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The End of South Africa. Prepare Yourself.

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G Errol (16 минут назад)
Does taking over the farms create employment?
Alpha 2.0 (1 день назад)
The narrative on South Africa has changed, for now. This video is 1 year late. How about you do a video on why such an 'intelligent' man cannot afford private health care in the prosperous west. Europeans have an advantage of culture, nothing to do with the capacity to acquire knowledge of white over black. Not only under president Zuma, but the buying up of land is a long-standing policy pre-dating Zuma's administration. How about you get the facts right before you rant on about how the facts are the facts. Your logic on owning apartment buildings, priceless. This is stupid, when the government ceases land with or without compensation? Really? Really?
ImAlive 4U (1 день назад)
The leftist hate science. Charles Darwin the father of the theory of evolution did research between the different races not only did he discover there was physical differences caused by evolution but also differences in I.Q. Of course people rejected the idea that the races had these differences between them and Charles Darwin was accused of being a racist. At Harvard there is currently a lawsuit by African community against Harvard over Affirmative Action because they are enrolling more Asians. Guess what Charles Darwin in his research concluded that the race with the highest I.Q. is Asians while the lowest I.Q. race is Africans. There is also a connection with aggression and violence with people that have bellow average I.Q. and why is this because people that have bellow average I.Q. tend to be more irrational. Now not all Africans have bellow average I.Q.s it's just been proven that the majority does just as not all Asians have above average I.Q. just a majority does. That being said science doesn't give a crap about political correctness what science is about is discovering facts.
listen2meokidoki (2 дня назад)
20181018: Good fences make good neighbours. Good fences make good neighbours. Good fences make good neighbours. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Z33WiXGiWo
Gus Ruz (2 дня назад)
The same problem happened in Cuba that why the whole country still in misery just blame the embargo to justify non sense stupid regime
Andre Marais (3 дня назад)
Please watch support and report: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RNzxUrYipMQ
marie Rose (4 дня назад)
Andre Bonner (4 дня назад)
Haha you crackers think we can’t survive without you. South Africa is leading the way! Hopefully the rest of Africa follows suit. That way the lost tribe of Shabazz can finally return home with all the skills and money we have in the wilderness of North America.
Feldman Mobility (4 дня назад)
There is a persistent rumour white SA farmers are fleeing to Russia.
CHA REE CHAN (5 дней назад)
Stefan is a bitch ,wouldn't last 3 seconds in a debate with me
Peter Gunn (5 дней назад)
Fruits of Socialism..Another African success story, where Corruption runs rampant and ignorance rules Supreme...Only way to fix it is for the West to stop sending it cash. The more money we send the more money the corrupt Leftist politicians line their pockets.
Denim Lowe (5 дней назад)
They are not only stealing the farms. They are raping, torturing, and murdering the farmers and their families. This is genocide. Call it as it is. After they finish and ruin the ability of the land to produce and begin starving, let them reap what they sowed.
The West is the Best (5 дней назад)
0:40 In this way the Leftists are like the Nazi's. Hitler blamed the Jews for Germany's problems because the Jews had more money per capita than the average German did. He used this to then take all their land, money, wealth, and lives just as the Leftists South African government, which has been praised by Leftist media in the West, is doing right now to White South Africans
MJ Uys (5 дней назад)
I am a South African. Thank you for your video. Thank you to everybody who has made positive comments about this video. Thank you to all who is concerned about this Afrikaner/Boer people. So many lies have been spread about Afrikaner/Boers that even they themselves are not sure what is true anymore, but the proof is in the pudding. The country is on the brink of disaster after only 24 years of ANC rule. That is the result of bringing down the white government with sanctions and boycotts and protests all over the western world. Finally eyes are opening and seeing the truth behind the smoke screen that was created by the media and politicians. Please continue lobbying for Boers/Afrikaners to enter your countries if not for all then give our children the opportunity to survive because they are being denied the right to earn a living and a future. Here is just a brief overview of my perspective. The Afrikaner/Boer (Which is a mixture of Dutch, French, British, German and other northern European people) fled Europe because of prosecution of protestant faith and other oppressive measures to live as free people in their own country from 1652 onward. The British annexed the country 1795 which drove the Afrikaner/Boer again to flee in 1836 towards the interior to set up their own free country. The British attacked the Afrikaner/Boer again in 1880 but the attack was repulsed. The second attack came in 1899 which developed into a 3 year war, in order to win the war the British torched every farm, killed all the livestock and hoarded the women children and old people into concentration camps where 26 000 perished from starvation and disease. No Nuremberg trials here. The Afrikaner/Boer only became independent again from Britain in 1961 by which time the Communist attack was well underway which reached its climax in the 1970’s an 80’s. on 4 August 1967, military conscription became compulsory for all White men in South Africa over the age of 16. Deferment to complete schooling or a university degree was granted, but hardly any White men were exempt from conscription. A massive arms industry had to be created as arms could not be purchased because of sanctions against South