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Car Service - Is my mechanic ripping me off?

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If you're in the market for car service, how do you know if your mechanic is ripping you off? It's pretty hard if you don't know anything about cars or car mechanics. Women in particular are soft targets as car servicing consumers. Here's how to insulate yourself from one of the most common auto mechanic scams. This report originates from a radio 2UE listener named Julie, She went in for a standard car service, and came out with a proposed car repair bill for just over three grand. Ouch! Julie's Toyota Kluger allegedly needed a ton of repair work done: she was told the front lower control arm bushes needed to be replaced, as well as the driver’s side damper and matching tyre. Allegedly the front brake rotors also needed machining and the air filter was cactus. I put it to her that in car repair cases like this, a second opinion from a trusted car mechanic is always a good idea. And I put her onto a good auto mechanic in our area in northern Sydney. Frankly, I was just hoping the Kluger's service/repair bill would come down a little. Perhaps some of the proposed mechanical repair work could be safely delayed. Mechanic #2 puts the car up on the hoist and finds ... nothing at all wrong. Nothing. And that's when the scam fell apart, at least in my opinion. My recommended honest car mechanic's verdict was unequivocal: The lower control arm bushes: Intact and functional. The front shock absorber: not leaking, as previously alleged. Copacetic on the brake rotoss, as well. Air filter: clear as a bell. But the tyre pressures were way low, accounting for some premature wear - even though they are all still serviceable for thousands of kilometres to come. All I can say is: Arseholes. A woman in an SUV drives in, and suddenly the whole thing is a scam. A few thousand extra in profit for the week, if everything goes according to plan - and easy work to do, too, seeing as the car had nothing wrong with it... It makes me wonder how often these car service rip-offs go on. Probably a lot more than you think. How would a person with no mechanical knowledge know? Especially women in middle age, suddenly divorced or separated, coming to grips with running a car, possibly for the first time in their lives? My strong advice to you is: any time you’re face to face with a car repair bill you can’t jump over, especially if it doesn’t seem like there’s anything substantially wrong with the car: get a second opinion. Find a mechanic that somebody you trust, trusts. Ask them to give the car a once-over. If they corroborate the initial findings, then I guess its goose is cooked. You need to brace for financial impact. But it could save you from a monumental rip-off as well, and shave thousands from your car servicing expenditure. It's money you could certainly put to better use elsewhere.
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Morgan Andreas (4 дня назад)
I had this experience yesterday I accidentally reversed into a tree with a reflector poll And the insurance company towed my car free of charge and then the mechanic popped the bumper bar that was just dislodged back into place and the car looked brand-new that was the only problem and then he says I need a new freaking bumper bar and it needs to be replaced and I got three honest opinion from my family and they said there was nothing wrong with the car nothing wrong with the carI am sick of being objectified just because I’m a woman who drives a nice car and who asked for help when I was needing help this is so wrong Oh you reversed over a tree you need a new bumper bar not acceptable stop ripping women off
Ronaldo b (1 месяц назад)
I had lube mobile trying to charge me $190.00 extra for flushing my entire coolant when but i saw they only topped it up. He couldn't see me when i was watching him do this. This is a common rip off i hear.
Ex Sparky (1 месяц назад)
My eldest son , went to the local mechanic on the central coast for a service on his 2008 Skoda Octavia. they did an oil change and the check over. they then hit him with a quote for over $3000.00 for front brakes, cv boots and a water pump. When he rang me I was gob smacked. Having been on the tools for a few years, I got a quote for a new water pump rotors and pads, that was around the $300 mark. He ordered the cv boots off eBay but they turned out to be the wrong ones. In a last ditch effort I took him to the local Skoda dealer and with trade discount , we got them for $75 each, and they included grease. With some help from my son, we got the job done over a couple of days( I struggle to bend over after two major back surgeries) a good mechanic with proper equipment would have shit the job in in about 4 -5 hours. One problem was they have changed the torx head bolts to a muti torx and I had to invest in a new torx kit. All in all I know having my own workshop for many years you have overheads but that was a lot over the top,
Chuck Maddison (1 месяц назад)
Come on i work for the RAC . Our KPI's require us to fuck everybody over not just women so please get it right. Don't believe me, call up for help and see what happen's. Anybody feel free to try it .
Ian McLeish (1 месяц назад)
Eh??? What is so wrong with sausages? Now I am perturbed, and not in a slightly planetary way!!!
