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Source: Perdana Global Peace Foundation THE "NEW WORLD ORDER" A RECIPE FOR WAR OR PEACE New World Order a big threat to sovereign states, speakers at an international conference say. The anti-war initiative, Perdana Global Peace Foundation, has a single goal of putting an end to war. Founded by Malaysia’s former Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad, the Foundation encourages dialogues between different nations, people and organisations to foster and energise global peace. Its sister foundation, the Kuala Lumpur Foundation to Criminalise War aims to undertake all necessary measures to criminalise war and energise peace. It also found former US President George Bush and former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, among others, guilty of war crimes. The recent activity by the Perdana Global Peace Foundation was a one-day international conference titled the New World Order, Recipe for War or Peace. The keynote address was delivered by Dr Mahathir who warned that Malaysia might lose its independence if the government falls prey to the ploys of the US to increase its global hegemony through economic means. He pointed out that the Transpacific Partnership or TPPA is a New World Order strategy by a powerful pact of people led by the US to dominate the world economy. Dr Mahathir said globalisation and borderless trade are being used to establish a “one world government”. Referring to the Free Trade Agreement as a regulated trade deal, he said countries that sign on the deal would be subjected to more rules and regulations than ever before. Dr Mahathir also pointed out that disputes arising from these trade deals mean corporations could sue sovereign states at investor arbitration tribunals, in secrecy. The New World Order refers to the emergence of a totalitarian world government. Other prominent speakers at the conference also said that a secretive power elite led by the United States wants to replace sovereign nation states through regime change. Prominent academic and author Dr Michel Chossudovsky warned that the so-called war on terrrorism is a front to propagate America’s global hegemony and create a New World Order. Dr Chossudovsky said terrorism is made in the US and that terrorists are not the product of the Muslim world. According to him, the US global war on terrorism was used to enact anti-terrorism laws that demonised Muslims in the Western world and created Islamophobia. Elaborating on his argument, Dr Chossudovsky said that NATO was responsible for recruiting members of the Islamic state while Israel is funding “global jihad elements inside Syria. Dr Chossudovsky, who is also the founder of the Centre for Research and Globalisation, further emphasised that the global war on terrorism is a fabrication, a big lie and a crime against humanity. Echoing Dr Chussodovsky’s arguments, Malaysia’s prominent political scientist, Islamic reformist and activist Dr Chandra Muzaffar said that the US has always manipulated religion to further its global hegemony on sovereign states. For example, he said the Arab spring was brought about by Colonel Muammar Muhammad Gaddafi’s resistance to US dominance. But Dr Thomas Barnett who has worked in the US national security services since the end of the Cold War refuted the arguments put forth by the conference speakers as mere allegations and that people prefer to believe in conspiracy theories. Touching on the subject of economic hegemony through free trade agreements, Dr Barnett said that it’s only normal that countries that sign on to international trade deals are subjected to some international treaties and business protocols that they must follow. He also says that trade partners with the US have accrued many benefits and that the US has gone out of its way over the last 40 years to encourage peaceful development. Barnett also pointed out that for the first time in Asian history there is an increasingly prosperous and powerful China, India, South Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia and Japan. Brushing aside Barnett’s argument, Dr Mahathir in his speech warned governments to be cautious, saying that those who refuse to conform are subjected to economic sanctions. He also said that the one world government wants to undermine all other governments and would not hesitate to invade and occupy sovereign states to achieve its agenda.
