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Venezuela: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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John Oliver discusses the devastating economic crisis in Venezuela and enlists the help of a large bird who bears a striking resemblance to Wilmer Valderrama. Connect with Last Week Tonight online... Subscribe to the Last Week Tonight YouTube channel for more almost news as it almost happens: www.youtube.com/user/LastWeekTonight Find Last Week Tonight on Facebook like your mom would: http://Facebook.com/LastWeekTonight Follow us on Twitter for news about jokes and jokes about news: http://Twitter.com/LastWeekTonight Visit our official site for all that other stuff at once: http://www.hbo.com/lastweektonight
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Chris Z (5 часов назад)
Laughable, but not funny.
Freemind Thinker (15 часов назад)
The cute girl in the clip who is a chill Bernie Sanders supporter is Dasha Nekrasova and she is actually an Indie actress and has her own podcast. She is actually pretty smart and informed.
marxist liberal (1 день назад)
Its easy to make fun of people in stress, sitting in ur cozy air conditioned studio ass hole.. Go ask ur politicians to lift the embargo on venezuela.
jravage77 (2 дня назад)
Maduro is Mao and Stalin 2.0. Thank you Oliver for explaining why we should never go socialist.
Barryyoungg Bee (2 дня назад)
If you think the USA can't do a better job than the current venezuelan govt then youre an idiot. FUCK CORRUPT VENEZUELAN POLITICIANS, FUCK CHAVEZ FUCK MADURO
Barryyoungg Bee (2 дня назад)
Ajeet Gary (3 дня назад)
Eating rabbits may seem inhumane to us because that's not our culture, but in other parts of the world it's equally (if not more) "inhumane" to eat cows, and in a lot of places eating any meat at all. Over here in America we're barbarically consuming unfathomable numbers of mammals all the time, that's hypocritical and ignorant to paint Venezuelans in a bad light for eating rabbits, especially when there's a food shortage.
Gin Argent (3 дня назад)
Oh my god that girl is wearing a Japanese schoolgirl outfit
arandanuzz (4 дня назад)
I'm Venezuelan and I'm dying 😂😂👌🏼 good video. And please, somebody kill Maduro, thanks.
Bu11y 380 (3 дня назад)
arandanuzz wrote "I'm Venezuelan and I'm dying 😂😂👌🏼 good video. And please, somebody kill Maduro, thanks." ============== Be patient. American Big Oil interests are working feverishly on your request.
marcelosimas1972 (4 дня назад)
2:50 Wich socialist countries doesn't look like Venezuela? They are all terrible. Otherwise, a fine peace!
Bu11y 380 (3 дня назад)
marcelo (you don't need to add your birthdate to remind yourself when you were born) All countries on Earth have socialism. It is just a question of degree. SCHOOLED & TOOLED !!!!!!!!!!!!!
SpookyRoseV (5 дней назад)
Oh me oh my this comments section
Al Solis (5 дней назад)
Totally jackass Maduros' diet
R Schmitty-2Ts (6 дней назад)
What bothers me about this monologue is the picture of this horrific human crisis juxtaposed against the laughter from the audience....
Slumbering Colossus (6 дней назад)
Who wants to overthrow Venezuela’s government? Ask the US administration, or watch this: https://youtu.be/C0i4TTBbNtk
Generalsaurkraut (7 дней назад)
Yet his viewers are socialists. Your ideology is a disease and Americans will die before they are infected with it and suffer the same slow death.
Bu11y 380 (3 дня назад)
General ButtStink wrote "Americans will die before they are infected with it" ============= What fucking planet do you live on? Certainly not this one. America is socialist in hundreds of different ways. Advice: Stay off the internet and quit embarrassing yourself, your family, your friend, and your pets. Educate yourself, then try again ... in about 10 years. THIS DUDE IS A FUCKIN’ GENIUS !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ian (7 дней назад)
2:02 that woman is my waifu.
Ian (6 дней назад)
Sailor dressed chick. How she dismisses them is hilarious. Infowars is cancer.
Grey Mage (6 дней назад)
Which one?