Sergio Zamorano (2 месяца назад)
New cars sucks too much computer i prefer old cars
Russell Marshall (2 месяца назад)
This rip off practice is right through the industry. The honest guys are in the minority but once discovered are forever valued. Honesty has always been the best policy and is a reflection of a person's state of consciousness.
Lindsay McCann (3 месяца назад)
If you want to exercise your bullshit meter you should investigate "Australian Standards", who they are, do they actually have any real authority to dictate the standards that Australians are dictated to by?
TheLifetraveler1 (3 месяца назад)
My friend's dealer tried to convince her she needed a brake new engine because if a coolant leak. He already convinced her to buy a radiator earlier. Took it to my mechanic and all he found was the coolant overflow hose had cracked.
Aussie Pom (3 месяца назад)
Feminists don't care about woman being routinely ripped off for mechanical work to their car. They're more concerned about the mythical pay gap and why woman aren't in top executive positions.
Rob G (3 месяца назад)
I call them Krapmart!
Jay Mo (3 месяца назад)
People if the mechanic telling you you have to change part on your car go home and than mark secretly the part he suggested to change to see if the jobs has been done and take the supposed damage part because is yours use your intelligent in many ways don't let them till you off God is watching them fear God He is above and we are below be honest and be bless or be dishonest and be curse
Clint Mack (4 месяца назад)
Unfortunately that is the sad state of affairs in the USA, ie, a general lack of integrity with the average American. You essentially cannot trust anyone anymore. That is one of the main reasons I do all the car maintenance on my vehicles myself so I know its done correctly and I also of course save money. I've been using a wonderful car management program www.lonewolf-software.com/automotivewolf.htm on my computer that tracks the maintenance schedules and reminds me when anything needs to be done. It also creates a very detailed vehicle maintenance log so I know whats been done and when it was completed.
Chris Columbus (1 месяц назад)
I use Automotive Wolf too and love it. It's the best software on my computer!
Peter B. (4 месяца назад)
They do it to men too. Most service advisers, mechanics and others figure out I am mechanically inclined and switch to an electrical scam. I am an electronic technician by training. Out of the frying pan into the 🔥.
Ryan Adam (4 месяца назад)
It has nothing to do with them being women.. I've had shops lie to me too, and I'm a 30 year old white male.
chry57 (4 месяца назад)
I left the trade many years ago as we where being pressured into doing this to people,and it goes on in many many places...
Glenn Heaslip (5 месяцев назад)
Love your warped sense of humour
pastorart1974 (5 месяцев назад)
Firestone told me, in 2009, I had five bad Oxygen Sensors, on my 1999 Mercury Grand Marquis. They wanted $1,400 to replace them. I'm not all that mechanical, but 5 Oxygen Sensors don't go bad the same day. Real problem was cracked in take manifold. Covered by a Ford Recall.
Alex Morton (5 месяцев назад)
Youre a tool!
Alex Morton (5 месяцев назад)
Lapsed engineer, is the exact term I would class you as, winding up the general public against service centers makes you worthy, well at least this is where you feature! Lets take it down to the wire, youre the actual arsehole, or the Stig with a spanner, i youre unhappy with the quote you get, quaestin it, dont drown a brand, or shop. You seem to get under the skin of those who have never really bothered with routine maintence!
Jim Siriotis (5 месяцев назад)
I've payed over 2000 k and my car has the same issues as when I brought it in the dealership. Now I'm advised to get a mechancics report and take them to the Tribunal for a refund since the car has the same issues I brought it in. Plus they replace two genuine parts for after market parts. What a mess! Totally unprepared for this. I seriously not sure what to do, I don't like drama but I still have to pay a mechanic to fix my car. Should I seek refund from Tribunal or will I be wasting more money, it's only $45 plus the mechanic report, not sure what to do. Help please.
charles woods (5 месяцев назад)
Years ago I had a Ford Falcon,one cold winter morning car engine would not warm up,drove 12 miles to work,engine still cold engine ran like shit.Took car to a repair shop,Guy inspected thermostat,said it was still good reinstalled.added coolant,warmred up engine inside shop,engine ran ok,told me to block off part of radiator watch temp gauge,don't overheat engine.Charged me for thermostat housing gasket,1 quart of antifreeze,and I think a couple bucks labor.Not too many of that kind around anymore.
