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The Sanders Agenda for America

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Franklin Smith (2 года назад)
and who pays for all this?
Devin Shook (2 года назад)
FDR did the same thing with infrastructure. The United States has been practicing "Trickle Down" economics which gives employers the money in the hope that they will help their employees. What Bernie wants is "Pump Priming", which will both improve the nation's failing infrastructure and directly provided jobs for those in need of work. The money is already there. It is simply being used in an unproductive way by our leaders. +Franklin Smith
thomas scott (2 года назад)
Hey bernie where is all that money gonna come from?
Devin Shook (2 года назад)
FDR did the same thing with infrastructure. The United States has been practicing "Trickle Down" economics which gives employers the money in the hope that they will help their employees. What Bernie wants is "Pump Priming", which will both improve the nation's failing infrastructure and directly provided jobs for those in need of work. The money is already there. It is simply being used in an unproductive way by our leaders. +thomas scott
valcrum321 (3 года назад)
I deeply respect this man's platform and his commitment to reform, that being said, he doesn't stand a chance. While he's passionate, he's not charming, he may be right but no one wants to admit to flaws of America. Hillary is far more manipulative and will crush him with smart words not smart policy. Even if and when Hillary runs, I still the republicans are going to win the presidency, they're more organized, more authoritative, and they have the disappointment of Obama's democratic "Change" in the air. Besides, his policies are more so focused on pleasing the youth, a demographic which has proven to be very unreliable in turnout for elections. Even after all this, God speed Bernie Sanders, you're the kind of representative others should strive to be. One who does something hard as to work for the voters not interest groups.
ned berry (3 года назад)
Thanks Bernie!
jimmb06 (3 года назад)
someone as smart and knowledgeable as him should know by now that women do get paid the same as men for the same work, and that 78 cents/ hour for every 1$/ hour men make is so statistically misleading, that it is nearly false.
Aaron Roberts (3 года назад)
Lets be honest. The only two candidates who sincerely have our interests at heart are Bernie Sanders and Rand Paul. The media will crucify them both (you can see it happening already with Rand: lies about his stance on vaccines/lies about 'abducting' a girl in college/lies about his credibility as a doctor).  And if by some miracle one of them makes it to the White House, he will be assassinated because they aren't in the pockets of the Military Industrial Complex/the financial industry.
Aaron Roberts (3 года назад)
+awesomejim123 I'm on whichever side tells the truth and doesn't just sweep our problems under the rug. I think that strict constitutionally limited federal government is the best solution but at this point I would rather see an honest man in office with whom I disagree then one I agree with who is just going to be another puppet for the military industrial complex and financial institutions.
awesomejim123 (3 года назад)
+Aaron Roberts that's very true, i thought you were taking a side
Aaron Roberts (3 года назад)
+awesomejim123 I didn't say they both had the same solutions. But both are honest and that is something we haven't had since Kennedy.
awesomejim123 (3 года назад)
+Aaron Roberts you just named polar opposites as the two people who have our interests at heart
ANeonTiger (3 года назад)
Wow, this is the most in-touch older gentleman I've ever seen. It seems like most men his age are die hard Republicans with insanely conservative ideas.
francesco lops (2 года назад)
+ANeonTiger and I hope Sanders will win!
O-I-C-U disolve (3 года назад)
Because he allow love and compassion to in-touch his heart.
DrivenMind (3 года назад)
I'd vote for Mr. Sanders in a heartbeat.
Hounderous 1 (3 года назад)
True to his words wise man hope he runs he would possibly win in a massive land slide the difference would be huge unfortunately he is likely not going to make it to the primaries just because of mainstream media and the money 
Illidanek (3 года назад)
People still thinking changing one republocrat for another changes anything? Sure keep up the Ponzi schemes, the debts and the wars. What can go wrong?
AtomicHermit (3 года назад)
+Illidanek Bernie Sanders has promised to fight the oligarchy with our support. He is the only candidate independent enough to do so, and as he has been saying the same things for half a century, I tend to accept what he says. Seeing that we live in an oligarchy, if you think your vote should count for something, caucus or vote in the preliminaries to nominate Sanders, then help to elect him, and then support him in his fight. If knowledge, intelligence, will-power and skill can do it, Bernie Sanders will do it.
