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Dan Buettner: Why vegans live 10 years longer

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Speaking to Bill Maher on Real Time, author Dan Buettner details the five 'blue zones' he has visited in the world - areas where people on average live about 10 years longer than the rest of the western world. He found the key to their longevity was regular exercise and a predominantly vegan diet
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elvis manhattan (2 дня назад)
The NWO DIEt ; watch this !
hardik patel (3 дня назад)
Why are you telling this to people .. isn't the world over populated already ?? lol
DaleRobby rear (8 дней назад)
I'm surprised by the comments. I guess Bill is right when he says "getting Americans not to eat meat is a tall order". Fucking pathetic comments. Eating meat is not exciting. And if it is then you have probably had suicidal thoughts. Vegans always seem more energized and happy. You know who isn't? The people with spare tires munching on their Applebee's burger, or saying how bacon is delicious. I'm not a vegetarian but I have respect for them.
Maliny Moon (16 дней назад)
Why just 100? I'm working on my next book" Searching for a key to eternal life" My own 5 years experience has shown that the best way to follow is is raw food diet.
Bruno Schardelmann (19 дней назад)
News flash.. they dont live 10 years longer
John Smith (22 дня назад)
I think alcohol drinkers live longer because they drink it with friends, not because alcohol is good for you
alex i (29 дней назад)
Just go fucking vegan.
Duane Pigden (1 месяц назад)
There was a study not to long ago about why European are healthier then North Americans even though they a lot of sauces, etc.
Geoff (1 месяц назад)
Utter unadulterated bullshit.
RandomPower (2 месяца назад)
Footnote: none of those groups are vegan
Scully Fox (2 месяца назад)
It is deceptive to take an average of all these vastly different cultures and declare they only eat meat 5 times a month. Okinawans eat meat everyday, pork beef seafood eggs. None of these cultures are vegan. Vegetarians in Loma Linda might bring the average down, but I have family members who are 7th day Adventists. They are vegetarians by day, but by night they are sneaking out of town to the nearest KFC. Humans are omnivores. Eating animal foods is normal safe and healthy! Even Jesus ate fish milk honey and lamb. John the baptist ate locust and honey.
Number Code (3 месяца назад)
Wait, Vegans live longer? *GOOGLES OLDEST PEOPLE* Answer: Jeanne Calment *GOOGLES JEANNE CALMENT’S FAVORITE FOOD* Answer: - French Wine And Fine Chocolate - Banana And Pain-Relievers - *///|SUSHI|\\\* - *///|PORK|\\\* And Beans - *///|BACON|\\\* Are Vegans Lying? 🤔
Hans Hylkema, historical soundtracks (3 месяца назад)
Many studies about diet study people with different lifestyles, making it hard to say if some people are healthy because of their diet or despite their diet. The 7th Adventists health study studies people (blue zone: Loma Linda citizens) living modern but healthy and pretty similar lifestyles making it easy to factor out the influence of lifestyle on health. That makes this in my opinion one of the best and most clear studies about diet. Here's an important part of the study: "Those found to correlate with reduced mortality include nuts, fruit, cereal fiber, polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs), green salad, Mediterranean dietary patterns, “healthy” or “prudent” dietary patterns, plant-based diet scores, plant-based low-carbohydrate diets, and vegetarian diets. Associations with increased mortality have been found for a high glycemic load, meat, red meat, processed meat, eggs, potatoes, increased energy intake, and animal-based low-carbohydrate diets."
Chory Ferguson (3 месяца назад)
Vegans live ten years longer? Tell that to East Indian Hindus (religious vegans) who die at 69.4 years to European average of 80.6…you can manipulate studies and statistics to prove ANY point.
Paris Angel Aryan (3 месяца назад)
Row vegan and vegan keep u young strong spiritual peace love kind happy
wayne Brewer (4 месяца назад)
why in fuck would i want to live a longer live on this shit hole we call earth
Jack Snotty (7 месяцев назад)
Vegans do not live 10 years longer than meat eaters. That’s a myth that vegans love to believe. Not only do they not live longer than meat eaters they actually have higher cases of breast cancer and exactly the same rates of heart disease.
Manne (5 месяцев назад)
Ok, that explains it. Although it would be fun to actually have that as a name and see the reaction on people's faces as you hand them your business card. x)
Siegfried Furtwängler Knappertsbusch (5 месяцев назад)
Haha, thanks. It's just a nom de guerre inspired by prominent Wagnerian figures. The first one is based on Wagner's opera Siegfried and it's the name of his son, the other two are famous conductors. :)
Manne (5 месяцев назад)
+Siegfried Furtwängler Knappertsbusch You have a fascinating name btw :)
Siegfried Furtwängler Knappertsbusch (5 месяцев назад)
Manne I wasn't refering to that paper but I was referring to a paper based on the same cohort of people and by the same authors. So good either way. Thanks :)
Manne (5 месяцев назад)
I think you're referring to this one: https://jamanetwork.com/journals/jamainternalmedicine/fullarticle/1710093 And OP please share the large-scale health study not funded by the meat industry where the vegan diet is associated with higher risk of breast cancer or the same rates of heart disease.
Anna Abrante (7 месяцев назад)
They aren't vegan. They just use animal products like condiments. There are NO naturally vegan cultures ANYWHERE.
Siegfried Furtwängler Knappertsbusch (5 месяцев назад)
Anna Abrante He literally named the vegan society... Pay better attention.
D. J. (7 месяцев назад)
None of the places listed are vegans. The longest lived people eat fish.
Charles Carpenter (5 дней назад)
That's bec ause its hard to find complete vegans. They still live less as meat increses. Eskimos hardly live past 60 n autopsies show Atheroscleroses. And the wine gig is different in the countries he lists n less. That part is scewed. THOSE WHO LIMIT ALCOHOL LIVE LONGER IN AMERICA
Siegfried Furtwängler Knappertsbusch (5 месяцев назад)
Tango Delta 2 He literally named the seventh day Adventist. Vegans live longer than nonvegetarians. Blue Zone food guidelines don't recommend fish. Look at their site.
nedar giordano (8 месяцев назад)
Alcohol should be 1 serving per day.