Sunshine Patsoph (10 дней назад)
Vyankit Malviya (13 дней назад)
Jo is idiot
Dario Vlaar (13 дней назад)
Yes i seen the video of the Empire files and yes, they have footage from telesur network which has base of operations in Caracas, but Telesur is not venezuelan state media, it is a multinational organization supported by institutions in Bolivia, Uruguay, Ecuador, Nicaragua and Cuba, Sure they have a bias toward's leftist coverage but in this world of political polarization in the media, is hard to tell who is telling the truth. Because i dont disregard the arguments made by venezuelans who loath the Chavez and Maduro regime, but there are equally as much people in Venezuela, who revere both leaders. It really strikes me that people blame socialism for venezuela's economic woes, yet it's far more complicated than that. I live in Puerto Rico and currently it is a capitalist playground for the ultra rich who evict people from their homes and bomb our islands for target practice forcing them to live a decrepid and depressing life unemployed or ona low wage job in the US yet i dont hear that capitalism is the problem, Its trully sad what is going on in Venezuela, yes, but socialism is not the culprit.
Molineitor76 (13 дней назад)
soy venezolano y esto me lo tomo con humor, es la unica manera de sobrevivir
Polo King For Life (14 дней назад)
US is also a country, with the most wealth, but will lock you up for speaking more than 1 language. God forbid it's Spanish or Portuguese. One of the richest countries in the world with some of the most dumbest fuck people too stupid to actually look up the terms socialism, communism, democracy, dictatorship, authoritarianism, totalitarianism, or rabbit on www.dictionary.com. Don't learn multiple languages... you are really screwed!
Polo King For Life (14 дней назад)
Either the US wants a socialism or capitalism since Americans don't want to be smart enough to accept the balance. We practice both capitalism in markets and trade but socialism with healthcare and education. But the only people that would bitch and complain about one or the other depends on how much money is in their bank accounts. But you could become extremist and throw the idea of balance right out of the fucking window. Hell... why don't people leave to bring down the amount of people in the country for better distribution if you hate it so much?!!! Ugh. No one wants to pay taxes or have corporations pay their fair share but everyone wants free shit. Great. America is one of the richest countries in the world and people are still stupid when it comes to economics.
Amanda B (14 дней назад)
I wish John Oliver had put Gilbert Gottfried or Jerry Seinfeld in that bird suit.
Mik Moen (14 дней назад)
1:47 Generalizing Socialism and using a single bad example to make it seem like a bad idea entirely. Sanders is a Democratic Socialist, he still supports the currently system for the most part really the only Socialist thing he wants is Universal Healthcare, but people like that chick will still say we'll be on the streets eating rats if that happens regardless cause it isn't Republican 'Murica.
Zuyos (15 дней назад)
Southern Exposure (15 дней назад)
Tom Welly (16 дней назад)
Tom Welly (16 дней назад)
Sara Burke (17 дней назад)
I love your show but you are off the mark here...Chavez was dedicated to disrupting democracy and building himself into a dictator from the start and that was the purpose of everything he did. Before he died things were already were terrible and Venezuelans in desperate conditions. Chavez was a very bad person, set on absolut power. Maduro is incompetent it is true, but Chavez set the entire thing up and this disaster would have happened if Chavez hadn’t died.
Hélio Baiona (17 дней назад)
this leftist is a real retard, a real clown... cant understand what is the socialism/comunism... go work retard!
Polo King For Life (14 дней назад)
You don't understand it. Communism is an extreme form of socialism... but it is the same fucking thing by definition. US is one of the richest countries with some of the dumbest fuck idiots.
Inovocre12 (17 дней назад)
Carson Young (18 дней назад)
This is hilariously stupid. "Socialism could have worked if not for bad management!" Bad management like price-fixing (supported by Dems) Printing more money (Obama fav) I could go on Socialism is BAD MANAGEMENT by definition. Stop pretending otherwise
Grey Mage (6 дней назад)
Well said
Mike Randall (18 дней назад)
This man is a corporate cuck , try listening to Abby Martin.
Nathan Homistek (19 дней назад)
I love graphs! That Chavez graph is easily the best I've ever seen.
