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Untruths About Unemployment

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Mailing List: http://www.fdrurl.com/newsletter We Need Your Support: http://www.freedomainradio.com/donate MP3: http://www.fdrpodcasts.com/#/3761/untruths-about-unemployment-the-daily-argument Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/stefan-molyneux/fdr-3761-untruths-about-unemployment-the-daily-argument While the Trump administration and conservative media talk about decreasing unemployment and the addition of new jobs - it's important to remember that there is another less optimistic side to the story. While the official unemployment rate is very low - many healthy working age people have simply left the workforce and quit looking for jobs. Sources http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-06-05/real-unemployment-number-102-million-working-age-americans-do-not-have-job http://theweek.com/articles/659245/mystery-americas-missing-male-workers https://www.nytimes.com/2017/05/22/opinion/american-workers-noncompete-agreements.html http://www.qualitypersonnel.com/2017/03/02/societys-unemployable-problem-and-what-can-be-done-about-it/ https://www.bloomberg.com/features/2017-new-unemployment/ Your support is essential to Freedomain Radio, which is 100% funded by viewers like you. Please support the show by making a one time donation or signing up for a monthly recurring donation at: http://www.freedomainradio.com/donate Get more from Stefan Molyneux and Freedomain Radio including books, podcasts and other info at: http://www.freedomainradio.com Amazon Affiliate Links US: http://www.fdrurl.com/Amazon Canada: http://www.fdrurl.com/AmazonCanada UK: http://www.fdrurl.com/AmazonUK
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Thetreetroll (5 месяцев назад)
In California now I'm self-employed because I recycle cans. F*** both parties and your fake ass statistics.
Cracker Jax (1 год назад)
I’m a part of the disability ranks! I am retired on medical disability out of public safety due to a blown out L4-L5 and other back related injuries. Though the pension started out decent, it doesn’t slide with inflation, and thanks to Obamacare, I can’t afford any health insurance plans. So this is going on my second year without health ins. Only my back injury is covered. I am also given a low grade narcotic, but go long periods without it and prefer to use Kratom, ice, and icy hot. As for my days, I also invest in real estate, which I started in my 20s, so though I am not aggressive with it, I flip property from time to time. That’s how I make income now but I go years without a sale while I’m putting money into a place. I would much prefer to be working, and you’ll love this, but Calpers makes it almost impossible for me to work. I am not allowed to work in ANYTHiNG related to my field (all my training and experience is worthless) even if it is non-physical. Also, I have to get written approval from Calpers before I can work. I applied for a forest service job over a year ago (marking trees), and I still haven’t received an approval or decline. That is not the first time. So I miss opportunities because when I find open employment, I have to wait between 6 months - indefinitely to get an answer. It’s how they discourage people from going out on disability I assume - even though some of us didn’t have a choice. So, here is where my Thank You comes in. I have been engaging in my own form of studying and learning for awhile now, but more recently it’s become an all day obsession. I recently discovered your channel and Make time for at least two of your videos a day. I also read a LOT. I just ordered all of your books and have read through two so far. Loved the Art of the Argument! Well done. I feel like I’m playing catch up in the way of actually learning. I used to be among the brainwashed left. But after 9-11 (I lived in NYC) I went into LE and was assigned to the worst projects in Manhattan. That opened my eyes a LOT. Then I started to read, and question. Sometime around 2006 I set out to debunk conspiracy theories and all my research and efforts have lead me down the path of more conservative libertarian/anarcho-libertarian. Also a strong believer in capitalism and very anti-Marxism, socialism, communism, and pretty much all the isms. You’ve really awakened a passion in me to learn. And I have a very unique story on top of that which sets me in a category with pretty much no tribe. But I also know I have a platform I can start spreading the message from on my YouTube, I just don’t feel ready. For now, I stick with driving everyone on my Facebook mad with everything I’m reading, and of course I quote you and share your videos a lot. Keep up the good work. And thank you!
Craig Bostick (1 год назад)
Thank you for speaking on this issue.
Matt Coppola (1 год назад)
One of the truest commentaries I've ever heard!
Ian Edmonds (1 год назад)
This all come down to replaced jobs. These people have been replaced by more efficient machines. Pay those people some money to pay for your services and keep updating the technology. Keep after that 100% unemployment. This economy can do well with 100% unemployment economy it just takes a change of mindset. America no longer needs workers it just needs consumers. Luv and Peace.
Ian Edmonds (1 год назад)
I agree with your H1b assessment. From my time in America It's been quite shocking the amount of IT jobs that have been filled locally.
Ian Edmonds (1 год назад)
This is a tough audience to convince to I'm gonna go easy. I believe the ultimate goal of the human race should be 100% unemployment. Stick with me here. I believe we can reasonably shoot for a world where All the jobs can be done adequately by computer intelligences that have learned from Humans or dedicated humans who prefer to continue working. The flipside of this is that society needs to recognise this fact and pay out a standard living wage so as to perpetuate capitalism. With no customers all corporations will die. The standard income is a necessity of there''s not your's That will free us up to be more than we are just now. If you thought you might be able to write a book maybe now you can. There's no financial pressure. This could very well bring us into another renaissance with free ideas flowing like liquid metal between readers. This could be the next big thing. Luv and Peace and Hope.
Eric Vigod (1 год назад)
"Not in the labor force" is complete nonsense. It would be easy to report w-2 employment, but it is never done. Trump could shock the system with a real, actual employment metric.
Tyler Newman (1 год назад)
For me, I'm working on finishing 2 years of college to become a police officer. The city police force I want to work for requires an associates degree, so I'm getting that while building connections with cops already in the force and building a solid resume. In the meantime, I'm ordering transcripts to apply to the departments. I don't have a job. I don't have the time for one between grinding out the college courses and working as a volunteer varsity wrestling coach in the winter. I also recently got a new a girlfriend that I have to find time for, as well as find time to see my friends every once in a while. That said, I do make sure to find the time to learn how to properly manage money- saving, investing, diversifying income- and if I can learn to be financially successful in that way, I'll be far better off than living paycheck to paycheck and not having a good amount of money saved away for emergencies and for building my own retirement fund (instead of relying entirely on a pension... and I absolutely refuse to bet on socialist government programs like social security).
peter dooley (1 год назад)
Trudeau just told the u s a that he will take all the trans gender soilders from the us army and give them jobs in the canadian army.....you have to think outside the box......or have one........
