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US Rock Band "Blood Moon Therapy" Jam Session at Hajvery University

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On April, 2, 2012, A Jam session of US musical rock band "Blood Moon Therapy" was held at Hajvery University in collaboration with US Consulate. The band consisted on Michael Lombardi, who is a musical/actor and has worked in a lot of TV serials, Nick who is a guitarist from New York, Shawn Dailey from California who plays the base guitar, Neil Parekh from Los Angles, who is guitarist/Keyboardist and Chris Vargas, who plays drum and is also from California. The event consisted of two sessions, the first session was the Jam session in which the students interacted with the band members, and learnt from them to play various instruments.
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Galleto San (6 лет назад)
This song is "Synthetic Self", don't?

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