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The first ever full length concert on you tube featuring Simple Plan, Talib Kweli and Conceit. Live from the Highline Ballroom, NYC.
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Текстовые комментарии (64)
KarD SP (5 лет назад)
David Chen (5 лет назад)
Talib Kweli is the best underground rapper ever
Alvster (7 лет назад)
when is Crazy?
Nathaan Van de pol (8 лет назад)
i like 2 see david sing perfect live in QLD australia Brisbane in 2010
Miguel Angel (8 лет назад)
SIMPLE PLAN IS THE BEST BAND IN LIVE and i didnt know a youtube video could last 45 min
krzysiolisio (8 лет назад)
these simple plan gays are kinda gay. they are nothing near Talib Kweli
dwin78 (9 лет назад)
simple plan is the best!!
Dallas Coning (9 лет назад)
sorry plus four pushed the wrong button
MrsLeeBouvier (9 лет назад)
i was there and would have to agree SP was the best. =p They r rlly niice ppl in person 2. i met thm riite aftr the concert. =]]
mike schillig (9 лет назад)
wow, matt pinfold's still around?
Melissa c (9 лет назад)
only watched simple plan
Moti11iatta's Rad Band Memories (9 лет назад)
Contrary to everyone else, Talib Kweli is the shit, I skipped everything else.
Jenny Paola Zarabia Sandoval (9 лет назад)
the best group simple plan
bondew dalisay (9 лет назад)
Hereson (9 лет назад)
SIMPLE PLAN!!! :)) Skipped the rest - LOOL
samurai331 (10 лет назад)
talib opening up for simple plan? wow and this crowd is just just sad like sedated909 said
sedated909 (10 лет назад)
It's sad that Talib has to play in front of that crowd.. Throughout the whole freestyle on get em high, the crowd gets hype with this line, "Make some noise if you came here for Simple Plan"
6thCreated (10 лет назад)
conceit is dope
cocotel08 (10 лет назад)
37:58 its a lill mistake on drums...LOL, but I love simple plan! its ok : )
tchinosos (10 лет назад)
They Sounds Like Playback lol That's Awesome :D :D
Ariana Lee (10 лет назад)
yay!!!!!! Simple Plan is the best!!!!!!!!!
Aurélie TEYSSIER (10 лет назад)
love simple plan..they rock !!
callyatheoriginal (10 лет назад)
love is a lie...Bääämsss great song
Milan Gurung (10 лет назад)
i m goin to simple plan today at camden town. man, things should be okay.
TJ Tischer (10 лет назад)
love simple plan!!
88GURP (11 лет назад)
Annie L (11 лет назад)
why r there so much haters here? rockeiro00, neoi78,amcclure and chip131313, we dont fucking care what you think. if you dont like them, then just dont listen to them.simple as that, dont need to fucking share your opinoins cause we dont want to hear it
chip131313 (11 лет назад)
Emo is easy music to make.very little talent.and do you think these white rappers were born with black accents,or are they just victims of a major and embarassing identity crisis?holy shit ,do they sound stupid.Ha.
neoi78 (11 лет назад)
Conceit is not a very good rapper, or MC (mic CONTROL!) Simple Plan is possibly the worst band on the planet, and im being 110% serious, so sorry to those who enjoy them but thats how i feel. Talib put on a decent preformance, but he is def an great album artist. I agree with rockeiro00, all emo is ridiclious. The End.
Chris Vang (11 лет назад)
Wow ur really a dip shit u think simple plan, greenday, and blink-182 sucks? what the fuck do you listen too?
Max Wilson (11 лет назад)
man, all of these "artists" suck dick! simple plan reminds me of blink 182, green day, and a squealing little teenager all mixed together.
Diego Romero (11 лет назад)
Trebuchet1221 (11 лет назад)
simple plan 4 life
tangneyk (11 лет назад)
What little energy from the crowd. I would have been pissed if I had played that show.
