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Republicans Deny Benefits For Veterans

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jim nassar (1 год назад)
we have war in usa ,and we have war around the world whats next,,
John Connelly (1 год назад)
Congress and the Senate need to give veteran their health care plan we need to be 100% disabled for dental care and that's a damn shame
altitude illume (1 год назад)
first last (2 года назад)
veterans for bernie semper fidelis
John Dana (2 года назад)
Maybe our wounded republican veterans can pay their bills in patriotism lol. I hope you all die before 2016. You are what is wrong with America. Fuck the GOP.
justsomechick (2 года назад)
Bernie 2016 official website: berniesanders.com learn more about his platform: feelthebern.org
Chicken Man (3 года назад)
Mel Mar (3 года назад)
Not to mention, the $$ trillions, that the Repukes gave to their out-sourced contractor hired killers with no oversight.
Mel Mar (3 года назад)
All Republicans are like Sarah Palin, dumb hicks.
John Dana (2 года назад)
Dumb whores. My favorite are the women who marry military people. The military makes you a right wing nutter. Pubs are cutting their benefits and they blame the "liberals". Good luck eating the second amendment.
HacksignKT (3 года назад)
Both parties are lying cock-suckers.
Folke (3 года назад)
+HacksignKT Sadly true. No matter the party elected in the White House of Horrors,  you can be sure they'll be sacrificing good US military people and exporting, misery, death and destruction abroad for unjustified reasons.
Jay Mechem (4 года назад)
Of coarse, this is their mode. No abortion( cause life is sacred, until you are born), jobs- send them to third world countries for the benefits of corporations and their shareholders , and our troops willing and able to go into conflict for reasons not logical, moral or needed, again for corporate privatized industries and their shareholders,,, how free is their free market?????
Laura Saylor (4 года назад)
Thank you for all that you do, Bernie, not just for us veterans but for everyone. You are one of a kind. Keep fighting the good fight and you have my vote should you run for POTUS in 2016!
Edward Boers (4 года назад)
I love the video footage of republicans saying they love and support the military members but won't $upport them
William Smitrovich (4 года назад)
Martin Flick (4 года назад)
I wonder how many of these bozos fought for the USA? Time in the senate doesn't count as that - it should count as their 'fight FOR veterans! That's all I gotta say. These lunkheads need to have to face DOUBLE their number in Iraq/Afghanistan veterans, before they enter the chamber to deliberate-ly deny them benefits! I'd give my OWN, if I could.
maxx1000 (4 года назад)
Sarah Palin saw this coming... ?
fangorn23 (4 года назад)
Give em hell, Bernie!
iceturkee1950 (4 года назад)
vote the republicans out in november!
steve Williamson (4 года назад)
It is time to fire them all.
steve Williamson (4 года назад)
I have been denied time and time again since 1998.  Minneapolis Veterans Affairs KL Anderson has denied so many of my claims I am ready to give up.  That is just what they want.  steven williamson 6202 va claim number.  KL Anderson and the VA here are against benefits and they need to be investigated.
onegist (4 года назад)
Republicans Disgust me!  Our soldiers should refuse to serve ...and get rid of these rich jerks!
COOLWEBOFFERS (4 года назад)
My Dog Nose (4 года назад)
Anyone notice that, while Chris Hays is talking about Americans at war, they showed footage of a Russian Hind D attack helicopter?  That was easy to spot to this old Army helicopter pilot.
My Dog Nose (4 года назад)
If we had a Senate and House full of people like Bernie Sanders, this country would be a helluva lot better off!
Senator Bernie Sanders (4 года назад)
Republicans Deny Benefits For Veterans: http://youtu.be/HyOTFg7d-II Read more here: http://www.sanders.senate.gov/newsroom/press-releases/senate-republicans-block-veterans-bill
Bradley J. Timm (4 года назад)
+Laura Saylor Laura its unfortunately pointless to try and speak sense to those who have been bamboozled. Carl Sagan once said “One of the saddest lessons of history is this: If we’ve been bamboozled long enough, we tend to reject any evidence of the bamboozle. We’re no longer interested in finding out the truth. The bamboozle has captured us. It’s simply too painful to acknowledge, even to ourselves, that we’ve been taken. Once you give a charlatan power over you, you almost never get it back.”