Africa. Failing to military defeating the armed forces the Communist ANC, attacked civilian targets with time bombs, mined farm roads and launching a massive propaganda war in the West and destabilizing the internal population and labor force through unions and violence. To avoid a full scale civil war with possible international intervention the white government capitulated and actually saved millions of lives. Being subjected to domination by others for so many years, the Afrikaner/Boer do not want to dominate or be dominated by any other people, just to be free and be governed by their own elected government. Hence the idea of separate development, which was so wrong in the eyes of the world. Unfortunately the Communist ANC propaganda, media and the nativity and influence of the West was so overwhelming that the Afrikaner/Boer was not allowed to solve his own matters. Once again we are facing the destruction and domination from others. Regarding the land ownership, it is very strange that nobody remembers or conveniently forgets that there were independent home lands created in South Africa that were given to black people and they were independent and self ruling before 1994. These areas are still owned by black people to this day. Some of these areas were previously white land but was expropriated by the government with compensation. Republic of Bophuthatswana 44,109 km2 (17,031 sq mi) Republic of Ciskei 9,000 km2 (3,500 sq mi) Republic of Transkei 43,798 km2 (16,911 sq mi) Republic of Venda 7,410 km2 (2,860 sq mi) Kingdom of Lesotho 30,355 km2 (11,720 sq mi) Republic of Gazankulu 7,730 km2 (2,980 sq mi) Republic of Kangwane 3,000 km2 (1,200 sq mi) Republic of QwaQwa 620 km2 (240 sq mi) Kwazulu 32,130 km2 (12,410 sq mi) Lebowa 24,540 km2 (9,470 sq mi) Swaziland 17,364 km2 (6,704 sq mi) Kwandeble 1,970 km2 (760 sq mi) Hardly what you will call landless. This so called land issue is only a political ploy to get people to vote for the ANC and to divert attention from a failing country, a failing economy and general lawlessness blaming everybody but themselves. Tax: You must also remember that all that was built prior to 1994 was with white money. Personal Tax rates on whites approached 40%. A matter overlooked and forgotten but relevant to property rights. If you really want to see something terrifying, Google masakhane tax Those who said African people have been farming for thousands of years, this might be true but that can be said for any civilization but they were not feeding 50 million people. If you think that you are going to feed 50 milion people with subsistence farming you are in for a big surprise , just look at Zimbabwe. You must also remember that South Africa is not only feeding its own population, our crops are being distributed to the whole of the Sub Saharan continent. Not only food, but fuel and every other commodity you can think of. If South Africa falls so will the rest of Southern Africa and that will be much more than 50 million. Millions of people from across Africa works in South Africa to support their families in their own countries. Regarding farming in South Africa. You must understand that farming is not subsidized in any way by the state as I understand it is done in the US, Europe and even Russia. The farmer bears all the risk he buys the land the equipment the seed. Further more a farmer has to be a business man and entrepreneur and manager above being only a farmer. If market prices decrease the farmer must create a secondary industry like processing milk to cheese of juice or dried fruit or diversify his farming. He must also try to predict which crops to grow and if there is going to be a rainy season or drought and adjust his input and loans and the types of machinery he buys. This is a very complicated process and that is why small scale farming is not viable and why even many white farmers go bankrupt and land is bought up by bigger farmers. There are only small areas of the country that can be successfully farmed on a industrial scale. South Africa really has very limited water supplies. Even household water can become scarce as was recently the case in Cape Town. If you depend on rain only you will never survive in South Africa. We are actually importing water from Leshoto for Gauteng province (population 17 million) the industrial heartland of South Africa via dams and pumps. Imagine the horror if this collapses as there is already a backlog on building new dams in the system with a population explosion.
Raymond Lau (6 дней назад)
Where are you going to hide in the world? Even the fake Western Democracies are turning fascist and enslaving with society control technologies, spying, organized harassment, corruption, persecution, loss of freedoms. The whole world is going down the toilet.
Chris Edwards (6 дней назад)
Unfortunately, all this is what the Globalists want.
machina188 (7 дней назад)
If they can show that their farm was stolen from them, they should be allowed to immigrate to Europe or the United States. Otherwise, they need to stay and fix the problem they so proudly and racistly created.
Kent Rhoads (7 дней назад)
It would be a true pity to watch blacks ruin the South African wine and tea industries.
Lionel R. Lombard RSA (7 дней назад)
Where were you all when the white government bull-dosed all black peoples homes as it was rezoned for whites in the 60's, here in Johannesburg, Sofia Town and in Cape Town to name a few. Black people are smart enough to farm. If you think they don't know how to farm then why have they survived for 1000s of years, how did they eat? Even the white farmers had to be educated on mass agriculture. The people need work, blacks and whites. This land appropriation without compensation is only virtue signaling by the governing party for the 2019 Presidential elections. The Constitution has not been changed yet, it is only being discussed. All you can do is explain that black people are stupid. Seems bigoted to me. Black people are unsafe 57 people murdered per day, over 450 serious assaults per day, 2 white farmers murdered per month. This is crime and should be dealt with. Both sides are wrong and need to work together for a future together and not apart.