Darkdiver Grandahl (1 год назад)
I did all custom trim carpentry work on high end homes. had accident. had surgery. Was in hospital for weeks on Dilaudid. Got out of the hospital dope sick (withdrawaling) and on significantly lower dosages of painkillers so I went out and found a heroin dealer. All withing 2 years I lost my job, and a second one. Lost my home, two cars, pawned all my tools, and valuables. Ended up squatting rigging electricity to a vacant duplex. Eventually got caught in the streets with Coke and heroin (I was hooked on speedballing) got a felony charge. I ended up signing up for a suboxone program. I've been clean off all illegal substances for 1 & 1/2 years, but now I get sick if I don't take my Subutex. No one wants to hire me, and im so fucked off I haven't left my house in year. I lay in bed and learn stuff online, and play video games..which I never thought I would have the time for, but here I am. Watching life, and the life in me slowly drain away, sick every morning. I'm hoping that when I'm off probation I can move somewhere that doesn't look down on people like me. Texans are harsh on people who are depressed and suffering from addiction. Hell I was fine until the hospital started shooting me up with one of the most powerful opiates they can give you (Dilaudid). Your welcome.
Ron McKenzie-Lefurgey (1 год назад)
Can someone explain this? First he says 22% unemployed, then 30% unemployed, then he says it's a struggle to get to 60% employment. Would that mean he's now saying 40% unemployment? Like he basically doubled the first (and most reliable) stat he gave by half way through the video. Am I misinterpreting this?
Maximilian Terlisner (1 год назад)
I could qualify in the category you describe I work odd jobs though am not employed I consider myself self employed and what days I have off work I work on farming or carpentry or on the Internet. I have learn far more form life after high school than before and I think I am learning to negotiate since Trump was in I have had more work. I still love at home and don't make enough money to buy property or a car so I live with my parents. I need to get independent economically by this time next year or go to community college I have not been so industrious because of the my terrible senior year. But watch an anime called Naruto, being with my family, and listening to Stefan's podcasts has helped me understand what I went through. Well most of all my faith has thought I really appreciate what Stefan does giving moral direction to people especially to the atheist.
Robert Sorenson (1 год назад)
Well... We can fix this by raising the minimum wage.
Nicholas Zarra (1 год назад)
Robert Sorenson Good. Thank God! Lolol
Robert Sorenson (1 год назад)
Nicholas Zarra. I am being sarcastic. Lefties think minimum wage fixes everything
Nicholas Zarra (1 год назад)
Robert Sorenson How would that help?
Molly Wogg (1 год назад)
People that are not working, are time rich, and that is the most valuable asset you can own.
Rosyskaya5 (1 год назад)
To me no.
Dickbeard the Merciless (1 год назад)
you got a sexy ass back yard man. or local park, wherever you are.
John Herbert (1 год назад)
When you re forcibly interned and psychiatrically tortured eventhougn you have good références from employers the conclusion is that the state does not want you to work, l'm currently interned and forcibly adminstered antipsychotics, to come off these chemicals is very difficult and délicate because if you try to cold turkey you just find that your behavior is seriously affected by the side effects and this can be actually dangerous to yourself or others, this if and when it happens is simply used to reinforce the original diagnostic of depression, bi polar disorder etc etc... The pharmaceutical industry is Killing millions of people every year, mostly in western countries. I'm commited and will fight,
slendermike (1 год назад)
Chris Jones (1 год назад)
This response comes a couple days later than intended, but we are in the process of moving, and with home improvement projects and all the moving related work, I have been really busy. All of that said, I want to give my personal situation for your collection of anecdotes. I'm a 41 year old guy who has been an automotive mechanic since age 18. I spent 14 years at a Toyota dealership before landing a job with the Memphis utility company, MLGW, where I worked for 7 years. I had an epiphany at MLGW, at which point I began to realize that the type of physical conditions I was working in would become extremely difficult as I age, and having cognitive ability significantly above average, I began investing, saving, and planning to allow a career change. I majored in mechanical engineering, and attended school part-time, but I knew the day job I was working was making me too drained physically to put the proper focus that such a pursuit warranted at my age. During this time period, I also met my fiancé, who is a civil engineer with a master's degree and P.E. designation. She has a genuine confidence in my industry and abilities, and is behind me 100%. We ended up relocating to broaden her employment options and pay, at which time I "jumped from the airplane" of a government job. I began attending my engineering courses full-time, and maintained a 4.0 GPA. I was appalled to discover that even a science based course, such as engineering, was not removed from leftist indoctrination, which was replete throughout the course. At the same time I was experiencing frustration with the quality of the courses, I began to realize that a 4 year degree is basically a myth, especially for STEM majors. I had to regroup, since I knew my finances would not carry me quite that far, and I didn't want to burden my fiancé financially, so I did a spreadsheet analysis of web development and mechanical engineering, accounting factors like taxation, educational costs, delayed earnings due to schooling, student debt with interest, etc.; and I decided to go with web development, which essentially has no formal educational requirements. Crystal and I recently bought a home together, which combined with the rental house I funded for the last year at $20k, has exhausted a significant portion of my resources. I still have enough in reserve to hopefully tide me over until I can become employable or land freelance work. In essence, I have been unemployed for just over 1 year now, which is the only significant gap I have had in labor force participation since 18. I am not receiving government subsidies of any sort, nor do I have health insurance. This has been my story, as it pertains to employment/unemployment. I'd love to come on the show if such opportunity was afforded.