LUFCCitroen (5 месяцев назад)
Great report! I'm a mechanic in the uk and love your videos and I hate when garages do that. Our motto is you can rip someone off once but if you look after them they will keep coming back. Great job
Justin Askins (6 месяцев назад)
I had a mechanic once that legitimately fixed a problem but also caused another (oil leak) so that I would have to bring it back to them. I went with a more trustworthy mechanic
Crazygunzpn Gaming (6 месяцев назад)
Your a legend bud.
paul cooper (6 месяцев назад)
They dont just ripp women off they ripp men off too.
Mikey Be (6 месяцев назад)
This problem isn't exclusive to females although Id agree they seem to be a little more prone to it. I generally do all my own servicing on my bikes and cars. On the odd occasion, when I've had a problem, I couldn't diagnose or have decided was out of my league I've had to run the gauntlet of dodgy Mechanics. Unfortunately, the thinking process goes like this, "I cant fix this so you are the professional expert I want to pay to make the repair". Unfortunately, after that point, as a consumer paying for service from a professionally, I am basically obligated to believe what the mechanic tells me. After all, that's what I am paying them for. It is kind of a catch 22. Mind you I have a list of places including mechanics that Ill never step through the front door of again.
SuperJohn12354 (6 месяцев назад)
Im a guy, but my normal mechanic was to busy, so i took my car to a Kmart Service centre and they told me X was wrong with the car so i got it fixed, 3 months later i needed the rego done i had left it and need a mechanic fast again my normal mechanic was very busy, strange that good mechanic extremely busy, any way i went back to the Kmart Service centre and they informed me before they could pass it X needed to be fixed on the car, problem was they apparently had fixed X with a new part 3months earlier.......
Nate R (7 месяцев назад)
True mechanics see all service as taking ones own auto/life in to hand. Bad repairs can cause harm to many others than the machine. Any tec that dose not drive an auto thats not a project of repairs to keep it running safe is not an auto tech. True mechanics drive a project... its all about learning and fixing mainting and repiring machines living on the roads. Also good tecs try to teach drivers how to take care of the auto.
Russell Marshall (7 месяцев назад)
Hi again John the apostle. I agree with most of your information and commend you on your very clever analogy and delivery. However I think you are more than capable of keeping it above the waistline and still keeping us entertained. A little innuendo can go a long way. Looking forward to more of your informative videos. Russell
Russell Marshall (7 месяцев назад)
Hallelujah John, thanks for bringing this rip off industry out in the open. I have been in the industry for over 40 years and am angered time and again by repair shops putting profits above their customers needs. Honesty has always been the best policy and one which I pride myself on. In this industry you truly are an apostle. Russell
iPervy (7 месяцев назад)
One time i happened to see the bill of my aunts camery when it went in for servicing at a toyota dealership and they completely cheated her with a bill just under $2500. I drove the vehicle and knew its condition checking the engine myself prior. All it needed was a oil change. Everything else was perfect.
pseudechis (7 месяцев назад)
On a much smaller scale, it happened with my battery. Came home from being overseas for a few months and the battery was dead flat. Called RACV for a jump start. He tested the battery and said it was dead, but they had one available in the service van. I insisted that he just try jump starting it and I'd see how it would go from there. It jump started fine, and he ran another test just to confirm the battery was no good; he even gave me a printout with the battery diagnostics! I said I'd try my luck over the coming days; he was clearly disappointed I didn't buy a new battery off him! Well that was more than 4 years ago, and guess what – I'm still starting the car every day with that same "dead" battery!
steve morrill (7 месяцев назад)
Took in my Subaru once for something or other that only the dealer had. I no longer recall but it was something so trivial a hundred-dollar bill would cover it. They spent an hour trying to sell me a new car. I sat in the showroom and ignored the salesman and worked on my laptop. It got to be comical; the sales guy was so frustrated at my smiling and ignoring him that he took to discounting himself, even pulling the "I'll check with the manager" nonsense when I was still not engaging him at all. The mechanics finished and reported. I had a laundry list of things needing fixing, mostly things that were leaking out grease. Total would be $2400 (USD). This equaled the Blue Book value of the used car. I thanked them, took the list, and left. My shade-tree mechanic took the list. He looked under the car. One CV boot was cracked and had leaked. The grease had gotten onto other parts and every part that had spilled grease on it was on the list to be replaced. He crossed off most of the list and fixed the few remaining items (maybe 2 or 3) for a total $300 — parts and labor. Do you think I'm ever returning to that dealer?
silknfeathers (8 месяцев назад)
Because, of course, women are the only mechanically illiterate group.