Ethan Segal (8 месяцев назад)
Game of cherry picking data favorable to vegan theories. They forgot to include southwest France that eat foie gras all day and also live to a hundred while chain smoking
Siegfried Furtwängler Knappertsbusch (5 месяцев назад)
Ethan Segal France isn't a Blue Zone and doesn't have a Blue Zone...
Douglas oxoxoxoxo (8 месяцев назад)
PREDOMINANTLY VEGAN???AHA so they weren't actually vegan,they just used to eat way less meat,but still eat it anyway.
Number Code (3 месяца назад)
Douglas oxoxoxoxo Wait, Vegans live longer? *GOOGLES OLDEST PEOPLE* Answer: Jeanne Calment *GOOGLES JEANNE CALMENT’S FAVORITE FOOD* Answer: - French Wine And Fine Chocolate - Banana And Pain-Relievers - **|SUSHI|** - **|PORK|** And Beans - **|BACON|** Are Vegans Lying? 🤔
Dan Cagle (8 месяцев назад)
Thanks for all the great information.
geert delanghe (11 месяцев назад)
Only a plant-based diet is free of cruelty , vegetarians think they're not eating meat but all dairy-cows end up in the slaughterhouse and they're abused by first impregnated and as soon as their calf is born it's taken away from them and believe me , they suffer over the loss of their child !
Globox822 (11 месяцев назад)
Secret is in vegan diet why are people so reluctant to accept it?
Number Code (3 месяца назад)
Globox822 Wait, Vegans live longer? *GOOGLES OLDEST PEOPLE* Answer: Jeanne Calment *GOOGLES JEANNE CALMENT’S FAVORITE FOOD* Answer: - French Wine And Fine Chocolate - Banana And Pain-Relievers - **|SUSHI|** - **|PORK|** And Beans - **|BACON|** Are Vegans Lying? 🤔
mysticaltyger2009 (1 год назад)
I like Dan Buettner. But this post got a thumbs down for false advertising.
MGTOW Radio (1 год назад)
*only 4% to 5% of ppl in North America are vegans!!*
David golf (1 год назад)
Vegans live longer??? Show me a recognised study with all the data please...there isn't one!! Only the Med diet is the diet that has long term studies performed over decades from Spanish people...The Predimed Study...https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/23432189.
Siegfried Furtwängler Knappertsbusch (5 месяцев назад)
David J The PREDIMED study was a good study but it didn't reach statistical significance for all cause mortality. This isn't based on RCTs but on cohorts, the seventh day Adventist cohort. Google ten years of life is it a matter of choice and you'll find the study he has in mind.
Qris TV (1 год назад)
thanks 4share
Michael Sherman (1 год назад)
Higher free testosterone = increased mortality of all causes.
Robert Getty (1 год назад)
but you have to live 10 years as a vegan.
Vegans look like they're 100 years old, so people assume veganism promotes long life.
Douglas oxoxoxoxo (1 год назад)
the 5 regions with most centenarian in the world ,aren't vegans.
Hola Tio (1 год назад)
as an atheist myself, I'd argue thaf the feeling of community and support present in the lives of those that are religious (and practice their faith actively) might be a crucial component as well
texmexspm (1 год назад)
yea eat your fruits and veggies the stuff that has antioxidants fiber vitamins/ minerals without saturated fat cholesterol and lower the foods that are classified as carcinogens and move your body I cant believe so many people are triggered by this video lmao
Praise The Masculine Flames (1 год назад)
i like the damage control from meat eaters
Enigma Cipher (1 год назад)
Check out the Seventh Day Adventist study that vegans like to point at a billion times a day. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4191896/table/T4/ We see clearly here that the fish eaters have a lower death rate and a considerably lower rate of heart disease (.65 vs .90) so anyone telling you vegans live longer is lying to you. The vegan diet is better then the SAD (Standard American Diet) but anything is better then that.
Schz (6 месяцев назад)
I hate that Seventh Day Adventist study because while researching whether or not to go vegan myself it would pop up in just about every search result... it's the same reason I don't like Ancel Keys' study. It's a statistically valid sample, but more research has to be done before we all just jump into a drastic dietary change that could very well kill us. I'm not convinced that the seventh day adventists lived longer because of meat particularly because everything in meat can be found in just about every other food. There's nothing magical or special about meat... a vegan that drinks olive oil and eats potato chips all day is going to die faster than a meat-eater that eats all vegetables and has a small portion of chicken twice a week. The demonization of the food source is not really working as a scientific argument. I'm leaning more toward the mediterranean diet as of late because yes, lean meats and fish, along with lots of fruits and vegetables, small amounts of grain and a bit of red wine in moderation seems to be better than eating processed meat substitutes and whatever you want and thinking it's healthy because "it's vegan." This "Vegan" shield that has less to do with macronutrients seems to be more dangerous than just looking at the content in all meat. Also, a b-12 defiency on its own can kill you. You can argue about the morality or sustainability of meat/eggs/dairy all you want, but I am not at all convinced that it is better for health. Especially since I was a vegetarian for a full year and it was hell.
Well since you seem to consume a lot of fiber and not a whole lot of saturated fat your insulin sensitivity may improve. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/20427477 Even though studies show that ketogenic diets are bad for glucose metabolism, these used lard and soybean oil as main sources of fat. Which I think you would agree are unhealthy, so this probably does not apply to you at all. Were I you I'd go easy on the fish and organs not only due to toxins like methylmercury in fish but also things like cadmium in organ meats. Most of your foods are very low GI and also don't provoke a great insulin response, but beware that certain amino acids mainly in animal derived protein cause a greater spike in insulin secretion than most carbs. So lastly, good luck and I wish you good health in future.
