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'Baltimore Batman' wards off looters

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By: Lara Greenberg BALTIMORE -- One man is now being referred to at the Baltimore Batman after he fended off looters at a business during riots. Brian Woodyard has the same initials as fictional character, Bruce Wayne, who is also known as DC Comics' Batman. "I asked them to please let me stay in because I could set up a defense," Woodyard said. Woodyard works as a bouncer at The Old Clubhouse, but left before riots broke out in that part of the city on Monday night. Looters took tobacco and liquor from the business. When Woodyard returned to work, he was wearing a mask and armed with a machete to keep looters away. Woodyard, an ex-felon, said protecting the bar was important to him. "These people actually stood up and gave me a chance," Woodyard said. Keeping the bar safe is his way of saying thanks, but says he is not Batman. He says the city has many Batmen. "A lot of us did not wear masks, but a lot of us did defend our homes, our storefronts, defend our bars and we did our best," Woodyard said. The bar estimates it lost a couple thousand dollars from stolen items and damages. Woodyard says he was told by a reporter watching him that he kept about 50 looters away from the business.
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Mr.2ndAmendment (2 года назад)
Looted? Not stolen was right
It's Just Milk I Swear (2 года назад)
those poor disadvantaged urban youths needed that tobacco and liquor to feed their starving children.

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