Christopher Gosnell (1 год назад)
Interesting info about young people who are happier not working than College Graduates. In my experiences over the last 30 years I have found this to be true in some trades. Some young workers, when given a chance to get on the job training screw up their chances by being very unreliable with respect to coming to work consistently. My son, (who has supervised some of the these workers, and himself is under 30) doesn't understand it either. For example, you have a person (mostly males in my experiences) who work overtime and gets time and a half on a weekend who then doesn't show up for work on Monday. Or, knowing that there is a possibility of being asked to work overtime in the future, won't show up for work that day so they can't be asked. Or a person who always has excuses why they have to come to work late or leave early. This has been increasing over the last 20 years or so, in my observations. And not for minimum wage jobs, but entry level jobs that pay multiples of the minimum wage, with benefits.
Joel Crowley (1 год назад)
You're exactly on the mark. My father worked for a copper mining company and we learned that going to work every day at 5am was part of life. We also learned how to deal with work related situations from his experiences.
Mighty1337 (1 год назад)
wow stefan found the green screen! :D
Bonsecore1 (1 год назад)
Not gloating just saying what my situation is: B.S., In Organizational Communications, B.S., in Business Forensics (24 credit hours of account and finance since my mom was an account they were easy courses to take as electives], Minors in Human Resources Management and Change Management (in case I had to go back into retail after college), 3 Federal CERTS, 4 Languages including ASL, multiple Pluralsight and Udemy courses taken, MySQL Android iOS, 2 years experience as a Forensic Scientist for DoD [Obtained SCI Security Clearance] [before strategic re-alignment hit], 10+ years of warehouse experience before going to college; according to Robert Haft I am not able be hired by them because they only work with, "only opportunities they work with now would be too, "monotonous and boring," for someone with my background. Ha. [Ref. Brian Smith, Dublin, OH office. 877-752-3251]. My legal representative encouraged me to apply for stuff below my education level, of course I've been doing that, I've been turned down by 600 employers including Amazon, Pepsi/Ryder including places I used to work for. Remedy Staffing and 6 other agencies in Columbus refuse to even talk to me - as the need, "quote," "recent experience." Half Price Books, a used book store chain where I even have a known referral, refused to even interview me. College isn't the be and end all as my mom always said it was. As these hiring managers are afraid of people with education. [I even lied on one application and just said HS, but they came and asked why I didn't list my college edu after they did a background check]. If my iTunes projekts don't take off in two months, I'm going to be homeless and loose my wife and son; I'll be hitchhiking out to Portland. All my credit cards and student loans are going into charge off because I haven't had traditional day work in two years [I actually got fired for going to college because me manager claimed my, "efforts weren't with them." [Ref. Cindy Long, Tri-Village Huntington, 614-480-0020]. This world is failing apart and is going to burn like a lot us. Thanks for your time. -Chris
Spencer Phelps (1 год назад)
excellent statistics, great points, and great sourcing.
hesedken (1 год назад)
Great points. We whites are being displaced and sucked dry at the same time. If we don't support one another (plea for a cease of Affirmative Action), we can expect to be hanged separately by the NWO. https://sites.google.com/site/hesedken/affirmative_action_injustice/why_aa_doesnot_prosper_the_family.html
Coulda Woulda (1 год назад)
Stefan...I would like to play you in Chess...heh
Benjamin Lupine (1 год назад)
I live in a horrifically small town and got black balled for employment here. A girl lied about me sexually harassing her at our largest employer, a hospital, and it was spread through all the HR departments. I'm now utterly and completely unemployable here and haven't even been considered for a job for the last 5 years.
Heiner Ali (1 год назад)
Stefan...low IQ workers perform better in ""order follower"" jobs...police...military etc. etc. !!!
AmbrousAerilus (1 год назад)
i think your missing the total lack of respect employers have for employees. in japan they have a system like we had in the 50s were you went into a company expecting to grow through it and retire from it. now your not expected to stay in one place longer than 2 years. I've sat in meeting as an I.T. person for a college where they try to figure out how to screw over and infantilize employees through sensitivity training mandatory sexual harrasment training spending significant amounts of money for programs to clock employees in and out. after working for a college for 4 years while in school and being kept at 29.5 hours to deny benefits being classified as temporary part time for 4 years. one coworker forced the college into giving him full time status because he had worked 40hrs plus for more than a year. after graduating with honors with a stem degree from the college I got offered a full time position when someone quit which I took while waiting for grad school apps to roll through. i got a 30k starting salary and had to sit through meetings where the college was buying insurance guaranteeing their graduates a minimum starting salary of 35k. after more than a year when the sexual harassment training and the clocking in and out started we asked to be considered exempt salary just do we didnt have to punch a clock I got out of that mess. and this is a college supposedly one of the better more conscientious employers in America who treats their employees well. thank god I had a scholarship and worked my way through dept free. I.T. aloung with several fields are going all contract labor and while you can make money its a shady enterprise where your not going to collect unemployment be counted in statistics or from what i've seen file tax returns. this is kind of a two way street and you seem to be missing the other side of the aisle why would I want to work for a company that sees me a disposable. or register with the government to report earning and pay 35% of my income and thats before 8% sales tax property tax road use tax gas tax luxery goods tax. government mandated car insurance, government mandated health insurance.
Yes CB4 (1 год назад)
I feel for these people. Don't underestimate the opportunity a skilled trade can provide.
MR Frawley (1 год назад)
Unemployed. Seeking an alternative to working for a degenerate system is hard from within it. Yes I'd love to be one of the guys sowing revolution or reform at the least. My feelings of dissolution and alienation around my "culture" as a whole keeps me paralyzed. It is too big an enemy, what to do when you feel like an ant at the foot of the Tower of Babel? I'm starting to move towards ecological restoration and other areas that interest me. I refuse to play the game for now
A Clever Fish (1 год назад)
Irrelevant but I love the new backgrounds.
Federico Diaz Aguirre (1 год назад)
Not sure where Stefan is getting his numbers. But as a libertarian I understand basic Economics. So if there are companies who need to fill positions with IT workers, which produce more value than they get paid. And the H1B is not enough to supply the numbers needed by the industry. How so there are capable professionals without an offer, that don't need authorization (additional investment) to start working? The answer is simple this is just a plain false statement. Never heard about a candidate that was turn down because she/he is American. In fact that is the desirable condition to start the hiring process. Stefan, please check your facts otherwise you are going down like Jeff Berwick and his propaganda.
