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Ex-Pharmaceutical Rep. Speaks Out

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Be My Friend - http://www.myspace.com/psychtruth Gwen Olsen is a woman who use to be a pharmaceutical sales rep for 15 years until her niece killed herself while taking antidepressants. Gwen has more... written a book called, "Confessions of an Rx Drug Pusher" http://www.gwenolsen.com http://www.youtube.com/psychetruth http://www.myspace.com/psychtruth
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Grace Serena Christie (11 часов назад)
Serial Killer Doctors Associations also Murder: Anyone doing law suits against Hospitals, Drug Companies, Doctors and or their Families. Also they murder Detectives, Investigators, People who are Smart Enough to catch Criminally Insane Doctors, Nurses, Psychiatric, Analyst's, at any crimes or Serial Murders working together with other Serial Killers. People who do Law to help Hospital crime Victims should come from other areas. Lawyers might need Health Care some day for themselves or their loved ones.
Grace Serena Christie (12 часов назад)
They don't care about People or their health. They use the drugs to Pay themselves to Murder People and get Paid!! Lucrative business to murder Witnesses, Victims, Whistleblowers, Psychics and Supposed Criminals. They just pretend to take care of people's Health and do Bio Chemical Warfare Instead.
Grace Serena Christie (12 часов назад)
My mother sister's daughter told me they had all my inheritances, and her dad, her sister were Dr. And they knew people who moved from hospital to hospital. And the only way I would be leaving a hospital was in a black plastic bag with a zipper on it. Don't tell anyone we told the hospital you are paranoid delusional. They won't believe you. Machiavelli, Master Controllers, Sadistic, Münchhausen Syndrome by Proxy, Serial Poisoners, Rescue Syndrome, Hero Homicide Complexes, Serial Criminal Escalating Crimes. Career Criminals admissible in a court of law. Substitution, Replacement, Identity Theft FRAUDS Gypsy serial poison Frauds turned to Murders. Deciding Life and Death Issues. Now they have 3 Generations of Criminal Caregiver Supposed Doctors.
Grace Serena Christie (12 часов назад)
Thank You. My mothers sister wanted to retire without working all her life. She was a Dr. Wife until he caught her as a gypsy sweetheart con woman. She decided to tell everyone, law enforcement, doctors, everyone that her sister was a mental case and get her sister locked up in a mental ward for life. My mother soon got so sick she couldn't walk around the block without falling off the curbs. She got out came home I thought she was dying on me. She was. I tried to flush her pills down the toilet. Told her to stop taking them. She died I think over 10 years earlier then she otherwise would have. Next my mother's sister. Sioux City supposed Dr. Family decided to commit me for life. But I had worked for the DOD in CA they said....hold it...she is not incompetent or insane or a drug addict. The Judge intervened I was set free. My mother's sisters daughter was signed up for a mental evaluation instead for lying under oath. Once I got out and moved out of Iowa...I looked up the rest of the family. And their Estates Last Wills etc. It turns out a lot of deaths in my family were suspicious. Having to do with this supposed Dr. Family in Iowa. All their Estates went illegally to the criminals in Iowa. My mother's Estate was half over over 7 people's Estates her sister took all the assets over 3 million dollars. So that was my mother's sisters retirement plan. Using drugs, criminal doctors association, and mental wards and hospitals to murder her family for her. I lived caught them at over 4 thousand frauds, contract crimes, cons, scames conspiracy to defraud, keep their victims unrepresented, and murders. Medical crimes I couldn't count or tax evasions. Yet. They knowingly, Wilfully misconduct, Foreseeable, planned pre meditative murdered all their relatives with drugs and mental wards and hospitals. Serial killer Dr. Families. Eugenic, euthenasia, assisted suicides. They knew the drugs were deadly all along. Thanks for your truths. Most people figure it out when they are DEAD.
Russell Maxwell (19 часов назад)
Evil, evil, evil. Thank you Gwen.
Hairy Nipple (4 дня назад)
Hoped you healed well x I am detoxing off it all now. Stay strong!
Andrew Giunta (5 дней назад)
She's right about some things but she's being a bit over dramatic. Ssri s don't even kick in in two days it takes much longer than that.
PrescottJones (10 дней назад)
Not just to make money but then they can take away our guns
MyTwoCents (10 дней назад)
Why are there MORE sick people in the past few decades than ever before in history? To get a similar situation you'd have to go back to the Bubonic Plague. What did people do before these drugs came around? And why are so many many people on them? 75% of the people who used to work under me were on something. You'd think there was a conspiracy... You people should be suing your doctors for incompetency. Death to Big Pharma.
