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Unsolved in Pa: The case of Toni Lee Sharpless

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Unsolved in Pa: The case of Toni Lee Sharpless
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She is in the river or a lake they found many cars underwater that they didn't retrieve yet
Юлия Паршикова (1 год назад)
The river has already been searched. Guilty of her disappearance 100% Allen E. Brown Jr. (The nickname "Prince")This is confirmed by the fact that the information in the malicious area about Toni Lee Sharpless then appears, then disappears. Most likely, they intimidate residents of the area so, that relatives of Toni Lee Sharpless did not find her. It is also quite possible that she is no longer alive, since many years have passed ...Even if she has been held in sexual slavery for some time, by virtue of her age, she no longer represents an interest for pimps. God grant that her relatives find her!

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