Mickey Dickkener (1 год назад)
Through my own poor choices I always had my reasons not to get a degree. And when I would consider going back to school, I would get resentful. I'd see the borderline autistic personalities that populated the educated high income professions (the surgeon that reads medical text books in their spare time). I'd see the bullshitters (the attorney who's fine with defending a raper because of a paycheck). And I'd see in the working world the most basic of idiots being employee of the month. I truly feel it takes an idiot to enjoy or even tolerate their work when all they do is put widgets in a box 60 hrs a week. Or the construction foreman that drinks peppermint schnapps on his breaks and farts to punctuate sentences with a smile on his face. Then I'd see Shaniqua on the phone with Human Services arguing for more welfare while she's getting her hair did with a child support check. And José with one SS # for work, one for welfare, and 4 nice cars in the driveway. The disparity is real. As an at least somewhat intelligent person, how can I manage when my only options are work for low income around people who laugh at the stink of their farts, or get a bullshit piece of paper for 60k plus dollars on top of working 60/hrs a week just to pay the bills, and slug it out with autists and narcissists for the position? I went to work a lumber yard once and with my application they gave me a tape measure test, to see if I could read a tape. Jesus fucking Christ, why don't you give me a literacy test too? I'm a grown fucking man, if you can't read a tape at 25 you should probably just kill yourself. If thats the way it works why do I need university? I can go buy a couple of textbooks, maybe some flash cards or whatever, walk into the Smithsonian, and take a fucking history test. But no, you probably need a Master's Degree from an Ivy League college just to be a docent. Whatever. I'm at a point where I'm about to start selling my body and or it's parts just so I can negotiate my own sense of self worth. Is that a bit narcissistic? Yes, demonstrated my me answering my own rhetorical question, but somebody needs to take responsibility for me, and if I can't set my own standards, how can I take responsibility for myself?
crunchy bacon (1 год назад)
Employment resistant personality, LMAO thats a PC way of calling someone a dindu.
Fabio Bollinger (1 год назад)
Stefan, you're completely right about the failure of public schools. I'm 22 and most people my age don't understand the job market at all. Most believe the only reason to work is if you're passionate about it. One peer of mine has given up on so many careers because he didn't immediately love them. Now he's moving back home. Most of us are just waiting for someone to show us the way, because we were taught that all of our problems are for other people to solve. I escaped that trap, but most of my old friends haven't.
Nicholas Zarra (1 год назад)
Fabio Bollinger My shitty Catholic high school is going under.
Brian Coons (1 год назад)
My story may not be wholly relevant here, but it does speak to some of the issues Stephan mentions here. I retired from the Navy after 20 years, and was SO glad to be able to retire when I did. The general attitudes and work ethics of the younger generation entering the military was disturbing to say the least. Not to say that that applied across the board, but it was more widespread than I cared for. Needless to say...it presented huge challenges in managing the workforce and getting work done. My troubles didn't end when I entered the civilian sector. I encountered people with horrible work ethics with an alarming frequency. Punctuality...responsibility...attention to detail...loyalty...respect... What the hell are those things?!?! Far too many people had very unrealistic expectations their output was abysmal. After fighting with the VA for 5 1/2 years to get compensation for service connected injuries...I finally got 80% disability. That amount, along with my retirement, was enough to allow me to fully retire from the workforce altogether. That was 4 years ago...and I haven't looked back once! I am fully grateful for the luxury afforded me to not have to work again due to my military retirement and disability, and I hope a situation does not arise that would force me back into the workforce. I have, on occasion, entertained the idea of going back to work either full or part time just to earn some extra cash...but then I consider the things that drove me out of the workforce...and I take a seat again! I don't wish that bullsh*t on anyone...having to deal with all these entitlement-minded, bad attitude snowflakes who want everything but want to do little to nothing to earn it. I know that these issues are just part of the nature of the beast, but I saw it more and more frequently as my career in the Navy went on, and discovered that it was happening in the civilian sector just as much, if not more. At least the military had less "democratic" and harsher ways to deal with malingerers and insubordination, and you could hold people accountable for their nonsense, or can a real sh*tbird if necessary. But even those controls were slowly eroded away at the expense of social justice and being more tolerant. I truly feel sorry for the leaders and hard workers in the military today. This liberal social justice and tolerance sh*t has totally infected the way the military does business now. If Western society has any hope fo continuing and prospering...we had better figure out a way to eradicate this regressive, liberal, social justice, diversity nonsense before it is too late. Europe is fully experiencing the horrors brought to them as a result of them embracing leftist values. I sincerely hope my European brothers and sisters perform a cranial rectal inversion soon and rid themselves of the psychotically suicidal political leaders who are currently ruining their countries.
CR of Baconism (1 год назад)
Was that a moose in the background
1notgilty (1 год назад)
Sad to say, but disability (private policy, work-related or social security disability) are the new income opportunities for the tens of millions of Americans who can't find a decent job. That's why you see TV ads and billboards for workers comp and social security disability lawyers all over the U.S. It's a sign of how desperate people have become in America.
Peter (1 год назад)
Imagine how many views Stefan would get if his body was replaced with a hot girl with the same brain and arguments
Peter Lund (1 год назад)
I like the look of your new basement!
Timeless Metal Classics (1 год назад)
I like the outdoor background Stefan
SAOrules (1 год назад)
Nicholas Zarra (1 год назад)
SAOrules Is that a problem??
Iain Botham (1 год назад)
Make your donations to Free Domain Radio. Not only has Stef lost his white background, he's had his house/office repossessed, too
Under Wood (1 год назад)
Statistically 36% of starting freshmen in a 4 year college graduate in 6 years. In 4 year colleges where less than 25% of the applicants are accepted, the figure is 89%. You can draw your own conclusions.