MyTwoCents (10 дней назад)
People sell their souls and the souls of their children sooo cheaply anymore.
MyTwoCents (10 дней назад)
So this is how people handle the demons inside them that they decided to believe don't exist?
zelen plav (12 дней назад)
Everything in the English language is the exact opposite of what they claim. Prozac is heavily goven to teenagers and tjey are tje ones going crazy shooting in schools.
PrisonEarth (1 месяц назад)
these drugs are the cause of all the mass shootings https://www.cchrint.org/school-shooters/
PrisonEarth (1 месяц назад)
some package inserts state under "Cause of Action" it says "Unknown"
Pamela Smith (1 месяц назад)
I can identify. I've been on psych meds (quite a few of them) for about 20 years. My memory is horrendous, I often have heart palpitations, the creativity I used to have so much of, is gone, I have anxiety and depression, I can't sleep unless I take sleeping pills and then its not a deep or restful sleep, I'm often irritable which I never was before. I'm quitting smoking tomorrow and when I get my disability for April (I have not been able to work since being diagnosed and put on the medications) I'm going to get everything I need to start a juice cleanse, have a raw food diet. make alkaline water and start hydrogen peroxide therapy in an attempt to heal my toxic body and brain. Thank you for sharing so I know I'm doing the right thing.
hyperchord (2 месяца назад)
Too many people think they know better than decades of research
anthony stevens (2 месяца назад)
But see, that's You.... That's not everyone. The medication I am on has and is helping me. Everyone is different..... I don't know how many times that can be said. I guess not enough, because people don't listen. Everyone has different chemistry, some can take these drugs, and they help a great deal.... Others, like you, can't. You can't pigeon hole every person into your individual experience.
Music Guy (2 месяца назад)
In her other video (https://youtu.be/5SNRxxyIwIg) and her book (https://www.amazon.com/Confessions-Drug-Pusher-Gwen-Olsen/dp/1935278592), Gwen also talks about developing severe physical dependency on Xanax, which she stopped cold turkey and went through horrific long-term suffering. The SSRI prescriptions came several years later. While SSRI's have all kinds of problematic side-effects and washout effects, I suspect that the main problem Gwen had was going on an SSRI after long-term benzodiazepine use, which can be problematic, as long term benzo use can make it much more difficult to tolerate an SSRI in the future.
zyklzy1 (3 месяца назад)
I have recently come to recognize that the Bipolar mania that has afflicted my life for 20 years also happened to coincide with antidepressant use. Antidepressant induced akathisia now appears to be the reason behind the manic episodes that ruined my career, marriage, relationships and reputation leading to several "breakdowns" and incidents that led on 2 occasions to the police being called. There was no mania before I ever went on antidepressants. Depression yes, but it always passed by itself. I naively went back on an antidepressant (mirtazapine/ Avanza) last October for insomnia. Now i'm back to square one. I reduced it down to 1/8 of a tablet (3.75mg) over a couple of weeks then last night decided to stop it completely. I awoke at midnight in a severe panic attack that subsided an hour after taking the 1/8 of a tablet. Bipolar my arse! Any doctor who again tries to put on an antidepressant in the future will be sorry.
Tom J (4 месяца назад)
Yea, if your sensitive to SSRIs than start slow (subtheraputic) and use a benzodiazapine to manage anxiety. eventually you will be at a therapeutic dose and get off the benzo.
Music Guy (2 месяца назад)
Gwen spent 10 years on/off on a benzodiazepine (Xanax) several years before she even tried any SSRI's. She went through a bad cold turkey off of Xanax, so benzos were no longer an option for her. I am fairly sure that the lengthy Xanax use probably had something to do with tolerating SSRI's poorly, not that I recommend that people go on SSRI's. If an SSRI is badly tolerated from the start, it is a lot easier to stop and try a milder one or just forego the medication options and try therapy instead. I don't think benzos and SSRI go very well together. It is best not to take any meds from either class, but benzos tend to be far more dangerous over long term than the SSRI's
selassie thegoat (4 месяца назад)
That intro is obnoxious please remove it
Bill D (4 месяца назад)
You may not read this comment, but I just had to make it. I've thought several times about becoming a pharma rep, for the money. Firstly, I'm not good at sales, and secondly, stories like this keep me from doing it. I feel like I would be selling my soul to do this for a living. Big Pharma wants to treat the symptoms, but not cure the illnesses. Thank you for this-I'm just now seeing the video.
southerngirloh (5 месяцев назад)
Thank you for this video. Doctors should warn us about this stuff.