Israel Hernadez (19 дней назад)
Why don't you talk about crude oil stealing from Mexico to USA
Lord Voldemort (20 дней назад)
Venezuela is just another failed, bankrupt socialist state on the verge of losing its sovereignty like Greece.
Hazukichan X (3 дня назад)
Communism was initially about a quest for the ideal society; the dictatorship of the proletariat was intended as phase 1 of that quest, which would ultimately lead to the ideal communist society that has never actually been created on earth because, sadly, the dictators of the proletariat decided they liked dictating a little too much and just froze things there. So people explored other forms of socialism which often incorporate elements such as a democratic government, while still retaining core ideals such as caring for every member of one's society to the best of one's ability. Sadly, it sounds as though Venezuela's government has been trying to force a system into existence which attempts to pull money out of thin air. A diversified economy with strong production and provision of domestic goods and services, as well as exports of various specialty goods, would perhaps be a good idea; simply printing more money, on the other hand, creates no additional value, so the money loses value as its quantity increases... all of which may be vaguely described as an attempt at socialism, perhaps, but a poorly managed one. The way to win an economic war of any kind, surely, is to build up a strong economy and provide as much as possible for the people of one's country, from one's own country? Possibly importing key resources in order to refine them into advanced goods that can be sold at a profit. I suppose historically, socialist and "socialist" states have been a bit bad at the whole "how an economy works" things... but I feel this is more a consequence of narrow-mindedness and lack of big picture thinking than of socialist ideals themselves.
Pratik Sonal (12 дней назад)
Communists state. Socialism and communism is entirely different.
Bu11y 380 (19 дней назад)
Lord Wart, Greece hasn't lost its sovereignty and neither has Venezuela. How long do we have to wait to see if your predictions come true? I sure hope it isn't as long as the prediction that Jesus would come back ... 2,000 FUCKING YEARS AGO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
axer351 (20 дней назад)
Chavas was never loved by all, it just another case of the mass media putting out lies. Chavas used the police, newspapers and television to rule the country.
axer351 (20 дней назад)
Americans have their 1% of people with 90% of the money, In Venezuela has the 1 person with 95% of the money. Unfortunately the guy with the money moved to California.
axer351 (20 дней назад)
ERWIN GÜNTHER (20 дней назад)
01:35 She is the coolest person I have ever seen.
Grey Mage (6 дней назад)
There's two checks in there which one is it?
Kellan Shipton (20 дней назад)
sassy popeye is my hero
Danny Frolov (20 дней назад)
Did they actually send this to Maduro?
Otie Brown (21 день назад)
There are true, " Fat Manduro believers", in Venezuela. They are fed by the party. The hungry - just want to get OUT.
Dk (21 день назад)
Why are so many Americans commenting about this piece in a negative light like they have some sort of insight that he and his researchers, or REAL VENEZUELANS in the comments section, don’t have? What we lack in brain power we make up for in arrogant hubris.
Bu11y 380 (19 дней назад)
Dk, This is why: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_fV-C1Ag5sI&t=42s
stribika (21 день назад)
Maduro is a total clown, but it would have blown up in Chavez's face just the same.
Oz Birtles (21 день назад)
Fox Mulder (21 день назад)
rabbit is good eating
Druk (22 дня назад)
Holy Sexironi, you got Fez in a bird suit throwing shit at Nicolas Maduro. Best sketch ever
Tom Franck (22 дня назад)
Friendly reminder that Last Week Tonight indeed does have a research team and script writers. Blaming John for any faults found within the piece is like blaming Ronald Mcdonald for the fact your Big Mac wasn't cooked properly.
Tom Franck (6 дней назад)
Consider it an attempt to make any critism at least be aimed towards the people responsible for the things being criticized more then anything else.
Grey Mage (6 дней назад)
However you know that may be true you're still going to be blamed because you're the f****** poster child. I know that's not fair but it's reality
Ana (22 дня назад)
I find it so funny how dipshits who are not venezuelan are trying to discredit John Oliver by citing the Empire Files which is completely biased towards propaganda by the Chavez/Maduro regime. As a venezuelan, let me explain something to you idiots, venezuelan media is completely controlled by the government, opposition leaders are thrown in jail and anyone who opposes risks being killed, are you guys really willing to believe Telesur(chavista propaganda) over the real facts being stated by virtually every venezuelan commenting on this video? I completely agree with John Oliver and I praise him for depicting the tragedy in venezuela is an accurate light. I condemn all of you trumpies in the comment section who are unwilling to research before you speak.