Enigma Cipher (1 год назад)
Ah thanks, sorry that slipped by me, coffee had not kicked in yet :) Oh yes I am certain I am in ketosis, there is no way in hell I could work 12-20hr a day on 20-40 grams of carbohydrates per day alone for over a month not to mention hit the gym 4 times a week. Last I weighed in was a week ago and I was down 16lbs, with no electrolyte or calorie restriction in my diet. Leafy greens have VERY few net carbs, much of it is fiber which does not stimulate insulin, and truth be told nobody should ever even try keto unless they are willing to consume 300-400 grams of leafy greens a day, otherwise all the fats will make you feel horrible since you won't be able to produce enough bile to handle them. My treat carbs like berries, beets, or grapefruit I consume after a workout since the carbs will be turned into glucagon to resupply the muscle and liver stores, a muscular person should have no trouble storing 25gr or so after a workout. My ultimate goal is not to stay on strict keto forever but to loose some weight and improve my insulin sensitivity so I can consume healthy carbs without fear of a dangerous blood sugar crash. Too early to tell if it is going to do that but nothing else has worked over the last 30 years so trying something crazy like keto was my last resort before I have to go on medications or resort to surgery which is something that I desperately want to avoid. I will always have reactive hypoglycemia but if I can improve the sensitivity it won't be nearly as bad and I might be able to avoid the type 2 diabetes that almost always plagues people with my condition.
+Enigma Cipher "whereas marine ω-3 PUFA intake was associated with a modestly lower total mortality (HR comparing extreme quintiles, 0.96; 95% CI, 0.93-1.00; P = .002 for trend)." This part? It's not very significant, even omrga 6 oils did better. Are you sure you're in ketosis? Or don't you want to be? It sounds like that wouldn't get you there.
Enigma Cipher (1 год назад)
OK I underestimated you, I admit it, you seem to have all the vital bases covered, even some of the optional ones. My staples are very similar only with less of the starchy items at the moment. Most of what I consume by weight are organic leafy greens; spinach, kale, turnip greens, mustard greens...etc. second place goes to other cruciferous vegetables and non starchy vegetables (love avocados!). Then I consume a lot of nuts/seeds followed by fatty fish (sardines and herring mostly) With my occasional treat of beans, berries, beets or grapefruit, and once weekly I consume a small portion of liver with my greens to keep my vitamin levels high. I cook everything with MCTs and/or unsaturated fats and season everything with garlic and turmeric/black pepper a I have done long before I ever went keto. I also drink several varieties of green and herbal teas as well as a cup or two of black coffee daily. The study that you cited does not even mention omega 3 or fish in the abstract (not a member so I could not get full text) but the conclusion does state "Different types of dietary fats have divergent associations with total and cause-specific mortality. These findings support current dietary recommendations to replace saturated fat and trans-fat with unsaturated fats." Which does not even imply that they were talking about Omega 3s. If you do have the full text and there is a part that I am missing cut/paste it to me.
Nathan Clark (1 год назад)
While I have been a strict vegetarian/vegan for almost 17 years, I still find Abbie Hoffman's tongue in cheek quote quite humorous: "Holy cows make the best hamburgers." Abbie Hoffman
Ray Quattropani (1 год назад)
It's not only how much longer you live, but how much better your life quality can be.
Priszena Bandeira (5 месяцев назад)
Ray Quattropani if you're healthier enough to leave longer, that's quality of life. Right?
Banished From The Dwarf Planet (7 месяцев назад)
Like Martin Luther King said many years ago, "it's not the years in a man's life that matter, it's the life in a man's years."
chicago chicago (1 год назад)
Did he say ( farting )
Karen Krieger (1 год назад)
Vegans live 10 yrs longer. Someone forgot to tell Linda McCartney. Vegan and all that money and gone at 56.
Number Code (3 месяца назад)
Wait, Vegans live longer? *GOOGLES OLDEST PEOPLE* Answer: Jeanne Calment *GOOGLES JEANNE CALMENT’S FAVORITE FOOD* Answer: - French Wine And Fine Chocolate - Banana And Pain-Relievers - *|SUSHI|* - *|PORK|* And Beans - *|BACON|* Are Vegans Lying? 🤔
mysenf (10 месяцев назад)
Karen Krieger first she wasn't vegan but vegetarian (with eggs and dairy products), second she wasn't born vegan or vegetarian and third there are people smoking all day long that live long. What does this anecdotal data means? That smoking is healthy?
sourcescience (1 год назад)
Karen Krieger you found a vegan who died young. Fantastic data set. I'm totes convinced.
Nathan Clark (1 год назад)
+Xymo Nau So will water if you drink enough of it.  It's all about balance, making consistent good choices and not being a fanatic bc being a typical neurotic vegan who creates lots of unnecessary drama which leads to stress and the alienation of all their friends can slowly kill a person as well.
Xymo Nau (1 год назад)
If you look at her recipes, they are full of extracted oil, which will kill you.
shantigiri (2 года назад)
A good video but the title is very misleading. Majorily plant based diet is certainly not vegan.
Z O D I Y A K (2 года назад)
I fell like it has more to do with the regular exercise and less to do with the vegan diet....
Mark Blaze (2 года назад)
I live in loma linda. vegan is the key. and community. and exercise. also i am not religious. Surprise surprise don't eat shit (meat and dairy) and get off your ass and you'll be healthier. no surprise here.
B Tupp (2 года назад)
I spent some time trying to verify his data rather than take his word for it. Anyone have the information/data he used or is it all just his observational opinion?
Z O D I Y A K (2 года назад)
Yeah, and I read the Bible and I'm not convinced about that either.
whole27 (2 года назад)
Wow, this has inspired me to be more healthy, not to live to 100 but to make up for all the shit I've eaten up to this point. if I'm lucky I'll make it to 85
Xymo Nau (1 год назад)
Those can be reversed, anyway.
dan tan (2 года назад)
It doesn't work that way. if you don't have clogged arteries or cardiovascular problems you probably still have the same potential.
Hammering Hank (2 года назад)
Not doing the paleo diet is probably why they lived an extra 50 years.
Hammering Hank (2 года назад)
Am I the only person who doesn't get gassy from beans.
Kalyan Subramani (2 года назад)
Bill sounds a lot more open to faith of late. Something to do with crossing 60? :-)
Dan S (2 года назад)
Not terribly scientific. There are many differences in the way North Americans live as compared to many other countries. Yet, just ignore those factors and narrow it down to veganism.
Dan S (2 года назад)
+Marissa Perez I might as well read how fortune telling actually works, and how alternative medicine is better than medicine, and how the moon landing was a hoax. I know enough to know that reading that book is a waste of my time.
Marissa Perez (2 года назад)
You need to read the book which goes into detail, and not take the video's simplistic title literally.
