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Brazilian Elections: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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Brazil is about to elect a new president during a turbulent period of political corruption and economic uncertainty. John Oliver urges the people of Brazil not to figuratively fingerbang their democracy. Connect with Last Week Tonight online... Subscribe to the Last Week Tonight YouTube channel for more almost news as it almost happens: www.youtube.com/user/LastWeekTonight Find Last Week Tonight on Facebook like your mom would: http://Facebook.com/LastWeekTonight Follow us on Twitter for news about jokes and jokes about news: http://Twitter.com/LastWeekTonight Visit our official site for all that other stuff at once: http://www.hbo.com/lastweektonight
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Текстовые комментарии (55154)
Victor Angeles (38 секунд назад)
Lol I don't understand Portuguese
Erick Bueno (3 минуты назад)
Fake news
Junior Gamer (5 минут назад)
Bianca almeida (7 минут назад)
"Bolsonaro does not reflect the best of who you are, Brazil" ... And Haddad is? Oh, yeah... Brazilians ARE already known for their corruption aren't they? So we ought to leave the politicians stealing the money that should go to healthcare, and vote for a corrupt party that is responsible for thousands of deaths every day?... I mean, It's best than hearing Bolsonaro saying some shit right? Yeah, I think we should Vote for someone our good Lula aprooves, just like he aprooved Maduro, saying that he is a 'great leader'. I see how venezuela is doing now, Maybe we should accept that, shouldn't we? Why change and vote for Bolsonaro, when we could elect again the same party that has been in power for 13 YEARS, leaving Brazil in this beautiful situation we live now? Noooo vote for HADDAD, he is the BEST... The best liar that has ever appeared in this election.
Marcelinha Lacerda (10 минут назад)
Brazilians to John Oliver..."_You opinion do not interess us! "
George Guilherme (12 минут назад)
Eu só tenho uma coisa a dizer...: É triste e vergonhosa a situação na qual nosso país se encontra.
Greenberet (32 минуты назад)
Whats up with this cuck??anyone one has any idea? this guy try to influence USA(trump),Canada,Italy and now Brazil's elections. WTF?how can get away with this?
Fernando Oliveira (49 минут назад)
fake news do krl meias verdades...vc nao se pergunta o pq dele ter falado aquelas coisas ou feito?
Wellrock Commentary (54 минуты назад)
Reading the comments from the Brazilians really gives me hope for the future<3 Make Brazil Great Again!
Victor Meunier (1 час назад)
Waow. John Oliver must have the biggest mass of trolls at his back in the whole universe.
D.M.S. (1 час назад)
At all Brazillian right wingers here. It is not left propaganda, when your candidate really said those things. And when he said those things, he is not fit to be a politician. Yes, it is just that easy!
Fernando Oliveira (45 минут назад)
Did you ever wonder why he said what he said? or why you did what you did? This journalist pulls the bag out of the big media and tells stories in half
Atta Oveisi (1 час назад)
OMG! I can't beleive my eyes 100K likes and 127K dislikes! Oh John my boy! WTF have you done?!
Débora Borda (1 час назад)
Esse babaca deve ser comunista!!
Débora Borda (1 час назад)
Ridículo!!! Não sabe de nada #B17
Pixie Fairy (2 часа назад)
This comment section is just like how imagined Brazil would be.
Bender (2 часа назад)
It was you who criticized Trump and said he would lose the election, right? There are 80,000 murders a year in Brazil and a sea of corruption after 16 years of PT. Taking lies and half-truths about Jair Bolsonaro may stick with imbeciles like you, but the Brazilian people know the truth, so he leads. In none of the videos did you tell the full story ... Why did he say what he said ??? Why did he do what he did ??? You're just a filthy liar who sucks the sack of the big media. No one can stand the lies of motherfuckers like you.
Artur Borges Pereira (2 часа назад)
Pessoal ta realmente se superando! Nao sei onde tem mais merda, nos comentarios ou no video!
ED pevensie (2 часа назад)
tinha 12 candidatos além do PT e vcs escolhem justamente essa DESGRAÇA pra concorrer contra eles no segunto turno não é sobre ser anti pt e nunca foi, é compactuar com o desequilíbrio desse indicíduo mesmo!!!!!
