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Standard Deviation (Linear Regression) On Casio fx 82MS Scientific Calculator

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http://www.indiastudychannel.com/r/sujoy70.aspx https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLHGJFOxCJ5IwD4PTCNWPT2vYxGB1s5zvy Today I'll tell you how to find Standard Deviation (Linear Regression) by 3 different methods. 1. Standard Deviation (Linear Regression) in detailed pen-and-paper method. 3. Standard Deviation (Linear Regression) on Casio fx-82MS calculator 3. Standard Deviation (Linear Regression) in a shortcut method useful for competitive exams like CAT,MAT,XAT,GATE,JELET,AIEEE,JEE,IIT for MCQ questions. I make videos on Statistics,Numerical Methods, Business & Financial Mathematics,Operation Research,Computer Science & Engineering(CSE),Android Application Reviews,India Travel & Tourism,Street Foods,Life Tips and many other topics. And a series of videos showing how to use your scientific calculators Casio fx-991ES & fx-82MS to do maths easily. If you like my video, please "like" it, and "subscribe" to my Youtube Channel- http://www.youtube.com/sujoyn70 ,that will encourage me to upload more videos,also you'll be notified by email whenever I upload a new video. My blog- http://www.sujoyn70.blogspot.com Incoming Tags- z score statistics,find mean median mode statistics in ms excel,variance,standard deviation,linear regression,data processing,confidence intervals,average value,probability theory,binomial distribution,matrix,random numbers,error propagation,t statistics analysis,hypothesis testing,theorem,chi square,time series,data collection,sampling,p value,scatterplots,statistics lectures,statistics tutorials,business mathematics statistics,share stock market statistics in calculator,business analytics,GTA,continuous frequency distribution,statistics mathematics in real life,modal class,n is even,n is odd,median mean of series of numbers,math help,Sujoy Krishna Das,n+1/2 element,measurement of variation,measurement of central tendency,range of numbers,interquartile range,casio fx991,casio fx82,casio fx570,casio fx115es,casio 9860,casio 9750,casio 83gt,TI BAII+ financial,casio piano,casio calculator tricks and hacks,how to cheat in exam and not get caught,grouped interval data,equation of triangle rectangle curve parabola hyperbola,graph theory,operation research(OR),numerical methods,decision making,pie chart,bar graph,computer data analysis,histogram,statistics formula,matlab tutorial,find arithmetic mean geometric mean,find population standard deviation,find sample standard deviation,how to use a graphic calculator,pre algebra,pre calculus,absolute deviation,TI Nspire,TI 84 TI83 calculator tutorial,texas instruments calculator,grouped data,set theory,IIT JEE,AIEEE,GCSE,CAT,MAT,SAT,GMAT,MBBS,JELET,JEXPO,VOCLET,Indiastudychannel,IAS,IPS,IFS,GATE,B-Tech,M-Tech,AMIE,MBA,BBA,BCA,MCA,XAT,TOEFL,CBSE,ICSE,HS,WBUT,SSC,IUPAC,Narendra Modi,Sachin Tendulkar Farewell Speech,Dhoom 3,Arvind Kejriwal,maths revision,how to score good marks in exams,how to pass math exams easily,JEE 12th physics chemistry maths PCM,JEE maths shortcut techniques,quadratic equations,competition exams tips and ticks,competition maths,govt job,JEE KOTA,college math,mean value theorem,L hospital rule,tech guru awaaz,derivation,cryptography,iphone 5 fingerprint hack,crash course,CCNA,converting fractions,solve word problem,cipher,game theory,GDP,how to earn money online on youtube,demand curve,computer science,prime factorization,LCM & GCF,gauss elimination,vector,complex numbers,number systems,vector algebra,logarithm,trigonometry,organic chemistry,electrical math problem,eigen value eigen vectors,runge kutta,gauss jordan,simpson 1/3 3/8 trapezoidal rule,solved problem example,newton raphson,interpolation,integration,differentiation,regula falsi,programming,algorithm,gauss seidal,gauss jacobi,taylor series,iteration,binary arithmetic,logic gates,matrix inverse,determinant of matrix,matrix calculator program,sex in ranchi,sex in kolkata,vogel approximation VAM optimization problem,North west NWCR,Matrix minima,Modi method,assignment problem,transportation problem,simplex,k map,boolean algebra,android,casio FC 200v 100v financial,management mathematics tutorials,net present value NPV,time value of money TVM,internal rate of return IRR Bond price,present value PV and future value FV of annuity casio,simple interest SI & compound interest CI casio,break even point,amortization calculation,HP 10b financial calculator,banking and money,income tax e filing,economics,finance,profit & loss,yield of investment bond,Sharp EL 735S,cash flow casio,re finance,insurance and financial planning,investment appraisal,shortcut keys,depreciation,discounting
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Bablu naki
False Alarm (3 месяца назад)
My SD in my calculator is 3. Yours is 2?
