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Gaussian Compact Scheme Easily Explained on Casio fx-991ES Calculator!

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http://www.indiastudychannel.com/r/sujoy70.aspx My Numerical Methods videos playlist- http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLHGJFOxCJ5Iwm8kTk52LAQ-_T0IMwZZHD In this video I'll tell you many things,see the complete list below- 1. How to write system of linear equations in matrix form 2. Performing elementary row operations 3. Finding the pivot element for solution 4. How to solve system of 3 linear equations directly on Casio fx-991ES calculator in EQN mode Watch my other videos such as Gauss Elimination,Gauss Jordan Elimination,Gauss Jacobi,Gauss Seidel Methods etc. clicking the playlist link given above. I've uploaded many videos on Statistics,Numerical Methods, Business & Financial Mathematics,Operation Research,Computer Science & Engineering(CSE),Android Application Reviews,India Travel & Tourism,Street Foods,Life Tips and many other topics. And a series of videos showing how to use your scientific calculators Casio fx-991ES & fx-82MS to do maths easily. Click my YouTube channel's link below to watch them. Subscribe to my youtube channel below- YouTube- http://www.youtube.com/sujoyn70 My Blog- http://www.sujoyn70.blogspot.com
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Ali Rehman (3 года назад)
Thank you so much bro
Roy Ludan (3 года назад)
Thank you so much! you just made my life so much easier :)
Sujoy Krishna Das (3 года назад)
+Roy Ludan It's my pleasure! Comments from viewers like you really motivates me! Watch my other videos here- http://goo.gl/ZxFOj2 and give your valuable comments. Subscribe to my YouTube channel so that when I upload a new video,you get notified. I've one request,if you could share my videos and my channel's URL on your Facebook & Google+ profiles that would be very much helpful for me and other students who are doing similar courses like you. Because sharing is caring :-)

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