oneglimmer (8 месяцев назад)
An example, im a mechanic and in my shop if this Kluger job needed to be done it would cost. $180 Control arm, pair front rotors $150, air filter $15,pair front shocks $350 and tyre depends on brand.Labours around $320.So $700 plus tyre vs over $3000 from a franchise. LOL Still amazes me why people go to big franchise shops for repairs. But thats the power of advertising
markus uebel (8 месяцев назад)
car "service" is a scam in general. what do you have to service?: checking fluids and topping off if needed, every 30.000 km oil and filter, every 100,000 km airfilter, and checkng tire pressure and thats it basicly. there are a few cars that have timing belts thigtend if needed but that´s it mainly.
sandosau (8 месяцев назад)
Not major but when my car's warrantee expired and I started servicing myself , I discovered I'd paid for a new sump plug washer at every service yet the one on the car still had the factory black paint on the edge..... Perhaps they paint the edges of them to keep the car in concourse condition !! I also discovered that the transmission filler cap was missing and worked out it would have been missing for 2 dealer services........ Also worked out the brake fluid had never been changed; it wasn't even mentioned in the maintenance schedule!!
Ray Foaese (9 месяцев назад)
Hey John love your videos mate would you know of any good mechanics up here in Brissy that you could recommend.
Rod X (9 месяцев назад)
ok, made it 51 seconds before the combination of the aussie accent and the SJW gender blah blah blah annoyed me to the point where i had to pause this vid, write this commentary and avoid this guy all together. CLICK! i'm out.
Rod X (9 месяцев назад)
AutoExpertTV .......How professional. Nice public relations.
AutoExpertTV (9 месяцев назад)
Great news - thanks for fucking off!
AbbStar1989 (9 месяцев назад)
This is not a joke. A friend of mine took his Holden Barina in for a simple service. After he got it back and looked over it... THERE WAS NO ENGINE OIL IN IT. LOL. Should have just done the service himself.
Dagger (10 месяцев назад)
O noo not nice guys again, if you don't know what I'm talking about r/niceguys sorrow TV
Karmicmessenger (10 месяцев назад)
I've been twisting wrenches for forty years now and have my own shop and I can say that one of the hardest things for an honest mechanic is to convince people that you're not going to rip them off. Most of them come into the shop with that deer in the headlights look in their eyes and it takes some effort for them to realize that they can finally relax. As you say, if you're honest you can't beat them away with a stick. You give very sound advice in this video.
THX 1138 (9 месяцев назад)
the art of hand holding
Darrin G. (10 месяцев назад)
To be fair...this isn't really a gendered issue. Sure they'll take advantage of Women who largely have little or no mechanical knowledge, but they also take Men for a ride too...if they have no mechanical knowledge also! Fact is that if they think they can fool a customer into extra unnecessary work or parts; they'll do it. I do most of my own work now, simply to avoid that situation altogether. I save a ton of cash and know it will get done properly. The only thing I may go to a mechanic for is the Engine itself!!! There are many good and trustworthy mechanics out there, but they are getting tougher to find, and the Hourly Rates for their services is getting quite high for the average car owner. Typically in Canada here...you're talking about $80 to $90/Hour for Labor, and that is a conservative figure! Do what work you can do, and only go to the Mechanics of the things that you can't!
modvs1 (10 месяцев назад)
A new cabin filter every 10k seems a little on the nose.
Gold F4TE (11 месяцев назад)
Too Long
graeme mcfarlane (11 месяцев назад)
We need more folk like you in the world John, cutting through the bullshit. Keep it up!!!
goldwingman1500 (1 год назад)
G,Day John i wish there was a web sight where we could rate our car mechanic where you could list his honesty if there is a sight please let me know Thank You .?
Jack Dawg (1 год назад)
Wife took her Hyundai to Kmart for a rattle, 500 dollars later and it still has the rattle, but they also told her her front brakes need "doing", which is really surprising, since they supposedly did them at the last service less than 6 months earlier..... when questioned, they said "oh no it was the back brakes that were done last time" bulldust in shovel fulls. By the way, the rattle only showed up after it went in to the hyundai dealer for a recall......
tad lapse (1 год назад)
I've got my Stig with the spanner. He's great, and has been doing our cars for years.