Murdered Adoptees (5 месяцев назад)
Thank you <3
Cass Currie (5 месяцев назад)
Cass Currie (5 месяцев назад)
Drug companies are evil
Michæl Gilbert Clements (5 месяцев назад)
The start of this was so annoying I can share it
glitch200 (6 месяцев назад)
I've been off of effexor for 4 weeks after being on 37.5mg's for two months. I'm still having serious abdominal pain, muscle spasms,brainzaps,et cetera.
mary sunshine (6 месяцев назад)
Tiger don't change it's strips even if he starts eating bison instead of gazelle . I wondered why she did this when she did.
John Winter (6 месяцев назад)
glorified drug dealers .... who are above the law ,, and possibly evade prosecution, for there crimes ..... wake up America
T B (7 месяцев назад)
How did you manage not to go in the mental hospital for me it was impossible i was held against my will twice
Peter Hart (8 месяцев назад)
I have been through the sertraline journey. Trust me these drugs will crucify you more than you can imagine.
cro4591 (9 месяцев назад)
It is difficult to understand why she kept taking all of the drugs she was prescribed if she was having these reactions.
Dr. Sheryl Wagner (9 месяцев назад)
yes, child advocacy! we need to stop the state from putting foster kids on all these drugs
Noble Eliakim (9 месяцев назад)
Keep exposing the Satanic agenda of Pharmakia.
Jason Scroggins (9 месяцев назад)
I call b*******. She's putting it on very thick and Zoloft is a snri not ssri
Machin.8 (10 месяцев назад)
Well said
Rachel Hudson (10 месяцев назад)
Chlomipromine did this to me. II couldn't stop shaking and couldn't see very well.
Paulo Gutenberg (10 месяцев назад)
All the things she says happened exactly the same way with me. My parents were complying to anything the psyciatrists said about me, which weren't true at all, but nobody would trust me when I tried to say anything. I was essentially a guinea pig, with my parents consent. I remember how the psychiatrist would never look into my eyes the whole therapy sessions, how they were so cold and arrogant, all this happened when I was a young teen (11 - 17 years old, 6 years living this hell on earth), and I feel like my brain got permanently demaged, but thank God I am not using any drugs now, and am beggining to restore my sanity. I say that this whole healthcare system is demonic, evil, built to destroy your life and your family's. Also I want to say, people please, do not believe television or whatever your doctor says: the REAL effects of the drugs that I felt, nobody is talking about, they NEVER get media's attention, like my testimony, or Gwen's, because then they wouldn't be able to sell and dope so many drugs, drugs which fabricate the very same illnesess they are claimed to "cure".
Nicole May (10 месяцев назад)
I've been on Effexor for two years and haven't found any positives to taking it. Every time I go to my doctor and tell him this he just tells me I need to increase my dosage. Even after I tell him all the negative symptoms I'm having. I'm terrified to come off of it because of all the nightmare stories of withdrawal! Ever since I've been on this drug I've been such a shell of a human being!
Mike Becker (11 месяцев назад)
WTH was that opening? HU????!!!! HU????!!!! wahhhhhhhhAHHHHHHHHHHH AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lorraine Dickson (11 месяцев назад)
I has an adverse reaction to sertraline. Dropped my sodium and suffered hyponatremia. Ruined my life
Sky Watcher (11 месяцев назад)
This is scary stuff, I'm having major brain zaps! Been on paxil for my whole adult life, I'm trying to come off.
Nakeisha Crutchfield (1 год назад)
ѕнe'ѕ тellιng тнe тrυтн ι've вeen тнroυgн all тнeѕe тнιngѕ. lιғe ιѕ a вaттle ғor мe daιly.
