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Remembering Amanda Peterson

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As they say... another one bites the dust.
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CanadianWatcher 693 (1 год назад)
Char Shark (1 год назад)
So tragic!
Nick Bourne (1 год назад)
Did watch Can't Buy Me Love tonight... Reamber watching this movie years ago. Almost brought me to tears. RIP Amanda... Can't believe your gone. Such a talented girl.
Angel Simone (1 год назад)
RIP Amanda Peterson Can't buy me love is not the same without you! Hollywood is the devil's playground! Sad how she died so young! I am 40 and I will be 43 yrs old in three years! SAD!
ForlanFFA (1 год назад)
where did you find that clip between 1:37 - 1:48 ?
Kimberly Harris (1 год назад)
Didn't know she had died😮
T Davis (2 года назад)
That's a shame. She seemed really cool :(
Jade Israel (2 года назад)
thereal702 (2 года назад)
White privilege means you have more tools to rid yourself of hardships aka the devil. Yes, Amanda benefited from being white like more movie roles among other benefits. Epic fail lol. POC go through way more and still survive while aging beautifully.
red mercury (2 года назад)
i cant believe she is dead! not tributes. no nothing. this is the first time i am hearing of it. even the death tribute videos on yt havint talked about it. almost like shannon hoon. its sad i always thought she was so beautiful. i used to watch cant buy me love when i was a kid. always wanted to be those teenagers but i was too little!! they were the cool kids f my generation!
daz par (2 года назад)
What a shame...so beautiful too...don't do drugs..it ain't worth it.
Afisha Lancaster`` (2 года назад)
The devil is hunting -.-" Don't get fooled!! SERIOUSLY! you're lucky to be alive to see a new day you're special! use the time to praise him... ;3
Lake Dodge (3 года назад)
Real talk about the devil not giving a damn about white privileges.  That there alone is the nail in the coffin.
red mercury (2 года назад)
+Lake Dodge why? why does that have to be the focus? when i look at this sad situation, the first thing that pops into my mind isnt God not giving a crap about white privileges. if you are just getting this, i can understand why you would focus on it but its definitely not nail in the coffin worthy so to speak. now if you are racist, maybe
D90Girl (3 года назад)
Go and watch the movie " STARRY EYES " streaming on Netflix .......it will explain Hollywoods satanic agenda
*a*./ (2 года назад)
red mercury (2 года назад)
+DucatiQueen is this movie any good ducatiqueen?
D90Girl (3 года назад)
And I damn sure miss the 80s
Amelie1287 (3 года назад)
RIP Beautiful woman.
Eunice D (3 года назад)
Great video..
Goober Fries (3 года назад)
Had a question off topic. I've been noticing that people have devices or whatever set to Ping loudly. It's everywhere I go, in and around university classes and campuses, on jobs I have been on, in random eateries and public places. I've even heard it coming seemingly from no where at my brothers house. I literally hear single pinging noises everywhere. It's seen near people or places where people practice or believe new age occult philosophies. I wonder if these programmed or timed pings have anything to do with hypnotism or occultism...like quelling demonic spirits? It's not there for no reason and it bothers me because I dont now its effects or its purpose. Please take note, I hope someone figures this out one day. I thought it had to do with buddism or Eastern religion at first, but non buddist are constantly using these pings. It's puzzling. The Holy Spirit will eventually reveal this, but I would love to see a video explaining it.
red mercury (2 года назад)
+Goober Fries you are still young. as you get older, you lose a lot of your ability to hear super high note. you probably still have most of your hearing and are hearing things that arent meant to be heard. especially if you are musically inclined. if you can sing, chances are you still have the ability to hear really high notes. we never really lose that ability as singer unless our hearing gets damaged somehow. people go on to have regular hearing if they are not musically inclined. you should get it checked out either way
Taura Helms (3 года назад)
Her story is cautionary because she had been out of the game for years and still died under suspicious circumstances.
*a*./ (2 года назад)
When they are coming back to Hollyweird, or breaking in, it seem they tell the females "show the booty or wear the snake." Damn those devils to Hell.
Mishayah 'Urah (3 года назад)
+Taura Helms Well, not all of them really be "out of the game" as they might want people to think. Once a lot of Celebs get on them Hollywood drugs real bad until they're no more use for them in front of the camera, the elite will still use them as prostitutes and sex slaves until they die off which could also explain the two black eyes during one of her photos. So some Celebs will not be in front of the camera anymore but they're still active Occult members behind the scenes. Check out the news part with Amanda and the snake... that's very Occultish.
4Is2See (3 года назад)
Like the old man said, before he shot and killed Nino Brown at the end of New Jack City, "Your SOUL is Required in Hell."
metasymplocos (3 года назад)
Fernando Pacca Alves (3 года назад)
Whats sad my god!!!
MakingAllKindaGains McKenzie (3 года назад)

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