BeechSundowner (11 лет назад)
Good video!
Zaffy Taffy (11 лет назад)
Talib Kweli is the man!!!!! simple plan suckS. and who is conciet?
filihero (11 лет назад)
Talib Kwali's dope!
john alioto (11 лет назад)
O.G. San Francisco head Conceit, aka FUNK KOT KSF!! Hahaha, these haters just don't know boy.
Ataf Mirza (11 лет назад)
lol who were the 2 at the beging they sucked... simple plan was much better then those 2 guys :S
ireallyrikeu (11 лет назад)
I wanna give a shout out to Samsung, and look at dem' phones, word to the people in the hats.
se4821 (11 лет назад)
these guys suck, as does rap. fuck samsung, i will never buy any of their products
Credit (11 лет назад)
Simple PLan!!!
GOUSHENG (11 лет назад)
i ve never seen such a long video on youtube. maybe i will watch it in winter vacation
Adam (11 лет назад)
too awesome :D simple plan!
503knowledge (11 лет назад)
BOAC you fucking psychopathic insane maniac! What the fuck!
Kirra (11 лет назад)
ahahaha. XD youtube this is fo youtube/ XD cool XD i love SP
TITISIMO25 (11 лет назад)
phantasticmax (11 лет назад)
Simple Plan are terrible.
seas0ns (11 лет назад)
i wasn t there 'cause i m french but yaaa lucky people!! its a great show, i love it love also your love is a lie <333 and of course when i m gone ^^ thank you guyz* merci les gars, vive sp, et vive le nouvel album, pour bientot ^^ j espère vous voir bientot en shOw ^^ clem.
BELIEVE (11 лет назад)
DORE THIS!! ADORE!!! \m/ simple plan's thee best!! wo0 ho0!
Matt (11 лет назад)
love Simple Plan!!! watch my videos, if u subscribe i'll subscribe back =) =Silver Sided=
natolcese91 (11 лет назад)
happy new year simple plan rocks.
Dave Martin (11 лет назад)
Happy new year.
sdasilva117 (11 лет назад)
LMAO before SImple plan plays your love is a lie. David goes 'hey seb do you wanna get laid?' seb is like o.O and then david put the leigh thing around his neck. i think its funny and cute. but they cut it out of this. i didnt go. i saw it on a different video. i thought it was hilarious xP
cuttybang (11 лет назад)
THAT SHIT WAS DOPE!!!! what ever about the other guys, but CONCEIT IS SICK!!!
Jason Hobbs (11 лет назад)
this is tight!!!
Jason Hobbs (11 лет назад)
This is youtube not HBO. This is the look that started the revolution. if you don't get it... I think Dick Clarke starts on ABC like ?NOW. oh yeah, it's YouTube not UTube. where you at?
jonistarrocks111 (11 лет назад)
pepyjacmel (11 лет назад)
Chuck looked soooooo hot!!!!!! I couldn't take my eyes off of him, he's great! And Seb has an amazing vocal, but I still like Pierre's of course, J'AIME SIMPLE PLAN!!!
Danielle Gilardi (11 лет назад)
You are amazing. cant wait for the new album. It sucks it drops 5 days after my birthday but i will be first to get the new cd. keep on the rockin. Cant wait for the tour. You sounded amazing.
Lais Barradas (11 лет назад)
DAVID KISS ME!! isahiashiashiashihsamknsa happy new year! XD
1innamillion (11 лет назад)
I WAS THERE!! i was i the front, i was so pissed when they had these ghetto people opening first but when SP came on, it was worth it!!! ^_^
musicluvr27 (11 лет назад)
OMG! 2008 is gonna be perfect! Simple Plan ROX!
TheImpossibleGirl (11 лет назад)
You guys are amazing, The concert is really good. Your Love Is A lie is an awesome song. Cant wait for the new album if the songs sound as good as the two that youve played off it.

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