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Yada Backup Camera Review

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http://www.TrustMyMechanic.com visit my site for more free information So my wife bough be a very nice birthday present this year, a wireless backup camera for my truck. She bought it at Costco, brand name is YADA, and it was cheap....like $100 or so, so I was not holding my breath as for the quality of the camera. The installation was sure fast and easy to do, anyone should be able to install this backup camera. So, I made this quick video showing you how I hooked it up to the backup lights and how I attached it to my dashboard inside the vehicle. Got a comment? Do you have one, or a better one? Austin Davis http://www.TrustMyMechanic.com http://www.MyHonesstMechanic.com
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ydna anicep (3 месяца назад)
thanks for the tip
Oops Oops (1 год назад)
Is iit illegal to have anything hanging from your license plate? I believe it is illegal.
robert berns (1 год назад)
I tried the Velcro but the adhesive melted and had to revert to a mechanical fasteners. I made an assembly out of plywood and wedged into one of the cavities in the dash. Holds the monitor real well.
Richard Mungarro (1 год назад)
i need help putting it together
Billie Bob Norton III (1 год назад)
que pasa
John C (1 год назад)
And it really works. Tried it on an ink spot on the rug under my printer and it took that out with the help of a Green Machine.
John C (1 год назад)
Hi Austin, I watched your old video about removing odors from your automobile. Tried 'Tuff Stuf'
onesri (2 года назад)
What.....right up the hole!!!!!! (@1:20)
saban sabanetin (1 год назад)
HAHAHAA you sir just made my day :D LMAO!!
steve murphy (2 года назад)
Installed one on my 2011 Hyundai Sonata, works pretty good, wired to the reverse back up lights as per instructions, however when the cars headlights are on the camera does not work. Any suggestions?
Native722 (2 года назад)
How reliable is the wireless connection? Do you have the link for the velcro?
Shweaty_Pants (2 года назад)
So A Year Later... How Has It Held Up?
Luke Foisy (2 года назад)
I've had two. They both died because of water getting into the camera. Yards replaced the first not the second.
Stephen Fiore (2 года назад)
..........In Florida they sell Yada at Autozone and Discount Auto Parts. Thanks for the Vid, I'm afraid to back up in my 2006 Camry since the trunk is too high. $100 to $ 150.
THETOPGLOCK (2 года назад)
So can this cam point down far enough to see the ball to hook up a trailer?
:: dopaminsss :: (2 года назад)
Yes you can adjust the camera angle up and down easily
Tanks a Lot (2 года назад)
I was hoping you would connect it to an in-dash system.
Kevin P (3 года назад)
you should make a video on how to install it
Tim facemire (3 года назад)
I just got the yada backup camera and I need to know why it comes with a 12 v. for the camera  if I was to use it will the camera work in reverse.
Raymond Penyak (2 года назад)
It depends on what you wire it to. I wired it to my running light fuse. So all I have to do it turn them on. Also helps when driving you can see if someone is up your rear end.
:: dopaminsss :: (2 года назад)
Hi Mr.Raymond. i see you are very knowledgeable, can u help me please? For the moniyor display, can i hard wore straight to the battery? Will it comes on all the time? Or just come on when in reverse
Raymond Penyak (2 года назад)
tim if you are talking about the extra wire. it is for the display so you can hard wire it in to a 12 v source and it will come on without taking a cig lighter spot. or have to worry about unplugging ect. i hard wired mine in and it works like a gem. no issues and i have had it for around three months. night vision is great and once i installed it i backed up till i was close to something on the green line. with my f150 that is 6 feet. and did the same with the other lines yellow 3 and red two. the wide view is nice in a parking lot as well. small cars now days and trucks sitting higher not lifted. this is just what i wanted and does the job very well. just clean off camera every once in a while and you are good to go. i love it. i ordered one for my uncle and mother. and another one for my sisters car all for b day gifts. they love them as well.
dahveed284 (3 года назад)
I just purchased this same camera from Costco for $100. Are you still liking it?
kbayj (3 года назад)
Hey, Austin my name is Kain. I have a 1995 Chevy g20 5.7 conversion van. My car shakes towards the front end only when I accelerate. Once it starts going it's fine. Could you have any clue what it could be? 75,000 original miles.
Dave Vachon (5 месяцев назад)
Yes, it's a Chevy.
Jonathan Iaquinto (3 года назад)
Is the video transmitter inside the camera?
:: dopaminsss :: (2 года назад)
There will be a black box hook up to the camera in the back. Thats the transmitter
Stephen Fiore (2 года назад)
+Jonathan Iaquinto ..........My understanding is that the camera emits a "wireless radio type" signal to the camera. The dash part of the camera only needs a 12V DC plug, and the license plate camera only needs to be hooked up to the back up signal as shown. No wires between the camera and video screen (WI-Fi/ Blue tooth type thing).
alissabethla (3 года назад)
Or toggle to turn on when in reverse.
alissabethla (3 года назад)
If only there were a toggle switch to keep the camera on!
:: dopaminsss :: (2 года назад)
Yes, just hook it up to constant 12v (daylight running light) amd it will stay on
Mark Harris (3 года назад)
+alissabethla I read some where that if you leave the camera on for long periods of time it will eventially burn out the cmos.
JinC1998 (3 года назад)
how does it hold up so far ?
TrustMyMechanic.com (3 года назад)
+JinC1998 I drive a truck and am really rough with it, have not experienced any issues. Delay is about 1-2 second for me, about the time it takes to look at the display.
JinC1998 (3 года назад)
+TrustMyMechanic.com Thank you sir for replying. I have been looking at Yada backup camera for a while now, many review complaint about the lack of water proof in the camer (moisure get into the camer lens) and the delay of image when gear into reverse. Do you experience any of these problems ?? Your info will be really helpful.
TrustMyMechanic.com (3 года назад)
+JinC1998 I like it, wish this model had an audible sound to it though, got spoiled with my wife's car....I dont even look back, just wait for the fast beeps :)
dp1903 (3 года назад)
I just bought one for my truck
LEDMakeLight (3 года назад)
Thabie Melvin (3 года назад)
Hi eventually will be in the market for another car but was curious on you thoughts of kia and hyundai as brands. People have said they are much better now a days
TrustMyMechanic.com (3 года назад)
I have always been a die hard Toyota and Honda guy up until 7 years ago now my two favorite brands are Kia and Hyundai. I just talked my step mother OUT of a BWM and into a 2015 Hyundai Genesis....and she LOVES it.  You can't go wrong with those brands these days.

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