KlohsCalls (3 года назад)
Too bad he'll never stand a chance in a presidential election as an independent with the current system the US has for voting. He's saying some sound things and the fact that he's independent may actually mean he'll also push for them as president. 
AtomicHermit (3 года назад)
+KlohsCalls A little earlier today on "All in with Chris Hayes, MSNBC referred to Bernie Sanders as "the current leader of the democratic field." He certainly is in terms of meeting sizes on and off line, and number of contributors to his campaign. And watch the breaking story about the march on Washington for Sanders 2016.
KlohsCalls (3 года назад)
+AtomicHermit Wrote this comment before he announced running for the Democratic party. As far as I know, Hillary is still ahead of him on the most recent polls, though he's slowly closing in. Trump running is just a farce, and another reason that the republicans don't stand a chance in this election either. I remember saying to my friends back when Mitt Romney ran in 2012 that the GOP nominees are just getting stranger and stranger, and then mentioning that the presidential election of 2016 would contain people such as Donald Trump running. However, should he somehow win, then I'm learning Chinese/mandarin.
AtomicHermit (3 года назад)
+KlohsCalls He is not running as an independent but as the Democratic nominee. He is attracting larger groups than Donald Trump and much larger groups than Hillary Clinton. He attracts people of all ages and political persuasions, especially the millennials who ensured Obama's victory and then were disappointed and the Gen-X who don't get their news from TV but the net, and can see right through the current system.
Staircase Wit (3 года назад)
why does this only have less than 10 thousand views? In less than 5 minutes, he outlines every single one of the most important Global issues
Tony Nordin (3 года назад)
I'm not an american - but this guy should be your next president!
Ann James (3 года назад)
Guys, keep buying gold, silver and bitcoin, This is the best single action we can take right now to spare our family from the incoming (don't know how soon, but certain) stock market bubble pop.
toto che handala (3 года назад)
Sanders/Warren for the Democratic ticket..
Blackout Scout (3 года назад)
My brother was an intern for her office recently. His understand is unless she says so herself that she has no intention to run in 2016. She made promises to get to office and is trying to keep them.
SirPhobos555 (3 года назад)
Why don't I believe that this has as low of views as it's showing above?
MlSSlNGN0 (3 года назад)
Who dis nigga be, why he saying all this? 
huay (3 года назад)
Please run for prez!
Pz Da (3 года назад)
Sanders for president? And also Mr Sanders, what is your policy for Israel?
Tom Greg (3 года назад)
Go Bernie! Thanks!
B-Balling With RNC (3 года назад)
These ideas sound so good, why haven't any other countries tried them?! Oh wait, they have, Cuba, Venezuela, Portugal, Spain, Greece, Communist Russia: allll bankrupt, and their people living in squalor. Someone please shut this radical Marxist leftist up, he is the laughingstock of the FREE world, and so are you, for being gullible enough to listen to his rhetoric. We just spent 6 years and trillions of dollars in public sector union give aways and boondoggles, and it is a complete failure! Might as well double down on failure and completely bankrupt our country, it's the Democratic way! FYI, The government doesn't 'create jobs,' the private sector and private sector unions create jobs! The government Destroys jobs, every 'job' it 'creates' in the parasitic public sector, it Destroys and taxes it out of existance in the 'productive' private sector. Check my Playlist to see how we should be creating jobs. Thanks, Comrades.
Dixon Francois Jr. (3 года назад)
Release the Kraken Sanders.
Michael Marks (3 года назад)
To Sum it all up....America needs T.L.C. T.ariffs L.iving wage C.orporate tax reform Tariffs...America had tariffs for 220 years and it worked...12.7 million cars made in america before nafta and WTO...now 3.7 million cars....before nafta China made 1 million cars...now they make 23.7 million. Living wage...if you work 40 hours a week you need to be paid a living wage. $15/hour...Walmart has $484 billion in revenue..cost to pay all employees $15 hour is $6 billion ..leaving only $478 billion for walmart to play with...Austrilia has a minumum wage of $21/hour ..lower unemployement and the big mac index is lower in Australia then in the US. (meaning fast food is cheaper even though you are paying $21 hour) 25% of fortune 500 companies pay NO taxes...FIX that now.