Rebecca Fudge (1 год назад)
really glad to of found your channel
Rebecca Fudge (1 год назад)
wow quite the story...I have learned some things from this video the shaking on the inside maybe from this med ...I was giving lorazapan and muscles relaxers to off set the anzitey that was causing me the shaking ...now I am wondering if its this drug that is taking my mind .. I forget so easy ..standing in rooms for mins trying to figure out why I came to that room lol
Susan (1 год назад)
YEAR OF THE ROOSTER (1 год назад)
it's not just a pharmaceutical companies but it's also the professors at Stanford University who try to categorize too many people with mental illnesses
BipolarMaze (1 год назад)
Anyone who sells haldol should be put in jail! This is nothing but lobotomisation of the brain. I don't care she has changed her mind after her own experiences with psychotropic drugs. There were plenty of SS soldiers who regretted they had killed people on request of Adolf Hiltler... does this mean they should not be got hold of the responsibility? This is a pure crime against humanity! No surprise that after Prozac she became manic! Typical! A few years after taking SSRI's I ended up with psychotic mania to finally get a label of bipolar type I diagnosis = 3 times hospitalised; my brain was damaged against my will by depakote, olanzapine and HALDOL! No one will be pulled to responsibility for this damage and I have to now live with a fucked up brain.
Music Guy (2 месяца назад)
I don't like that she has not mentioned her long term Xanax use that occurred before her taking the SSRI's. Long term benzo use can potentially change the brain chemistry so that SSRI's are very poorly tolerated later on.
Edwin Cardona (1 год назад)
I love my medication, really work
Jade Chen (1 год назад)
WHY DO YOU PEOPLE KEEP SAYING THE WORD "MEDICATION" WHEN IT IS NOT A MEDICATION BUT A PSYCHOTROPIC DRUG!!!??? Are you people calling it "medication" because MOST PEOPLE are doing so!!!??? If not, then STOP following 'the blind' - those who KNOW psychotropic drugs almost killed them in body and mind and yet they STILL think it is "medications"! The truth is: Medications HELP you get well! Drugs HARM you, period! THESE ARE LEGAL DRUGS, NOT MEDICATIONS!
Music Guy (2 месяца назад)
"medication" is a term that people use because most people out there are horrified of the truth and would not dare call these pills for what they are: Psychiatric Neurotoxins. There are street neurotoxins (Cocaine, Heroin, etc), social neurotoxins (Marijuana, Alcohol) and Psychiatric Neurotoxins (Xanax, Zoloft, Haldol, Zyprexa, Risperdal, etc.)
MistakenMystery (1 год назад)
Awesome, thank you for what your doing. Doctors are handing these drugs out like candy and people are so naïve and trusting of their doctor they eventually get their lives destroyed by these drugs. I would much rather withdrawal from heroin than benzos or antidepressants any day, sounds awful.
S Sheinfeld (1 год назад)
Lol I think anyone would be despondent after a divorce, it's called being human
Mharlie Curphy (1 год назад)
People want their meds. What's wrong with feeling smiles?
Gerard Vaughan (1 год назад)
Thanks for getting this out. It completely fits, for instance, the experience of Susan Lindauer who was imprisoned to keep her out of court on the grounds of "incompetance". They spared her a chemical lobotomy for signing away her right to a trial because they knew her witnesses woould make a complete mess of their ridiculous charges under the 'Patriot' Act. - some of which were 'secret' - i.e. they didn't need to specify. That is the state of the diabolical scum that control USA - from Tel Aviv.
Jay Miller (1 год назад)
I've been on lexapro for 2 weeks and have seen a major inporvment in my anxiety and PTSD. I only have minor side effects. This lady must be out of her mind. SSRIs are so identical to placebo, with minor changes to increase serotonin.
Beat Girl (1 год назад)
screw meds. for 17 yrs I've been a lab rat
Carissa Barden (1 год назад)
Dr Kelly Brogan! spread the good word!
Betty J. Brown (1 год назад)
Thank you for sharing your story.  Many Doctors do not know the side effects of many of these drugs, but they keep prescribing them.  This is not only sad - but dangerous.
Jesus was a Carpenter (1 год назад)
ohh, what caused your change of consciousness? you got a little taste of your own medicine huh?