Piyush (7 месяцев назад)
Pls tell how can i clear data for new values of n, it always keeps on adding n values like if i have 8 sample size for a question. Whenever i do a calculation, and move on to next data those 8 values do not get delete. How can i delete them?
Yhel Gacutan (7 месяцев назад)
3:30 what to press to get the Frequen.... Sir?
Hijab Anum (1 год назад)
thanks for this i needed it a lot i was following u accordingly bur now how to undo that REG from screen even i changed mode to the NORM but REG is still there!!!
Sujoy Krishna Das (1 год назад)
You can press MODE and type 1. Hope it helps. Don't forget to subscribe!
Sudarshan Pujari (1 год назад)
why is there diff between the price? if the orpat is older then can it be tweaked
Azam Ansari (1 год назад)
awsm thnxx
Anish kr (2 года назад)
Sir, how do you find mean deviation in this calculator?
Anish kr (2 года назад)
What if the regression equations are given and then we have to find regression????
Anish kr (2 года назад)
Is there any formulations for annuity calculations in this calculator Present and future value of annuity is what I mean thanks for your tike towards us. liked your video. I just recently purchased fx-82MS calculator for my cpt exam
Sujoy Krishna Das (2 года назад)
Don't know about annuity, but I've this video- http://youtu.be/iV9jARCU8ms My Business/Financial Mathematics Tutorials- http://goo.gl/KGkCDW
kanhai soni (2 года назад)
very helpful!
Sujoy Krishna Das (2 года назад)
Thanks! Subscribe to my YouTube channel so that when I upload a new video, you get notified. If you like any of my videos, request you to please like & share it. Because sharing is caring :-)
misled dawn (2 года назад)
what does A and B choices give you, i didn't here?
Sujoy Krishna Das (2 года назад)
+misled dawn Plz elaborate. Thanks! Subscribe to my YouTube channel so that when I upload a new video,you get notified. If you like any of my videos,I'd request you to please like & share it. Because sharing is caring :-)
May04bwu (2 года назад)
Thank you so so much! I really needed this for my genetics classes :)
Sujoy Krishna Das (2 года назад)
+May04bwu Thanks! Subscribe to my YouTube channel so that when I upload a new video,you get notified. If you like any of my videos,I'd request you to please like & share it. Because sharing is caring :-)
Regina Kencono Putri (3 года назад)
really helpful thank you so much for the tutorial
Grayson Kulwa (3 года назад)
How to calculate Y bar in liner regression
Sujoy Krishna Das (3 года назад)
+Grayson Kulwa Plz check my stat vids here- http://goo.gl/0h2Y4w and calc STAT vids here- http://goo.gl/uiTDQS Subscribe to my YouTube channel so that when I upload a new video,you get notified. If you like any of my videos,I'd request you to please like & share it. Because sharing is caring :-)
Anirban Bhattacharjee (3 года назад)
sir.. thank u for the tutorial.. i didn't know how to sd in fx-82ms before.. but sir your shortcut technique is wrong.. i can explain that(which is not possible here.. you may provide your mail address here )..
ali ghalajkhani (3 года назад)
thanks,but i cant reg for my datas,X=10,20,30,40 Y,2,4,6,8,what should I do after entering datas! after entering them press shift then 2 then A and B?
Sujoy Krishna Das (3 года назад)
+ali ghalajkhani Follow the steps as shown in the video,you should succeed. You can watch this video for more help- http://youtu.be/5UuIusmex9M
Rabia Jane McCarthy (3 года назад)
Thank you so much for this informations. :) it was perfect for my stat exam. I understood this calculator with this video. :)
Sujoy Krishna Das (3 года назад)
R is called correlation coefficient.
Michelle Nyamai (3 года назад)
The video is great. In the second method using the calculator, I understood A and B are the x and y co-efficients. What about r? I didn't quite get what r was. 
Rafael Da Silva (3 года назад)
Thank you so much!!! You're strong 
Sujoy Krishna Das (3 года назад)
+Rafael Da Silva It's my pleasure! Comments from viewers like you really motivates me! Watch my other videos also and give your valuable comments. Subscribe to my YouTube channel so that when I upload a new video,you get notified. If you like any of my videos,I'd request you to please like & share it. Because sharing is caring :-)
rahul rai (4 года назад)
How to interpolate using the fx 82 ms
Sujoy Krishna Das (4 года назад)
+rahul rai You can use any of these methods for that- Newton Forward Difference Interpolation, Newton Backward Difference Interpolation, Newton Divided Difference Interpolation, Lagrange Interpolation or Inverse Interpolation. I've videos on all of them. Just check them out!My numerical methods playlist- http://goo.gl/ZxFOj2
Faruque Ahmed (4 года назад)
To find out the consistency I think we need to find out the Co-efficient of variation using the SD.

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