Denis Salvá (2 часа назад)
Bolsonaro is not of the extreme right, but rather of the right. He is conservative like most of the Brazilian people. The candidate Haddad (PT) receives orders from Lula, who is under arrest (he was tried and convicted in all instances of the judiciary). Lula-Haddad's PT has a non-democratic power plan. They wanted to change the constitution, such as Maduro and Chavez did in Venezuela. Tens of billions of dollars were diverted into the PT governments (Lula and Dilma), thanks to corruption in state-owned companies (Petrobrás in particular) or favored private companies, which gave more than $ 1.4 billion to PT's electoral campaigns. Cup and Olympics with overpriced values, benefiting companies that financed the PT and other related political parties.
Alexandre Santana Dias (2 часа назад)
It's ok Jhonny, as you can see, Brazil is crazy right now, everyone is calling everyone else communists without a reason, even Roger Waters and the Pope were called Communists, obviously it was not going to be different for you, thank you for this amazing video.
Marcelo Henrique Silva (3 часа назад)
This is the same idiot who said that Trump was never going to win the election
Carlos (3 часа назад)
That's not funny!!! We are facing daily wars in Brazil. Dark days of dictatorship will came If the work party (PT) continues in power. Nobody is laughing here. We are trully scared, because they will do ANYTHING to keep the power. Bolsonaro is not a perfect man, but is our way out of communism. #ELESIM. # YES HIM BOLSONARO PRESIDENT!!!
tadeuambrosgmail (3 часа назад)
John, why don't you stick your big ass nose in UKs issues and stay out of ours? By the way, your show's cover picture is physically impossible, unless there is a hole the desk in which case the tip of your nose should be touching your feet.
Josh P (3 часа назад)
I don't get it. What in the world makes so many of my fellow Americans think it's acceptable to go around telling other people how to run their country? Seriously, John. You're all about diversity and equality, but you can't hold back your pro-imperialist virtues when they're not asked for? Brazilians don't need another Westerner telling them how to behave.
Tonyrocks345 (35 минут назад)
It's not about telling you what to do. But to inform about everything about the guy before everything is said and done. Hope you guys don't actually let him being back a dictatorship of he attempts it.
Nonamearisto (3 часа назад)
Bolsonaro has issues, but this is character assassination which completely ignores why he is so popular with so many people in Brazil. Very few people would truly support him if he was serious about returning to a military dictatorship. The telling point is the really old clip from 1999, edited out of context. It's like trying to hold something someone said in high school against them almost 20 years later.
2bits (3 часа назад)
*esse pau no CU, gringo safado nao sabe de porra nenhuma e caga pela boca, dei o meu DESLIKE e foda-se*
Mike Hannon (3 часа назад)
Love liberals.
Citizen X (4 часа назад)
Woah. Didn’t know John Oliver had so many Brazilian viewers.
Papo Reto (4 часа назад)
Fuck yourself !!! Brazil not it 's.
Ruan Gomes (4 часа назад)
Vai se fude seus gringos coco pal nos seus cu entra aqui no Brasil mas vai ter que vim com o escudo do Capitão América porque tu vai leva tanta bala cuidado com que fala desgraçado filhos da puta lixos .........
Milah Le Fay (4 часа назад)
#B17 #Bolsonaro2018
William Vargas (4 часа назад)
Bolsonaro S2
Aaron Glicco (4 часа назад)
oh man i loved to do finger guns, but if that asshole bolsonaro does that, no more. The same way Hitler ruined that mustache, or Donald ruined Red hats.
Voicecolors (4 часа назад)
Engraçado ver esses BR que mal sabe escrever em português criticar o vídeo. Pegaram o vídeo traduzido foi? hahaha Retardados !
Ruan Gomes (4 часа назад)
Vai se fude
BeeCharmer (4 часа назад)
It's really sad to live in Brazil right now, seeing that so many people supports BOLSONARO is insulting and disgusting. #EleNão
Matthew Haverkamp (4 часа назад)
He will win, Just like Brexit passed and Trump won.
isanyc203 (4 часа назад)
John you need to stay out of politics, you know absolutely not about it . You are telling people to vote for a party that stole 2 trillion dollars from Brazilian tax payers through the biggest corruption scandal in the history Brasil! Also Lula is jail and Haddad is his puppet! Bolsonaro is not of extreme right, he is of extreme necessity and you should be ashamed of yourself!
