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Cathedral Hive New Hexagonal Top Bar Hive

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The NEW Cathedral Hive! The next evolution in top bar hive design. The Cathedral Hive is designed by Corwin Bell and crafted by BackYardHive.com in Boulder, CO. After 3 years of research and design experimentation Corwin and BackYardHive are now ready to offer hive plans, top bar sets and fully assembled hives of this new hexagonal shaped hive. The hive offers a 3 sided hexagonal top bar structure which offers superior comb stability with zero to minimal side comb attachment. Any bar can be removed at any location in the hive just like a framed hive. The hive includes an innovative living roof design, a colony regulated venting system and the "Super Highway" passage system for efficient movement through out the hive and overall health of the bees. Learn more at http://www.backyardhive.com/the_cathedral_hive_the_next_evolution_in_top_bar_hive_design/
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poundsmack (1 год назад)
I was about to order a Gold Mean topbar hive form you, but after watching this I'm not sure. The Cathedral one, especially with a glass false back, would be amazing! How long will you support it and make parts for it? I'd hate to buy it and then a few years later find that the design has changed and components are no longer easy to purchase.
Doug Parcher (1 год назад)
Wont the bees fill those bar holes with propolis?
BeeGuardian (1 год назад)
Hi Doug, The bees use the passage holes to easily move from comb to comb, since they utilize these holes even in the winter when it is more critical to easily move from comb to comb for food and warmth, they do not close the holes with propolis. The bees will regulate the top venting slots on the top of the bars, just as they regulate their entrance with propolis. See our website BackYardHive for more information on this!
Santos Martinez (1 год назад)
I have seen several videos, but your really impressed me, congratulations.
BeeGuardian (1 год назад)
Hi Santos, Glad you like the video, visit our website for hive plans to build the hive BackYardHive
SwampCritter (1 год назад)
:33 bee hive porn
Trevor Kofoed (1 год назад)
Got my plans today I can't wait to get my hives built
BeeGuardian (1 год назад)
Hi Trevor, How are your bees dong in the Cathedral Hive? all of our hives are packed and we are harvesting some combs because they are full. We will leave the majority of the comb for them to overwinter on and harvest any combs they did not use during the winter in the spring time
Steven Wieler (2 года назад)
So neat

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