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(Thailand herbs) Thai herbs are better and cheaper. Why buy expensive ginseng to eat?

Еще от: แชร์สุขภาพ Share health
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(Thailand herbs) Thai herbs are better and cheaper. Why buy expensive ginseng to eat? Equivalent to cheaper than buy in our home. No matter what kind of ginseng is the substance of the substance in ginseng both good and bad. It can not be expelled from the body. Eat and then circulate in the body. Is some medicine to eat Wash out the excrement. Or maybe eat radish. Eat something to clear it out. But ginseng is not washed out enough to eat for a long time, it will rotate in our body. Make blood, bloody, stiff, stiff, hard arms, legs, stiff legs, difficult to sit for long time to sit up That is the result of eating ginseng. In Thailand, we have a Thai herb like all ginseng in the good. Good side benefits like all ginseng. It only has no toxic ginseng. Price is much cheaper. That person is kevin. The best Krachai must be Krachai yellow (Krachai yellow is the Krachai used to cook the curry) The properties of Krachai with the highest drug is the Yellow Krachai, followed by Red Krachai and plum is the black ginseng. Promote the plum is black kohl so expensive. Then it was to eat so much. It is said that once Net Sensei Vassaram to go to lecture at Loei Province. People with kidney problems ask what to eat. Instructors advised to drink kebab Isan people do not know Krachai. But he tried to find it. He digging his black head to see if this is right. Regular black herbs of all kinds will help the kidneys. Black ginger black gerbera black Teachers see that Black Kelp is nourishing. So say that to drink it turns out that after the disappearance of kidney disease. It is rumored that black kidney disease treatment. It must be Krachai black province. Because the first person is lost in the cold. Until Krachai black price of 200 baht per kilogram of ordinary kilogram per kilo of 20 baht later, Suthi Vassus talked to clarify the truth on the radio. Until now, black ginseng is 20 baht per kilogram of white coriander, 40 baht per kilogram per kilogram of yellow coriander. Because people drink a lot and then make a delicious drink. How to do is to take Krachai. Or spin the juicer. Will have the disease. If you want to have no pungent smell, then basil leaves basil leaves to help remove odor. But the property is to increase the blood. Popular people eat grass Beijing. Eat flatulence If you put the Krachai water to add the properties of grass Beijing. Asbestos juice mixed with Krachai juice to nourish the brain. Alzheimer's disease prevention is very good. The standard formula for drinking water for the Krachai. Take the yellow king (Krachai mixed in curry powder) to 500 grams (half a kilogram) spin with 2 liters of water and then filtered water. If scent of Krachai is not fragrant. To put basil leaves, basil leaves or one of the asiatic. Or to put everything down. And if the asiatic leaves will help nourish the brain as well. No smell of Krachai to drink immediately. Left in the refrigerator If you want to taste more delicious to drink. For people who do not like aroma. Time to drink only half a gallon of water. Then fill Sprite. Or Seven If you are a child, then add green honey is very fragrant and add soda mixture is not fixed formula. To be considered delicious, like the drink is important. Children to drink often I'm not sick Regular adults will make a strong heart, nourish the kidney, nourish the heart, nourish the brain, adjust the high blood pressure to or low, adjust to fit and adjust the female hormone. Because if there is more hormone to breast cancer. The less hormone it has, the uterine cancer. Krachai will adjust to balance. Who the pressure is greatly reduced. Anyone with low pressure will add it. Benefits of Kaempferia Krachai does not raise hormones. But adjust the hormone Osteoporosis osteoporosis doctor says that is a bone disease. Give a single drink to a new doctor. Krachai water is also a nourishment for people with diabetes. The properties of Kaempferia. One glass of water in a glass of water is worth more than a glass of milk several times a vitamin C 1 B 3 B 5 and calcium. - Helps hair healthy, white hair back, black hair, thick back, high calcium. Strengthen the tendons. Bones are not fragile - help nourish the heart. Myocardial system is strong and damp, and blood flow to the heart. - Help digest food. Do not forget! If you like please press like. If you like, please subscribe! To cheer on the team. Thank you very much! And ask for your protection! To have a good health all over you all right. Thanks to information from: kaijeaw.com. Source: http://www.share-si.com/ Article link: http: //www.share-si.com/2017/03/blog-... Image credit: https://pixabay.com/ Credit vdo footage: https://pixabay.com/ (Under Creative Commons CC0 Public Domain For free commercial use. Great pleasure Is to be a donor, do not forget! Share out to provide good health information. The treasure is the highest value of any property.
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