Brent Bielanowski (1 год назад)
KTAS wanted to change me $1300 for a radiator and fan replacement, and a AC condenser because it was "dented" but working fine. I fixed it all myself for less than $300 with parts purchased from ebay. Including tools.
abdul jabar (1 год назад)
All mechanics do it . My first car i bought brand new in 2010 , i paid over 20k for it . I take it for service at bridge stone select , when i got it back from them my rotors had sctraches on them they were making noises, really loud noises and it didnt finish there , then my car died . , it costs me over $1200.00 to fix . Then i sold the car .the next car i bought , took it for maitnance , again when i got it back , my water pump was leaking , head gaskets both sides were leaking . Its a fucking night mare .
phil drake (1 год назад)
It's a bit different here in the UK. Brake discs or rotors are generally quite cheaply available from respectable aftermarket manufacturers so machining is rare, and air filters are too. But quoting for work that is not required....still happens.
Chris parkinson (1 год назад)
I would like to contact you on a matter regarding tyre power and their underhanded tactics of ripping off pensioner or email me chrisparkinson@iinet.net.au
Susmito Rittik (1 год назад)
I'm based in Sydney. Could you please send me the details of your "Stig with a spanner"?
AutoExpertTV (1 год назад)
+Susmito Rittik Scott Fleming 9477 7009
hellshade2 (1 год назад)
also folks, when you go for that second opinion don't tell them what the other guy found wrong.just tell them what you want checked and let them come back to you with what they find.then you can see who is being dodgy or not.
dunebasher1971 (1 год назад)
Kluger? Odd name for an SUV.
THX 1138 (9 месяцев назад)
Australians are odd
Peter B. (1 год назад)
Hyundai changed the brakes on my grandmother's car at 12000km. At least 80% on all pads and the rotors like new. 1200$ Canadian 10 years ago. Evil. They also get men who are not mechanically inclined.
a7med (1 год назад)
I got charged £100 for a diagnostic check and £400 just to dismantle the gear box
eviljagtech (1 год назад)
It's the flat rate system, I saw it all the time under the system but when I changed jobs and went to a salary the techs worked differently. Nobody slacks like was claimed the do and we all take extra time on jobs without thinking. Bonus is when something needs to get done fast you just put extra techs on the job and everyone helps each other. As far as women go, I did t see it, not sure why but people here always treated women straight. It was the know it all guy that took it up the ass.
Andrew Donohue (1 год назад)
the gender thing is a big lie. i drive dump truck for a construction company, we have two women drivers and they are very good at their jobs a "mans" job. im sure there are woman mechanics too
THX 1138 (9 месяцев назад)
yes there are female mechanics, all 10 of them
peter peters (1 год назад)
Little old lady was told by service manager of a well-known car stealership at Brookvale she needed a new clutch in her old Honda it was going to cost her $2599 she asked me if I could park it I asked the problem with the car I fixed it in 5 minutes it was the cable no charge. I got raked over the coals for it but before I left I got one in on the service manager of the stealership.
Pete Smith (1 год назад)
Hi john i took my pajero 2.8 auto shorty in for a 3000 mile service, oil plus filters, chassis re greese, and replace 3 ltrs of anti freeze in cooling system, also an air con re gas. Total cost 200 pounds uk thing is the idiots drained out my antifreeze that i could have quite easily got another winter out of it but the pillock mechanic just replaced water not a trace of antifreeze what so ever. Now if i had not checked come the zero minus temp we tend to get in the uk from late oct/feb i could have had a buggerd core plug or even a cracked block to replace dum pigging gits. I replaced 3 ltrs myself now i know its done correctly, i assume the re gas was done as i have no way to check that, they did replace the oil and filter but god knows if they did the chassis regreece. Shall not be using that garage again, o your vids are very interesting best regards from the uk.
TheMetalHead (1 год назад)
Not a car, but i had my bike in for a service. Just oil and filter do to warranty as it's basicly 2years old. I told what i wanted 7-8 times. First over the phone, mechanic and the guys behind the desk. They wanted to charge me for all kinds of things like expensive inspection, bleed my breaks "it was bleeded not long ago" etc. On top of that they wanted to charge me for one hour labour. I questioned do you really need 1h? I do it in 5min...so they cutted it down to 0,65h. And pointed out it wasnt so normal and i had my will. What a bunch of assholes, i'm never going back, warranty or not.
Albert Zion (1 год назад)
Woman are too naive and it's sad they get ripped off.
mgee63 (1 год назад)
as Eric Cartman would say "I hate this guy..I really hate him"
Cody Patino (1 год назад)
Mechanics are the worst!!!!!
