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PHARM. D Vs MBBS - Courses Difference

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Difference b/w two courses - Pharm. D & MBBS , along with responsibilities & purpose
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Navdeep Sharma (4 месяца назад)
Hello, friends ,,,,, Watch our other Pharmacy related Videos - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLJr1b0XFNXDuCEcA1CLfurB8V5sgxoynj & share the playlist with others.
priya Kumari (12 дней назад)
B pharm after better in this course. Pharm D ya M pharma ya MBA reply any one
SM TIPS (11 дней назад)
priya Kumari if u are interested in clinical field then do pharm d, if u are interested in pharmaceutics like subjects than do m pharm...if u are interested more in business than clinical , then do pharma mba
I'm studying pharma.D Doctor of pharmacy is one of best jobs in my country and some information in this video not right I don't know where are you from but pharma.D and MBBS are same important or even B.pharmacy or Nerc we don't thinking who is better this is a stupid thinking the most important patients most important how will serve patients our work Pharm.D or MBBS b. pharmacy or . . . are humane not who is better than others
SP95 ntR (21 день назад)
you mean pharm d can also use Dr with their names
SM TIPS (11 дней назад)
S...pharm d can put prefix Dr
SP95 ntR (21 день назад)
Navdeep Sharma (21 день назад)
Yes, pharm D holders can use Dr. with their name.
Sami Mohd (2 месяца назад)
pharm d k bad hm Dr lga sakte hain..or not
Comedy Masti (2 месяца назад)
Kya pharma d ke baad clinic khol sakte h
SM TIPS (11 дней назад)
Comedy Masti till now no....becoz no prescribing r8
Likhitha R Bhandari (2 месяца назад)
I'm a PHARM.D student✌️✌️✌️✌️
Bashu deb (15 часов назад)
Hey dr can i give ur nmbr plzz
Arpu Gowda (15 часов назад)
Likhitha R Bhandari hey plzz sis tl me abt pahrma d can u give ur numbr or else tl me some info... abt pharma d jobs salary..
Arpu Gowda (15 часов назад)
hey plzz tl me about pharm d is their good jobs in karnataka plzzzz to me who knows abt ds
juveria nausheen (5 дней назад)
Mohammed Khaja pharm D is a really nice course the salaries are and stuff are high also d parm is different and pharm D is different
Bashu deb (9 дней назад)
Can i hav ur nmbr
Sunil Kumar (3 месяца назад)
I'm pharm.d graduate, No cadre, No jobs,.......B.pharmacy is far better Dan pharm.d.......6yrs time,lacks of money wasted
SM TIPS (11 дней назад)
Sunil Kumar me too pharmd intern
KUMARAVEL E (1 месяц назад)
apo D pham wast ah
prank star (3 месяца назад)
Sunil Kumar bhai Medical Khol De Me bhi Kholne Ja Rha Hu.. Dpharma JindBadh..
Doctor Al.Abeidi (4 месяца назад)
Pharm D
patti aditi (5 месяцев назад)
if we pharm d people are more thorough with drugs and counsel the patient regarding drugs but not therapy, why would we people study therapeutics for 3 yrs in our course?
Navdeep Sharma (5 месяцев назад)
Share & Subscribe my Channel... soon I will upload the video with your answer.... Thanks for your contacting
Angie RoseMaria (8 месяцев назад)
I am quite confused Whether should one choose d pharm over mbbs or not ? I have 3% less than the required merit at my country of stay. Should I repeat the MCAT and 11/12 grade Or should I opt for D pharm ?
Colleges in Bangalore (4 месяца назад)
Angie RoseMaria for details of colleges and admission procedure and direct admission Whtsapp us on 8147146957
abhi abhi (10 месяцев назад)
please tell me about latest job opportunities for pharmd students,by the way I am studying pharmd 5 th year
Salma Ahmed (4 месяца назад)
Ur score in 12 .n cet....?
Navdeep Sharma (10 месяцев назад)
+abhi abhi soon I will update for the same.... Keep patience. All the best for your career
DIPANJAN MAITI (11 месяцев назад)
which entrance exam we have to give for direct admission in pharm d after class 12 without b pharm
Colleges in Bangalore (4 месяца назад)
DIPANJAN MAITI for details of colleges and admission procedure and direct admission Whtsapp us on 8147146957
Colleges in Bangalore (4 месяца назад)
for details of colleges and admission procedure and direct admission Whtsapp us on 8147146957
Navdeep Sharma (11 месяцев назад)
+DIPANJAN MAITI Still, There is no any National level entrance test taken by any University in India but some private Universities prefer admissions as this way- "first come, first serve" to fill their seats & some take there own entrance test..... but in Punjab there is no any Kind of Entrance test taken.... If you are from other state please contact your university, they will provide you accurate information. Anyway thanks for contacting me, .. & All the best for your Career. If the think the information you gained from here is valuable for you, please share the video to others too. THANKS.
Rithik Barmase (11 месяцев назад)
pharm d also medical field not non medical field
Navdeep Sharma (11 месяцев назад)
+Rithik Barmase , Yes but in India education system is being corrupted day by day actually pharmacy field is totally medical field, but Pharmacy council is not working seriously. It's eligibility is still medical & Non -medical...

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