Dan Burk (1 год назад)
Wow I did not know 50 percent are unemployed. I am one of them but I am working on it. Where I am I know some employers are actually seeking people who have been in jail. Or even companies that get paid to hire mentally retarded people. I have seen a guy who just skipped high school and well has a variety of job opportunities I have never had.  Often though I find most employers are just trolling. Especially when I notice they are always hiring. *rolls eyes*. I think I have mostly cracked the code. But I could have probably been employed, I was just reluctant to connect with one company. I just get so fucking mad when someone lies to me, I start to lose it. It is basically who you know, you could be dyslexic and get a job. for me it is really hard to know if the job even exist. There are a lot of fake job postings. And you are limited by were you live also.
Aaron R (1 год назад)
Everything you said in the video about me is true. I was in college in the 2000's. Only been in part time jobs since graduating (although had multiple part time jobs at different points). Happier now than in college. Qualified for medicaid at different points. Spend lots of time on computer. But its not like there is some high paying job with my name out there waiting for me. Most of those jobs left the US for other nations. Life is good though, I have food, shelter, clothes, and internet!
Cait-Eriona (1 год назад)
I was without a job for 3 years and I spent it all by the computer until I got my current job. I live in the socialist paradise (new Soviet union of mass rape from immigrants) also known as Sweden. I was just as happy doing nothing as I am now having a job and bring productive. I guess the best part is that your parents are happy you are doing well which makes you feel better about yourself I'd say.
tomaalimosh (1 год назад)
The "unemployment" figures are one of the biggest deceptions ever. Makes people think that it represents the number of people without a job. When it's nowhere near that. We should actually point to this more often. Good job, Stefan!
The Mad Lion (1 год назад)
Because there is so much socialism in most work place environments, and because the corporate world is anti-Male, a lot of men are picking up side jobs and creating their own mean of income. If a man feels that he has no value or worth, he doesn't want to get involved.
Sparka (1 год назад)
Of course the rate is 22-30% that's fairly obvious just by looking at the amount of traffic on the roads during work hours now. Or the sheer number of people(mostly arab immigrants) in Walmart during the day. London Ontario has about 100k out of 400k not working. There's massive lines everywhere you go, and well over 40,000 on welfare. Yes over 10% of our population is on welfare. Our crime rate is skyrocketing, so is violent crime. There are no help wanted signs, and all jobs are owned by employment agency's. We have to pay to work, then get 33%-50% tax taken and given to arabs on welfare. And to make it all worse, not people don't have to retire at 65, so people cant get into the few jobs left, like driving. Oh and ALL taxis are driven by blacks/arabs.
Stephen Houston (1 год назад)
Blue screen background. He is a Hostage!!!
EvilisMe (1 год назад)
you look like an evil villian here somehow, no offense
Mattack (1 год назад)
Love the background changing
TheCivilAnarchist (1 год назад)
How come you call for less government but then you call for government to solve issues that could be solved if you got rid of government?
Rusty Heckler (1 год назад)
How did he escape the white room?!
richard barndon (1 год назад)
31/7/17 LUCIFER SENT ADAM AND EVE INTO SLAVERY IN THE GOLD MINES! Here are thoughts. Dark world people are the liars and deceivers = FAKES. Lucifer fell, himself, by rebellion, but that was not enough, it became revenge against Eloah Spirit Father, using his beloved children, (Adam and Eve). Satan is (Annunaki Enki), or Yahweh-God, or Jehovah God, of the physical, Ego-Self realm- the Carnal realm. Lucifer Rebel Angel HATES US HUMANS. HE DID NOT TRY TO SET US FREE. LOOK AT WHAT HAPPENED. LUCIFER'S LIES: SENT ADAM AND EVE INTO SLAVERY INTO THE ANNUNAKI GOLD MINES- IN AFRICA. THEY LOST IMMORTALITY AND HAD TO DIE THEY SUFFER ON AND ON AND ONLY DEATH CAN REUNITE US BACK WITH FATHER, AS HE IS SPIRIT FORM. LUCIFER, rebelled, because Eloah, our heavenly father, demanded that Lucifer bow to us humans (HIS NATURAL SPIRIT FORM (SPIRIT DNA), CHILDREN). Eloah made us humans as his own DNA children, in spirit form. THE FIGHT BACK PLOT: Enki split the perfect spirit of Adeem (Androgynous being), into carnal flesh Adam and Eve. Possible Motive is: By doing this, he knew he could seduce Eve, (With flattery and lies), and he knew Eve could seduce Adam, as they would not want separate more from each other. (There were androgynous as one before, as Eloah, created them, in spirit form. HE KNEW THAT HE COULD TEMPT FLESH, but (not spirit) He knew that he could not tempt Androgynous Adeem, who was spirit, was perfect, and happy in the Garden of Eden. IN SPIRIT FORM, THERE WAS NO POSSIBLE TEMPTATION. Thus Enki-Yahweh-Jehovah are really fallen angels, who kept plotting-scheming and lying non stop. I think Enki is Annunaki-Reptilian. (They Built the Pyramids) This means he added Reptilian DNA to Human DNA. (They say we have a Reptilian brain). He polluted God's clean DNA map. They copulated with female Human and produced the giants, and built the pyramids. Over hundred years or more, the skeletons of the giants were collected and crushed. AIM: make the Bible a myth. The Book of Jude and the Bible talks of Locusts. It is said, by others that locusts are Pleiadians who look like humans but have scales, and have no soul. They are silently infiltrating the human race. Such locusts aliens are breeding with humans, they are tricking them. How? (They are demons in human bodies) - very attractive people. Thus many so called humans are just fake human look a- likes. It is said, that Locusts murder /kidnap humans and take over the human body, after death. How disgusting is that. They have no soul. They hide their real image, as they can bend light, to give a fake image. They have this bend light technology. They look as attractive humans, but inside they are entities with scales. Very smart. Very cunning. Very Deceiving. Very dangerous for the human race. They are mixing the ET (Satan) Fallen Engel Entities with normal humans. In closing, I believe, all these human fakes come from the fallen angels, spreading vengeance against the children of Eloah, spirit father, creator of the universe. The fallen angels are still alive. Some say Satan is an archon -cherubim negative (Evil Spirit). I think Satan-Enki-Yahwah- Jehovah are just fallen angels who pretend to be divine God and thus are just: FAKE GODS---wishing they were divine creator God (Eloah). Lucifer did not tell Eve the real truth, the real consequences of disobeying Creator God, our spirit father, called Eloah, an Androgynous being. LUCIFER promised all, Immortality-etc etc. But what did they get: SLAVERY-WORKING IN THE GOLD MINES OF AFRICA EVICTION FROM the Garden of Eden, and DEATH. Lucifer is nasty, and mean and a liar and cheat. (he works with Satan)-deceiver. He robbed mankind of immortality. He robbed us of the Garden of Eden paradise. The heavenly spirit father creator is called Eloah. HE IS OUR TRUE GOD Jesus called his father as Eloah.........on the cross---as he Cried out basically saying: My Father Eloah, IT IS FINISHED. Jesus called Yahweh and Jehovah a liar-deceiver and a murderer. These Gods are therefore not our heavenly father. (A God of Love). Lucifer works for Yahweh and Jehovah. (And Satan). (A physical realm God who is Ego and punishment) The war in the heavens still goes on------here on earth. Eloah is good AND PERFECT-LOVING-KIND Eloah spirit father, became man, as Jesus, to pay for the sin of disobedience of Adam and Eve. 1-He sacrificed his own life on the cross.(Jesus was Eloah) but in flesh form. 2 He exposed the scam, that Yahweh was heavenly creator God. The Truth revealed is that: 1-Yahweh -Enki-Jehovah are not the original Spirit form creators. (THat is Eloah) only. 2 Yahweh -Enki-Jehovah are the Physical realm Scientist Annunaki--Geneticist Supremos, with power to take (Spirit) and give it body parts, comprising neanderthals and Annunaki DNA and others as well. . THus they are not (Original Creator God.) That is Eloah only. The original creator of all spirits, is only Eloah, our Creator heavenly father, who created the (spirits) from the very beginning. Lucifer and Enki-Yaweh -Jehovah, know all this, BUT TELL LIES.. Enki-Yahweh-Jehovah are the Gods of the Jews. (They are punisher Gods) Jesus was a Hebrew Nazarene, of King David line. Jesus came not from the Tribe of Judah. He is not of the Jewish Tribe Judah. There is a spiritual war of Good versus Evil. The Lucifer stuff is chaos, anti family- anti normal. (Anti kind) (Anti Good) (Do what you like). (Judge Lucifer's Sect) by their fruit (murder-lies-crimes against children), the list is too big. Lucifer is a Fallen Angel. Lucifer worked for Satan.(Yahwah)/Jehovah. Remember nice traits, kindness, love within you come from our spirit creator father Eloah. Eloah made your IMMORTAL SPIRIT. Remember the bad traits within you come from ENKI------FALLEN ANGEL--ANNUNAKI. Enki stole neanderthals body parts, added Annunaki Brain, and made US IN FLESH FORM. HE IS USING SCIENCE. (genetics). They were cloning and mixing humans with animals. They are evil. They are vengeful FALLEN ANGELS. They have negativity. We have positivity. They hate us. --- NOW THEY TRY AND SAY JESUS & BIBLE IS ALL A MYTH. but in the same breath, they say Lucifer is real---and was -wrongly punished by Eloah (Creator of Spirits and all things from the Beginning). (Luciferians-Pope-Queen all have backed Lucifer, In Battle no 2- on earth. He lost the first battle in heaven. NOT SO QUICK LUCIFERIANS. The hand implant shop & bank RFID chip is spreading. THE TRUE GOD (ELOAH) IN The bible says, that he who takes this chip, will be caste into the lake of fire, and called an abomination. The chips are NANO COMPUTERS, driven by WIFI- frequencies.. THAT.....can turn you off & call it ........ a heart attack!! (Especially if you are just telling the Truth), a Truth Terrorist. I have forgotten to mention: YOU WILL ALSO BE MIND CONTROLLED AS IN HYPNOSIS, AND LOSE YOUR, FREE WILL. I am sure that you will be tracked, as you are in a WIFI - NETWORK. I can imagine that there will be other -side effects due to electro-magnetism, which cancer seems to like. Does not take too much to activate cancer viruses. The only way out of this: STOP NWO 666 GLOBALISTS ILLUMINATI. There are only 1% of them, trouble is, however, they control Politicians-Police- Courts and the Armed forces. The Bible says he who does not take the chip/mark/stamp/ of the beast, cannot 1-Sell (inc shares) 2-Buy (inc Shares) 3 Trade (inc shares) Dear Reader: what are you going to do??? It is my duty and thus I must alert you. You may get trapped. You may end up with your shares: You cannot sell without the RFID implant chip (Nano computer insert.) If you do take the chip: You will lose your immortal soul, and end up in the lake of fire, with Satan. They will now say Bible is not true. BUT--IT IS TRUE ABOUT THE CHIP--MARK OF THE BEAST THE BIBLE IS WARNING US.. ABOUT MANY THINGS. Jesus called his father as 'Eloah' on the cross, when he said: Eloah: (It is Finished)! Why do church preachers not tell us this. I believe the Pope is bad. The Knights Templars- are the Free Masons -the smart engineers who built the great beautiful christian churches---all across Europe----------they were in the know---so they would not waste time and money building expensive churches, with Jesus on a cross. There are much better things to do such as: party- Not build churches with Jesus on a cross. The story of Jesus (Script) is replicated world wide. Sumeria-Egypt-Aztecs-China---using different names. They claim therefore it is a Hoax. But I say that Satan, is so clever, as he is a fallen angel, and that idea of Jesus as a Hoax, is just, what he wants us to think, now. Jesus is the only entity who spoke kindness and love. (no one else has ever done that). Jesus died for us. (He is really our heavenly Spirit father) called Eloah. Now they try and infer Jesus is a myth. (Of course Satan would say that). Jesus called Satan, a murderer-deceiver and a liar. Nothing has changed. Would you believe dark punishing Gods and humans. Would you believe someone who was kind and loving and actually died, an horrific death, because he loves you, warts and all. NOW YOU MUST CHOOSE, WHICH ROAD. LUCIFER ( darkness and lies) OR JESUS (Love and kindness) As you know love is power. Love is what we miss. Satan -fallen angel-hates love and kindness. ( it empowers us). The rest of the world entities are full of ego-self--me me me stuff. EG Do what you are told - suffer death stuff. Hell is for (them), not you, the humans, who follow-believe in Jesus -say sorry-forgive and be kind. Eloah comes again as Jesus, so do not lose hope. Eloah won before in heaven and he will win again. He kicked Lucifer out of Heaven However, as this battle is on earth, this time, he will come as Jesus, in the flesh. Eloah is the TRUE CREATOR GOD OF ALL SPIRITS, and all the universe, FROM THE VERY BEGINNING.