John Eli (1 год назад)
They need to fear real consequence of jail time and/or being shut down or this kind of things won't stop
Zissou Moonshot (1 год назад)
Once when I arrived to live in a new city I visited a dentist, and he told me I had 13 cavities that needed filling. He pointed at each little hairline in each tooth... this is a cavity, this is a cavity... I left and reported him. There are shitbags everywhere who will rob you blind with no conscious in every business. Buyer beware in every service industry including healthcare.
ncrdisabled Submarine vet (1 год назад)
I have a 2003 chevy venture that in 2014 with 120k miles had a head gasket replaced at a tune of 2200 . It was a chevy dealer and they left 2 head bolts loose . they went under 3 weeks after the repair now there is no record of them doing the repair . So since I am a disabled vet with a limited income it sits rotting away in my driveway
raghav shankara (1 год назад)
I bought a Toyota aurion was just clocked 60k kms from reputed Toyota dealer. At 80 k service at same dealer, I have been informed suspension leaking and $1800 to replace them! WTF!. Then I took that to other mechanic and he said they are OK! After a year I sold the vehicle to someone I know and same suspension being used even after 150k kms!!
Mirek Heikkila (1 год назад)
Damn so true, i worked with a "mechanic" for funz on weekends, ugh i felt so bad when he fckd on up cars. If it was a female it was like, ooookay, she'll be back and i'll make more $$.. WTF.. Reminded me my mom buying "high end computer for digital imaging, the guy would treat like she knew NOTHING, she did though! she knew her stuff even if a 16MB stick of ram was 1900$!!! at the time"... Funny thing is, she rather have me go into places cause of the "stigma". she doesn't know alot about cars much but i kinda do, since i did mechanic work on some cars and mainly industrial equipment/trucks... but fck even they even tried to fck me with some "bad" TPM sensors in the tires, like 450$ extra dollars. I was like wtf, was their any factory recall? they seem fine.. IDGAF... only paid em initial fee, and said fck that, never going their again.. cringe, they put some fresh polish bacon under the replaced winter to summer tires underneath what they replaced. THat was no accident, thank god it was in a plastic bag so that rotting smell/fluid didn't get in any of the carpets. Well FCK em, never going back but ya they were douche bags! if my mom went in and said such and such i would be over there in a second. but yaa... knowledge/exp/friends = is power!
Ryan Jackson (1 год назад)
Sh**t like this is why I drive so far for my Stig-with-a-spanner(s). I don't get so much as an oil change anywhere else.
Martin Tokinaga (1 год назад)
I am in Hong Kong. As HK is just a city, there is only one dealership for each brand of cars. So the car brand equates to the dealership you chose. For example, if you bought a Toyota, the company that sell you the toyota is also the official dealership that provide you the maintenance service and most importantly honour the warranty. i.e. there is no competition at the dealership level in HK. As the satisfaction of the maintenance services of that particular dealership provides, will equate to the perception of that particular car brand, it becomes important which car brand you choose. The cost of maintenance by official dealership is expensive no matter which brand you choose in HK. Even Toyota maintenance services are expensive. I recently had my Previa (Tarago in Australia) serviced, the cost of the basic service package cost me 600 AUD. (repair is extra on top of that). There are also aftermarket technicans and garages that can do services, but these all have unknown quality of services. So many people do their tire change, oil change and battery change outside the dealership but keep the main maintenance back to the dealership.
Mike Zurawski (1 год назад)
In college I was told my VW Jetta engine needed to be replaced. I drove it 3 more years with no problems and sold it. This "diagnosis" was done at a big VW dealer in Walnut Creek, CA USA. Criminals.
Eric Balles (1 год назад)
fuck you i work at firestone and i show everyone the problems i show them explain to them and they still look at me and say next time. okay cool but dont say i didnt warn you when you wheels fly off are you car catches on fire because of oil drippin onto the muffler people dont care about there cars then when it gets so bad they blame us like this guy when this dumb mfs didnt maintains there car fuck you and your vidoe man you dont know shit get your dumb ass to work out there
vena309 (1 год назад)
Ugh no kidding, my BMW dealership just called me saying they evaluated my car and the rear brake pads and rotor needs to be replaced which will cost around $885. I'm sure their double charging me n ripping me off. We needed the car back right away today so unfortunately we told them guess we'll have it replaced. Next time, we're going else where
t04844 (1 год назад)
Even when you know something about cars, it's not easy, not to be scammed.... Missing bolts, jobs poorly done, replacing parts you don't need, disassemble things that don't need to be disassembled. The safe way is to do it yourself. Chics and guys who don't know nothing about cars are easy targets. but sometimes the only difference is that they don't know that have been scammed and you know. Bottom line. Everyone gets scammed! I'm not saying every mechanic does this, but at least there are a few, since I am on the other side off the globe and I have the some problem! ;-)
Long Vu (1 год назад)
my fucking ex-mechanic ripped me off $500 for coilpack for my miserable holden crude. every single mechanic i have met is a dodgy bastard. i hate them all. now i learn to service it myself.
