it is Putin's rhetoric, but what do you call this behaviour but plain fascism? A courageous man. (love the accent)
lem (4 года назад)
This is democracy in Ukraine! ;-)  Everyone has the right to beat in the face!
Andriy Moraru (4 года назад)
The video is from April 8.
Олег Рабий (4 года назад)
Ну що тут скажеш...
Idarstyan (4 года назад)
I thik they started beating Symonenko not only because what he's telling, but mostly because of his personality. He's commie-businessman (lol) with strong kremlin hookup. To hear such a charge from such dude really induces enormous butthurt. 
dawoudalmajid1972 (4 года назад)
Wow democracy in action
Kojaxe (4 года назад)
Truth hurts. 
7 13 (4 года назад)
truth never hurts intelligence
Chester Finecat (4 года назад)
Good thing the nations with nuclear weapons are controlled by more rational beings.
Appliantologist (4 года назад)
Here's what happens when you try to tell the truth in Ukraine, if they do it to a diplomat in session, what do you think they do to people just walking down the street?
Appliantologist (4 года назад)
leftyaxegrinder (4 года назад)
The people of Donetsk have got a lot to think about this weekend. Although being independent might seem a good idea, there is no proof that this will actually be recognized, therefore what happens to the people in the region? Will they have Ukraine passports? Russian passports? Secondly trade will suffer, no Western government will do trade with a man who kidnaps, does anti semitic leaflets and more or less uses children for propaganda. If Donetsk does decide to go to Russia, there is a dilemma for Putin. If he accepts the will of the people, sanctions will be harsh ( his grand prix is already being whispered that it just cannot happen) . Therefore Donetsk may end up being another Abkhazia. As for the elderly say goodbye to your pensions because Kiev will not pay you, unemployment will rise and because of a new border and lack of recognition people won’t be able to go anywhere except Russia, whose Economy is not looking good. Kosovo became independent in 2008 and is still not universally recognized, relies on the euro and the un for help. Donetsk will have none of this. Therefore the people there can choose, wait till elections and then decide right we are going to have a referendum without men with guns calling the shots, or decide to separate in a "rigged vote". I suspect the latter will happen. If the people of Donetsk think that the worst is over, it's only about to begin
mike stymest (4 года назад)
That's what happens when you tell the truth. Some political groups don't want the truth to be heard.. If he was telling lies they would have let him babble on. Bravo to that man.
PBSmithy (4 года назад)
Kiev's future won Eurovision last night.     It's name is Konchita. 
karma cats (4 года назад)
I think people should be aware that the other day was the 77th anniversary of the crash of the Hindenburg and that was when that flaming hot air balloon crashed. There has also been another naked bite/zombie attack in Florida. There are videos talking about this on our channel.
The Long Road (4 года назад)
I remember seeing this quite a while ago.. But there were no subtitles!!. It was just presented in a completely different light!
Super Earthling Yamcha (4 года назад)
This guy is telling shameless lies. He is no better than the thugs who silenced him, so fuck him, really. At this point, in this crisis, fuck him.