AtomicHermit (3 года назад)
+Michael Marks We can do better than that by implementing a transaction tax. A simple transaction tax of about 0.35% automatically collected from buyer and seller could completely replace current income taxes, corporate taxes, excise taxes, payroll taxes, capital gains taxes and estate taxes. A little more could pay for the vast improvements and investment in our future desperately needed in the United States. No more tax returns, no more tax fraud, corruption or political influence, and, the federal budget could be balanced for the first time in history. If we need to subsidize industry or people, we can write a check and make it public. Then Bernie Sanders can stop telling people that he needs to raise their taxes, and get on with being elected by acclamation!. (for more see http://thetransactiontax.org/overview/) Transaction taxes are not sales taxes. A transaction tax is a low rate tax on all transfers of value between entities (although members of a family would be regarded as an entity), not just on taxable sales. A transaction tax would replace all other taxes (including sales tax, VAT and income tax), though not taxes intended to change behavior or recover expenditures born by society due to a product or activity (e.g. tobacco and alcohol products, legacy hydrocarbons, mining, soda, sugar). The http://thetransactiontax.org/ authors state that "US transactions are estimated at $1000 Trillion annually, but we only use half that amount ($500 Trillion) in our calculations. Using 500 Trillion transactions as our base, we have calculated a transaction tax of .007 shared between buyer (.0035) and seller (.0035) to generate revenue of 3.5 Trillion. That would be enough to balance the budget for the first time in history. The Transaction Tax would cover our federal budget + social security + medicare + our debt payments." Under such a system, in the short term the tax burden on the less affluent would definitely decrease enormously, due to everyone and other entities paying their fair share. The referenced site provides a number of examples. "For example, for an American who earns $20,000 and spends $20,000 in a year, their transaction taxes would total $70." Extracting data from their illustrations, somebody earning $37,000 and spending $32,000 and currently paying $6,400 in Federal taxes would see a reduction of 96% to $241. Somebody earning $1,438,000 and spending $1,322,00 and currently paying $360,160 in Federal taxes would see a reduction of 97% to $9,680. Wealthier taxpayers and corporations would end up carrying a higher burden because they tend to perform not just larger transactions, but many more transactions, than the poor or even the merely affluent, making such taxes steeply progressive. They website states: "Cash purchases could potentially avoid the tax, but they would not be banned. Instead, cash withdrawals would be charged a fee of 0.875%. Professor Fiege, the economist who developed the concept behind the Transaction Tax, was an expert on the underground economy. He determined that cash goes through an average of 2.5 transactions between leaving a bank and returning. So to counteract those unreported transactions he made the fee on cash withdrawls 2.5 times (0.875%) the transaction tax to cover that. This fee would apply to any money that is taken “out of the system” in order to discourage US corporations and wealthy investors from shifting their money overseas to avoid taxes." I agree in principle with the idea of the tax on cash withdrawals, but would suggest that the transfers between countries not be taxed if the other country adopts the same system and rates as we do, but that in the event that it does not, that a larger surcharge, perhaps of the order of 15%, be billed on transfers to that country in order to encourage them to adopt the same system, managing capital flight in that fashion. I actually advocate a slightly different approach where there is an "alternative wealth tax" based on a small taxable percentage of an exponential "asset under management valuation" which would apply only when the tax amount exceeded the transaction taxes already paid, and which would strongly discourage both the holding of non-productive assets and the accumulation of assets by a single entity.