Skogarr (9 часов назад)
Yeah, I meant exactly that, albeit I think he did make some okay points (but god those subtitles were pointless). As to companies I mean corporations who actually own said corporations because they make decisions. I mentioned pharmaceutical companies mainly, because they usually all trace back to only a handful of corporations, meaning they are not free, open companies, but rather are managed and supervised by an authority of one of the pharmaceutical giants. Thus, while there is sense of choice among companies you buy from, the money actually mostly ends up in the pockets of the same people. You also have to take lobbying, which I find would be an absolute nail in the coffin of democracy in Europe, is alive and well in the US. I agree, at this point AI is not to the point of fully replacing employees, but seeing it's geometrical speed of expansion, and the fact that it's already widely used, among other things, as a predictive tool in business, it's unwise to suggest that it is not a huge danger to the workforce over the next couple of years. Now, I'm not going to argue a fully socialist standpoint, because it's partly a way of life people would have to accustom to and not being an American, but seeing the US, I agree, I don't know how the implementation could even start without a violent revolution and civil strife. The reasons you mention for why it wouldn't work are indeed an issue, except for the end of private property - thus most would be shared (except for personal property), but seeing how sharing economy and internal lending of goods and tools between citizens already started to happen I personally think it's an issue that is moot at this particular moment - capitalism found a way around of this issue. And you are right, at the beginning, the duties of workers would change, but many would be removed from jobs, because now instead of three workers you only need one to perform a particular task. This is exactly why I think a high-tax, massive welfare is the future, because over time future jobs will be removed, particularly low wage jobs, but higher ones wouldn't stay unimpacted, that is for sure. There is, of course, the minor fact, that we know there is going to be an end to Moore's law (transistors in integrated circuits double every two years), until quantum computers become the norm, seeing as how we can't physically make a transistor smaller than 14 atoms, though we're still off from that point a good couple of years from what I am aware. Thus our capacity for a particularly strong AI relies on a particularly strong computer, and when Moore's law ends that strength will be capped, and the expansion of an AI would be directly correlated with adding additional supercomputers to a system. We don't count human ingenuity, however, the AI field still has space for Einsteins, and finding alternative and more efficient ways to engineer an AI could have massive implications. Also, for a second, space. When we establish a base on the moon, we will be able to reach pluto after refueling a vessel. That would allow us to create mining robots and vessels to extract substances finite or rare on our planet, and bring them back home. This entire process could be automated then, and overseen by a single person. People joke the US is after oil all the time, it may be in part, but many places occupied by American troops have large quantities of lithium instead, that's just as a by the way, to further underline, that it's technology that will be the most important in the next decades to come. Cheers, Olive, appreciate your kind reply despite me giving you a bit of a rough time at the beginning of my first comment.
Olive (16 часов назад)
If by 'couldn't handle it' you mean 'got tired of the pointless bullying with no real arguments',  then yes. I simply couldn't handle it and decided I had better things to do and real people to talk to. As for your argument that the future holds massive welfare with work being voluntary, then I would have to disagree. I'm a business student myself and from what I understand the concern that most of the workforce will be replaced by technology really mostly means that the job duties of workers will change. It can certainly mean that less workers are needed, particularly for minimum wage jobs, but I don't see that growing to be as massive a problem as you predict. Part of my reason is AI is not to the point of fully replacing employees and that employers must balance the massive but short term costs of AI vs cheaper but long term costs of workers. We would also need to discuss exactly what socialism would look like in America. According to the Democratic Socialists of America, it would mean the end of private property. I don't know how that would help America at all. Another idea I hear a lot is raising minimum wage to $15 an hour. I could see this leading to greater unemployment for low skill laborers and a resulting price hike for everything else. That said I do believe that monopolies are a threat to the economy and that the government needs to do more to prevent collusion and limit mergers. I do wonder why you chose pharmaceutical companies as one of your examples though. How many such companies are in the United States? I may be mistaken, but Google tells me there are 12 airline companies and over 6,000 pharmaceutical companies in the U.S. alone. Thank you for being so polite though. It really is awesome to discuss something with a calm and rational person.