Jos Boersema (4 года назад)
+zsupersaiyan About these original Maidan protests, in which the Nazi element committed a coup against the elected Government of the Ukraine. You can not call what they did merely a protest or demonstration in the usual sense (which is a right). A protest means walking through the streets, and even if you do it with hundreds of thousands, in the evening you go home. The square is not your private possession, it is from everyone. Occupying it at length is the tactics of a siege, the preliminary stages of a coup. They where not leaving the square, because they wanted to jump from the square straight into the Government. These are plans created by Gene Sharp in the USA, it is called "non-violence" (but in fact it is provocative and violence, as we again have seen). When a minority of the people takes public squares by force and Government buildings by violence, when all they had to do was wait for the next elections and walk in on red carpets in peace: that is an assault on the rights of the voters, it is an attempt to foist a dictatorship. That is not merely a protest. They had much more of their time on that square then they did have a right to already. They should have been removed because of their disorderly conduct. When they refused, then there was no choice but to use harsher methods. The mistake was probably that too few soldiers where used (this is around Februari or so?). The city should have been saturated by combat troops. By the overwhelming force the would be coup would probably start running fast and then fewer would get hurt on all sides. Once the coup established itself, under the control of the Americans, the Ukraine did not have an elected Government anymore. Therefore there was nothing special about the Government buildings anymore. They where not 'sacred' anymore. It would then have been a duty to lay siege on the coup by the citizenry, to get these dictators out of their office. Hence after the coup, people should have stayed on the square and not leave, and they should storm the Government buildings: because there is no Government there - it has no democratic mandate. You seem to see these events in a reverse way, that the original protest up to Februari that lead to the Nazi coup was proper, and then the one later was wrong. It should be noted that "who shot the first shot" is not strategically relevant; any odd sniper can be placed anywhere, nobody knows who made the first move. It is quite possible because of their high degree of professionalism, these coup commiters attacked their own protesters first, even killing them, to then incite greater violence and the coup. These aren't Ukranians leading this coup, this is an international war system designed by the American Government. It has seen a lot of action, starting at least in Yugoslavia. The officers of this system go from country to country committing coups; they have admitted that per country they can get a million dollars for it. This is admitted on youtube by themselves. This is all a war system, it is war by other means. Now it is true that I am not Ukranian and probably know nothing about the Ukraine almost; however time & again you see how people in a nation get confused by this American war system because they don't know it. The E.U. is *not* your friend, how can any people belief that the EU is a friend ? The E.U. was set up originally by the Nazis of World War 2, it is an under ground project by the ultra-wealthy, who also funded the Nazis. After the defeat of the German Nazi reich, they went underground with their project, and they now succeeded. It makes perfect sense that they brought Nazis to power in the Ukraine, because this is all a Nazi and ruling class capitalist project for the big banks and companies. Here is the website that creates the manuals for these coups: http://www.aeinstein.org/ The funding goes through the NED (which is a CIA front), IRI (Republican party of USA), and the like. Groups that everyone know hate freedom, hate democracy, and hate civil rigths - they are well on their way to destroy these rights in their own USA. They picked off the Ukraine now, because Brezinski told them to do so. But this is apparently an old anglo-saxon way of thinking: they want to control eastern Europe, so that they can influence the 'heartland' of Asia, to then rule the world. These people are sick (American and British ruling classes). For them the world is like a game, to conquer the world, and get rich doing it. Their real target is Russia, and that is perhaps why you now see a war on the Russian border in the Ukraine. They want to get the war hysteria against Russia going.
Ine xenia (4 года назад)
+David Jones  Xenia is Greek in origin, but I am Russian, yes.
Ak Coins (4 года назад)
+David Jones  The idea is to give you only two choices dumb and dumber  both are pay and bought by the elite oligarchy Control of the media total control the bigger good  movies messages idol represent the ruling elite no criticism of the elite or very little People imitate behaviors of movie stars control movie stars and the messages and so on Divide people as much as you can  Bill Clinton if they believe lies lies are true only count what they believe influence change and destroy all ex- Nazis and Soviet ways of controlling people Fame is repetitions Learn and watch all this will be use to control people and they will get what they want . Money sex and power
Ak Coins (4 года назад)
+David Jones  Yes I was believing we were fighting for the right cause and we did  finally convince Soviets the totalitarian system will collapse and it did  I was as happy as man can be Then Clinton got elected I couldn't believe it  The reincarnations and building  of new Soviet empire  start  First thing they did put their cronies in the media  destroy union people who oppose them where attack and their live destroy at this moment I realize Soviet are back They use same tricks as Soviet did lying to the people to get elected ex- Soviet in Chicago told me let this morons learn what Soviet was about I known since 1995 America will become new soviet empire and Europe will become it satellite
Ak Coins (4 года назад)
I fought the cold war live in this countries Poland, East Germany Czechoslovakia ,Hungry risking my live Thanks to the people of USA England West Germany, Austria  I survive So now I am saying the true as I see too old to do anything else My advice to you is keep fighting   :))
Jason Jaymansify (4 года назад)
Lol only in Russia
Arct1cFresh (4 года назад)
Never feel sorry, Jason?