Customwinder 1 (1 год назад)
I go to K Mart to buy cheap crap for home, not looking after my car. I've always serviced and repaired my own cars, even changed out an ol 250 crossflow in the xe wagon . Complete motor from the wreckers $450 and changed it in my driveway with a tripod and chain block. Round three years ago bought a 2010 Xr6 and thought i should get tbe logbook service done. $360 later i had new oil and filter. And the fuel filter was done. I did the same thing at home with full synthetic oil , new oil and fuel filter for $100. I'll only take my car to a mechanic if i need a hoist. And always stand and watch everything they do. Once they figure out you know what you're talking about no rip offs. Recently found a good mechanic in Brisbane here and had a automatic transmission service and diff oil done on my BF ute $260 and told them they'll be getting more business from myself and friends and he was very happy. If you build a good relationship with your mechanic and get a fixed price after discussing exactly what you want its relatively painless. PS John , please take it easy on me and my Ford utes. 😦
Kash F (1 год назад)
I got no car troubles, I just watch your stuff because you are entertaining John.
A DP (1 год назад)
pity a lot of the (valuable?) content here is drowned in puerile waffling...
kiwiasian (1 год назад)
Very sad. Went to Pitstop Great North Rd for an advertised free brake check, left the car with them for half an hour, found all was well. As I drove away the check engine light came on. They said my oxygen sensor has died and quoted $400+ (not genuine) to replace it. I was not happy!
Kevin Fitzgerald (1 год назад)
ive been a mechanic for 30 plus years now, and I have seen a lot of this shit.my best advice is to steer away from places like kmart,ultra tune, pedders and so on. find an established private operater and get a second opinion there are honest mechanics out there, the only way they keep there customers is to be fair dinkum  like john says get a second opinion.
Pantherman1979 (1 год назад)
I live in the states and here, ripping someone off is an art. So much so that not only the dealership but the independent garages tried to get $600 out of my brother for new brakes all the way around. 4 rotors and 4 sets of pads. I did it using Raybestos rotors and ceramic pads (per his request) for $200 and lunch
Declan C (1 год назад)
I had a similar experience a few years ago with K-Mart Tyre & Auto at Broadway (in Sydney) when getting my pink slip - they said it needed this and that done in order to get the pink slip. Luckily I had a friend who was a mechanic and when he called them to challenge them suddenly the need for the expensive repairs disappeared and the pink slip was issued.
William Kelley (1 год назад)
Utter bullshit. You blame the mechanics yet any shop with more than 1 guy working there are usually under order to find things wrong. If you don't find things wrong, you have no job. If you find things honestly wrong, the customer will shop around for the cheapest price using the cheapest parts. Then they come back to you and complain about it. As a mechanic, I am sick and tired of people like you blaming those that work in the industry instead of the companies they work for and the simple fact that people simply do not take care of their cars. They wait until they break and even if your mechanic is honest and says you need stuff done, they will still put it off until it breaks and even then blame you! I also guess that garages have no overhead? They don't have to pay for tools and training? They don't have to pay rent or mortgage? Electricity is free for mechanics? School is free and so is all subsequent training?  I got out of the business because I got sick and tired of the "I need it as cheap as possible" instead of "can you fix it right with quality parts so it will last". Get out from behind your camera and do some real research, not just what your interns are telling you. Shows like this give everyone a bad name. I guess there are no honest mechanics anywhere except the 1 guy you know? You are a troll and just go ahead and pass the buck..............
THX 1138 (9 месяцев назад)
He DID post that "the problem is almost never the guy with his hands on the tools" or did you miss that??
