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How to find Drug Information in Android App and know about it's Use, Side Effects, Precautions.

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Pocket Pill - Find Generic Medicine: Pocket Pill is an online and offline medicine app trusted by doctors, pharmacists, nurses and people like you to get trusted drug information in Android. You can find the generic medicine and alternate brands in app and know about it's use (Mechanism of Action), Side Effects, Precautions, Food Interactions and Compare Prices. App Features: * Compare Medicine Prices - Pocket Pill helps you to save money on prescription medicines upto 70%. * Your Medicine Savings: First of it's kind in Android to help you save money on medicines by providing price comparison with Generic medicines and other brands. * Drugs Dictionary - Find information on 2,000 generic drugs and 70,000 brand medicines at your fingertips. * Works Offline - Fully reliable and available anytime anywhere to find drug information and it's prices. * Pill Reminder - Taking daily medicines is a challenge for majority of the people. We make it easy with our unique pill reminder, so you don't miss taking your medicines and vitamins. * Bookmarks & Recent searches - Keep track of the drugs you searched to access it later. * FAST & EASY - We have tried to design the app in a way that it becomes easier and faster for you to find medicine, prices and it's alternatives. Find Generic Medicines, it's use, side effects & compare prices without internet download link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.teehalf.pocketpill
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