Tonyrocks345 (32 минуты назад)
No he is saying to find options that isn't this dude or pursue other options when the option arises. Corruption happened yes but that doesn't change the fact both sides have baggage to them.
JCBoscorelli (4 часа назад)
You should study more about our situation. We are about to became a Venezuela. I don't want my children of 6 years old learning how to become homosexual in school. I want to buy a gun to protect my family against the criminality that kills 60k people. Bolsonaro is not and will not be corrupted. Our flag will not be red. Brazil over everything and God above everyone.
Tonyrocks345 (30 минут назад)
Question: Then if someone were to have such homosexual feelings do you want them subject to death? A friend of mine had a friend be in a life or death situation for being gay. Not in schools is fine but the phobia is still jarring.
Marlene Monteiro (5 часов назад)
John Oliver !!! You are AWFULLY WRONG about Bolsonaro , the Brazilian candidate for Presidency !!!! You should do your OWN research before saying so many BS on TV!!! Bolsonaro is loved for 90% of the Brazilian people!! He is the most honest , correct and fair person to be our president! You don't live here, you don't know our reality, you don't know ANYTHING!!! Just watch what will happen in Brazil on Oct,21 (one week before election) you will see how we LOVE BOLSONARO! I hope you talk in yr show what you saw, if you really feel you are a professional of respect and committed to the truth !!!! Be honest as Bolsonaro is !!! By the way you cannton laught on us YOU American people elected Trump !!!! Do you want a bigger joke than this? Marlene Monteiro
Tonyrocks345 (25 минут назад)
He is giving his honest opinion based of the research him and his team look up about the topic at hand. Did Bolsonaro actually say the stuff that happened in the various videos or no? Being committed to truth means being willing to read all the evidence and facts and not listen to just words. That is what John Oliver is doing, presenting all the facts and stuff your candidate has done so that when you put in that ballot you know what you are voting for.
Ilza Nascimento (5 часов назад)
You’re pathetic! And your opinion means nothing to us Brazilians.
Pedro Portillo (5 часов назад)
I have to do more research, but, if all this is true and Brazil votes in their version of Trump they will learn the hard way that it is NOT a good thing!
ratao (5 часов назад)
fucking trash! BOLSONARO 2018 NOW!
Emile Brasil (5 часов назад)
Se você gosta tanto de Comunismo vai viver na Venezuela, porra, é fácil falar que o Lula é bom sem morar no país que ele roubou, programa totalmente sensacionalista.
katsuko Nakano (5 часов назад)
Você não pode opinar de uma realidade que desconhece, definitivamente as duas opções são terríveis para o país, mas permitir que o PT volte para nós governar é igual que deixar a raposa cuidando do galinheiro.
Ravick Bitencourt (5 часов назад)
Claro que isso aqui estaria cheio de comentários de BRs huetardados falando merda sobre "comunismo" e defendendo Bolsonaro. LOL
rjd1922 (5 часов назад)
Bolsonaro's supporters are even more rabid than Trump's. When singer Daniela Mercury made a YouTube video calling on other celebrities to demonstrate against him, it got a million dislikes in three days, with 98 percent dislikes.