Skogarr (17 часов назад)
I mean, in all fairness... Olive really couldn't take it. That being said, with increased automation and technology going at the pace it is a change in how things are run is required if a society is to be preserved - otherwise late-stage oligarchical capitalism where only a couple of corporations exist is the future we look at. Now, I'm looking from an engineering perspective, cause I'm a student of IT, but in the coming times we can expect massive replacement of humans both in manual labour, but in non-manual labour as well. For example, replacing clerks in the office with an AI, replacing clerks at the store with self-service machines et cetera. Some sort of global welfare would be needed, effectively a baseline for survival. Then, the few jobs that are left and will most likely always be would be an opportunity to make extra money (or some sort of other currency, like access to more luxurious items or something like that). A baseline average pay just for existing is or at least was tested on 3000 residents of Norway I believe, but I might be off, to see if, and how many, people would actually want to work. I think it's a good idea, but I'm not an expert. Bully, if you rebuke me, please do so in one comment and without those self-congratulatory subtitles. I agree with most of what you said, but those subtitles kinda make it feel like you are all alone and need to congratulate yourself, rather than simply being a good at rebuking people sentence after sentence. Kinda makes me feel like it has less meaning behind it. If you don't rebuke me, I'd prefer that, this is a long comment, and I don't really care for writing a lot more on the subject. Olive, I kinda hope this will open your eyes a bit, the world in ten years will be far different than it is now, but realizing what's coming is a thing that we need to consider as a society. Anyways, cheers to you both, you both took some time to argue, so I decided to spend some of my time by giving my own insight, because people need to be informed about how quick and broad automation will be, and how dangerous late-stage capitalism, that we may already have reached, seeing the amount of airline or pharmaceutical companies there are, really is. Those two things together can devastate our society, because if we don't plan there will be people dying of hunger, a couple of people just surviving and a couple of people wiping their asses with cash. That's not the future I want.
bully380 (9 дней назад)
You couldn't take it !!!!!!!!!!!! You couldn't take it !!!!!!!!!!!! You couldn't take it !!!!!!!!!!!! You couldn't take it !!!!!!!!!!!! Now drag what's left of that humiliated little ass of yours out of here and run back to your "Safe Space."
Olive (9 дней назад)
You have just proven my point about your attitude. Thank you for that. I really hope to God that you are not a representative of the average American progressive. I would have better luck talking to an animal. And you would have better luck talking to an economics professor. In fact, I would suggest it.
Jiraiya (23 дня назад)
we had that in Serbia 1995 tnx to the USA amd EU ...we had 10000000 bill and it worth nothing....
Gortrobot (23 дня назад)
Back in those days (3 months ago) when venezuelas inflation forecast for 2018 were only 13,000 % not 1,000,000 % Godspeed for your country to replace that hell of a leader you´re punished with.
Alexander Duron (23 дня назад)
It´s just a matter of time before US says that Venezuela, the largest oil reserve in the world, is in need for freedom.They´re just letting current Venezuelan leaders make that claim easier. It is true that Venezuela is fucked up, I´m not deniying that, but in that graphic where they showed all the countries fucked by US, they forgot to put all of Latin America there.
Otie Brown (24 дня назад)
Only person fat Manduro likes? Bernie Sanders!! You are wrong. 2,000,000 have gone on a journey - GET OUT NOW!!
Surreal Engineering (24 дня назад)
And again: A asocialist state that failed. Just name me 1 socialist state that did well. Chaves spend the money of the rich and the poor and when marudo was in power there was just nothing left. All businesses were in the hand of the state, therefore not paying taxes but requireing money. Nothing new and we sould finally learn the lesson.
Surreal Engineering (24 дня назад)
really funny jikes tho xD thats what i love about this show ! Politics and economic understanding: 0 but jokes: >9000
chabonazo0 (24 дня назад)
Disconecting Venezuela's present from left politics is really neglecting quite a bit of information.
