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Bernie Sanders On Citizens United

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Текстовые комментарии (91)
michael andrews (6 месяцев назад)
what about big union money?? ..btw this communist never talks about george soro's
Mary Whispering Wind (7 месяцев назад)
Why is the music so loud? I can't hear Bernie!
Courtney Henley (1 год назад)
Citizens United are behind Trump!
riDQlous (1 год назад)
this nigga got fucking robbed. Fuck Hillary, Fuck the democratic establishment and fuck citizens united. At least trump isnt part of the establishment for either party
Zane Griffin (1 год назад)
Oh man, I need more Bernie set to music. This was fantastic.
Josue Barboza (1 год назад)
Communist piece of shot.
Harry Christofi (1 год назад)
+Josue Barboza Bullshit excuse but you're right we are the richest country on the planet that doesn't give its citizens universal healthcare, universal college, better infrastructure (Our infrastructure gets a D+ from the society of civil engineers), universal daycare and we didn't even nationalize all of our prisons and pay for all of this with our taxes because for profit prisons fucking suck and half the country only makes $30,000 or less and our federal minimum wage is the lowest ($7.25/h) out of all first world nations if it was tied to inflation and kept up with productivity it would about $21/h today because instead we spend most of our taxes on the military out of all first world nations, $100 Billion annually on military bases around the world that we don't need, billions on corporate bailouts (Corporatism) and TRILLIONS more on the Middle East and all of this because our federal government has been bought by special interests while the Nordic nations only pass laws that benefit their Lower and Middle Classes and not special interests so they are doing better than us also being the wealthiest nation on the planet doesn't fucking matter if way TOO MUCH of that wealth goes to the rich class and our Middle and Lower classes barely get anything let's change that one day www.wolf-PAC.com www.justicedemocrats.com
Josue Barboza (1 год назад)
+Harry Christofi you're right... Were much better. We're the wealthiest nation to have ever existed.
Harry Christofi (1 год назад)
+Josue Barboza They don't do it by using force via their big corporations they do it by buying politicians that's why we must ban private donations to people running for office by passing a constitutional amendment that says so that's why we are not like the Nordic nations on an economic policy level.
Josue Barboza (1 год назад)
+Harry Christofi control everything... Lol business can't make you do anything because they have no coercive force.
Harry Christofi (1 год назад)
+Josue Barboza When the rich control everything that's an Oligarchy and currently they bought our government we need to stop that join our movements click on them www.wolf-PAC.com www.justicedemocrats.com
AvangionQ (1 год назад)
Getting big money out of politics is my topmost issue ... if California manages this, they'll start a trend that would lead the nation to a more democratic future ...
john barrington (1 год назад)
Turn down that music!
Josue Barboza (1 год назад)
We are a REPUBLIC.
Harry Christofi (1 год назад)
Josue Barboza The definition of Republic is REPRESENTATIVE DEMOCRACY so we are a democracy just not a DIRECT democracy lol so you're wrong also to fix that we must pass a constitutional amendment which will outlaw private donations in politics for good not just be a "republic" fuck off lol
Josue Barboza (1 год назад)
No shit, on to fix that we must go back to being what we're supposed to be: a republic, not a democracy!!
Matt Olive (1 год назад)
Josue Barboza we are an Oligarchy
Bob Beckel (2 года назад)
Its funny how Bernie's bitching has failed. The guy is a bum and a loser as are his constituents. If we can see nothing else, let us hope we can see the lie that Donald Trump puts to the whole Leftist line of bull. Trump has spent nothing on advertising. Trump is the "savior" the Left is looking for but cannot recognize because its fundamental belief system is an oxymoron. Why follow a failure like Bernie Sanders when there is a success story staring you in the face. Wake up. Bitching and moaning is the way of the impotent. Make a real statement and support Donald Trump.
Harry Christofi (1 год назад)
+Bob Beckel Bernie Sanders is the real populists not a rich man like Donald Trump so you're fucking wrong lol
NT T (1 год назад)
So uninformed.
MrCiammurro (2 года назад)
Annoying piano peaking when numbers and information required more focus ! Bet video made by millenials who like to multitask while blasting music in headphones just f... up multiple things at the same time !
Dougs2fresh (2 года назад)
Bernie X
stv. rc. (2 года назад)
turn down the music for the good of the speech.
Daniel Burnette (2 года назад)
The essence of Citizens United had nothing to do with with campaign donations or owning the government. Its about freedom of press, and allowing books and videos that have opinions against the establishment to be released without the government blocking them. The FEC tried to say that they should be able to sensor material that they find speaks unfavorably about the government, using current campaign contribution laws. This petty argument was rejected. There has always been big money in politics, Citizens United didnt change that. In fact, it requires even more transparency of campaign contributions than ever before!
Jim Beattie (2 года назад)
We need to steal from the wealthy until they're reduced to abject poverty and are powerless.