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Thai fighter Is the best pound for pound (1 месяц назад)
PH freemason
Aiman Aedy (4 месяца назад)
Dajal Al masih team. . control world..tun one of them
nieexsozo (3 месяца назад)
arwah nik aziz tahun 1978 pernah bawa isu freemason untuk diharamkan di Malaysia semasa dalam sidang parlimen. Tetapi tidak setujui oleh tun hussien on ketika itu. Dan selepas itu dibalas hujah oleh che det. Tahun 90an Nong chik juga membawa usul isu ini diatas kerisauan beliau terhadap pertubuhan ini ke parlimen tetapi sekali lagi disanggah oleh che det malah Nong chik menerima kritikan oleh beliau.
natra (4 месяца назад)
Amir Shafiq HAHAHAHA SETUJU. Ape benda la bodoh dorang yg tak faham BI ni. Faham pun tidak nak dajal2. Bapk dia bodo
Amir Shafiq (4 месяца назад)
Aiman Aedy ko paham ker tak ape yg tun cakap..?? Bodoh mcm lembu mu nie... G blaja balik bahasa inggeris kt skola..
funny 123 (4 месяца назад)
Mengucap bro! Benda tak tahu jgn dok nuduh2.
i am anonymous (4 месяца назад)
what do u mean??
Suraj Kumar Balusamy (3 года назад)
He speaks the truth and no other politician in the world is more wiser than DR.M
The Curious Sapien (3 года назад)
I really wish these people would stop saying things are written or done by 'America' - America is a country, a piece of land, it can't write or establish policy. Name your enemy, specifically. The Current US Government, The Financial Policy makers, etc.  I'm an American, I live in America, however I am not pushing economic policy for one world government. I don't invade, corrupt, influence, or demand anything of foreign governments or people. Much less their physical land mass. There are a lot of individual people in 'America' and 'WE' are not involved in what the Facist regime currently controlling the wealth of the US are doing. Just as Hitler wasn't Germany, 'I' am not America - America is my country, however if you have an axe to grind - grind it with the people you have an issue with - not the country, or its people. George Bush isn't America, Dick Cheney isn't America, Obama isn't America, and Kim Kardashian isn't America. Don't hold us accountable for their sins.
The Curious Sapien (3 года назад)
+justice4germans.com No I'm not. lol
251omega (3 года назад)
+Nexus2Eden You are correct about Americans vs the US Government. It is almost NEVER that the citizens want war; it's always the governments that cause wars. >> We have over 320,000,000 citizens, yet, the same small elite of around 15,000 people from over 60 families, are the true policy setters.The US myth of free elections, hides the fact that policy is controlled by those same elite families, not the electorate. A carefully hidden American Aristocracy, actually runs the country!
justice4germans (3 года назад)
+Nexus2Eden it's not about babysitting adults, it's allowing criminals to commit mass murder around the world, if you're not going to take direct action you should at least put some effort into exposing them, right now you are doing nothing but supporting their actions with your tax dollars.
The Curious Sapien (3 года назад)
+ubah81 Thanks. Awesome to see not everyone is a ridiculous idiot, really thought I'd be flamed to death for my comment - but maybe people have finally grown up.  At least a few anyway. Thanks for your support.
kroikye (3 года назад)
95 % of you People wont even recognize the NWO when it comes, because the NWO will be the " Sollution  " to the current Chaos created by the Secret Societies in Charge ( Freemasonry, Jesuit Order, SMOM ). And the NWO is neither American nor Israeli, these Secret Societies dominate most Governmentsand they serve only Lucifer and Know NO Allegiance to any Nation or Race. See the NWO will not be what you think, it will Sound like a Utopia at first. And it will probably Start out seeming like a GOOD thing. But it will soon show its cruel and repressive Face. The Bible predicted all of this would happen again like in the Times of Nimrod. Get to know Jesus as your personal Savior, God bless.
Alex Almanzar (3 года назад)
+kroikye We are getting close. Sadly, most people are not educated well, if at all, in the matters you have mentioned.
TheCarrifaery (3 года назад)
The evidence of the u.s.'s fairness is the amount of times they've lost lawsuits? Circular logic at it's finest, fellow.
FlyingAxblade (3 года назад)
+TheCarrifaery good catch and release thank you
Athis (3 года назад)
The NWO elites hate this man because he resisted them. That makes him a dictator in their eyes and in their corporate media cartel.

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