Chad Holmes (1 год назад)
I've found independent repairers that don't mind a bit of conversation and make time for explaining things simply and logically are usually the most honest when someone is unwilling to teach you something or tries to keep you in the dark it's because they find it easier to rip you off the less informed you are so ask questions even if they seem silly and you don't completely understand the answers if you ask enough questions eventually you should be able to spot the turd sandwich. Also expect to pay a little more for a decent honest mechanic as there trying to make a living without selling you said turd sandwich so they need to charge what things actually cost but they will only do the work required or work that is justified for the age and condition of your car. One hall mark of a shister is to offer cheap services then after they look at the car they tell you it has everything conceivably wrong with it despite it driving perfectly normally to the workshop so beware of underpriced general service or inspection it too often to lure in the unsuspecting targets.
Robin Sattahip (1 год назад)
I've been servicing and fixing my own cars since I took high school autoshop 43 years ago and never regretted it. Easier to change oil/filters myself than hang around a dealer service department like a sheep waiting to be slaughtered. Take a class at a local community college and learn to do basic service, it saves a lot of money. American law does not allow a warranty to be voided because you did it yourself or had it done away from the dealer, and if Australian law is not the same it should be. https://www.consumer.ftc.gov/articles/0138-auto-warranties-routine-maintenance
Brian Minghella (1 год назад)
Honest mechanics are rare as rocking horse shit. But the other problem is women HATE spending money on maintenance and expect their car to just go forever on love. Ever seen a woman lift the hood at a servo to check the oil level ? Ever seen a woman change a flat tyre properly ? If you want to avoid the rip off's you need to get educated about the basics. Cars are by definition high maintenance items. Being a man wont avoid getting ripped off either. Short answer to the problem for me is I do it myself FROM NEW. Not just to save money but to save the car from being sabotaged by mechanics/dealers. Same with Chainsaws/mowers etc. Do you know how easy it is to sabotage a brand new engine ? Fave one is a smear of valve grinding paste in the oil change. And you know the cheap bastards will use the cheapest wrong grade oil too. Thats if they even change it. Same with brakes. They rarely flush new fluid through when they change the pads, so your cylinders will rust and blow a seal.
James Russell (1 год назад)
with mobile phones these days I think it is best to ask them to take a photo of the issues if they can't then no go. I was told I had a leaking rear main seal when I had my clutch replaced on my car asked for a photo for proof, the auto shop kindly obliged which was great, only way to solve this problem I think is to use photo and video as this stuff is easy accessible 👍
John Huan (1 год назад)
I have been the similar situation before. Went to a BMW dealership for an oil leak issue. Got hit by a bill of 1.5k. 2 weeks after this service, the car broke down on the road all together. Towed back to the same dealership, got billed for another a few thousand dollars! What's a bunch of assholes! Reported to BMW Australia. But they just sided with the dealership and completely ignored the issue. Won't buy another Bimmer for the rest of my life.
Scottish Smurf (1 год назад)
My niece took her car to an independent garage because her car alarm kept going off and her key remote was faulty as sometimes it would not open the car. They said the only solution was that the key needed to be reprogrammed and would cost £320 which she nearly paid but went home instead and did some research. Turns out the battery was nearly dead in the remote key so she replaced it with a new battery which cost £0.99 and hey presto everything worked. It's unbelievable what they try and get away with.
Jason (1 год назад)
I trusted several mechanics over the years.. The last on charged me $167 to plug in a loose connection on a sensor. Another one sent me to understand he worse used car dealer who I caught curbing junk cars he could sell on his lot because they would not hold up to the minium functionality requirements for a used Canadian in the province of BC. Still looking for an honest mechanic. More than not they are on the crooked side.
Externalzz (1 год назад)
greed doesn't care about misogny
BaberJacks (1 год назад)
kmart tire& auto ha what a joke, herd there shonky
stigonutube (1 год назад)
+1 @Daniel, anyone that they feel they can ripp they will, john cadogan is right if you feel ripped off then go and get a 2nd opinion and btw im not affiliated with him ,im the real stig not fake made up stig with a spanner or top gear stig!!
Mateusz Wojtkiewicz (1 год назад)
Modern feminists ignore ALL of the real issues that need attention instead focusing on ridiculous shit or something non-existent they just made up.
Venture Electronics (1 год назад)
In Canada we have the same. It is called Kal tire.
Enforcer1975 (1 год назад)
I'm so glad i had gearheads for friends who taught me how to do stuff on my car back then. We did quite a lot with older cars where you could still do more than just check the oil.That way i could tell if a mechanic was talking bs or not, lucky me i didn't have any incidence yet. I am also lucky to have found 2 Stigs with spanners i can trust my car to 100% anytime. Letss see if i can say the same about BMW when i decide to get one in a year or so....the prices alone are already a rip-off tbh so i have second thoughts...

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