New World Disorder (1 год назад)
TRUTH ! now there is a breath of fresh air.... thank you :)
Misana (1 год назад)
What can be done to heal? Memory problems and inability to articulate. How can someone heal these problems?
lisa dunkley (1 год назад)
I was pushed to go on pain mess and antidepressants I started on one nerve pain med. After two years of knowing I was poorly mentally but I felt like I was dying pain weakness headache neck muscle spasms gut issues hundred soft symptoms. Bearing in mind in fairly young I was a runner a yogi a cyclist I worked teaching and have two kids I volunteered helping other and couldn't be more positive active and lost for life. Over accursed if a few months after bad flu I got worse day by day. All my. Gp. Would do is patronise and try and give me pharmaceuticals. Glad I refused! To now discover after rushing and pushing not only have Lyme disease but a pituitary tumor which hemorrhage I could have died... I have been treating Lyme with herbals I have very little pain because I consume turmeric and cbd oil daily big pharmaceutical companies are out to make money control the population no care neglect and almost manslaughter isn't it!! Wake up world
Jeremiah Kirby (1 год назад)
Karma. Drug dealers!
Svilen Pavlov (1 год назад)
RIP headphones
satire75 (1 год назад)
I think she means "change of conscience"
Tee Mee (1 год назад)
In my opinion as it pertains to pharmaceutical companies I feel like certain medications are necessary and some just aren't and do more harm than good.
Renee (1 год назад)
Thanks for telling the truth. The same thing happened to me. I actually was hearing voices of my deceased grandmother and great aunt talking to me out of the sky. It was so real that I couldnt even function. Thank God. I took myself off these antidepressants. They are so dangerous.
jlord37 (1 год назад)
Sounds like a classic case of "getting high on your supply ".
NorthviewVids (1 год назад)
I got horrendous side-effects from a medication prescribed by my doctor for anti-depression. I got repeating nightmares every night and I was on edge all the time. Anything would frighten me and make me feel like having a heart attack. I would often wake up in the middle of the night with a loud scream. I knew something was wrong and I stopped it and it went away...
Rodney Armstrong (1 год назад)
thank you for this video fluoxetine made my body feel so nervous and shaky off of one dosage that it was going to kill me I couldn't eat sleep I took 1 pill of fluoxetine and 1 pill of buspirone and I had to stop and it took me 2 days to start feeling like my self again and I changed my diet and got better exercise. I never had mood swings and my only problem was my muscle shut down and I lost all my energy that doesn't me you should be on antidepressants. my wife of 29 years told me to stop taking them so I did before they told me that I have a disorder. all my problems where was no energy. if these drugs are so good i would like to see the doctor that prescribed them to me to just take one dosage and then come and talk to me. I bet they won't they would say I don't need them WELL WHAT IF I DIDN'T FUCKING NEED THEM so you fucking take one and tell me how it made you feel. dumbass's.
SN4VИ DJ F!SH BEATZ M4Я7!И (1 год назад)
jlord37 (1 год назад)
Roman Soiko (1 год назад)
psychology is a fraud as much as her story changes it's still genuine I endured all sorts of disabilities OCD ODD bipolar depressed aspergers I was labeled and drugged I will never send my kids to public school I will homeschool my children
Truth Seeker (1 год назад)
There is no test to prove you have low levels of serotonin. I asked a psychiatrist and he said the only way they can test is on a dead person. I have been on Zoloft for about 10 years and in that time I have tried several times to taper off Zoloft with no success. A friend suggested shaving the tablet bit by bit to help reduce the horrible side effects and withdrawals of the DRUG ZOLOFT
matt dupuis (1 год назад)
Kaylene Brown they don't warn you about the fact there is long lasting withdrawls with ssris and not to mention the ADHD meds they push on kids to keep them compliant in school which are literally a less potent form of meth. I'm all for people using whatever drugs they want as long as they are well aware of what's gonna happen but doctors make drugs seem harmless
Just Imagine (1 год назад)
Thank you for posting this.  Prozac made me feel like I wanted to crawl out of my skin.
M Zach (1 год назад)
I thought Gwen had a horrible experience with Xanax??  Seems like after that she would have steered clear of psych meds.
ziji one (1 год назад)
M Zach She's a salesperson and high on the quackometer. Few days on meds? But in Costa Rica speaks out that she was on benzos for 10 years. Story changes every time she needs money it seems.
Native722 (1 год назад)
These medications are harmful and nasty and should never be taken by anyone.
Susan Heitler (1 год назад)
I've written Prescriptions Without Pills and the prescriptionswithoutpills website to offer self-help versions of the psychotherapy treatments for depression that I use in my clinical psychology practice. While antidepressants may help some people, they are prescribed far to often and far too often do more harm than good.
goldenboy48 (1 год назад)
This just sounds like mismanagement of drug use. They weren't used properly.