Laura Saylor (4 года назад)
+William Pittenger There is a procedural rule where Reed must vote down a bill if he wants to re-introduce it. If you did not know this , you are uneducated-if you did know this you are a GOP/Bagger propaganda hack. As a veteran, with a son who is an Iraq War Combat veteran, I am deeply offended by the GOP/Baggers blocking this legislation. All of you Republican Baggers with the lame yellow ribbon bumper stickers can have them removed now. News Flash: Yellow ribbon bumper stickers never helped a single disabled vet- the VA and veterans organizations have. Just proves what I have pretty much known all along, The GOP/Baggers love the soldier during war time but hate the vet-especially the disabled vet. I'd rather eat glass than ever vote Republican/Bagger/Libertarian for that very reason.
tom Sauter (4 года назад)
+William Pittenger well Bill your all charged up with your SHILL MONEY and total rush limpdick line of bullshit from bullshit mountain.I would ask where you get that but you would just go on another rant not related.shill boy.
Bradley J. Timm (4 года назад)
+stacey fredd Oh I noticed. It doesn't end there, either. Then again, education - and especially science - is a tool of the devil and his army of horrible liberals that are somehow destroying the country with their progressive agenda... backed by science. 
Natasha (4 года назад)
+Bradley J. Timm have you ever noticed that most of the Red States have crappy schools?
Linda Sutton (4 года назад)
Hundreds of billions in tax breaks supported by the Republicans...partisan needs put ahead of needs of veterans....
Vik Tik (4 года назад)
republicans are one big gang of scums. just working for benefits of big corporations and there rich friends.
judyleasugar97 (4 года назад)
REPUBLICANS WANT TO GO TO WAR WITH IRAN! Isn't it obvious that's why they offered both stupid excuses not to pass!
ThisIsTurok1 (4 года назад)
The Democrats HOLD THE SENATE!!!! Bernie Sanders needs to STOP LYING to his constituents!!
judyleasugar97 (4 года назад)
+ThisIsTurok1 The Dems have only been willing to pull the nuclear option for Presidential nominees. I for one wish they'd step up the game for a jobs bill. After all, the RepubliCONS pull ever dirty trick in the book.
ThisIsTurok1 (4 года назад)
+Hilary Barboza Hilary Barboza You obviously don't know what the Nuclear Option is.
judyleasugar97 (4 года назад)
+ThisIsTurok1 Okay, you didn't listen to what I just said. The previous Republican Congress passed legislation requiring a 60 majority to pass anything. That means they need 60 votes. Got it? 60 is more than the majority. Sneaky RepubliCONS.
ThisIsTurok1 (4 года назад)
+judyleasugar97 The Democrats HOLD THE SENATE!!!! Bernie Sanders needs to STOP LYING to his constituents!!
judyleasugar97 (4 года назад)
The Republicans imposed a 60 vote majority. 
harold zorger (4 года назад)
"Veterans should be above politics." Senator Ted Cruz at the WWII Memorial October 2013
9753flyer (4 года назад)
Republicans pushing an amendment for another war.... OF COURSE!!!!! 
Irishharper (4 года назад)
Thank you so much for all you do... I wish that there were more real human beings like you in Congress.. 
Terri Suder (4 года назад)
Mitch "Turtle" McConnell has got to go!!!!!!!!!!!!! He's always adding something.
matt vovakiss (4 года назад)
Who filibustered it?
vaz aye (4 года назад)
The republicans filibustered en masse. 
9753flyer (4 года назад)
Senator Bernie Sanders (4 года назад)
Watch Sen. Sanders and Chris Hayes discuss how the Senate voted down Sanders' veterans bill yesterday: http://youtu.be/HyOTFg7d-II
joe mcginn (4 года назад)
Bernie is going to give us the benes, can we call you uncle Bernie Lol
carole clark (4 года назад)
Bernie is all we've got! We need more Bernies.
joe mcginn (4 года назад)
+s bovaird I kind of think everyone lies not just only the republicans, my niece is two years old and she lies, she a republican. If you listen to news sounds like your buddies the democrats are screwing the military. cutting their benefits, making them pay for them. I assume most progressives do not like military and might not join, does that mean we have to cut back on personal, housing all that other stuff.
Dale Lanan (4 года назад)
Senator Sanders pay attention and act on this. -Physics isn't playing around and methane must be removed from water column before entering atmosphere and radio bombardment frequency 1356 mhz needs immediate employ.
Dale Lanan (4 года назад)
The Republicans make fun of global warming while the Democrats make pitiful mention.. http://www.juancole.com/2012/10/romney-ridiculed-rising-of-seas-pledged-deep-cuts-to-fema-videos.html  Now scientists know Methane is sourcing to sky from subducting plates at 100 to 150 km depth. This is accelerating a > P/T event. And CH4 is gathering in atmosphere as veil to extinct. -On track to see venus temp by 2100 http://arctic-news.blogspot.com/2014/02/mantle-methane.html

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