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Oasis Valve Body and Stem Assembly Overview (032046-001) - KullySupply.com

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The Valve Body and Stem Assembly (032046-001) (Kully part #102581) activates water flow on Oasis drinking fountains. Check out the video for product info and tips on an easy repair. Everyone loves a thirst quenching sip from a drinking fountain, but not everyone enjoys fixing them when parts go haywire! Order (Part Num # 102581) via KullySupply.com here!: http://www.kullysupply.com/oasis-032046-001-valve-body-and-stem-assembly Items Included in the kit: -Valve Body Assembly -Valve Stem Assembly Product Details: -Packaging: Bagged -Color: Gold, Silver, Black -Material / Construction: Metal, Rubber -Weight: 0.40 lbs -Dimensions: L: 2-7/8” The valve does NOT adjust the amount of water. The regulator (#102579 http://www.kullysupply.com/oasis-cap-oasis-nozzle-030029-005) controls the amount of water. When you have water that continues to flow out of the bubbler head after you release the push bar, this valve is the cause. A common problem occurs when a small piece of sediment gets between the valve stem and valve body. The sediment will create a small gap in the seal between the valve stem and body, allowing water to continuously flow. Once this happens, it won’t take long for the water to erode a groove in the valve body. If this occurs, you must replace this valve assembly. === For expert help visit http://www.KullySupply.com === Connect with Us! Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kullysupply Twitter: https://twitter.com/kullysupply Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kullysupply/
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