Dave Ramsey Bolton (25 дней назад)
10k dislikes from socialist lol.
Monique Ayala (25 дней назад)
Maduro is what you call ripe plantains in Spanish. Full circle
moonlily1 (25 дней назад)
Wilmer was not funny.
Benjamin Chase (25 дней назад)
It's amusing to me that, almost universally, folks turn on someone who says something they don't agree with. Humans are garbage, and I hope we cease inflicting ourselves on the universe soon. A nuclear war, for instance. Shouldn't take the global ecosystem too long to recover from that, especially if homo sapiens are out of the picture.
arnold diaz (26 дней назад)
the bird is funny
John Owen (26 дней назад)
Talk to me I live in Venezuela If you dare
Otie Brown (24 дня назад)
We will send you Bernie Sanders who loves socialism.
arnold diaz (26 дней назад)
sassy popeye is a paid actor
wade gray (26 дней назад)
Tim Nelson (26 дней назад)
Did he just say that a woman, who appears to be high as shit, told the reporter that she has worms in her brain, and that he thinks that's a sick burn? Did I misinterpret that?
Maria G Lopez (26 дней назад)
Venezuela, or the officials are not against Capitalism. As the video, establishes, Venezuela is very corrupt. When Chavez was alive, he used to come to Disneyland, bought high-fashion-branded apparel, and pay for Justin Bieber concerts to his daughters. While, he always protested that Capitalism, and be rich was bad. Also, one of his or still officials, was bashing against Capitalism, while wearing a LV tie. I know this information from a very famous Venezuelan Youtuber, living in Argentina. He knows all the batshit in Venezuela. To all the Spanish-speaking folks out there, visit his channel Drossrotzank and look for "Dross Norcorea," pretty good information there. Possibly he has English captions as well
Mods Vs Rockers (26 дней назад)
People who get their facts from john oliver deserve socialism.
Andres Porras (26 дней назад)
@6:45 "...and remember, Latin America has COLOMBIA...". Now I love Oliver even more.
Potnios Demetros (26 дней назад)
John Oliver must learn that the Jimmy Carter institute ranked the Venezuela election system the best and most secured in the world..while united slaves of america is way below down...how is possible that the wealthiest oil reserve country in the world is fucked up so hard? And the second wealthiest oil country,Saudi Arabia (people there also fucked up) is the closest ally of britain and usa with billions and billions spend on weapons bought? Of course the united slaves of america are to blame for venezuela...lets hope Petro will save Venezuela..
STBill (27 дней назад)
Why is this vermin in my recommendations?
Tom thumb (27 дней назад)
This is just ridiculous. You should be ashamed of yourself for making a joke of a country ruined by corruption and Socialism. Even when the Government has the best oil industry in the world it still cannot prop up Socialism. It does definitely show you that Socialism always leads to corrupt governments and starving citizens. The last several elections in Venezuela have been rigged. John Oliver should be forced to go live in Venezuela for the propaganda bullshit he is pushing here and his pathetic jokes.
Lissette Acosta (27 дней назад)
Q Dios te perdone.
Francisco Capela (27 дней назад)
Please enlighten me ... does John Oliver really believe what he is saying or reading??? How is it possible that he believes that a 1.000.000% PNB is mismanagement? How does he believe that the population eating rats and catching doves in the middle of Caracas is mismangement? I don´t get it and dont understand how he can make comedy of millions of people starving !!!!! John Oliver shame on you .......
William Hernandez (27 дней назад)
This cummdumpster has no idea what in the fuck socialism does to a fuck to a country
Ali Epstein (28 дней назад)
msw7qw11 (28 дней назад)
John Oliver and the only "IF" socialist model of running a country into the ground. John you are wormy POS and your argument the socialism works only if this and that was done instead of what was done.
Richard Lamoreaux (28 дней назад)
That Bernie Sanders supporter sure seemed vacuous.
Richard Lamoreaux (28 дней назад)
How come he's never funny. All though the canned laughter sure likes him.
