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Rush Limelight Drum Cover

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I made this four hours after making my Tom Sawyer video. Again, I didn't study the song, I just started playing to it and this is take #7. Towards the end of the song, my headphones start falling off my head and I have to adjust them while playing. I hate when that happens.
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StowAlex (7 лет назад)
Very good job ! It would sound way better on an accoustic set. I personally don't care for electric toms. Nice job though.
padistedor (8 лет назад)
@TheDennyFrench Thanks!
naal13 (8 лет назад)
@padistedor awesome!! I'm going to that show too!! It's gonna be here in Brazil!!! I can't wait!! It's the day after tomerrow!!
padistedor (8 лет назад)
@naal13 Just went to the Time Machine show. It was great. They played Moving Pictures from beginning to end without a pause.
naal13 (8 лет назад)
this was an FC!! LOL JK Great video!! I love rush. I´m going to their concert at the end of the year!! Can´t wait!!
downitus (8 лет назад)
Very Good!
Eugene Botchway (9 лет назад)
Jammin with ur rock star face on lmao Good Job
ATeam192 (9 лет назад)
I'd love to hear this guy try out some Meshuggah
ATeam192 (9 лет назад)
Nice work on the snare at around 1:55
J River (9 лет назад)
you got skills, you're into to it and thats good, and an awesome set-up. oh and cool jean shorts dude.
padistedor (9 лет назад)
"Good-ish". I like that, describes me well.
rich. novot (9 лет назад)
Way to go man I wish I had your talet to play like the famous Neal Pert. Stick with the rush songs if you want fame and fortune.
padistedor (9 лет назад)
When you break all your electronic cymbal pads from hitting to hard, it's all you can do!
B_Lipinski (9 лет назад)
Wow... Ive never seen anyone use acoustic cymbals with electronic drums before =D
padistedor (9 лет назад)
padistedor (10 лет назад)
Great compliment, thanks very much!
Danman1475 (10 лет назад)
i like the mix of elecric drums and acoustic cymbals, the best of both worlds!
padistedor (10 лет назад)
Thanks, I appreciate that.
Siike92 (10 лет назад)
Rodrigo Meira (10 лет назад)
Great drumming man ... I wish I could play like that ... very nice indeed... good video..
padistedor (10 лет назад)
Thanks, I think...
gotbass33727 (10 лет назад)
Colin Baker (10 лет назад)
THat was truly awesome man!!! Loved it! Great tribute to Neal Pearts skills!
Aaron Chase (10 лет назад)
hey good job i like the set up
padistedor (10 лет назад)
Thanks, glad you liked it.
padistedor (10 лет назад)
I'm so glad you liked it. You will love the Vdrums. It's nice not having to run out to buy new heads all the time and sticks last forever.
Chris Agh (10 лет назад)
holy cow man. I love it. thanks for doing Tom Sawyer too. I love your attitude in the comments too. Great drumming. Killer to watch. I'm getting my Vdrums this month and am now more stoked than ever to play.
JuneBugJoe (10 лет назад)
who cares how peart does it... haha personalization makes music, music... it sounds great! Keep rockin man!!!!
padistedor (10 лет назад)
I probably should have watched him play the song live or at least studied the song a bit more before I made the video. I recorded this and "Tom Sawyer" in the same afternoon and just figured I better do it quick before I lose the desire to do it at all. I don't mind not hitting every bass drum note or playing a fill exactly the same though, I just try to get as close as I can without thinking about it too much.
padistedor (10 лет назад)
I'm always a little off no matter how much I listen. Perfection is not my goal.
padistedor (10 лет назад)
Wow, I like that suggestion. I will see how much those hi-hats are.
padistedor (10 лет назад)
Thanks, I was a huge Rush fan back then and would practice to songs from Moving Pictures as part of my practice routine.
David Crimaldi (10 лет назад)
You rule man! You've got to be awesome to imitate the master Neil Peart as fans will be waiting to pick you apart. You obviously learned a lot when you were younger to be able to play these songs from memory.
padistedor (10 лет назад)
Hmm, interesting comment. I like the way they sound.
Darrin Wildeman (10 лет назад)
great drumming, the only thing that drives me nuts is when you ride and open Hi-hat...it sounds terrible but you probably can't here that because you have head phoned on!!
TJLethal21 (10 лет назад)
You def did the Professor Justice here bro, nice chops, I've been wanting a V-Kit for years now but I never have the cash to fork out for it. Good job duder.
padistedor (10 лет назад)
Thanks everyone for the kind and encouraging words. It makes me feel worthy of holding the sticks again.
Felipe Calani (10 лет назад)
Juan C (10 лет назад)
Paul Price (10 лет назад)
Nice job.
padistedor (11 лет назад)
Thanks man, I try to.
padistedor (11 лет назад)
Thanks, I hope to do more soon.
Charliebdrummer (11 лет назад)
Good job!

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