Mike Ralph (7 дней назад)
Excellent. The blackman is going back to nature.
Emma Vilakazi (7 дней назад)
Is sad this gentleman disrespect black natives Africans. SA might belong to all those who lives in it. Europe belong natives European. So don't tell majority black Africans what to do
Nigel Farage (7 дней назад)
Do the Racial iq discrepancies factor in to this at all Stefan?
Angelo Morte (7 дней назад)
And this is the Constitution that RBG wants America to replace our Constitution with, another crazy Leftist Bitch..! F the Left.
Angelo Morte (7 дней назад)
Kill the white farmer, let them all starve. Now they have what they so desperately wanted, freedom from the oppressing white people & apartheid. I have to laugh when people talk about the Monster Nelson Mandela & his sweet little wife (one of many) Winnie who was as sick of a murdering whore as Hitler & his henchmen. But this is what they wanted and so did the lying Hollywood actors & actresses that pushed for this wonderful man's release from prison. Because he was such a sweet black man that wanted the best for his people, what a Stupid leftist joke..! So when the starvation starts & it will, I say let them have their just deserts.
matt234567 (7 дней назад)
When you look a different points in history you had huge discrepancies between groups but in different ways. Compare ancient Greece to modern day Greece, Ancient Rome to the Germanic tribes or Gauls, ancient Egypt to modern day Egypt. How the tables have turned, so how can you explain the discrepancies now through something as simple as average intelligence.
Bongani Mkhwanazi (7 дней назад)
Wow I honestly came here for the racist comments. Did not really think the video would be so out there. Firstly, there is a connection between race and intelligence, its a fact. If you have done history you would know that there is a correlation with intelligence and living conditions. Hence why most of the disadvantaged groups in the world have a lower IQ, also IQ does not measure this. It just measures academic intelligence. Now i believe that education is the key to solving a lot of problems in South Africa. The effects of Bantu education are still significant and that there is the reason why our IQ is lower than the rest. The previous racist apartheid regime made sure that our education was horrible. It will take more than 3 generations of born frees to correct this. On the other matters, if you not South African you can never really know whats going on here. It is not as bad as this man is making it seem. Its actually not bad at all. Except for the excessive corruption that our freedom of press and justice system is shedding a light on compared to other countries which just ignore it. South Africa's (SA) biggest problem is not land, believe me if we had to have a civil war it would be over water as the effects of Global warming are hindering our water reserves. The land issue is not theft. I ask anyone of you to google "white city Jabavu Soweto", go look at the pictures. You will see that majority of South African's have no land. We live in a country where Black people make up 78.9% of the population but only own 4% of land available to individuals and earn and average of R60 613 pa, while White people make up just 8.9% of the population and own 72% of land available to individuals with an average income of R362 134 pa. Now you can doubt this info, its all available on the internet and even the CIA world fact book backs it up as SA is ranked as the most unequal country in the world. As for the crime, SA does have a crime problem but it is not a black on white crime problem. Its a crime problem. More black people die from violent crime in SA, even if it was a percentage of the population per race group, its still higher with black people by a wide margin. Please tell whole truths and not half the story. The main problem in SA is inequality. Not land, not crime or anything else. All those other things are a symptoms of inequality. Now i think taking land is wrong, purely because I feel Black South African's are much better than that to stoop to the level of the previous government did and we are much more forgiving. Don't believe me, read up on the TRC trials in SA and you will be shook. I feel that the main problem should be addressed not the symptoms.
László H. (7 дней назад)
Nos a Dél-Afrikai országban az éhinség, a betegségek, a vízhiány, és a technológiai hanyatlás megfigyelhető. Az lenne a legjobb megoldás, ha minden farmer egyszerre hagyná ott azt az országot, és elég lesz csak 5 év, és ott mindenki éhen fog dögleni. Senki se lesz aki oda menjen, és az élelmiszer segélyeket amit a liberális idióták küldenek, azokat el kell sülyeszteni. Ha pedig egymást felzabálják, illetve egy polgárháborús helyzet miatt megtámadják a szomszédos Afrikai országokat, azzal önmagukat fogják végleg kinyírni.
Popeye Jones (8 дней назад)
South Africa could have been a model for the rest of Africa to emulate and benefit from, but instead, it will become a hell with nicer roads. The left is never satisfied with reconciliation....their dark envy has to leave scorched earth in its wake. This is a warning for whites of every nation : governments and ideologies will come and go, but arm up and maintain a plan to organize and defend yourselves.
Michael Clark (8 дней назад)
The US media is complicit in the genocide in south Africa by covering up the crime by covering up and enabling the blacks to get away with this shit... any country run by the black's is a shit hole and the US news media are a pack of lying communist and complete cowards, a shit storm is coming folks and you better invest in lead!
