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Diabetes Lifesaving Medicine

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ACE-inhibitor and ARB drugs lower diabetics' risks for heart attack, stroke, kidney failure, and death from all causes, including cardiovascular deaths. Yet, research has shown that only 4 in ten people with diabetes are being prescribed the medicines.Get more information at http://www.HealthyUpdates.com Get a FREE REMEDY Subscription: http://www.healthisnow.com
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777golda (9 лет назад)
I have a hard time losing weight being a diabetic, but I do. I just learned that if your tryclyerides-(could be wrong spelling), anyway it raises your cholesterol. As you know high cholesterol is hard to control. As far as appetite, I eat more, after the first bite I'm even more hungarier, so I have to eat before I get nice and hungary. I know additives in the foods will make you gain weight. The wrong oils and bread spreads will keep the weight on as you are "trying" to lose weight .
deolm (9 лет назад)
Would this work for type 1 (insulin dependant) diabetics?

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