Aiden Osegurra (2 года назад)
why some vegans have lager health risks, I.e:cancer
PoweredbyPlants (2 года назад)
Yes, he didn't say these populations were vegan, thanks to everyone for pointing that out. But when you add in all the ethical concerns of mea and dairy production and huge environmental burden they represent, bingo--veganism! To those who say they'd rather not live than to have to live without meat, how pathetic does that make your life?? Sure I ate meat and enjoyed it before becoming vegan, but then I learned what meat and dairy production entailed, and didn't want to support those industries ever again in any way.
TheWarscoming (2 года назад)
im an atheist ,english and dont congregate with fairy tale believers.
victoria hale (2 года назад)
Ten sad boring meat free years
Smood47 (5 месяцев назад)
dumb bitch
VeganMadeEZ (9 месяцев назад)
Lol!! I hate to be the bringing of bad news but if those years have been sad and boring it’s not because of your lack of meat. It’s because you suck at life
Lexa Rulesca (2 года назад)
you're doing it for the wrong reasons lol i think that when you're doing it right the simple idea of eating meat would induce vomit...
Doctor Turdmidget (2 года назад)
If I were a vegan, I wouldn't _want_ to live ten years longer. After about a month, I'd be praying for the sweet release of death.
Number Code (1 месяц назад)
Xargxes, some vegan protest against meat. Have you heard of the organization called PETA? PETA makes a lot of lies about how animals products and places that actually didn’t torture animals, secretly steal people’s pets from their porches, protest every place that includes animals.
Xargxes (1 месяц назад)
Number Code lol... Been vegan for five years now, don't know any vegan who ever protested against anything...
Number Code (3 месяца назад)
sourcescience, I would do it. I don’t want to live in a world where vegans protest restaurants and force me to change my diet.
sourcescience (1 год назад)
Doctor Turdmidget how do you know? Have you ever tried it?
Andria Sanders (2 года назад)
Veganism is about not killing and mistreating animals for food, cosmetics, and other products. Eating plant based just so happens to he healthier but thats not why most vegans do it. Most vegans don't want to harm animals. The animal lives belong to the animals not to us. People say vegans think their superior all while meat eaters contribute to killing an unnecessary about of animals just to mostly stalk in stores. There is NO nutritional value in meat products. No one has ever died of an animal protein deficiency. Real carnivores eat raw meat. Humans can only eat meat when its cooked, otherwise we get sick. Get informed people!!!
victoria hale (2 года назад)
Yeah.i don't care
n3r0wolfe (2 года назад)
is that why the oldest people in the world always end up drinking and eating red meat?
CaptainAwesomesworld (2 года назад)
your lifespan is partially decided by your genetics. so a vegan can die in his 50s, and an omnivorous person could live into his 90s. it can also go the other way. you dont need to cut out all meat, just use your best judgment
sourcescience (1 год назад)
CaptainAwesomesworld where did you get this information?
Jack Burton (2 года назад)
To quote Maher, "And indoor cats live longer than outdoor cats. It's a fur- ball with a broken spirit, staring out into a world it will never enjoy. But yes, technically, it does live longer."
AnimalLover (10 месяцев назад)
Not always true, I've seen indoor cats get sick very easily and obese and not live very long and get a lot of fleas very easily. Our cats live outside and never get fleas or sick and are a normal weight. I think it just has to do with diet.
gijijijijijijijijijijji (2 года назад)
He went to Ikaria? Ahahahaha, here in Greece, people from that island are known to be extremely laid-back and sleep all day. That's why they live longer
DaleRobby rear (2 года назад)
Bill is always shocked when "fly over states" change their ways. In my experience a conservative is more likely to listen to reason than a progressive. For example, when the man came out, he and Bill cackled about one of the Blue Zones being populated by seventh day adventist. Do you think a seventh day adventist would laugh if someone suggested to them that longevity can be achieved by replacing meat with beans? The answer is no, they would listen. It's a untruth that republicans are the stubborn group. The wall between blue and red states was built by the left.
dirty del (2 года назад)
Vegans live 10 years longer because all gay guys live 10 years longer
dagnut (2 года назад)
the biggest problem we have today is people living too long! we can't support people who live into the 100's...sound cruel but it's true. No one wants to talk about it.
dagnut (1 год назад)
+Mordy Fisher That's a double negative I'm not quite sure what you mean?
Mordy Fisher (1 год назад)
+dagnut also do you think that these people would not live as long if they didn't eat the small amount of meats? Genuine question
Mordy Fisher (1 год назад)
All the blue zones are included in the China study, you can compare diets that are extremely similar but with small differences to see some of the the effects of those small differences
dagnut (2 года назад)
+Mordy Fisher So what has this got to do with blue zones?
Mordy Fisher (2 года назад)
+dagnut read the China study, it's clearly demonstrates the diseases correlated with each type of animal product... And that the more animal products a person consumes the more diseases they encourage
farsensor operant (2 года назад)
where is the research and peer review of it?.....
Sturgeon (2 года назад)
Scientific studies have proven that 8 out of every 10 vegeans die before reaching the age of 40. Cause of death? Strangulation by meat eaters who have had enough of the vegan's non-stop verbal diarrhea that espouses all the oh-so-awesome things about vegan lifestyle.
arrghgarry (2 года назад)
Drinkrs live longer than non drinkers,I am guessing that varies country to country
Number Code (3 месяца назад)
arrghgarry, I am a nondrinkr, m8.
arrghgarry (2 года назад)
In my teens and early twenties I ate beans nearly every day ..and a shit head Amaerican told me it was bad for me
whole27 (2 года назад)
+Doctor Turdmidget lol
Doctor Turdmidget (2 года назад)
Maybe they were just tired of smelling your farts.
MFSHOW (2 года назад)
all you jackasses arguing as if its proven that these ppl live longer..you can die tomorrow and the world wouldn't care if you were Christian,Atheists or a thief..tomorrow isn't guaranteed..worry about today because tomorrow has its own set of problems.
BareknuckleBill (2 года назад)
There is absolutely no evidence for the claims of this asshat.