Yuki Pyro (8 дней назад)
George Soros spotted greedy racist black govts to siege white farmers.... So in other words A white man funds a race war on his own color... Why because he makes $$$$$$$$$$ So WW3 will happen I say in either Europe somewhere in a george soros controlled nation or just excel the war in syria to a world war or it will start in South Africa... All these conflicts of late are caused by the UN and the EU.....
Regine Lloyd Manulat (8 дней назад)
Let the black suffer from their stupidity.....their proud of their continent being the poorest region anyway...
Norbert Nagy (8 дней назад)
They will starve then they will run to the evil white man and beg for money and food The stupid white man will give them
Graham Booth (9 дней назад)
There was a company that didn't allow white people to buy shares. Can't remember the name so I don't want to implicate the wrong company but quick Google search will verify my comment.
Graham Booth (9 дней назад)
I can't study with employer assistance because I am white but all my black colleagues can. I have more experience and out perform them by far. That is why I want to leave don't want my children to be victimised. But on the other hand they only make us stronger we just work harder.
red tomcat (9 дней назад)
Great report! You are making people aware !!!! Well done !!
Old Deplorable (9 дней назад)
One last hope for white countries, including SA, is Donald Trump. Marxism lies at the root of all these problems, and Trump is anti-Marxist - with a huge military to back him up. He does actually keep his promises!
carene don (9 дней назад)
NeutralDice (9 дней назад)
Apartheid should have been abolished only gradually and it should had led to the partition of South Africa in two countries, one of white majority and one of black majority.
KaZaMa JiZ (9 дней назад)
Mamush Eretiro (10 дней назад)
Please take the farmers to Ethiopia
harley mendez (10 дней назад)
The farmers should salt the earth and let the fuckers starve to death.
Access Denied (10 дней назад)
That country is fucked... Goodbye South Africa. Hope white south Africans immigrate and could start anew.
TheMUDrocket (10 дней назад)
Ok so everyone saying that us Whites should just leave need to be educated on a few things. 1. Many of us were born here, most after apartheid so this is our home. 2. My passport says I'm South African. 3. Even if we wanted to leave it's near impossible because of all the immigration laws, and to put it simply, it's way too expensive..ie..if you want to go to the US legally they want an investment of 500000 dollars..multiply that by 16 because of the exchange rate. I'm not a poor man, but I would say I'm upper middle class(blessed in this country), I have a R4 million rand house and a car..but who in their right mind will buy it when the government plans to give it away? So that leaves us "White devils" in a bit of a pickle.. if the white countries don't come to their senses and open borders for us then we will never get out. Basically we are too white to be South African and too white to be classed as a refugee. Pity because I see that Europe are allowing barbaric savages into their country and not their own people.. all I can say is that we are hard working Christians that are always striving for a better life for our families, hopefully the white countries change their stance soon.
Ryan O'Cerous (10 дней назад)
Even without having to explain any racial, ethnic, or cultural differences, the forced removal of white farmers from SA farms in lieu of non-whites is a tragedy not just for the white farmers who nowadays are innocent bystanders, but for the black consumers who also suffer as a result. The whole thing is a malfeasance of justice and hurts all South Africans. "Social justice" hurts as white farmers who know what they're doing are forced to give over all that they have worked for, and all of them inherited that. Be that as it may, suddenly forcing white farmers to give up their land to black people who have no idea what they're doing isn't the answer. If we're to honor the spirit of this channel, any government interference is wrong ,but that's what's this is all about isn't it? This is all about Marxism and the subversion of individual rights. South Africa used to be THE economic powerhouse of Africa. Now it's the Marxist "social justice" result.
Raymond Barrey (10 дней назад)
Im an American living in South Africa. HELP!! We need it.
Vasil Svolopoulos (10 дней назад)
5:56 wait, wait, wait. How are people missing this key part? Black population exploded under apartheid, not because of separation of ethnic communities, but because the management of these farms went unhindered by tribal politics. Basically, white farms fed enough of Africa for Africans to safely expand their families without risk of malnourishment, infant mortality, and tribal warfare over food shortages. And now they want to size white farms. What do you think is going to happen to that large black African population? *They will die out from inevitable starvation and conflict.* Just look at Zimbabwe. They're only held afloat thanks to foreign aid. You think a second Zimbabwe is going to convince the now awoken global white community to throw more free resources at a rival ethnic community that wants to destroy whites? What could possibly go wrong?
Vasil Svolopoulos (8 дней назад)
+Billy Moore literally nothing you just wrote made sense. You'll understand if I don't take offense. Enjoy chasing zebras for food or whatever.
Billy Moore (8 дней назад)
Evil destroyed the whites in South Africa .Devils the Edomites ruling is finish.keyboardist know one is listening to know more lies. The pity party is over. Karma of wealth for whitey is over. Bye Homosexual
Galaxy 200399282 (11 дней назад)
Lol cracker you so maaaaaaaaaddddddd
Erol Germann (11 дней назад)
& we still burry our heads in the sand eventhow we have the Internet communication !