Rubens CRM.Selva (5 часов назад)
Alexandre Leite (5 часов назад)
John Oliver, I am sure you don´t have a clue on what is happening here in Brasil. Your videos are fun, but in this case you are partial and your critic is totally wrong. Although you may be partially right about Bolsonaro incisive character, we are facing CRIMINAL organizations disguised as political parties (specially in the LEFT - PT). These criminals, with their thefts (corruption), are killing people on daily basis in hospitals without supplies/doctors, by stealing the future (school) of kids that end in jail or dead for small thefts or drug traffic, had left 13 million people without job by stealing and borrowing our money for Cuba, Venezuela and other dictatorships friends to their communist regime, and many other problems we have after 13 years governed by the LEFT (Dilma was impeached in 2016 and we could recover a bit). Like Nando Moura said in his comment, we have close to 70.000 murders every year and about 60.000 deaths on traffic (lack of infrastructure and education). So, I recommend you learn more about the Lula and Haddad campaign, I mean, they changed part of their program and copied Bolsonaro´s, changed their logo from communist-red to our flag´s color during the campaign, they create FAKE NEWS on daily basis, their well known corruption scandals (several folks from their political party are in jail, not only Lula), their sex ideology including LGBT info about sex instructions for 6 year old kids, their connection to dictatorship governments (Venezuela, Irã, etc). So, you spent too much time making fun of the wrong things. BTW, the woman Bolsonaro said "should not be rapped" is a federal deputy, like him, and she defended a 16 year old rapist that murdered a couple of adolescents while they were camping (this 16 year old raped the girl for 5 days in the woods before killing her). Bolsonaro was defending 16+ year old criminals should be judged like adults (here they go out of jail in something like 3 years). So, you are making jokes with things you don´t have a clue about. Bad jokes, BTW. PT and his candidates are lying as much as they can, as they always do. When you spot a liar, it is difficult not to see the lies. I am pretty much sure PT, Fernando Haddad and Lula are a threat much greater for us than Bolsonaro is. #b17
Jackson H. Lima (5 часов назад)
It was you who criticized Trump and said he would lose the election, right? There are 80,000 murders a year in Brazil and a sea of ​​corruption after 16 years of PT. Taking lies and half-truths about Jair Bolsonaro may stick with imbeciles like you, but the Brazilian people know the truth, so he leads. In none of the videos did you tell the full story ... Why did he say what he said ??? Why did he do what he did ??? You're just a filthy liar who sucks the sack of the big media. No one can stand the lies of motherfuckers like you.
Jackson H. Lima (5 часов назад)
This is the guy who said Donald Trump would not win the kkkk elections, you're a clown, you do not understand anything about Brazilian politics, you're more of a retarded media. I make an invitation, come visit the country, especially some favela of Rio de Janeiro, to see the situation of the country. Before defecating by mouth, as usual, study the situation of the country and then come and say something about it. My simplex fuck you. Hugs.
norbsli (5 часов назад)
With Bolsonaro there's 50% chance we will end up eating shit but with Haddad we have 100% chance that will not have enough shit for everybody to eat.
lets play anything (5 часов назад)
1:33 chapulin colorado lol
alexandre mattos (5 часов назад)
Go Fuck You self comumist bastard!
ratao (6 часов назад)
Flávia Fiaschi (6 часов назад)
Bolsonaro is the president we want and need!!! Try living here, then maybe you’ll have a better perspective of what we want, and why. And the video with the woman Bolsonaro fought, you’ve changed the context. She was deffending a murderer who raped a girl for 5 days and then killed her. Bolsonaro wanted the murderer in jail. We need someone to win the murderes, the thiefs, we’re tired of violence against inocent people. You can’t understand the whole situation just watching a few cutted speeches. Brazil is Bolsonaro 2018!!!! 🇧🇷
ellen costa (6 часов назад)
Mas que lixo...pqp 😡😡
yusuketakashi (6 часов назад)
8 trillions of reais is the real money stollen, about 3,7 reais for 1 dollar.
Ilkeyrion (6 часов назад)
"Anyone but him" is a shitty tactic, because it guarantees that person (anyone voting for him wouldn't listen to you), and everyone else is scattered among the other candidates. Of course, there's a leftist, a centrist, a further leftist, maybe a further rightist, but the runoff will generally be the guy you don't like and someone else, and because of the way runoffs tend to go, that guy you don't like will win. That's pretty much what happened in Peru in 2011 (except there were two people that weren't supposed to win and they both made the runoff). I say all this as a radical centrist though, and I know you'd likely endorse the most moderate leftist (leftist enough, but not a radical), who, in this case, may be the better alternative
Jonatas Costa (6 часов назад)
John I usually like your show but now your production let you down. To omit part of a story to change its truth is quite immoral, to support and say that haddad would been better than Bolsonaro is despicable, now you just showed how your production can be so bias when investigating politics in another country. Me I'm led to believe that this especific episode of your show was bought and paid by Globo, one of the biggest international media channel involved in all schemes of corruption in Brazil. I'm disappointed at this time. Bolsonaro is coming like it or not. 17
ana lucia souza liberato (6 часов назад)
Corja de uma nação
ana lucia souza liberato (6 часов назад)
Não nós representa
ana lucia souza liberato (6 часов назад)
Senhor hipócresia
ana lucia souza liberato (6 часов назад)
#Bolsonaro 2018.Ira mudar o Brasil para melhor
Samuel Oliveira (6 часов назад)
It is really easy to edit videos and take them out of context. The female member of congress is Maria do Rosario, if you had the decency of showing the whole video everybody could see that she calls him a rapist even though he was giving an interview saying it was time to change criminal's legal age to 16 after the horrendous "Champinha case", Champinha was 16 and rapped another teenager in front of her boyfriend for a week and then decapitated her and killed her boyfriend. Before the heated argument Maria do Rosario said Champinha was just a kid, and this was the main reason Bolsonaro lost his temper.