Number Code (3 месяца назад)
BareknuckleBill, What you are saying is true. I searched up the oldest person who has ever lived and I searched up what her favorite food is. It was a top 5 and 3 of them were meat. This shows how vegans can be such lyers. They just lie to get people to their side and sadly, some people fall for it. I made this copy and paste thing everytime I saw a vegan saying that they live longer: Wait, Vegans live longer? *GOOGLES OLDEST PEOPLE* Answer: Jeanne Calment *GOOGLES JEANNE CALMENT’S FAVORITE FOOD* Answer: - French Wine And Fine Chocolate - Banana And Pain-Relievers - **|SUSHI|** - **|PORK|** And Beans - **|BACON|** Are Vegans Lying? 🤔
BareknuckleBill (2 года назад)
+sajfen So? Do you think just because many people die of heart disease he's right? I didn't say that it's healthy to be obese.
sajfen (2 года назад)
+BareknuckleBill It's not like over 600 000 Americans die each year of heart disease or anything.
capatheist (2 года назад)
lol eating predominantly plant based food is not the same as "vegan".... I dunno why they keep using that word. veganisim hasn't been around for an entire human life span... how can they know they live longer?
capatheist (2 года назад)
I never said its not possible. I implied that there's barely enough data to go on. given that veganism hasn't been a thing for even one full human lifespan. were not dealing with absolutes here. and when were talking about biology and longevity there are factors that only reveal themselves over time...
sajfen (2 года назад)
+capatheist We do have health markers/proxies to go by which work in the sam way as the math used to calculate Pluto's orbit. People with excellent markers usually don't just fall down and die for no reason. So you claim that its not possible to know if a diet increases longevity unless measured over an entire life span is unfounded to say the least.
capatheist (2 года назад)
Pluto's orbit length has no bearing on when humans discovered it... that's a piss poor argument.         try to mathematically extrapolate the biological results of an entire life of nothing but veganism. then come back and show us your results
sajfen (2 года назад)
+capatheist Pluto has an orbit around the sun of 248 years but it was only discovered in 1930. How does that work?
Juci Shockwave (2 года назад)
Actually the longest living people on Earth are the people in the Japanese island of Okinawa. It's called the Okinawa diet and it is basically a vegetarian/pescetarian diet plan, not vegan. These people are also the healthiest in the world. That island has the highest dense population of healthy people over 100 years old in the world. If anyone knows the secret to long and healthy life, it would be them. :)... not this Euro-prick.
Victor Lim (1 год назад)
Juci Shockwave l
sajfen (2 года назад)
+Yusiley Sierra Oh Ok, you're just pointing out the differences between the diets and that's fine. I've heard too many instances of the Okinawa argument where the suggestion is that their great health results are due to their meat consumption alone and since they're not vegan a vegan diet would be much much worse.
Juci Shockwave (2 года назад)
+sajfen  "Are you honestly saying that it's that 1% that makes the difference?" Not at all. Please, don't take it the wrong way. There are always exceptions to the rule. "Also the longest living population is the 7th day adventists (vegans)." As for that statement, longest living isn't the same as to say the largest concentration of centenarian population. 7th day adventists are a minority (not that many to be counted as a world record holder, not yet anyways), whereas Okinawans have hundred thousands of people who are centenarians... statistic numbers that can be used for census research.
sajfen (2 года назад)
+Yusiley Sierra The Okinawans based less than 1% of their calories from animal products. Are you honestly saying that it's that 1% that makes the difference? Also the longest living population is the 7th day adventists (vegans).
Ahntara123 (2 года назад)
Eating meat 5x a month is NOT vegan.  These are vegetarian cultures.  There are multiple vegetarian cultures wherein people have flourished for centuries.  The same can't be said of vegans who give up all animal products.
Ahntara123 (2 года назад)
+sajfen   I appreciate your thoughtful and thorough reply and I concede all the points you make.  Yes, for those consuming the SAD, vegetarian/vegan diets make more sense.  There are a couple of recurring themes that keep the question I poised on my mind.  First is my own interest in survival-type TV shows and the difficulty in obtaining enough calories to thrive, even by experts, even including animals.  Our present situation is one of living in a culture of empty caloric excess but that could change quickly at any time.  Another factor is that I ate this diet myself and could not sustain it without animal products.  And finally, the absolutism of people who recommend veganism.  Even internet discussions about the topic of food seem to devolve into insults and personal attacks.  I know that vegans feel very strongly about their lifestyle and find the cavalier taking of life offensive.  I really do get it.  Hence I get back to whether or not any of them can point to an indigenous culture that survived without the use of animals.  Not sure there were any, but I do keep asking.  So, Ill end by simply repeating my original point as to the error of defining vegetarian cultures as vegan.  There is a difference and to me, it's an important one.  But I appreciate your comments.
sajfen (2 года назад)
+Ahntara123 It seemed like your initial point was the same one as the last one in your previous comment. So I answered it by pointing out that we actually have no nutritional requirement from meats and the negative components vastly outweighs the good parts. So simply pointing out ancient cultures diet habits have no bearing on the diets viability today. A starving tribe would of course benefit from eating a mammut since starvation kills a bit faster than heart disease. It's simply just a variant of the oh so popular naturalistic fallacy. It's actually hard to find a worse source of essential fatty acids and the vitamin (or rather mineral) content does not make up for the bad fats. They can easily be obtained elsewhere. Protein is found i greater quantity and higher quality in something as simple as kidney beans or chick peas so classifying meats as a great protein source considering the bagage is simply not true. Honestly, if we take a look at the standard american diet today. Should we really encourage people to eat more sat fats, trans fats and cholesterol? And pointing out the dangers of having too little cholesterol in your system? If there even is such a thing barring ultra rare diseases? And how many people are affected with cholesterol deficiency compared to people dying of heart disease? Heart disease takes 600 000 lives each year in America alone. Those are numbers I do. You can fill in the rest.
Ahntara123 (2 года назад)
+sajfen  Well okay.  That wasn't really the gist of my comment but since you went there, I'll take the bait.  Meat and other animal products are a concentrated source of protein, vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids.   While a small amount of trans fat is present in meat, the amounts found in processed foods represent the true danger.  Cholesterol is a beneficial substance vital for many processes like proper endocrine function, cellular repair, healthy digestion, serotonin production and brain health.  My point was the error of presenting information on vegetarianism and blue zones while mislabeling this as vegan.  While I personally believe that being vegan, especially raw vegan, is beneficial for a limited amount of time, I don't think it's sustainable long term.  Do you know of any indigenous cultures who thrived on a vegan diet?
sajfen (2 года назад)
+Ahntara123 Because trans fats and cholesterol is a vital part of our diet? Meat has nothing more to offer.
shirehorse91 (2 года назад)
More vegan bullshit. It's the meat eaters that make up the longes lived people.