Mary Cross (1 год назад)
God told me that you came from dirt, therefore I should start calling you "Dirtbag" right?
Bill Russo (1 год назад)
With the new immigration laws taking hold now, a real American drug dealer also seems to be becoming more in demand for those with business degrees or without an education. I heard the CIA and DEA are hiring for those positions.
Kimber E (1 год назад)
58 and everyday I worry I'm going to have to sleep outside. This is not fun. I could make something and sell it but the laws against that make it impossible.There are fees and fines everywhere. It's unbearable in what amounts to a hopeless future. I honestly don't know how much longer I can keep going on. So much for the lie on how much fun we're having being kicked out of society. Still don't know how to get pass the question "what do you do?" Constant isolation has changed who I am. What I am is finished.
Bill Russo (1 год назад)
Or become a lawyer-it seems to be the only thing the government cares to pay for these days........
Bill Russo (1 год назад)
Get a degree in plastic surgery......with all of this bad news, how come so many people in America can afford that luxury?
Xavier Mendoza (1 год назад)
i live in a house with three other working age adults. I'm the only one that has to have a job. Two on disability, two with a trust. I alone punch a clock.
RxxR (1 год назад)
My life? It's pretty relaxed actually. I spend most of my time on the internet, or at the gym. I still look for a job, at first I was stressing out about it but eventually that stopped. Most of the jobs that I have last between one and three weeks. Most of the time I get replace by a non-white person or a girl. I'm a white guy with no criminal record. ... Yay for white privilege/ the patriarchy. ....
anti contrarian (1 год назад)
I am 27. Male. From a very leftwing region (san francisco). I never attended university. I was raised by a single mother. I never have had steady employment. Although I have never been fired from a job. I am now out of the labor force. I am traveling. Working in australia. I have never made such good money. And I work an entry level construction job. I have little intrest in university back home because of the cultural isolation that I know I will be subjected to. I voted for trump. I love the president and pray for him. I however have not prayed in years for anything else. Nor set foot in a church. I cant imagine having children. I dont think I can afford to. Unless I left california. But its not easy. Its my home. I was in the navy. I was a fishermen. I was a landscaper. I moved furniture. I worked at plant nurserys and resturants. I packed live crab at the docks in san francisco. I had a beautiful girl. And we loved eachother. When we were young. And carved our names in wet cement. We got drunk and fought. And had sex in the morning, after making breakfast in my mothers kitchen. But she left me for an older guy who ran a business. Whos life was more exciting. I have traveled from new york to los angeles by bicycle. I have crossed the atlantic on a warship with a keel of steel salvaged from the ruins of the world trade center. I lived in central america when I was 22. It was the best time of my life. I have less answers now. Than I did then. My future may bleak. And void of meaning. However I do know that my birthright has be taken. And I want it back. I want our nation to feel proud again. I want justice done. And I want all of the people who have mistaken kindness for weakness to feel the wrath of god.
R M (1 год назад)
Neg Lewis (1 год назад)
White Collar - IQ /STEM work Blue Collar - physically /hard /dangerous work Pink Collar - social /care work ..THIS IS THE TRUE RAINBOW !!!! we need more colors..
Jack (1 год назад)
This seems very true. Employers in the U.S. do not hire the most qualified high performers and instead rely on in group preferences or personal taste. It's absolutely ridiculous.
Donald P (1 год назад)
What is the situation in Canada?
Free Speech Rebel (1 год назад)
What happened to the blank white wall?
Nathan Reynolds (1 год назад)
Trying desperately to find work, unable to, so harder to find work still!
deanosslewis (1 год назад)
Woah, weird. Steph in the wild!
John Brown (1 год назад)
You're not an American. Why don't you discuss Canadian unemployment? On this side of the border we have to import smart people because we can't find enough smart Americans. If we want smarter Americans we need to invest in education like more progressive countries do. Stop ranting about the US and take care of your own Country. America is progressive and always will be, no matter who the President is.
John Brown (1 год назад)
hater gater Honestly I couldn't watch the whole video because it was like a meandering stream of consciousness. So you might be right about my comment. But I think Canada would be better served by his observations than the US. As far as unemployment in the US, he is way off and does not know what he is talking about.
hater gater (1 год назад)
America is the keystone in fixing the West. Again you've ignored everything he is saying. Education doesn't make people smarter, and more than enough people are already in higher university.
Corky Goss (1 год назад)
...And like our toenails, please note that trees benefit from gentle pruning, based on shape and type. These Blue Spruces are gorgeous and would love a bit more room to grow, midst friends. Just like Mr. Molyneux. Shaping the world itself is our true nature. Embrace the world with/through your creative influence. I did it. Others also, just like Mr. Molyneux. Create more. It helps increase Peace....
mklawson83 (1 год назад)
New door and charging solar panel? What is next, Shaven Yak scum? [watery eye] ppppplease???
kus0mak (1 год назад)
Stefan, I cannot Imagine any sane person posting their situation here in public. I love to help to out, but not publicly in Trollistan.
