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Cat® Skid Steer Loader | Drive Chain Adjustment & Chain Oil

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Nick Rummel, Caterpillar Maintenance Expert, explains how to adjust chain tension on rubber track skid steer loaders. For more Cat® Maintenance and Support information visit: http://www.cat.com/en_US/support/maintenance.html or contact your nearby Cat dealer: http://www.cat.com/en_US/support/dealer-locator.html Order Cat® Parts online at https://parts.cat.com/en/catcorp/home
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Текстовые комментарии (5)
Andrew Young (9 месяцев назад)
Thanks Nick
Daniel Tucker (1 год назад)
Agree with the others. The information was SO superficial it was a waste. It wasn't even as good as the O&MM, which isn't as good as the Service Manual. But both of them lack the essential information - what kind/type/grade of oil and how much (up to the plug could be a pint or ten gallons) is needed.
matt K (1 год назад)
it's caterpillar What u expect
matt K (1 год назад)
it's caterpillar What u expect
romansten9 (3 года назад)
Nice video. Too bad he skipped the most important part. Opening it up and showing what the title of the video says. Chain adjustment!

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