The Pleblian (2 года назад)
Snake oil salesman...
sajfen (2 года назад)
+The PC Police It can't be true because you feel it?
Globox822 (2 года назад)
Why r ppl so obsessed with living long? Quality over quantity. I don't want to be a walking corpse
Number Code (3 месяца назад)
sajfen Wait, Vegans live longer? *GOOGLES OLDEST PEOPLE* Answer: Jeanne Calment *GOOGLES JEANNE CALMENT’S FAVORITE FOOD* Answer: - French Wine And Fine Chocolate - Banana And Pain-Relievers - **|SUSHI|** - **|PORK|** And Beans - **|BACON|** Are Vegans Lying? 🤔
Globox822 (2 года назад)
+sajfen stfu
sajfen (2 года назад)
+Globox822 Living longer and have more quality years. You are creating a false dichotomy where none exists.
ragazziita (2 года назад)
I wish I could be 25 for 10 years, but honestly I have no desire to live past 90. Maybe I'll change my mind as time passes.
Southern Girl (1 год назад)
ragazziita You Will !!
satyagraha a (2 года назад)
Humans currently enslave, torture and murder 2 billion animals per week. That is more animals killed in a year than there has ever been humans alive. A vegan diet is not just way healthier, but it is taken a step into a new level of compassion for all species, and the best environmentally oriented move you could make. The livestock industry is not only beyond evil, but they are the worst polluter in the world by far. Living longer is just a bonus for going vegan.
Bruno Schardelmann (19 дней назад)
satyagraha a you have the right to live like you do...still Wrong though
EIH (28 дней назад)
The countrie which eat the most kimchi also get the highest rates of stomach cancer. You may want to reconsider the "hella" kimchi and dial it back. Now as for Colon, breast, and prostate cancer you would want to slow down on the meat and dairy for those.
alex i (29 дней назад)
Way to go victoria hale, feed that cancer. Just keep feeding it.
Geoff (1 месяц назад)
Roy Gravelili. FAT doesn't make you fat. Plants do. Grains are the enemy.
Geoff (1 месяц назад)
Tai the Samurai Almost all of the many vegetarians II grew up with are dead.
SpacePyramid (2 года назад)
Stay hydrated, stay out of the sun and avoid stress. Keep it simple. there's no trick or rules. who wants to be a 100+ years old vegan, unable to do anything anymore and just a burden on everyone. I'll pass.
Martinaj kodra (1 год назад)
SpacePyramid are you out of mind who told you to saty out of sun oh my god your knowledge is at wery bad level ,did you now that from lack of sunshine is cause of 70 % of cancer types ,including type 2diabetes and much more illnes ,this is the most stupidest comment ewer made ,if you avoid sun you will die wery young ,because you'll be lacking vitamin d which controles over 20 thousand genes in human body ,please read and get more knowledge because obviosly you don't hawe idea about nothing
William Gilliam (2 года назад)
+SpacePyramid I'm not sure what this means, why would vegans be a burden on everyone? Do you have grandparents or greatgrandparents? If you do, then you should ask yourself the same question.
Purple Label (2 года назад)
because sometimes your meat might attack you back ..
MCline93 (2 года назад)
Title is way off from what's in the video...
Frankish Empire (2 года назад)
Vegans don´t get older, they just look older....
sajfen (2 года назад)
It's amazing to see such anger and hatred towards this life style.
aniccadance13 (8 дней назад)
sajfen You’re wrong, the ones who troll youtube insulting everyone are the vegans. I guess they’re cognitively impaired by eating plants only. We’re not ruminants, no culture ever existed on plant-based diet only. Btw Mediterranean diet is not vegetarian or vegan as anyone anyone who’s been to those countries knows. Its agriculture that is killing the planet..Ask any dentist about the vegan’s teeth and doctors about depression and mental problems. I was a vegan for almost 20 years ☹️
Debah Noln (5 месяцев назад)
They're not afraid of anything new. They just don't want to hear that the crap they eat is killing them.
Debah Noln (5 месяцев назад)
Saifen - people will only accept lifestyle changes that they want. If you tell them they'll be healthier eating lots of animals and animal products and no carbs many are happy with that. Ask them to cut out the foods they love/crave and they get nasty. The truth hurts. The reality is that a mostly plant based diet is healthier, but no one wants to hear that. So they can just say "hello" to their thoracic surgeons and go under the knife. Whatever.
sajfen (2 года назад)
+M Ryan True, well put.
M R (2 года назад)
+sajfen True, this guy was not arrogant but some are and then people won't listen.  Everyone is afraid of something new and something they do not understand.
Howard Roark (2 года назад)
Who the hell wants to live into 90's, 100's anyway? I'd rather have an indulgent lifestyle and check out at 75.
sajfen (2 года назад)
+victoria hale Yeah, who wants to live a long healthy life anyways? (these arguments are getting really weird)
Rob Lewis (2 года назад)
+victoria hale Counter intuitive? You've obviously never eaten good vegan food. But please tell me more about the foods I'm allowed to enjoy. lol
victoria hale (2 года назад)
+sajfen most people do bc they r afraid to die who wants to outlive must of their friends and family and die in a hospital or a old age facility.thanks but no thanks
victoria hale (2 года назад)
+Rob Lewis that's complete counter intuitive but ok
Rob Lewis (2 года назад)
+Howard Roark You can have an indulgent lifestyle as a vegan.
Michael Davenport (2 года назад)
sajfen (2 года назад)
+Michael Davenport "OK" ...