CyberneticCuldean (1 год назад)
A lot of the young males I know, myself included, are in the trades. Where men can still be men, have the satisfaction of something tangible being built, and decent wages if you're willing to put in the time. The baby boomers are retiring and dying off, trades are becoming more lucrative than having some degree in fluid gender dance therapy, with a minor in victim hood. At least in smaller companies with no hr department, you can work without feeling like the thought police are going to take away your means of making an income.
CyberneticCuldean (1 год назад)
ricky hawkins thanks man.
marqaso2 (1 год назад)
I got a Trade Power Engineering out of high school, my mom wanted me to go to university but said I would have to pay for it myself. I started out making 44k a year and now I am making 78k working in my home city Vancouver with a 10 min bicycle commute and my own apartment at 29Yo. A-lot of interesting things taught in universities I seem to pick up online, pod casts ect, E-books.
DK Knight (1 год назад)
Don't forget the H1B program too. Paying cheap for skilled workers from overseas. Why pay for a bachelors when you can have someone with a masters for the same money or less.
Ian McTeer (1 год назад)
So many drug addicts too. Quote from a LinkedIn article, "...Congressional hearing last month focused on opioids and their economic consequences, Ohio attorney general Mike DeWine estimated that 40 percent of applicants in the state either failed or refused a drug test. This prevents people from operating machinery, driving a truck or getting a job managing a McDonald’s, he said."
ApocalypticRadio (1 год назад)
For the Average worker there IS NO NEGOTIATION OF WAGES. "There are 400 people behind you that will take this job that any "Dumb" person can do for what we are paying or less"... Waaaaay too many Smart People for the "Dumbed Down" jobs that are out there. That's why AI is well on its way to further empower the Rich and create MASS DEVASTATION of the redundant workforce.... peace
Neil Mallick (1 год назад)
Unemployment rate is 30%? Where the fuck are you getting these "facts" from?
Oleg Kulikov (1 год назад)
There are a lot of positions of English teaches in South-East Asia and China for native English speakers. Anyone with a bachelor degree or higher can get it. Move abroad and see the world, Americans. IMO, with so many Americans out of working force and with criminal records there will be in time a war between them and immigrants when social benefits will be cut off. May be immigrants are allowed into the U.S.A. just to start this war between them?
max (1 год назад)
0:52 is he implying that 1/3 of all of America is working age but doesn't work? I don't buy that. Still a fan
knottheory79220 (1 год назад)
We do lack tradesmen. Electricians, plumbers, etc. It baffles me no one seems to try to take advantage of this. Granted that's not enough jobs to solve this problem, but still it's weird the need isn't met.
tophat27 (1 год назад)
Great video great information thanks stepfan
FrzN (1 год назад)
I can't handle a man who supports multifilmingenvironmentalism. Think I might unsub.
TheCourier (1 год назад)
President Trump needs to step on this opportunity to get people stuck in the valley to work.
Mazzling (1 год назад)
absolutely love the daily argument videos, short bite size videos can be very refreshing (not to say i don't love the detail that comes with long videos)
Martin Pavey (1 год назад)
Canada and NO snow? Must be a good Summer! :)
Matthew Riddell (1 год назад)
Thanks again Stef. Totally on point. Australia isn't much better either
David Collins (1 год назад)
If you can't find a job or hate what you do then take what makes you feel truly alive and find a way to make a living at it. Having a job is important but nowhere near as critical as people wasting their talents and abilities, whatever your passion is for in life DO IT. Get off the damn computer and be something because life doesn't happen at a keyboard The answer to "Why am I here?" lies in applying yourself to your passion. Stefan makes a great example of what I'm imploring of anyone reading this to do and to be. Be yourself, your greatest self. Your only limitations are those of your own creation. F*ck gravity! Fly baby! Fly!
South-Paw Art (1 год назад)
Well you have become human sir, that white background had me thinking you were in the matrix. Now I see the Briton in you oi oi...
pennfootball (1 год назад)
I was underemployed for 4 years trying to scrape buy selling insurance and annuities. It was horrible. I have a better job at a bank now...however my commision is "bonus" and taxed at 50% at the highest tax bracket so I won't get a refund until after I file my taxes. I have a base salary but it is only 45k a year and it is not enough to afford to buy a house in the North East USA in NJ. To live comfortably in this state you have to make about 150 grand a year ...the most I will make as a banker is 80-90k. I also have an MBA and an Ivy League undergraduate education. I have no student debt and I am extremely lucky but still can not afford a house unless i get dual incomes! Losing 4 years of high earning potential killed my bank account only had 2150 bucks left before I got my new job left! SO I know the struggle is real.
David Collins (1 год назад)
There is a direct correlation between the number of new unemployed Americans and the number of immigrants (legal and otherwise). Build the wall. Send the illegals packing. It is the only answer.
Emily Palmieri (1 год назад)
I worked for a legal technology startup for four years as a developer and then Technical Lead. During this time, I got my master's in computer science. The company ran out of money about eight months ago, and I've been unemployed and looking ever since. I live with my parents and spend my time operating lights and sound for theater productions, volunteering as a programmer for a startup video game studio, and writing and critiquing fiction.
Newtles (1 год назад)
I worked hard at a manual labor job. lived cheap, saved money, got a house and now I work part time. I probably should still be working full time to save more money for old age.
Joe Somebody (1 год назад)
Got a 4 year degree through college before "current year" madness fully set in, tried to get a job in my degree field but I really couldn't find much. Ended up settling for part time work (weekends only); I spend most of the rest of my time trying to teach myself how to create multi-media content, playing video games after that, and watching shows like yours on YT.
wolfieziggy19 (1 год назад)
The Republican/conservative business owners want the cheap slave labor; they to allow the uncontrolled immigration. Democrats and Republicans, one and the same. The American electorate are turned against each other while both parties destroy the country.
MoqtadaAlSadir (1 год назад)
I was recently unemployed for over two years. A week ago I was hired by a growing company. Even though I've been working 10 hours days after not having done any kind of strenuous work for over a year, I feel happier now than in the past two years. I thank Lord Emperor Trump for this.

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