Robert Tomko (1 год назад)
The word needs to get out on every street corner that legal drugs are just as bad as illegal drugs, with the exception that when you purchase an illegal drug, you get truth in advertising. The dealer tells you exactly what will happen, while the doctor, nothing more than a point man for big pharma, will only tell you about the so-called benefits. Celexa ruined my wife's life. It will ruin yours.
George Georgopoulos (1 год назад)
I think you meant Psychiatry is a fraud. Psychology is just the study of behavior.
Belak (1 год назад)
Yeah man I got prescribed Paxil for anxiety and the dr told me it's not addicting and no major side affects. So I decided to take them. Come to find out from people that have taken them that one of the side affects that numerous people have experienced is erectile dysfunction even years after they quit taking it. and also that getting off of them is one of the hardest things you have to do and that there is major withdrawals. Couple people even went on to say that they felt worse after they got off of them because of the dependency they developed from it. Safe to say I got off them right away and luckily I only took them for 3 days so there wasn't any withdrawals.
Roman Soiko (1 год назад)
psychology is a fraud their whole DSM manuel is a fraud I was labeled aspergers for studying geography OCd odd bipolar depressed for fighting for human rights humanitarian criminal refugee law I am not sending my kids to public school as someone with a doctoral degree in international law from Oxford I am sure I can educate my children just fine and I will do it in English Russian(my native language) and Chichewa (my girlfriend's native language)
Katsiaryna Maisiyenia (1 год назад)
Thank you! I am tired seeing healthy people around put on SSRI when they are facing life difficulties and can benefit from counseling and material help.
FaeriesWearBoots_ (1 год назад)
I find it really concerning that one of the major side effects of certain drugs prescribed for depression are SUICIDAL THOUGHTS/TENDENCIES. How on Earth is that deemed acceptable by Doctors and healthcare staff?! These people are brainwashed by pharmaceutical companies into believing that the benefits outweigh the risks, and that's just regarding 'antidepressants'. I always research alternative means of treatment before I start any medication given to me by Doctors. Of course it depends on the condition but that's my personal course of action. Thanks for spreading awareness in this video :-)
Andrew Giunta (5 дней назад)
Personally, I would have hurt somebody else or found myself alone in prison if it wasn't for my medication. I'm skyyzoaffective. Couple bipolar with paranoid delusions and disorganized speech as well as the occasional cognitive blackout, not good for anyone.
Andrew Giunta (5 дней назад)
Psychiatric medicine is about risk and reward. No one knows how your brain will respond. But if your willing to try a SSRI then it would seem worth the risk to me. Usually they work. They have to say that but that's really like 1% of people. I take a greater risk of dying every time I cross a busy street.
Ady P (2 месяца назад)
What about the psychiatrists who have studied psychiatry and drug interactions on brain chemistry? Those people are required to know the mechanism of action of the commonly described drugs used to treat the full range of DSM V categories. In other words, they know what these drugs do to people. Have you ever noticed how they are usually smart but very cold/calculating?
Passey's Perspective (4 месяца назад)
Cause the people who work at these companies are pure evil
Mahi Aberah (6 месяцев назад)
Most people actually seek mental health help when those thoughts and tendencies start to occur but yet a doctor will prescribe a medication that increases the same diagnosis.. Sad but people need to really be smart in doing everything they can to seek natural results.
Randall Rabbit (2 года назад)
might sound crazy but marijuana works perfectly. only side effect is the lack of motivation to be physically active
yeahnahsweetas (1 год назад)
Christopher Robin Garrish, What does that do?
Blue Skye8 (2 года назад)
Good video
Mark (2 года назад)
drugs are worse than cocaine anti the people that make them should be rounded up and shot in the head they destroy lives................................................................................................................
matt dupuis (1 год назад)
Nikki A meth is literally the same as adderall, except it's a more potent form. meth breaks down into dextroamphetamine in your body which is adderall, no difference between the two besides potency. it's no different then the difference between beer vs whiskey. one is stronger but it's all the same.
Nicole A (1 год назад)
@Virtually Me Ritalin, Adderall, Parnate, etc. - prescription drugs that are amphetamines and work in a similar manner to Cocaine. I found that out when I nearly died from the drug effects.