DigiWorx Digital Media Production (6 часов назад)
Lula should be president of Brazil.
Geovani Silva (6 часов назад)
Good try, but my vote is still for him
The War on Disinformation (6 часов назад)
Brazil has always had a relationship with fascism.
Gabi Rattes (6 часов назад)
Acho que eu poderia perder meu tempo tentando explicar inúmeros motivos pelos quais vocês estão errados a respeito da política brasileira, mas acho que nesse momento só resta uma pergunta em minha cabeça. Quem você pensa que é ou quem vocês pensam que são para falar alguma merda sobre a política do Brasil? Até hoje eu nem sabia quem vc era e eu realmente acho que vocês Norte-americanos se enganam ao achar que a opinião de vocês vale alguma coisa aqui. Se vocês acham isso, sinto muito... Não vale de merda nenhuma! Então se coloquem no lugar de vocês e se concentrem nas suas próprias vidas ao invés de se meter nos assuntos dos outros.
Ana Paula Andrade (7 часов назад)
You can talk whatever you want, but Bolsonaro will win as Trump nas won ! #Bolsonaro #BolsonaroPresidente
Luiz Schmidt (7 часов назад)
John Oliver, what a deception. Do you really prefer the representative of the communist party that has in its program all the steps to convert Brazil into a Venezuela? If you know nothing about the worst mayor Sao Paulo ever had...
Wellington Lemao (7 часов назад)
these journalists are all communists similar to the ones we have here in Brazil
RedoxOnGrom (7 часов назад)
Yo, you got your facts about Bolsonaro completely wrong bro!
Aaryan Kapoor (7 часов назад)
https://www.foxnews.com/world/a-look-at-offensive-comments-by-brazil-candidate-bolsonaro Even fox news mostly agrees with John so I dont know how this is leftist propaganda
Aaryan Kapoor (3 часа назад)
+Karina Polidoro you dont even get the main point... thats fox news stating that Bolsanaro is a shithead. You should know fox news is on the right. So this kinda shows that this isnt a leftist conspiracy if its supported by bipartisan news sources. Chances are your going to ignore the actual facts and still vote for Bolsonaro so i have no idea why im still trying to convince you not to make a mistake.
Karina Polidoro (7 часов назад)
All this is a lie, all this has been distorted by the left, I am gay and I am returning to Bolsonaro, so against the facts there is nothing to discuss. And more, and I will say this to help you and I hope you understand why my English is not the best. The Brazilian hates, hates! that foreigners who never lived in Brazil, or who do not speak Portuguese, or who do not have contact with Brazilians, come to stick their noses where they were not called. You are doing the same thing that this program did, it is wanting, playing facts and tests in our faces, things that you do not know, and we will not accept, at least 1 year in Brazil and then your opinion will be respected. For the first time, we have a man who will take Brazil out of this crisis and expel the Communists from the PT, so do not be offended, but stay out of it, Bolsonaro is a good man. We're trying to fix the house (and you're not part of it) and these enemies in this video, these haters, are a consequence of poorly-mended material for a show and jokes beyond the bill, reversing the facts. Brazil is ours, the president is ours and we do not want the opinion of foreigners.
João Kuntze (7 часов назад)
John Oliver from the same HBO from Gregorio Duvivier, both idiots...
