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The Marketing of Madness - Full Movie Trailer

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www.FoodMattersMovie.com presents The Marketing of Madness documentary movie DVD The 'Marketing of Madness' is the definitive documentary on the psychiatric drugging industry. Here is the real story of the high income partnership between psychiatry and drug companies that has created an $80 billion psychotropic drug profit centre. But appearances are deceiving. How valid are psychiatrists diagnoses and how safe are their drugs? Digging deep beneath the corporate veneer, this three-part documentary exposes the truth behind the slick marketing schemes and scientific deceit that conceal dangerous and often deadly sales campaigns. In this film you'll discover that... Many of the drugs side effects may actually make your mental illness worse Psychiatric drugs can induce aggression or depression Some psychotropic drugs prescribed to children are more addictive than cocaine Psychiatric diagnoses appears to be based on dubious science. Of the 297 mental disorders contained with the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, none can be objectively measured by pathological tests. Mental illness symptoms within this manual are arbitrarily assigned by a subjective voting system in a psychiatric panel It is estimated that 100 million people globally use psychotropic drugs The Marketing of Madness exposes the real insanity in our psychiatric health care system: profit-driven drug marketing at the expense of human rights. This film plunges into an industry corrupted by corporate greed and delivers a shocking warning from courageous experts who value public health over dollar. The Movie Store at http://www.FoodMattersMovie.com - DVDs & Resources That Matter Food Matters Movie giving away a VERY SPECIAL GIFT PACKAGE - May 5th until they are all gone. How would you like to get your choice of your favorite nutritional products PAID FOR every month (up to $500/month)?! All details at: http://www.FoodMattersMovie.com
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The one guy basically says "I took Ritalin, and it didnt work!" Its not a miracle pill that makes everyone all better, its a drug that helps some people with their symptoms. Ritalin will not work for many people, or the side effects will outweigh the benefits. It can take years to effectively treat ADDHD, because it takes so long to find the right drug. You cant just take one, say "it's not working", and give up.
Blackgeoff1 (7 лет назад)
@whoisspeaker4truth The propaganda comes from the drug manufacturers and pushers. Scientology has nothing to do with exposing this hideous corrupt non-science. If scientologists are against drugs, then all power to them. I myself got no time for scientology, but I DO have time for exposing the pharmaceutical industry for what it is. It's ORGANISED CRIME. The dangers to the public don't come from educational videos, they come from government and industry that has one thing in mind - profit
winstono75 (8 лет назад)
Too bad the expose is all true. The biggest insanity in our society might be the way we allow psychiatry to influence us in the name of sanity.

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