Richard Lamoreaux (28 дней назад)
Socialist are always wrong about everything. They can never back up any of their statements. They lie about everything. They are some of the most ill informed people I know. There is no room for argument on this.
itz creeper78 (28 дней назад)
J L (29 дней назад)
All of you socialist gringos: pls STFU you’ve never lived under a socialist government SOCIALISM DOES NOT FUCKING WORK
mijachin (29 дней назад)
Guess John Oliver getting desperate for views that he went wack on this one. His video got massively debunked by Empire Files. Sorry state of affairs when you get to lie John.
Goldfishislife (29 дней назад)
“I don’t care that they’re eating rats I just want free shit” —Bernie sanders supporter
John Hays (29 дней назад)
Every vote for a Dem is a vote for this
Pedro Paiva (30 дней назад)
Maduro is now rotten... (Maduro in portuguese is ripe in english)
Matheus Henrique (14 дней назад)
O pior sao os idiotas usando uma propaganda do Maduro como evidencia do John mentindo, Americano e ratardado mesme ne?
Josue Sencion (30 дней назад)
Venezuela is not the most corrupt country in Latin America, but it sure is the only socialist one.
martin watvedt (30 дней назад)
i liked her :)
Slumbering Colossus (30 дней назад)
Cannot overemphasize what a steaming pile of horseshit this propaganda is or how tremendously disappointed with Oliver I've become. Who knew someone who worked his way up on UK class-based satire could so easily be transformed into a grinder monkey for soulless fascists? Mind you, you'd never mistake him for a principled social commentator, like Carlin. This shit just isn't funny when it's no longer based on truth. He's just sad, douchey, aging turd vomitting up pernicious state propaganda for his oligarch snake oil salesmen. Pathetic.
Slumbering Colossus (29 дней назад)
Yang Fan Yang Fan LOL. Hilarious. The day decent people start taking advice from a POS like you will be the day you’ve lobotomized us all, even that I wouldn’t put past you; we know the type of filth you are. You really do need psychiatric help, goat roper. Get out of your mother’s basement, snap on your rubber helmet, mount your trike and peddle downtown to get some. Heh. What a cretin. Tell us more about how to live our lives, Cletus. This will be fun. Fucking idiot.
Slumbering Colossus (30 дней назад)
Yang Fan  Heh. Nice. What's the price of your soul, sad, pathetic troll? Kinda hypocritical to berate someone with principles when you clearly have none, don't you think? Or do you think at all? To be expected of pathetic trolls. Nope. No self-pity on this end, but then who'd expect some cretin like you to notice. You're delusional, goat roper. You're OK with defending what history will view as war crimes and tyrannical governments, but go after folks who call out bullshit for what it is. Such a sad little bitch. Look at you. Miss me with that "trash" nonsense, Cletus. You don't even have an identity, life or profile avatar. Mine's satirical, of course, but I'm a degreed IT professional & civil rights activist with two children in college. What have you done with your life? More importantly, who've you stepped on or sucked up to, shit breath? And you clearly don't know shit about Carlin. Stop your whining & projecting, snowflake. What an idiot.
Matthew Bailey (30 дней назад)
Maybe she should live in that Plantain?
Matthew Bailey (30 дней назад)
So, Venezuela is dyning because it is "Socialist," and it is "Socialist" because they say it is? Does that mean "Democracy" is evil because of what has happened in North Korea? After all, it is the "Democratic Republic" of North Korea.
Matthew Bailey (24 дня назад)
Văn Thọ Nguyễn you might want to look into other metrics of society in Singapore. Lee Kwan Kew in Singapore is an outlier in terms of dictators. They aren’t usually like that, and it came with a lot of things that many people might chafe under.
Văn Thọ Nguyễn (30 дней назад)
What kind of dictator? Lee Kwam Yew was a dictator. Signapore under him experienced jaw-dropping development and it went from a fishing village in the middle of literal nowhere to one of the richest GDP per capita nation in the world. Idi Amin was also a dictator, and his people suffered tremendously under his rule. Maybe Americans like you should try to purge the decades long propaganda you were fed with since the day one of your enrolling into public school and take reality for what it is? That the world is more nuanced, that you really, really shouldn't use blank terms like "dictatorship" and "democracy" to try to interpret the world? The Federalists had ideals and ideas still applicable today with great merit, but it would be ludicrous to expect them to be completely correct on modern affairs. Also, the federalists would most certainly not in tune with today's "popular democracy" or birthright democracy, the founding fathers of America were very much elitist: black men couldn't vote, women couldn't vote, poor white men couldn't vote. The founding fathers of America were very much aware and wary of the mayhem Democracy is capable of.