Elias Teshome (12 дней назад)
In July 2017, the SAHRC condemned Deputy Minister of Police Bongani Mkongi’s July 14, 2017 statement saying of Johannesburg: “How can a city in South Africa be 80 percent foreign national? That is dangerous. South Africans have surrendered their own city to the foreigners.” https://www.hrw.org/world-report/2018/country-chapters/south-africa
Mope Khati (13 дней назад)
It is surprising how you are avoiding saying anything about whether white South African farmers are rightful owner of the land they farm. I would like to hear you directly say that and explain how someone who owns a stolen property retains a right to its ownership. You cannot tell me that if I happen to buy a stolen product from a thief i police get it from me I need to be compensated for it. Let alone if I did not even buy it, I inherited it knowingly that I didn't deserve it and it was stolen. The argument that could make the world pay attention to what is happening to South African White farmers is not all that you all are saying. It is time that White South African acknowledge that they do not rightfully deserve the privilege they have and be willing to get into proper conversation with black south Africans. Conversation such as better compensation for their farms and what they have invested in them is what should be talked about, or worse, being allowed to buy the land on which their farms reside a discounted price. But the entitlement that have that they even call the land seizure theft is exactly the reason why South African government should be very fast in taking away the land. South Africa suffering or not knowing what to do with the land is not the reason why justice shouldn't be done. One thing that is clearly known at this point in time, is who doesn't rightfully own the land, that is what has to be addressed. Who owns it and what they should do with it, can be addressed after. Even in the normal world, police cannot let go criminals with huge amount of stolen cash/property just because no one has reported stolen property. The police seize the property and then they can figure out whether they locate the owner or what to do with it after.
Big Tex (9 дней назад)
You have to understand that military conquest is a fact of this planet. The English are not native to England they came from Germany and stole the land from the local Celtic Tribes such as the Cornish and Britons. Would you think it is proper that all English should be deported back to Germany and the remaining Celts such as the Welsh and Scottish be given the land? Of course this is ridiculous, but it is also the exact same situation as South Africa. As the video mentioned, the original inhabitants of South West Africa were San and Khosian people but they are now an extremely small part of the population. Most people in South Africa are part of the Bantu group so you can basically consider them just as much as an invader as the Whites. But these are the people that are taking over White lands so it literally is giving the land from one thief to the next.
TheMUDrocket (10 дней назад)
Man there are too many what ifs to justify this process. Ok so land was wrongfully taken away from blacks..fine. but Who is to say that a particular person should therefore own it? What if the person receiving the land comes from a family that never owned land to begin with? So they get the land because of their skin colour? Is that not racism? How can one prove that they were removed from a particular property etc? And why should a random person who comes from a long line of nobody's have a right to land? Makes no sense. I do believe that we need to fix the problems caused by our past, no doubt about it. But it is so hard to not assume that the majority of people have expectations that cannot be met. If farmers are removed they will sell their stock and implements...land is useless without stock and implement, now how can we hand over 30000 farms to 45 million people? Do you see the problem here? Another thing is that not everyone wants to farm. My suggestion is to not focus on this but rather help uplift the poor by building houses, offering free and good education and producing well paying jobs. Increase minimum wage to R6000 per month. Perhaps if there was less corruption and looting of public funds this could have been achieved in the last 25 years, but because the ANC has raped our country they now need someone to blame..que the "colonialists"
Kera Dasilva (13 дней назад)
africa treats it own people like shit.....they shouldn't point fingers at any country especially the usa who actually loves africans and treats them better......fuck you africa ... if it were up to me id have my own country and only take your poorest and sickest and make them better behind and means necessary....they deserve better...they deserve food and clean water and free education and mental heath if needed .. and id insist in them living more life than working. thats how life should be.
Kera Dasilva (13 дней назад)
exactly ..... in america they talk about racism but the only problem is mixing races is actually more common down south than in new england.......down south we will hit someone in the face for being racist....in new england it is more encouraged to date your own race and i have heard white people say the n word more than i have ever seen a southern man.... both white and black people down south know better than to talk about race in an ugly manner..... a black or white person will kick your ass or hurt you worse than that.....
Mope Khati (13 дней назад)
These kind of comments are exactly what causes all this problems. people who are arrogant and very racist and things they say, give unreasonable politicians reason to do unreasonable things. And reading some of the comments on this video, I think it is right that the government should take our the land that your ancestors possessed illegally. It isn't your fault, but the fact that u are able to say all these things you say, is just a sign of your mentality and entitlement to the land you dont deserve. It would at least make sense to see white farmers acknowledging the truth and humbling themselves and questioning the way the governments want to do this, not some of the comments that are being made in this thread. Lots of comments in this thread mark how white people think they are superior in the world and deserve everything. Look there are African countries that do not have white people that are doing just fine. It isn't your intelligence or whatever you are calling it that runs those countries. South Africa will indeed face a huge setback in the way they are dealing with this. Lots of people will suffer, But listening to a lot of shit you white South Africans and other white people from outside are saying, I think the suffering will be worth it. At least South Africans will suffer but owning what rightfully belongs to them. It will not be their first time to suffer by the way. They suffered and died during apartheid. They will survice it. I honestly do not agree with the government's approach to this, but listening to racist comments made by white community in this thread, SOUTH AFRICAN SHOULD TAKE BACK THAT LAND EVEN IF THEY DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH IT. You are very arrogant and you think you own the world. If you had fixed your relationship with black population in South Africa and not took pride of owning majority of the country's economy, things would have been dealt with the right way a long time ago. Your words and comments are still making it unlikely for things to be done the right way. Those white Americans saying all ths crap are comfortable in their own country. They can be racist as they wish but hearing such comments from a South African white person who is claiming injustice is being done to them because of racial profiling is heartbreaking.
