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Parents Whose Child Died by Inhalant Abuse Educational Video

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Parents Whose Child Died by Inhalant Abuse Educational Video. Inhalant use by 12 and 13 year olds is a marker for future drug use and delinquent behavior, according to a new report by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), released today at a press conference by the National Inhalant Prevention Coalition to kick off National Inhalants & Poisons Awareness Week. Speaker: Jeanette and James Smith, parents of a student who died from inhalant use in Ohio. Inhalants affect your brain. Inhalants are substances or fumes from products such as glue or paint thinner that are sniffed or "huffed" to cause an immediate high. Because they affect your brain with much greater speed and force than many other substances, they can cause irreversible physical and mental damage before you know what's happened. Inhalants affect your heart. Inhalants starve the body of oxygen and force the heart to beat irregularly and more rapidly--that can be dangerous for your body. Inhalants damage other parts of your body. People who use inhalants can experience nausea and nosebleeds; develop liver, lung, and kidney problems; and lose their sense of hearing or smell. Chronic use can lead to muscle wasting and reduced muscle tone and strength. Inhalants can cause sudden death. Inhalants can kill you instantly. Inhalant users can die by suffocation, choking on their vomit, or having a heart attack. How can you tell if a friend is using inhalants? Sometimes it's tough to tell. But there are signs you can look for. If your friend has one or more of the following warning signs, he or she may be using inhalants: Slurred speech Drunk, dizzy, or dazed appearance Unusual breath odor Chemical smell on clothing Paint stains on body or face Red eyes Runny nose What can you do to help someone who is using inhalants? Be a real friend. Encourage your friend to seek professional help. For information and referrals, call the National Clearinghouse for Alcohol and Drug Information at 800-729-6686. Public Domain Video.
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Текстовые комментарии (10)
Genuine Sanity (9 месяцев назад)
Look what happens when cannabis is not available ! Legalize the HERB !
glamdrag (7 лет назад)
I think i once almost died on inhalants, I actually passed out and when i came to it felt like half my body was paralized. People should know this can kill instantly. Not knowing this was the only reason I didn't stop until this point. Huffing IS really dangerous, and i think the main reason people do it is because they're looking for a legal high. In the Netherlands I can buy Shrooms instead of hallucinating on deodorant. I believe regulation of drugs like shrooms in other countries would help
rosaryfilms (8 лет назад)
BrownCountyEMT312, I am very sorry to hear about your loss. Your comments and efforts will help others. Regards...
BrownCountyEMT312 (8 лет назад)
my daughter passed away from huffing too she used air freshener it will be 7 months tomarrow valentines. I found here also so I deffently know what this mother went through. My daughter has a daughter of her own and at the time of her death her baby was 11 months old. I am now raising her and also trying to help teach people about the dangers of this. Everything came back after her death that is was the 1st time she had ever tried it. so these kids need 2 know it happens the 1 x tring it some x
Darth C-Tzar (9 лет назад)
show him this video, and he'll be scared shitless
rosaryfilms (9 лет назад)
amandamb75, you are welcome and thank you for your comments.
rosaryfilms (9 лет назад)
eldrama1, thank you very much for your excellent comments!
Jannsmith (10 лет назад)
I wanted to also thank you for the video. I am so sorry for the passing of your beloved son, Jimmy. By sharing your story, you're saving so many other lives and heartache of other parents. A friend has a traumatic brain injury (tbi) and bone marrow (fatty inner lining of bones that makes blood cells) damage from huffing at age 12, now in her 30s. She is reminded each and every day of the damage that she unfortunately did to herself.
Buddy Mcleod (10 лет назад)
wut does that mean? huffing inhalents? wut is it?
rosaryfilms (10 лет назад)
tifolie, thank you for your comments!

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