T. .S (7 часов назад)
Para citar uma internauta muito inteligente: "Deve ser muito incrível essa sensação de que o mundo todo, os jornais gringos, as personalidades, a Madonna, o Roger Waters, o Papa, os estudiosos, os especialistas, estão TODOS errados, e você, que se informa por zap zap, está correto. Queria essa autoconfiança." Está tudo dito! Sei que a coisa tá feia no Brasil e votar no PT parece fora de questão para muita gente, mas é preciso ser ou muito ignorante, ou muito desesperado ou muito cheio de ódio (ou as três coisas juntas) para votar no Bolsonaro.
João Kuntze (7 часов назад)
it is easy to talk about Brazil when you are not here... yes, we have idiots here as the Wolverine, but it looks like USA has some idiots as John Oliver talking knownsenses...
FLURIVER (7 часов назад)
You don´t know, what happing in Brazil. Your coucel is not telling truth about Bolsonaro.
The Fracassado (8 часов назад)
Típico esquerdista americano
William Mateus (8 часов назад)
Cala sua Boca seu verme comunista lixo... Não tem a minima ideia do que o povo brasileiro esta passando sua escoria de merda!!! Bolsonaro Presidente 2018
Letícia Bernardo (8 часов назад)
John Oliver, I'm so sorry for the aggressive comments from us, brazilians. We are in a landmark of history that will define whether Brazil will be communist or whether such conservative capitalists (which they are calling facist) will seize power and end the 13 years PT government. The artists who receive a scholarship under the Rouanet law are furious for fear that this benefit will end. Young people are afraid that this "conservatism" will turn a dictatorship. The situation is so critical in my country that it threatens presidential candidates, so much so that Bolsonaro has stabbed. However, Jair Bolsonaro is the only one not involved in theft scandals with the Lava a Jato. While in the PT government, all politicians are being investigated by operation Lava a Jato. The moment is not for jokes, we are on the verge of a fight between right and left voters. Sorry.
Rogério Augusto (8 часов назад)
Never expected so many wrong information and out of context edition from this show. Your research team had no clue about what is happening in Brazil.
Alex Chagas (8 часов назад)
É um programa tendencioso e sensacionalista, quer apenas falar de temas que geram polêmica para ter a "audiência" de cada dia. Tentava detonar o Trump também, talvez tenha conseguido visualizações fora dos Estados Unidos, nesta época. Mas foi muito infeliz neste programa, que distorceu totalmente as coisas e não teve ataques do petista Haddad. Enfim...senta na piroca da esquerda e goza. Kkkk
o Formiga (8 часов назад)
quantos mais brasileiros conheço e leio mais ódio tenho por gente ignorante (sim, falo de ti fascisti di mierda)
Rafael Vitrio (8 часов назад)
he pushed that woman, because she defends rapists. Probably u read a fake news
Eduardo Chueri (8 часов назад)
Bolsonaro for president
MIGUEL ALLAN (8 часов назад)
Um idiota ! Gosta de esquerda? Vai embora dos USA e se muda para Venezuela!
MIGUEL ALLAN (8 часов назад)
Bolsonaro 2017!
Luiz Ricardo (8 часов назад)
You are completely mistaken about Bolsonaro. It may be good to modify your research team. To prefer Haddad to Bolsonaro is at least criminal. Had Haddad been an American citizen, he would be in prison, since he is liable for countless corruption cases.
glau freire (8 часов назад)
Learning to vote before talk about my country.
Richard Foehringer (8 часов назад)
Clueless brit
FireMage127 (8 часов назад)
after trying to teach germans about nazism, implying that Madonna just wanted 5 minutes of fame and stating that global warming isn't real, Brazilian people are now swarming comedy/news stations for being criticised for all of that.
Karina Polidoro (8 часов назад)
não que meu inglês é ruim, é você que é burro e não intende pgts de formas indiretas :)
Karina Polidoro (8 часов назад)
Ora, ora temos um sherlock Homes aqui kkkk
FireMage127 (8 часов назад)
https://pt.wikipedia.org/wiki/C%C3%A9rebro senão... é assim
FireMage127 (8 часов назад)
para de disfarçar, eu sei q vc é brasileira. seu inglês é ruim a ponto de escrever uma frase sem sentido dessa? kkkkkk explica aí meu
Felipe M. (8 часов назад)
To even begin to argue anything about who we should vote for, you would need a few months to wrap your head around the unimaginable depth of corruption and crisis that the Worker's Party brought to our country.