Michael Davenport (2 года назад)
sajfen (2 года назад)
+Michael Davenport Or making sense?
w00tse (2 года назад)
He's drawing the wrong conclusions from his research. If you look at these groups with a high density of centenarians closely (even some of the ones he mentioned), they are usually small communities with fairly narrow genetic diversity. The fact is that while a healthy diet will increase your lifespan, especially if you have a predisposition towards "first world diseases" such as diabetes, hyperlipidemia or hypertension the true determining factor is genetics. Centenarians might share some behavioural or dietary traits but more importantly they show a set of genes associated with living longer.
Siegfried Furtwängler Knappertsbusch (2 года назад)
+w00tse Yes, I agree then. I just think diet is still extremely important. As you read in my article if you eat a healthy diet and live a healthy life style, the average life expectancy would be 89.5, let's just say 90. Which still isn't 100, obviously. So obviously genetics do play an important role as well. I guess we mostly agree.
w00tse (2 года назад)
+Siegfried Furtwängler Knappertsbusch I never claimed it doesn't. It certainly does. But becoming a centenarian was (in future generations it won't be) a lucky draw in terms of genetics and circumstance. Thats all I am saying.
Siegfried Furtwängler Knappertsbusch (2 года назад)
+w00tse That's not my claim. http://archinte.jamanetwork.com/article.aspx?articleid=648593 Healthy lifestyle including diet, exercise etc significantly increases lifespan.
w00tse (2 года назад)
+Siegfried Furtwängler Knappertsbusch The data does not support the notion that vegan diet alone increases lifespan anywhere close to 10 years. You can try. I won't stop you.
Siegfried Furtwängler Knappertsbusch (2 года назад)
+w00tse This small population has the highest number of centenarians in the world.
VeganViet Ⓥ (2 года назад)
If you want longer and better quality of life, go vegan
Number Code (3 месяца назад)
VeganViet Ⓥ Wait, Vegans live longer? **GOOGLES OLDEST PEOPLE** Answer: Jeanne Calment **GOOGLES JEANNE CALMENT’S FAVORITE FOOD** Answer: - French Wine And Fine Chocolate - Banana And Pain-Relievers - **|SUSHI|** - **|PORK|** And Beans - **|BACON|** Are Vegans Lying? 🤔 Wow...
Falco Lombardi (1 год назад)
+Dr. Dhoom Please provide a credible source for your statement. Otherwise, your claim is nothing but a complete waste. Scrub.
Doctor Doom (1 год назад)
+Falco Lombardi B12 deficiency is a myth you moron.
Falco Lombardi (1 год назад)
+Edwin Rivero I used to live deep in the country where there are very few stores(small section of veggies) and literally no access to health food stores where one would normally buy supplements because ya know, dat b12 ain't sufficient on a plain vegan diet.
Edwin D.R.G. (1 год назад)
Falco Lombardi Oh really! You couldn't buy all the vegan products: vegetables, fruits and legumes? Where do you live at the time? Antartica?
gitsiriusmusic (2 года назад)
we are omnivores ffs
Number Code (3 месяца назад)
William Gilliam, Please get out of here. That question is just a waste of time. Everyone knows “who” is an omnivore.
William Gilliam (2 года назад)
+gitsiriusmusic Who is?
sajfen (2 года назад)
+gitsiriusmusic So?
The real (2 года назад)
sajfen (2 года назад)
+Anthony Sanchez So's your face.
Juanito Calavera (2 года назад)
And yet despite all of this, the top 10 countries in life expectancy have predominantly meat and fish diets. I myself live in number 2 last I checked.
Neophyte (5 месяцев назад)
MCline93 yes, and the difference in life expectancy is mostly due to lower infant mortility. Factor that out and you have Western countries throwing millions of $ into health treatments to achieve what some poorer ones do just by not eating junk.
SevenRiderAirForce (7 месяцев назад)
Medical technology is much more of an end-of-days component. Healthy lifestyles keep you out of the hospital for as long as possible.
MCline93 (2 года назад)
+Juanito Calavera That's going to have more to do with wealth of the country (to afford the meat industry) and the medical technology available.
sajfen (2 года назад)
+Juanito Calavera It doesn't mean that that diet is perfect right? Just less bad than the rest.
Eric Newbury (2 года назад)
God I'm so sick of this shit. Statistics is a powerful tool but to watch it used so ridiculously indiscriminate literally pains my brain. The bare fact is that most of the time you're using statistics, especially with something as complex as demographics, sociology, etc, you're probably looking at a correlation, NOT a causation. This is why statistics is ONLY a pointer to investigate, not something to use as the end 'empirical' evidence. It means there MIGHT be something over there to check out. The final act is to actually make a hypothesis and TEST a model/system that can make predictions and, hopefully, explains mechanisms. And, by predictions I mean PREDICTIONS. Not just going, 'beans MIGHT help bacteria that MIGHT reduce inflammation which MIGHT make you live longer' then comparing some charts and going 'I'm right 20% of the time' is NOT a scientific theory. I'm not saying this is bad work, but for God's sake, stop pedaling it as the END conclusion. Tell me WHY the beans help the bacteria, then WHY the bacteria reduce inflammation and then WHY the inflammation reduces your life expectancy. And before you lose your shit, cause we all know how youtubers love to be amateur physicists and scientists, and talk about the models that predict but don't explain phenomena, like gravity, I'm not arguing that this CAN NOT be done. But your data has to be REALLY fucking compelling. I mean, Gravity isn't this shoddy statistical anomaly that exists for some and not others. Its model, even without understanding mechanism, works PERFECTLY most any time. And, yes, I'm speaking mostly of General Relativity, not Newtonian mechanics. I'm aware that that can have holes. I know this is asking a lot, but I just don't like half truths sold as dogma. From anyone, big pharma OR from the 'el natural' crowd.
Kuraitsuki Lavi (5 месяцев назад)
I love you
Rebecca Leigh (9 месяцев назад)
Beans reduce inflammation because they create an alkaline, fibrous environment in which ideal bacteria can thrive, which in turn neutralizes your microbiome whenever helpful bacteria overcome invasive bacteria. That bacteria is considered invasive because it causes scarring. Thus, inflammation. Inflammation causes scarring of not only the intestines, but also of the cardiovascular system. This is the same reason people with highly acidic diets may be seen taking daily probiotic treatments to offset those adverse effects. Not exactly nighttime television chatter, but very easy to verify online.