ZombieTex (2 года назад)
That makes no sense what so ever. Who do you think produces EVERYTHING? Without "big trucking", food wouldn't get to where you live, and you'll starve to death.
OOOOOH THE OTHER WALTONS!!! But I just love their storeS and their website!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM ADDICTED TO WALMART AND SAMS CLUB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOW, OUTTA MY WAY, THIS BOY'S GOTTA SHOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
the Waltons are the richest family????? What about Ike Godsey????
Michael McGrath (1 год назад)
he is referring to Walmart as a corporation. Walmart is the biggest corporation in the world with profits of 482 billion a year, largely surpassing ALL oil corporations. ike godsey is a character in a movie.....
Phonike the 2nd (2 года назад)
Petition to Hillary https://www.change.org/p/bernie-sanders-i-will-not-elect-hillary-clinton-unless-she-vows-to-overturn-citizens-united-if-elected?recruiter=530235638&utm_source=share_for_starters&utm_medium=copyLink
Gary Heard (2 года назад)
The music is much too loud.
ANangryHOBO (2 года назад)
America had a chance with Ron Paul in 2008. Now you have a second chance with Bernie Sanders. Please vote for Bernie, let's reject the plutocracy that runs the world.
Cash Johnston (2 года назад)
Why did they call it Citizens "United"? Isn't the opposite of uniting citizens?
Daniel Burnette (2 года назад)
Citizens United v FEC They are the organization that was in court against the FEC, thats why its called Citizens United. Their motto is "Dedicated to restoring our government to citizen control." And this case was about the government censoring the press in forms of published books, magazines and film that said anything unfavorable able about the government.
Cash Johnston (2 года назад)
Sanders is proof that thought leadership will gain power from people.
Cash Johnston (2 года назад)
We need campaign reform. Limits on contributions by private individuals and no money from special interests like NRA and Green Peace.
Cash Johnston (2 года назад)
Corporations are controlled buy rich people.
Cash Johnston (2 года назад)
Corporations buy politicians and the politicians put corporate interests before people's. A corporation is not truly made of individuals. Corporations have ulterior motives that can be harmful to society.
Bob Hunt (2 года назад)
turn down the music, I can't hear Bernie.
you're right (2 года назад)
Bernie Sanders. AKA America's last fucking chance.
sara Andrews (2 года назад)
+seth vanhaelst Praise Be Bernie!
Vash Lash (2 года назад)
+lancekosty lmao Sanders supported will rarely ever criticize the man. He is their demagogue.
lancekosty (2 года назад)
+mymojo sodope If that is true then it makes Sanders a demagogue.
Its Rafael (2 года назад)
Hahaha I couldn't agree more with ya
MarkoftheAustinStone (2 года назад)
It's the people's own fault for making the Walton family rich - they buy from Walmart.
MarkoftheAustinStone (2 года назад)
The corporations do not and have never controlled elections. Only the voters do.
Gary Heard (2 года назад)
+MarkoftheAustinStone - That's not true. Corporations have influenced union employees to vote for republicans, because the company would benefit more with a republican as president, in attempts to limit employee benefits.
HJR (2 года назад)
+Fiddle Neck I am not American, nor do I live there, but I follow international events. They way I see it, the USA has the most corrupt political and election system in the developed world.  I believe all elections should be paid for by the state. Everything, up to a set limit. And no one is allowed to contribute to a person's election fund. And individual in only able to give a preset amount but a corporation or union, can give an unlimited amount. Who has the most money? Corporations or unions? So who gives the most money? And they what something in return for giving that money if the person is elected. This is where the problem lies. It is only Bernie who is not taking money from big business. Neither is the Chump, but he has a different agenda.  I was under the impression that Citizens United was allowing groups of people and corporations to give more money to politicians. And according to the USA law, a corporation is a person. Idiocracy? If that is the case, how can they give more to a politician than a person. In my eyes, Bernie is the only politician who speaks for and on behalf of the average person. But please correct me if I am wrong. Have you read Howard Zinn's The people's History of the United States? 
D Mar (2 года назад)
+MarkoftheAustinStone I sincerely hope that you are joking. If not, please look up the term Superdelegates.
HJR (2 года назад)
+MarkoftheAustinStone All the wise people will. And if he gets elected, O'Reilly will leave the country. Hurrah!
MarkoftheAustinStone (2 года назад)
+HJR I am voting Bernie
TJs_Broadcasting (2 года назад)
they should play this during the fucking superbowl.
Mikhail LaMay (2 года назад)
So if I am taking this right, Bernie wants to take power away from billionaires who have worked hard for there money and did not just sit on there asses everyday, whats he gonna do...take all there money away. In every society the person with more money or wealth or valuables will have more power, its always been this way and its not going to change unless it was a communism. And in America we are a Democracy.
