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Maths Scholar Bobby

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Bobby Seagull shares his passion for teaching maths and how a Maths Teacher Training Scholarship is supporting him
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Max Casciato (3 месяца назад)
Hello my name is mr seagull but you can call me bobby and to me maths is more than just a hobby two 2s are 4 and four 4s are 8
It's David (1 год назад)
Bobby seagull is my maths teacher
Jo Do (1 год назад)
Absolute legend. Loved him on University Challenge. His students will be very fortunate.
BSG (1 год назад)
+Person​ My computer science teacher is Mr Kelly. My maths teachers are Mrs Bell and Mr Seagull, and I think he teaches Year 7, Year 8 (me), and year 11.
Person (1 год назад)
That's crazy! I just left last year and was very excited when I recognised him and was looking forwards to telling Mr Kelly the next time I saw him. Do lots of the students realise he's on or is it not widely known? Also may I ask which teacher you have?
BSG (1 год назад)
+Person Chesterton Community College
Person (1 год назад)
BSG, damn! Which school is this?
BSG (1 год назад)
He's my maths co-teacher in my school in Cambridge :D
Andrew Grant (1 год назад)
Well done Bobby - great enthusiast that will inspire students . That

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