Virtually Me (1 год назад)
saying that though cocaine is an awful drug in robbing people of empathy and making them power mad, greedy sociopaths. Coke heads are running the show that's why this world is screwed and pharma drugs are like this are made. I bet cocaine is in SSRI's.
jackchorn (2 года назад)
Its funny- I'm beginning to think that heroine would be the safest thing for my pain- and cocaine for my fatigue. Since I do ot have insurance I can't get the RX for pharma- my doctor did prescribe Ridalin when I had insurance-The side effects were unacceptable. Funny that Pot-heroine and cocaine might be the safest drugs.
gustina242 (1 год назад)
-_- really bruh
Giga Gerard (2 года назад)
+David 1 Not much attention seeking lately alas. No really, Gwen Olsen feels responsible for the false information she has given to people and wants to make good for that now. Simple as that. All she did was to downplay the side effects to the doctors who were supposed to be pushing these pills. Not very shocking and an excuse would be that doctors and patients should really have trust in the medication. If you tell patients horror stories about possible side effects they might discontinue therapy and become depressed or psychotic again and that is a major problem in psychiatry. That is the other side. It's not an easy decision to make to struggle against the medical establishment. A typical case is that of the antipsychotic Zyprexa causing weight gain and diabetes. The pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly had done exactly what Gwen Olsen warns against: it had shoved these side effects under the table. A judge ruled in 2009 that Eli Lilly should pay a fine of "$1.415 Billion for Off-label Drug Marketing". Sometimes you win, so it seems, but not long after the ruling pharmaceutical companies worldwide announced they would quit research for new antipsychotic medications.
David 1 (2 года назад)
I find it hard to believe that she worked for big pharma for 15 years and was so ignorant as not to be concerned or educated about possible side effects. Come now... She complains of taking all of these many different psychotropics like she had a gun to her head. She boasts about being articulate and being able to talk anyone's leg off. You had a change of consciousness? I think you are seeking attention. You are an idiot if everything you have stated is truthful. Looks to me that she doesn't have a grip on reality or maybe she is a compulsive liar. Sorry lady, your story has too many holes and inconsistencies. I am completely against big pharma and believe that there are very view psycho meds out there that are helpful. I am in agreement with some of her statements but she convince me that she is truthful with her story.
Ady P (2 месяца назад)
People go into sales and sales-related roles for one reason only and its not that they genuinely believe the product they are selling to us is what the customer actually needs, its because of lust for money. From then on, ethics and honesty take 2nd place. Sales is a battle of wills. If you genuinely need a product/service and know what you want, do you passively wait for some toolhead to come knocking on your door?
L Ll (1 год назад)
David 1 it's COME ON NOW ...........not come now 😏😏😏
ziji one (1 год назад)
David 1 It is not accurate at all. She's a salesperson and just getting paid but disinforming people who need help. There isn't even a pre-med program at Indiana where she stated her niece went. When confronted in Costa Rica at an event I attended, she couldn't answer most questions either. It's just a sales pitch who needs to remember her own lies over the years better. Money money money. Tax free too.
0Danny0777 (2 года назад)
i was taking paxil for over 12 years and it was super hard to stop, now im on zoloft, i been taking for 12 months, its about to stop i will take 5 htp hope this works.
Jack Fever (2 года назад)
"you have to get me off this drugs"? WTF! wouldn't an intelligent person just stop taking the drug. I think you had brain damage before you this all started. I have NEVER trusted doctors - NEVER. I self diagnose and then go to the doctors office if a need a RX. if the doctor doesn't give me the Rx i go to another doctor until I find the one that listens. I also only take Rx as a last resort.
ziji one (1 год назад)
Jack Fever Exactly! Brain damage but can write, speak, live off others money just fine. I was in Costa Rica and saw her speak and it was nothing but another sales pitch. Has no medical background, yet give medical advice and needssss your money! People like this are very dangerous and prey upon the sick, just like the doctors she speaks against. Scary stuff. Everyone there is against pills but they all were drunk as hell lol.
Giga Gerard (1 год назад)
+Virtually Me There are 10 times more homicides than murders in a civlized country (like Belgium) did you know that? For America the figures are somewhat skewed towards homicide, but still... if someone just died don't call the police, call a doctor.
Tiffany France (1 год назад)
Take Zoloft for a month and then suddenly stop taking it. Then you can put your experience here
Virtually Me (1 год назад)
If people suddenly cold turkey they can go on to commit suicide or homicide faster.
Blueis Notgreen (2 года назад)
+Jack Fever you need to be able to appreciate how addiction works before you can deal with it. It changes your willingness to do things you would in a normal mindset.