Michael Marks (3 года назад)
+sojutime #1 Exports fell from 5% of GDP to 2.5% of GDP...so America lost 2.5% of our GDP....imports fell from 4.2% to 2%...so America picked up 2.2% in GDP (imports count as negative GDP)...Net Net 0.3% to the GDP....America had a hit of 37% to the GDP, hence, the reason modern economics say Smoot Hawlay did not contribute significanly to the economic downturn.A large computer simulation study, published in the The Review of Economics and Statistics concludes, "Smoot-Hawley ... probably did not contribute significantly to the economic downturn."[22] It was not until WWII, during which "the American economy expanded at an unprecedented rate",[23] that unemployment fell below 1930s levels.[24]Imports during 1929 were only 4.2% of the United States' GNP and exports were only 5.0%. Monetarists, such as Milton Friedman, who emphasize the central role of the money supply in causing the depression, note that the Smoot-Hawley Act only had a contributory effect on the entire U.S. economy.  Banking practices and the stock market caused the US economy to crash a year before Smoot hawley...the damage was done...please dont blame smoot hawley for making it worse...it was really bad.   Canada did not have smoot Hawley and In Canada, Between 1929 and 1939, the gross national product dropped 40%, compared to 37% in the U.S. Unemployment reached 28% at the depth of the Depression in 1929 and 1930,[28] while wages bottomed out in 1933.[29] Many businesses closed, as corporate profits of C$396 million in 1929 turned into losses of $98 million in 1933. Exports shrank by 50% from 1929 to 1933.
sojutime (3 года назад)
+Michael Marks Smoot-Hawley made the Great Depression worse.
ThE DuCk (3 года назад)
We Love You Bernie
Fedlocks (3 года назад)
Bernie Sanders 2016!?👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍󾓦󾓦󾓦
Sage Mantis (3 года назад)
People who think Sanders can't win understimate how much time a year and a half left until an election is when Sanders does something revolutionary every single day.
StannisVonHapsburg (3 года назад)
mrj0nny5 (3 года назад)
I love the TR reference.
GuitarGodsUnite (3 года назад)
How does fixing infrastructure raise income? And how are infrastructure jobs going to be full time? Who's going to pay for 13 million workers? Why is our healthcare bad even though we are spending twice as much? I think there are a lot of questions Sanders needs to answer.  Also, he says the same thing every freakin' video.... Expand on your points and explain how you are going to solve problems rather than just repeating yourself.
GuitarGodsUnite (3 года назад)
For every $1 increase in government spending there is going to be an increase in economic growth equal to the government spending multiplier.
sojutime (3 года назад)
+GuitarGodsUnite  For every $1 spent on transportation infrastructure, the increase in economic growth is between $1.5 and $2.
GuitarGodsUnite (3 года назад)
*put my tin foil hat back on*
Salty Diarrhea (3 года назад)
+GuitarGodsUnite yeah I think GGU is just here to say, "No." It's easy to put the blinders on, it's hard to open your eyes. -GOP
GuitarGodsUnite (3 года назад)
that was edgy
neilemac (3 года назад)
Bravo you fine folk of Vermont; thanks for sharing Bernie. All of America is in need of his wisdom and agenda re 'national healthcare.'
FeelTheH8 (3 года назад)
It makes me sad to hear Sanders repeat the wage gap myth. Otherwise I mostly agree with him.
goodkat (3 года назад)
+Erik Keating It should be something all humans strive for not only women
Erik Keating (3 года назад)
+goodkat I'm not saying that's what they truly want (in reality they probably don't). I'm saying that's what they should want, should strive for.
goodkat (3 года назад)
+Erik Keating If woman are truly seeking equal representation in the work force then why is it that they ignore the lack of women in fields like manual labor, garbage collection/disposal, firefighting? It seems they care less of equal representation and more about injecting women into roles of higher pay / influence.
Erik Keating (3 года назад)
I understand that the wage gap is a fabricated issue. However, I like to emphasize that inequality in terms of types of jobs still persist, men dominating more higher paying fields. If the wage gap controversy were to be steered towards tackling that issue, then I would not have a problem with it. That being said, the issue is deep rooted in the varying socialization of genders, so it's not likely to go away. 
