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Kingsland mechanic for car service and car repair Automasters

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Kingsland mechanic for car service, car repair and mobile mechanic. Automasters is an Auckland car service and car repair auto electrical specialist. This Kingsland mechanic has qualified experts that can help with any brand of car service, as well as a mobile mechanic service. Automasters specialise in helping you with your Auckland car service,auto electrical, car repair, air conditioning, electronic vehicle systems and car accessory needs. Call Automasters to book your car in. Automasters also have a loan courtesy car available for your convenience. As a local Kingsland mechanic, Automasters understands your Auckland car service and car repair requirements. CAR REPAIR Automasters is a one-stop Kingsland repair centre, there is no mechanical job to big or too small. AUCKLAND CAR SERVICE Every six months or 10,000km is a standard service interval Regular servicing is proven to be more cost effective than not servicing at all Catch the little problems before they turn more serious A good way to do this is to align WOF & service dates together Lease company approved repairer for Custom Fleet, Lease Plan and Fleet Smart EMISSION TESTING Automasters carry out emission testing, & emission related repairs if required. Vehicles can emit harmful gases, Carbon monoxide, Nitrogen dioxide, sulfur dioxide, ozone & benzene as well as Green house gases like carbon dioxide, which contribute to climate change. Remember cars that don't pass emission tests also use more fuel & therefore cost more to run. CAM BELTS As a guide cam belt replacement is between 80,000 > 100,000 km or every five years (which ever occurs first). We can carry out a basic cam belt change or a more complete repair including associated parts like idlers tensioners, front oil seals & water pump. HYBRID CARS Automasters are a fully equipped Kingsland mechanic and mobile mechanic, independent Hybrid repair & service centre. Call us today to discuss your repair or service requirements So the next time you are looking for a great car service, choose the mobile mechanic, the Kingsland mechanic Automasters. For more information visit http://www.automasters.co.nz/
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