Kirsty Arevalo (2 года назад)
You are only perpetuating stigma with this information. Going to the hospital isn't a horrifying experience and they cannot force you to do anything you don't want to do.
Tiffany France (1 год назад)
You are very wrong. Refuse the pills they suggest and see what happens to you then.
Giga Gerard (1 год назад)
Good grief.
krunchy water (2 года назад)
you're an idiot of course they can force you to do whatever they want. you're a prisoner in a mental institution.
Taun Jameson (2 года назад)
That's really a drag. hopefully you will be well soon.
Taun Jameson (2 года назад)
I guess it's been 6 or 7 weeks now since I've taken any SSRI's.
Ron Beelen (5 месяцев назад)
Taun Jameson i hope you did it verry slowly...
Kelsey Cook (1 год назад)
Good to hear, I've been off of my lexapro for a few weeks and I feel ten times better already. It made me feel like I was coming out of my own skin. Not worth it especially when I was having memory problems.
Taun Jameson (1 год назад)
Kelsey Cook actually, I've been feeling fairly well. I do seem to be having more "Temper" issues, but I don't believe I'm depressed. 🤔
Kelsey Cook (1 год назад)
Taun Jameson how do you feel?
Taun Jameson (2 года назад)
I have been on Prozac for over 30 years, doses ranged from 20 MG to 60 MG daily. I know many many people who have taken SSRI's for many years. That said, I have been 100% SSRI free for about 6 weeks because Prozac's main ingredient is Flouride, so I have opted not to continue putting Flouride into my system. anyone can have an alergic reaction to any drug.
wdtony (2 года назад)
Would love to take Gwen with me to the psychiatrist and watch her speak her magic :)
Mahi Aberah (6 месяцев назад)
Sky Miller (2 года назад)
Gwen OIson: I still haven't read your book, although I have listened to you speak on your own, through interviews and symposiums. You continue to impress me with your boldness. The personal story you tell is very interesting and relatable, if a person had spent any time at all in the mental health carnival. I am sad to hear about your niece; such a tragety. I would love to meet you one day; maybe we could spend some time talking. I have a jaw dropping story about me being a pharmaceutical puppet for 20-years, while also being nothing more than an annuity to my doctor, until one day I stopped taking everything he prescribed. It wasn't until I stopped taking the drugs (cold) that he prescribed, that I realized all the horrible, toxic things those drugs were doing to me. When my mind finally became somewhat clear, I brought a 2.8 million dollar lawsuit against him. Too many people (now young children) are getting snagged in the drugnet, nieve to the abuse of power entrusted to psychiatrists. I will do all that I can to let the public know how the human race is getting suckered through marketing campaigns by Big Pharmaceutical Companies and the lying psychiatrists and their body of constuants.
Christal Couturier (2 года назад)
I had all of these reactions...AFTER COMING OFF OF AN SNRI.
1 2 (3 месяца назад)
did you guys recover? how long did it take? what did you do to recover?
wdtony (2 года назад)
+Christal Couturier - Me too and then some.
Susan Mclean (2 года назад)
Look for books and You-Tube talks by no-drugs psychiatrist Peter Breggin, MD. He's a hero-- and has been an expert witness in cases against big pharm for harm and mayhem caused to people taking psych drugs... so he has seen the kinds of shenanigans the drug companies pull with their trials and 'studies' first hand having been given access as defendant's legal witness... For long term users of these drugs-- I can only wish you good luck with the cumulative damage effects.. such as tardive dyskenesthenia which don't necessarily show up initially ... (that term refers to neuro damage that causes involuntary tics and spasms, such as tongue-thrusting. "tardive" means it doesn't go away.
Theresa Marino (29 дней назад)
Susan Mclean 600p
Tudor Renegade (2 года назад)
Well your hands are stained. Most psychiatry victims are innocent.
Taun Jameson (2 года назад)
Prozac is considered the most safe anti-depressant on the market. anyone, and I mean anyone can have an alergic reaction to any medication. just because you had some sort of bad reaction, does not mean that the drug is not helping thousands, if not Millions across the planet.
Susan Mclean (2 года назад)
+Taun Jameson I suggest you read Dr. Peter Breggin's books-- Talking Back o Prozac is one of his many titles... He will take you thru what the drug companies do to 'tweak' their results to sell their products.. Toxic Psychaitry is another of his excellent and lucid books-- He is also on You Tube teaching about non-toxic psychiatry practice he has had for decades..

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