underlord2132 (3 года назад)
But alot of people believe in it, if it doesn't exist, even easier to address :D
PrincessTS01 (3 года назад)
Timothy Shoaf (3 года назад)
Anthropogenic contributions to climate change are not a mistake. Science almost unilaterally agrees with the causes. There is no debate among the scientific community because the data is so impressively one sided. That said, the scientific community also does not particularly take objection to nuclear fuel. They are typically advocates of its use and safer reactor design. Thorium is a lovely option, as are several alternative uranium and plutonium ones that do not suffer the same contingency design weaknesses as found in most like Fukushima. Quantum dot solar panels also provide a potential future, as do geosynchronous maser transmitted orbital power stations. That said, those goals are much further out in tractability vs wind and NP-junction solar we have now. So there is no shame in utilizing a combination of these resources now
Talents, young artists, music charts (3 года назад)
+PrincessTS01 Bernie is a good guy, the best American presidential candidate I've heard in a long time. But, he is completely wrong about climate change caused by human activity, it is/can only be a minor minor factor in the whole picture. And this is important, very important for the future of America and for Europe as well (I'm Swedish) that real science is in focus here, as it is in China, Russia, India for example. There's no way to become competitive with windmills and solar panels (which will get dysfunctional in the next ice age btw) when these countries now are developing/building completely safe/clean nuclear power plants (so called thorium / neutron plants, new technologies), and also selling them to other countries like Egypt and South American countries. We have to understand what we're dealing with here, the core of humanity and its development, what makes us human compared with animals, controlling and using fire/energy in higher and higher forms. It has nothing to do with "oligarchs who support the nuclear industry", in fact they are very ambivalent concerning nuclear power, because they shoot themselves in the foot if it replaces the oil industry. This is about survival as a species in the long, and to be able to decrease poverty in many such countries with sane leaders (increase the so called energy density per square kilometer) in an efficient, possible/fast way. If you aren't, you can get yourself informed about these things in a scientific way with the links here below, and not by the propaganda in the mainstream media. I wish Bernie the best of luck anyway. watch?v=dIvLEwGS-70 (Youtube video code) https://plus.google.com/110533087604245810171/about (blue links)
Laughingpug (3 года назад)
+sojutime why because we have laws in place that state these monopolies shouldn't exist an d if you don't think comecast and time warner are monopolistic when have they had any competition in their given markets in the past 20 years ? these cable companies have sectioned off the country and don't touch each others areas that's not competition that's market fixing and is also suppose to be illegal.
Laughingpug (3 года назад)
+Rick Carrigan apple didn't even innovate the ipod apple doesn't innovate they take ideas someone else had and makes a market for them
sojutime (3 года назад)
+PrincessTS01 Why? Tax payers won't be forced to bail out those companies when they go bankrupt.
PatriotWatchUSA (3 года назад)
13 million short time, union jobs is what he meant to say. Liberals hide these facts. Why? Cause the liberal base isn't real bright. Most don't speak english
PatriotWatchUSA (3 года назад)
+dedknedy Thats because the left are job killers. Ask anyone, in any city across America where liberals reign
dedknedy (3 года назад)
Short time union jobs!? When they expanded the highway project in California they estimated a 30 year haul. That's employment, promotions and training for future employment that wasn't available for millions of people for tens of years. Or we could just to the conservative thing and do nothing while our infrastructure collapses and jobs are on the decline while we all point fingers at the left.
Robert Lee (3 года назад)
+PatriotWatchUSA ah hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. You got me at 'most don't speak English' hahahahahah. Good one. I mean the reality is that most liberals are more educated and probably can speak English AND another language. hahahahahahaha You're too funny.
Rocko (3 года назад)
+PatriotWatchUSA How it ended last time? You mean the south becoming the God-fearing, gun-toting, anti-intellectual *laughing stock* of the rest of the nation, and the *entire world* up until this very day?
Rocko (3 года назад)
+PatriotWatchUSA "Progressive wasteland" Hahaha you mean like the hugely successful social democracies in the rest of the developed first world? Your throwing-around of the word "socialism" as if you even know what it means is only displaying your ignorance. Know the difference between a mixed economy, social democracy, socialism, and communism. None of these things are synonyms. America is behind and putting a negative spin on "progress" is only going to keep it that way.
sevven1 (3 года назад)
+Bernie Sanders  Wow! Go Bernie!! #Sanders2016  
zoulong52 (3 года назад)
You can say what you want about Bernie Sanders, but let's face it america needs his agenda they need his ideas and they need his passion.

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