Michael Eggleston (2 года назад)
+Mikhail LaMay Absolutely wrong, Mikhail LaMay, you are missing the point. Bernie Sanders is not after the money of the rich. He wants them to not be able to hide their wealth in offshore accounts and pay their share of taxes for the privilege of living in the United States. Bernie Sanders wants to get the ALL the corporate and billionaires money OUT of our electoral process. This also includes PACs on the other side as well, labor unions and other Democratic PACs as well. Set up a system of campaign financing where no individual, corporation, labor union, or billionaire can contribute more than $1000 to any campaign. Also, expose who the secret PACs are like the Koch Brothers. The Koches are part of the 1%. I have no objection to one of the Koch Brothers being limited to $1000 per candidate as long as there at 99 of the rest of us who can match his money with $10 apiece.or more Outlawing lobbying is another step on the right direction. Stop paying politicians to sit on their ass and do absolutely nothing. Make them earn merit pay, or piece work. The more the accomplish, the better their pay, just like the rest of us.
Ted Apelt (2 года назад)
Nobody else has stood his ground on Citizens United like Bernie Sanders. You don't see Hillary talking about overturning it, do you?
Gary Heard (2 года назад)
+Ted Apelt - Obama opposes it and here's why. https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/yes-citizens-united-gives-republicans-an-electoral-edge-heres-proof/2016/04/07/c9fe3fa4-fb5c-11e5-886f-a037dba38301_story.html
WHATISUTUBE (2 года назад)
Wanna know the funny thing? More money in politics wouldn't help incumbents and the already established Washington politicians, since more money spent on re-election has a strong correlation with incumbents losing. Mccarthy, the anti-vietnam war Democrat, was only able to run for presidential election because of five wealthy liberal democrats that donated to his campaign and believed in his cause. Without wealthy liberal Democrats donating to anti-war nominees, incumbents get to remain in office in both parties. Theres been studies proving a very strong correlation between money spent and incumbents losing. In short, more money spent=higher chance of an incumbent losing. lol being against citizens united is being for a perpetual political class that never loses elections. Feel the bern lel
AV EL (2 года назад)
Money is a faith based social construct of reality. Citizens United is a clearly a unconstitutional breach of church and state.
Needle Drop Co. (2 года назад)
Music by Needle Drop Co. artist Igor Khabarov. http://www.needledrop.co/wp/artists/igor-khabarov/
Scott Rankine (3 года назад)
PLEASE drop the music track and re-release this video - the music wrecks his message
Darin Lawson Hosking (3 года назад)
Another great message and video that defines why #ITrustBernie
Kezmaefele (3 года назад)
I am a 45 year old white mail ex-republican from Texas that is proudly going to vote for Bernie Sanders.
KnivesOfTheRound (3 года назад)
Can Bernie resurrect the socialist movement? We shall see.
James Michael Grandone (3 года назад)
If money is speech and corporations are people, according to the Supreme Court, then how can the people govern?  Citizens United is anti-democratic and must be overturned or undone through an amendment to our constitutions. It is that simple.
Rebecca (3 года назад)
Thank you, THANK YOU for taking the time to make this awesome video! Well done you! It's succinct yet perfectly encapsulates Bernie's VITAL message & the essence of this passionate & incorruptible visionary. I'm going to share the hell outta this video with the hope MORE Americans will WAKE UP, smell the money, & listen their conscience. Thank you again! #FeeltheBern #BernieSanders2016
Rebecca (2 года назад)
+Fiddle Neck I didn't once demonize corporations in my post. Actually, I never even mentioned corporations. As to the issue - we clearly disagree. I would respond to your points but I think I'd likely get the same response you've cut & pasted here numerous times. Best regards
Donald Mersel (3 года назад)
+Bernie Sanders  #bernie2016   #berniesanders   Contribute to Bernie for President 2016. Make a difference.
Maria Suarez (3 года назад)
Let's wake up America! BERNIE 2016
Mari B (3 года назад)
This man need to be our next President! Go Bernie
Chris Love (3 года назад)
PEOPLE will vote for Bernie. Not Dems, not Repubs,.... People. If we don't vote for Bernie there will literally be no sides to be on anymore. Corporations will run our lives and our laws. Nobody wants that. BERNIE SANDERS 2016!!!  "Fighting Screwed up Trade policy since he could vote"
Matthew H (2 года назад)
+North East PEOPLE that better get registered as democrats and vote int he primaries!
HomeSkillenSLICE (3 года назад)
How amazing. A family that has 160 billion can't afford to pay its workers a living wage. Ahh capitalism :(
Well possibly (2 года назад)
+HomeSkillenSLICE ...  Yes, Walmart is on corporate welfare.  (i.e., the Waltons pocket more money vs. paying a living wage which then forces a high percentage of their employees to depend on government handouts.)
Foster Boone (3 года назад)
well done

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