Matthew Bailey (30 дней назад)
Yang Fan And so a dictator is preferable? Perhaps you should read the Federalist Papers to discover what the Founders of the USA called the US government. Hint: The form of government described by the Founders was a "Majoritarian, Representative, Liberal Democracy." The shortened form is a "Liberal Democracy" in the form of a Republic. I get it, semantics is hard for some people.
Văn Thọ Nguyễn (30 дней назад)
Democracy IS EVIL. Naive, clueless Americans. Democracy is majority rule. From ancient Greece to Nazi Germany, democracy displayed its amazing capability for evil.
Alkis Daispyros (1 месяц назад)
Socialism alone doesn't really work.
Susan Robinson (1 месяц назад)
I know that this comment is late, but I am still catching up on all the news that I missed from being homeless for a year. John-you made a throwaway comment about Trump renaming Congress Don-gress. I mentioned in passing to a friend that Trump is such a narcissistic asshole, he WOULD rename the United States, "Trumpolis", if he could. I laughed about it, but I bet the bastard would buy a town and rename it for himself if he had the idea, or throw a YUGE "TRUMPERTANTRUM" until he got his way! The big, orange, loud, rude, lying, colluding, disrespectful, cheating, racist, homophobic scumbag. I respect the office of the POTUS. Not the man who currently holds it. Being homeless for a year has not changed that. At. All.
Alexander Marchitelli (1 месяц назад)
The amount of misinformation in this piece is really making me rethink a lot of what John Oliver has covered in the past...
Raul Duran-Berestov (1 месяц назад)
Hahahaha I bet there will be evidence of US meddling in Venezuelan affairs
f1KING (1 месяц назад)
https://youtu.be/_fV-C1Ag5sI this is more like realety
Tom L (1 месяц назад)
I love Sassy Popeye
Alejandro Chavarria (1 месяц назад)
John Oliver, could you cover Nicaragua. No one ever covers my country ):
Utkarsh Dave Sahni (1 месяц назад)
At the 5 minute mark, he showed a clip o Chavez getting on TV and taking control of a private company and firing executives to make a joke out of it. That is literally one of the most egregious examples of property rights violation by an arbitrary fiat and he thinks that it is funny. If that doesn't make you shiver, there is something seriously wrong with you and you ought to go look up this thing called "human rights" and "system of checks and balances".
Utkarsh Dave Sahni (29 дней назад)
Yang Fan  What do you mean exactly?
Văn Thọ Nguyễn (29 дней назад)
It is a joke. Look up the definition. Please tell me you can't detect a hint of irony in the whole situation. Maybe if those UN drafters were less of a bunch of hypocrite things could have gone differently?
Utkarsh Dave Sahni (29 дней назад)
Yang Fan well yeah but earlier on he says in a normal tone "took state control of oil companies" and never walks it back. If I was saying that I would instinctively shiver at the thought. Look, I am not saying you have to agree with me but don't give the bullshit that you are "not a socialist". Just be real and admit it so we can have a real conversation.
Văn Thọ Nguyễn (29 дней назад)
It's a joke and you know it.
Utkarsh Dave Sahni (30 дней назад)
nobody is perfect, but there is a difference between problematic spying of citizens and the executive branch arbitrarily forfeiting property rights
Imported Triggermen (1 месяц назад)
“Oh no! Me communism! Oi mate, you got a loicense for that failed state?”
Lucas J. H (1 месяц назад)
Socialism ALWAYS equally distributes misery, everytime, everywhere.
Lucas J. H (1 месяц назад)
Denmark is the 18th country in the world with most economic freedom. First five are Hong Kong, Singapore, New Zeland, Switszerland and Australia. Last four are Congo, Cuba, Venezuela and North Korea.
Michaelthevagabondpoet (1 месяц назад)

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