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Reporter Interpreter Manager Educator (RIME) and Medical Education

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Dr. Louis N. Pangaro of the Uniformed Services University designed a feedback and evaluation framework known as Reporter-Interpreter-Manager-Educator (RIME) for the evaluation of medical students. In this video, Dr. Inis Bardella, Associate Dean for Faculty Development and Global Health Initiatives at the Chicago Medical School, presents RIME and its applications. The Basics of RIME A Reporter is a learner who is consistently professional with good interpersonal skills. They reliable collect and communicate clinical information and have ownership of this information. An Interpreter has all of the skills of the reporter but in addition is consistently able to analyze and prioritize patient problems. They have ownership of explaining things. A Manager consistently proposes reasonable options incorporating patient preferences and has ownership of developing an action plan with the patient. An Educator has a consistent level of knowledge of current medical evidence and can critically apply knowledge to specific patients. They have ownership of evidence for action and sharing.
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