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Drug information centre (DIC)

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Drug information centre refers to facility for the providing the complete drug information. The purpose of drug information centre is to provide authentic, accurate drug information to the consumers and healthcare professionals regarding medication related problem. It will help to solve many queries of patient like timing of medication, how to take drug, what to do if dose missed and many more. Apart from that the centre also provides in-depth, source of crucial drug information to meet the needs of the practicing physicians, pharmacists and other health care professionals to safeguard the health, financial aspect also. It also includes collecting, reviewing, evaluating, indexing and distributing information on drugs to health workers. Drug information centres are currently established within major teaching hospital in India. Hospital based DIC: The hospital-based DIC perform various activities 1) Help in the reporting adverse drug reaction 2) Provide drug information to hospital based patient 3) Library is available for better drug information 4) Staff help to consumers and health professionals with online software for better drug information
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