Simon Rogers (13 дней назад)
As the rest of the world sits back We need to look at what happened in Rhodesia the bread basket of Africa Nothing good ever happens when these mad machete boys get their nose in the trough
saru link (14 дней назад)
White South Africans come to America or Europe. Black South Africans stay there on that stolen land and starve you stupid apes.
bashmouth sound (16 дней назад)
You need to come to South Africa first then do yo research before you go public,
guled aden (17 дней назад)
Stop complaining your self you ain't nothing but bunch of land thief's fuck off to Europe
Robert Harding (18 дней назад)
in 2012 l met a very well educated black African , he said the whites gave Africa an apprenticeship and failed , there could be 1 meter of cash spread through out Africa, tomorrow it would be gone no change
Business Proyects (18 дней назад)
Once the black south africans flee to europe they will do the same
Tebogo Tselane (19 дней назад)
as part of the new deal from britain (through ian smith), an agreement was reached in lancaster.... in this agreement, britain agreed to compensate white farmers for the ill gotten land they were about to evacuate ... everyone knows how white zimbabwean farmers got the land ... with the passage of britain went back on its word, for a good reason .... zimbabwe has the second largest reserves of platinum (after south africa) .... çoincidententally, the gem is lying below the farm lands .... it became clear britain had no intention of paying the white farmers off the land ... for to do so is to part with minerals ... those of us close to zimbabwe, know that the country is suffering because of a just end .... if people (rightwing whites) believe they are god 's gift to blacks (and other races), they must redeploy themselves to places where their talents will be best appreciated and put to maximum use ... they must allow us the low iq natives to suffer in our so called backward and uncivilised ways ... take you intelligence to those that will value it most ... we don't need your salvation ....
Mel Ba (21 день назад)
The real problem with Zimbabwe is the same problem with all development work, Black Africans are unable to maintain, let alone develop, systems or technology that Europeans have created. In Zimbabwe, people who had worked on White owned farms for decades ended up starving on the exact same land where White Zimbabweans had prospered and that was not exclusively a product of a lack of confidence among Western investors. Sadly, it is not a problem exclusive to agricultural activities. Roads, communication networks, medical care, education, waste management, and so much more remain in a state of perpetual chaos across Africa; despite outside development groups throwing billions of dollars, technology, and human resources at the continent and it's myriad of problems. Anyone who has spent time in Africa has witnessed this phenomenon first hand, which is precisely why it is a deeply frustrating place to live and work. Don't believe me? Find an elderly African who can remember living under colonial rule. I've met several who all spoke about the stability and prosperity European control provided with longing.
John van Heerden (22 дня назад)
Well said Stefan. Very fair. Just a major correction. According to the Court Title Deed office, white people own 23% of the land / properties. Who owns the rest??? The State does. So why does the State and Marxist parties lie about this fact?? Corruption and theft , plain and simple.
Anthony Lockridge (23 дня назад)
Nobody asked y'all to take people and the people would take care of themselves just leave go back to Europe they be all right
Charles Archibald (23 дня назад)
Not to mention all the physical attacks & murders.
Siener 31137 (24 дня назад)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6pG0Js78r7M here you have it out of the horses mouths
crutksdub (24 дня назад)
Here in North America, land seizures expanded and grew the nation under Manifest Destiny. South Africans can’t do the same.
julio ochoa (24 дня назад)
This is where u loose points sir..... Ur studied but never stydied sociology
ni9465 (27 дней назад)
The success of the whites led to Africans " F_-king themselves from the dinner table ". Now they are going to burn their roofs & beds to stay warm. Scary.
Funkslave (27 дней назад)
Just look at the thumbnail picture of Cyril Ramaphosa...Does that look like an individual who can be reasoned with on any intellectual level?
Sherry Smart (27 дней назад)
I absolutely love you. Sadly common sense has been abandoned and replaced with race hatred in South Africa. Mass starvation will follow. You are wonderful.