TheYizuman (4 года назад)
It's Ukraine you uneducated moron!
xjlmt (4 года назад)
Ирина Брифото (4 года назад)
It's Ukraine.
zuriman86 (4 года назад)
Yats... good old Yats...  the US and EU are behaving like criminal hegemonic powers... why are there no intelligent people in politics or in positions of power... oh right ... good people are not attracted to these kinds of positions.. its the same wankers that wanted to be class president in highschool.. Remove all the governments of the world.. instate internet based direct democracy and watch all the wars fade. Why does a population need a government when we have all the technology we need to govern ourselves.. that goes for all of humanity. Locals can vote on whether they want schools, war, hospitals etc.. let the PEOPLE decide. Remove all governments, self governance for all people enabled by the internet .. this is the future .. sooner or later it will happen.. because the people of the world are getting tired of the same a$$holes ruining the lives of millions and oppressing the less powerful for their own gain. VIVA LA REVOLUTION!
zuriman86 (4 года назад)
bunch of animals
ahmedalsharman (4 года назад)
Victoria Nuland is a Jewish whore 
xjlmt (4 года назад)
Cheap and easy, as well.
Cancayate4 (4 года назад)
Well speak, white men want to control every country, every race on the earth. Feed the money to a small gang and let the gang to throw own government. then the gang becomes the dog, the dog control and watch the people.  It is a called white men elite  club. Ukrainian welcome to the white men club, site.
Charles Stewart (4 года назад)
excellent reporting. courageous speaker, very much so, heroic. apocalyptic scenarios are looking more plausible, moment by moment. the reign of evil seems nearing closure, yhvh willing.
Eduard Ishov (4 года назад)
American style democracy
Евгений Хорошко (4 года назад)
Wilson Resende (4 года назад)
That guy with the pony tail loves to bully.. I vê seen other vídeos
mijmijrm (4 года назад)
.. related to the US Regime destruction of Ukraine  .. the Conspiracy to re-Militarize Germany http://www.wsws.org/en/articles/2014/05/10/germ-m10.html
muz9ka (4 года назад)
И этот парламент принимает законы, без обсуждений и без соблюдения кворума. Полная анархия и хаос. Земля тебе пухом, Украина. Привет Гуляй-Поле!
mijmijrm (4 года назад)
another US Regime success story
jirv25 (4 года назад)
Obama freedom forces in action...Fuck the first ammendment..
peter R (1 год назад)
or any amendment for that matter.
thegoldenpipewrench (4 года назад)
next Ukrainian Parliament meeting will require bullet proof vests and weapons check at the door. Baseball bats will make it thru the metal detectors fellas....carry it live on pay per view and balance the budget with the proceeds...... the world is going to sh^t .....faceplam
knopka1945 (4 года назад)
The split of Ukraine and destabilization are in profitable for USA. Because that will create a springboard for the capture the Russia for the sake of free-pay resources. People will not need and should die out, first of all Ukrainian nationalists. It will be enough of this oligarch will sell he self. This enemy of the Ukrainian people trying to hide the truth.
BoodleTube (4 года назад)
Great right hook on the Svoboda by the unnamed MP in the dress.
mikecorbeil (4 года назад)
+joost1v Russia didn't cause this problem in Ukraine.
Max Havelaar (4 года назад)
The cruel face of US foreign policy, already for a 100 years in the 3-rd world. Read Smedley Butler's book: war is a racket. And John Pilger's movie: War on Democracy (=US foreig policy) Ofcourse, Obama, Kerry and Victoria Nuland are the big liars on Ukraine: they have organized the Kiev Maidan violent coup by the Svoboda, Right Sector neo Nazi's and serial stranglers, as shown in Odessa, Mariupol. After victory-day, Russia must rise once again, against neo-NAZI/Goldman Sachs/Rothschild USA.
joost1v (4 года назад)
First Obama demanded that the "peaceful protesters" at the Maidan would and should not be obstructed by the police. Now the CIA boss John Brennan tells that opposition that the army has to shoot at peaceful protesters. And i have understood from the MSM that the chaos has been caused by Russia.
Travis polson (4 года назад)
You send armed men against unarmed men for voicing there opinion .

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