T. .S (7 часов назад)
Just the Worker's Party? Da lista de partidos com mais fichas sujas o PT fica no meio, e a culpa é toda do PT? E as fichas sujas do PSL? Não contam? E o enriquecimento ilícito da família do Bolsonaro, não conta? Quanta hipocrisia. Crises económicas já houve muitas na história do Brasil, sob todos os regimes imaginávies, de esquerda e de direita. Era bom que houvesse uma mudança mas não vai ser o Bolsonaro a trazê-la, e se a trouxer vai ser para o pior....bem pior.
professor de portuga do YT (8 часов назад)
Fuck u gringos. You know shit about Brazil! Please stay quiet and stop saying bullshit. I'm a very good lawyer and I will sue this shits. 😎
steppenrazor1054 (8 часов назад)
LastWeekTonight, how about a segment on the Athabasca oil sands?
D WG (8 часов назад)
Here’s some food for the triggered Brazilian trolls. 1-7! Never forget!
Ramiro Botelho (9 часов назад)
#DietLula Haddad is not better than Bolsonaro.
Michele Ferreira (9 часов назад)
Vem morar no Brasil para depois você tentar falar alguma coisa
guisa carvalho (8 часов назад)
Sorry guys, you really should have checked very carefully some of your contents about the Brazilian elections before called the candidate Bolsonaro "a terrible human being". Unfortunately most of his videos display of moments when ruthless words spitted out of his mouth were caught by media just to be twisted into fallacies, and eventually to make him like a bad person. Yep, he offended that congresswoman, that wasn't nice, BUT check on her background, see what had happened on that day, see the whole video plus all the other ones. Ok, he lost his temper with someone who had no compassion for a family who had just lost a beloved one in the most cruel way. A person who stays on the criminal side like that woman did is the real terrible human being. If you guys want to have more fun go ahead, and check on why the biggest TV station in Brasil is picturing him like a bad guy. Doesn't it sound weird when most of the population decided to vote for that "bad human being", while the PT party supports the biggest media making campaign titled ELENAO against his projects? Why did he grow up so fast? Why each day more people leave the PT party and other parties to join him? Why didn't they talk about that? Go ahead guys, I promise you will never get bored with Brazilian elections! VOTE FOR BOLSONARO 17.
T. .S (7 часов назад)
Where do you check your facts? Every single newspaper and channel in the free press reporting on this issue outside of Brazil (and some inside the country) have quoted and filmed Bolsonaro making horribly offensive remarks about black people, women, gays and numerous other groups. He said that he'd rather have a dead son than a gay one, that his sons were raised too well to marry a black woman, that a group of quilombolas were fat and lazy, that "minorities should bend to the will of the majority". You have to be really ignorant, really hateful or really desperate to ignore all of the horrible things that he says. And it's not just his comments, that so many people like to dismiss, as if he was just some "loveable" racist uncle making politically incorrect remarks. It's his policies. Seriously, putting more guns into people's hands? Crime is terrible in Brazil, but you really thinking giving guns to people is going to help? That hasn't worked out so well for the U.S., with its never-ending mass shootings. Instead of killing "bandidos" why not work on eradicating the horrible social inequalities that create them in the first place? No, he just reinforces Brazilian classism and racism and instead, as he promises to protect the upper middle class, while taking away resources aimed at supporting the least favored sectors of society. Bolsonaro is truly disgusting, and most of the world has realized this. Even some right-wing politicians in Europe are shocked at his language and behavior. It's true that some thing he says are taken out of context, but that happens to all politicians, and it doesn't begin to excuse 80% of the truly awful things about him. Try reading more than the newsfeed from WhatsApp and Zap Zap before claiming to state an informed opinion.
Kairy Veneret (9 часов назад)
Maga 😍
Karina Saar (9 часов назад)
Shut your mouth ! You know nothing about my country. We are fighting against socialism.
T. .S (7 часов назад)
Are you really? Or have you just been brainwashed into thinking that by your fascist idol?

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