ApexWar (28 дней назад)
Has anyone ever told you that you have a very one-dimensional mind? That's why I call you stefan "weasel" molyneux. It amazing how stupid people always think they are soooo genius. Hence you are always quick to wave IQ results, . . . to prove so your arrogant ignorance. Thanks to youtube nowadays, people like you can now make massive tits of yourselves to a global audience. Tit!
damafkinguy (29 дней назад)
im from Zimbabwe, all I can say is can they not learn from what happened in my country, land grabs don't work with unskilled demographics being given the land. there will be no income to that strategy and the country will lose revenue. we got to a stage in Zimbabwe where we have no currency. I hope for S.A's sake it doesn't get there, that country is one of the beacons for development in Africa as a whole. gaddam!
Jon Doe (1 месяц назад)
They wont realize till they are literally killing themselves, at that stage they'll deserve whatever whom finds them thinks of....won't matter, genetics had repeated chances including instructions and still failed. dam, They are seriously not very smart people from what I can tell right now. lets see what happens, but if u white; f the s africa.....no point in being a worker bee. Run like hell so y'all can tell your story. Let them reap what they earned. Never now, in the long run the common wealth will take reperations indeed. South Africa will probably be devoid of blacks and have brown aboriginals just like 500 years ago. Blacks are not even truly south african....that is really sad with all the garbage they do....so proud of fake nothing. What white farmers built which they can't maintain.
Andrea Smith (1 месяц назад)
Oh how the world can not wait until there are no more white South Africans. You all are the worst people on the planet. The South African government should reallocate land seizures resources to building a convener belt extending into the South Atlantic to help the fleeing white people into the ocean.
Right Man (1 месяц назад)
Hello Stefan. I would like you to say something, the way only you know how to, about the 'Retornados' (the ones that Returned) from Angola. In the 20th century, as Angola ceased to be a Portuguese colony, the farms were all confiscated form the Portuguese owners who were obliged to return to Portugal, without a penny in their pockets. Some of them came to Brazil and I had the chance to talk to a few of them. They tell me stories of people taking the bulls and cows used for breeding livestock, cattle that was imported form India hundreds of years ago by the farmers and bred to perfection to meat and milk production, perfectly adapted to the African climate, the cattle was simply slaughtered and roasted on wood sewers. After the new farm owners destroyed hundreds of years of hard work, they just did not know what to do to get their next meal and Angola, once a forerunner on farming, started its rapid descend into caos and dictatorship. I guess Africa is still a long way to go before they can learn some easy hard lessons.
Aidankg - (1 месяц назад)
Even if it were right to take away their land the blacks wouldn’t even begin to know what to do with it. It’s already been recorded that 90% of farmland that has been and will be taken from the whites has just sat there and rotted. This is what happened in Rhodesia (now know as Zimbabwe) they said out with the whites and then out went the farmers so now the country is starving which is what will happen to South Africa.
Aidankg - (12 дней назад)
Mope Khati I agree that it can be morally justified to “reclaim” the land but furthering segregation and racial division will only make matters worse for the country. Whites will flee and whether the land should be taken away or not (morally speaking) when the whites go so will the economy. I think that as the rising middle class of young black working entrepreneurs arise then over time the market will begin to even itself out racially but taking the land will leave the country starving so it’s either attempting to give the whites what they deserve at the cost of the economy and South Africa’s people or letting time heal the country.
Mope Khati (13 дней назад)
The issue here is taking the land from those who don't have legal right to own it. What to do with it, it is something entirely upto the government to figure out and fail or succeed on. It is not what is going to stop justice from being done
Jean-Paul Jordaan (1 месяц назад)
ANC took land in Limpopo. Gave it to china to develop massive industrial complex that is going to be primarily Chinese labor... expropriated land in public interest LOL. ALso a big economic bail out deal with china woooooo The tribal leaders sold off land 100s of years ago and oh look now the new leaders are doing the same. China going to own the african continent eventually. White south africans are mostly fucked, very very difficult for us to get out. Maybe when it gets bad enough that we can be considered for refugee status but even then will be called racist because whites cannot be refugees due to apparent privilege.
6KILLER (1 месяц назад)
nmgh marquis (1 месяц назад)
Ha Xb do wonder what historians will say in future if such thing makes it, if not wonder what the wastelanders of the old world will say also if things do go booom an survivors do exist at least saying the world ended because of racism will be credible HmmmO _-
lstar rtna (1 месяц назад)
You look sleep deprived Stephan was it your children
HÅKAN ERICSSON (1 месяц назад)
Southafrica is a land of black racism and the western world except for Trump is silent! I am from Sweden and feel so ashamed about the silent swedish goverment!
