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Tip for an enjoyable trip! How to prevent motion sickness

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If you don't want to suffer from car sickness, check out these tips! 1. The best seats to avoid getting car sickness. 2. No books and smartphone. 3. Don't eat within 2 hours before you depart. 4. Massage your wrist. ▶About Sharehows Sharehows make easy and informative know-hows and deal with content curation. You can find any tips from A to Z in Sharehows Enjoy your time with Sharehows and be knowledgeable! → Subscribe : https://goo.gl/B6NTRe ▶Get More Sharehows → Mobile App : https://goo.gl/puhzwW → Official Site : https://goo.gl/1dnFpl → Facebook : https://goo.gl/w26puE
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