Truth Bound (1 месяц назад)
I think the deeper feeling among blacks, is that if they are as you believe Stefan, less intelligent, less evolved, it is even more so against their long term interest to allow white people to encapsulate them into a form of domination by a system that is so comfortable with exploitation of this fact, albeit with various levels of awareness of this mostly unconscious domination strategy of capitalization. From what I see, they would instead prefer to allow their trajectory of evolutionary growth to take its own course, and permit their own systems to develop organically, and allow them to honor their own way forward despite them appearing to the likes of yourself, to be "less than" at the moment. But the thing is, while white have been developing the finer faculties, they have been spending time along other trajectories, however knowledge sharing will increase the rate at which they will traverse the intellectual gap, if one does exist, in less time thanks to technology perhaps?. So there is a very real sense that their is something terribly parasitic about white people being in Africa. Of course this presents a struggle you to, since to appreciate this you reflect is quite impossible because of your over acquaintance with the idea of the converse of this being true. And of course, white people appear to be at a strategic advantage currently and no doubt want to relieve human suffering to some degree by their habitation of Africa, but the price is always felt to be at the expense of black-evolutionary autonomy. I would say that the evolutionary departure of a common ancestor, is significant and what is very much missing in a rational discussion about what it going on between the races. So whites have a competitive advantage, gained from living in more temperate regions, and come back to exercise this in Africa, in what whites cant help but see, as a less favorable environment, save for their influence. Everything Stefan says, smacks of this view. Now we could talk for days why this is problematic and how we might better go about returning benefit to Africa, by the fruits of your whiteness. However it is imperative that you return, on their terms for one reason. No white persons bond in Africa, can be considered greater than Africans themselves. You boasted that the whites in South Africa have a very long history there, however it is insignificant in comparison to the native people. A point so obviously lost on you. Any bond that white people have with the African land, could be considered adulterous and a flash in the pan compared to the truth of the connection between blacks and Africa. You need to grow up Stefan, and see from a much wider lens. Of all your video's I would say that this is you most misguided I have seen so far.
Timothy (1 месяц назад)
South Africa is looking to create Millionaires - The sad part is the money will be worthless and they will starve. However, Communist will help Communist - China is will to help any African country for a price.
John Anthony (1 месяц назад)
You cannot stealwhat was stolen from you you can only take back what is rightfully yours...
Hoover E Londono (1 месяц назад)
Conquest is acceptable ?? Then blacks are doing reverse conquest 🤔🤔🤔🤔
David Russendiz (1 месяц назад)
What's worse is that some of these white farmers are applying to white countries for asylum and Canada said that whites cannot enter. If they were black then they would be more than welcomed.
watchgoose (1 месяц назад)
the ultimate "eminent domain". Yet this ends up with everyone losing in the end.
Reggie Hendrix (1 месяц назад)
i think all whites have a mental disorder all they know is war live by the sword die by the sword....the land isn't yours quit lying
Paul Daluz (1 месяц назад)
Sub saharan Africa is largely ran by Racist and utterly incompetent leaders. They blame the west for their demise by citing colonialism yet they come hat in hand for aid. The west gives Africs trillions of dollars worth of aid and they still cant climb out of their 3rd world meager existence. Sad.
brand robert (1 месяц назад)
Leave it to the blacks to shit where they eat
Steve Jackson (1 месяц назад)
I believe that Obama is the one that started this take over. He wanted more segregation in the white neighborhood in the USA. So he found a Patsy in South Africa to further his agenda because he knows he couldn't get it done in the USA. Obama has visited his so called land to spread his lies.
Matt Nes'heim (1 месяц назад)
Its either the government takes it or they give it to Die Antwoord...
Bill Smith (1 месяц назад)
If/when most of the whites leave, the Chinese will move in and take over the farms to run them.....then they will wipe out the blacks and force them to leave as well.... you can bank on it.
CusVil (1 месяц назад)
As a South African (now living in China) I appreciate people talking about this.
CusVil (1 месяц назад)
I fear for my family and friends, some of whom might be too "unskilled" or too old to just up and leave. There is no such thing as a "Rainbow Nation" here - it is cancerous decaying, with its proud people smiling, pretending that they are OK...but we are not. Share and be aware or at least remember us when we no longer here.
TaoHK (1 месяц назад)
Maybe, just maybe the whites should of kept out of Africa. I mean we all know whites love two things. 1. Fighting and 2. Taking over lands from people they think are savage then seeing nothing wrong with it then get pissed off when the natives want their land back and then make an article of how the filthy natives are savagely killing the innocent whites who are simply living peacefully on land they stole.
EFFSupporter (1 месяц назад)
Why do people still listen to this fool ?? goddanm !!! what the hell are you talking about ? stop threatening us...u and your afriforum. Bring it on man...stop the yadayada, blah blah....just shut the fuck up...
Fanboy and ChumChum fanboy (1 месяц назад)
Well we gonna mention the asian master race then?
Libhongo Langa (1 месяц назад)
you're too old to be this foolish.
Gregory Griffin (1 месяц назад)
go back to the caucus mountains cave man
Robert Harding (1 месяц назад)
then who will pay minority WELFARE
Gregory Griffin (1 месяц назад)
fuck all you pinkies Chinese and all other races that hate black people Africa is uniting all blacks around the world to make 1 black nation God is tired of you white people stealing BLACK POWER!!!!!
Robert Harding (1 месяц назад)
hahahaha DICK HEAD the African genercides , they kill , rape ,slaughter murder , and hack each other to death IDIOT

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