Deleted Channel (10 месяцев назад)
This comment is dumb
asliuf (1 год назад)
Correlation is not evidence of causation, of course, but the strong correlative evidence of animal protein and cholesterol on nearly all of the leading causes of death for americans is not the only evidence in support of a whole foods vegan diet for optimal health! There have also been a number of studies investigating the mechanisms that cause these outcomes, and indeed, human experimental trials. A great documentary to learn more is called "Forks over Knives," and you can watch it here: http://yify.tv/watch-forks-over-knives-online-free-yify/
Robert Clary (2 года назад)
Vegans don't live longer, it just seems longer. 8)
Cynthia Nolder (4 месяца назад)
I have met vegetarians who smoke!     really?
Aaron Graf AstronAaron (7 месяцев назад)
James Purcell okay?
James Purcell (7 месяцев назад)
I also realize there are people that smoke a pack a day and live to 90, like my friend's grandfather. I'm not going to start smoking a pack a day. This is an incredibly stupid argument you've made.
Aaron Graf AstronAaron (8 месяцев назад)
Lisa Lightning you do realize that there are people who do live past 80 and eat meat and don't end up being in a hospital bed......
Lisa Lightning (10 месяцев назад)
Robert Clary they live healthier longer. My dad the vegan was the only one in his family who didn't have his chest cut open and his heart operated on. My mom also. Thank God she became mostly vegan and my dad became vegan in their 50s. Somewhat outlived their siblings but way higher quality of life, no surgeries, no hospitalizations. When you are 80 do you want to be mobile or do you want to be confined to a bed?
channelnw (2 года назад)
Vegans live longer because they are on average more wealthy and educated. No mystery.
Number Code (3 месяца назад)
channelnw, Wait, Vegans live longer? *GOOGLES OLDEST PEOPLE* Answer: Jeanne Calment *GOOGLES JEANNE CALMENT’S FAVORITE FOOD* Answer: - French Wine And Fine Chocolate - Banana And Pain-Relievers - *|SUSHI|* - *|PORK|* And Beans - *|BACON|* Are Vegans Lying? 🤔 This is true ^^ Vegans are lying. They lie just to get people on their side.
Charly Taylor (3 месяца назад)
That's an interesting observation. Also, people who are 'concerned' about aspects of their life tend to come from a more educated background. I do think you can eat vegan for less money than a normal diet, but it's a question of little by little.
Dubai Girl (2 года назад)
Well in 18th century England the poor would outlive the wealthy, and this was because meat and dairy was seen as luxury food items that were only affordable to the rich. The poor would eat a lot of vegetables.
iHatebologna59 (2 года назад)
Somehow "eating less meat" is vegan apparently...
EIH (25 дней назад)
You just happened to know about a study on modern okinawan diets which disproved what you said? You new about two other random studies on the gut microbiome? Get out of here, if you had any clue about any of these topics you certainly wouldn't call the meat the lesser of two evils. You'd also be able to tell me something, anything about why irradiation is bad for someone and worse than eating animal products. It is very obvious you know little about these topics at all. Now people do better on zero carb? Better in what way? Please share the long term health data that you would claim to "know about all the studies". Look man, you are simply just saying a bunch of things you think you've heard.
Vanquish Audio (25 дней назад)
EIH check this out, I literally just found this tweet on the zerocarb Reddit. You can file this under anecdotal bullshit in your head but it surprised even me. https://twitter.com/admandv/status/1034939253187203073?s=20
Vanquish Audio (25 дней назад)
EIH it’s not difficult to put in food irradiation into YouTube search. I know about all the studies you mention, they all have an agenda and their research doesn’t conclude anything. All these associations are taken without context and are useless. Sure people do better on a plant based diet than eating standard American fare but they do even better eating zero carb.
EIH (25 дней назад)
You obviously don't know much about any of the topics we have discussed the last few days. So I doubt any amount of research could convince you of anything. You just seem to jump from one thing you heard to the next. I'm the one explaining to you, easily showing in most cases, why you are wrong. Show some proof that "all your plants are irradiated" what is that and why is it a worry? Is irradiation more of a worry than carnitine digestion in your gut microbiome? IGF1 (promotes all stages of cancer), and cardiovascular disease (western societies greatest killer)? Why would I get bloated? How often are you constipated?
Vanquish Audio (25 дней назад)
EIH cherry picking research from biased science doesn’t convince me of anything. My beef is grass fed from New Zealand. All your plants are irradiated if they’re sold here. Meaning all the natural bacteria and enzymes are destroyed. How often do you get bloated?
Morpheus (2 года назад)
What this guy doesn't tell people is that the primary reason for these people's longevity is genetic, not dietary. There's a reason this occurs in *_zones_*. These zones will tend to have populations who share the vast majority of their genome within their population. There's also a reason why people with identical diets outside these populations don't live nearly as long. But gene substitution is neither an option in 2016, nor does it sell books. Diet books, on the other hand, sell like hot cakes. The kind that is sucked down by the dozen by the fat morons that buy diet books.
Matthew Rider (2 года назад)
Considering the average lifespan is already at 80 years, does it REALLY become a necessity to deny oneself a basic food group, simply to live long enough to a point where you can't wipe your own ass??? Eat what you will, and shut the fuck up about what OTHER people eat. If you want a country where government gets to control everything (including what you eat), I hear North Korea is an excellent choice.
Michael Sherman (1 год назад)
+A123 B456 Because our entire dietary history as a species is irrelevant, right? Even chimps hunt. Hey, bears are omnivorous, too. How well do you think they'd hold up without meat?
A123 B456 (1 год назад)
No. Eating meat, dairy and eggs is an unnecessary choice that has far reaching consequences on animals, people and the environment. You just don't want to admit that your actions are unjustifiable and irrational.
Victor Lim (1 год назад)
Matthew Rider to
RustyTube (2 года назад)
I don’t see where he said anything about vegans. He certainly didn’t mention any place in India, where they eat mostly vegan food, as living longer than in other countries. He said _walking_ was the key to living long healthy lives. He also said those people eat meat, just not as much as is common in the American diet of eating meat three times a day. It sounds like they eat a well-balanced diet in those communities in addition to walking a lot. Not as an exercise, but as a normal part of life.
AwoudeX (2 года назад)
Blue zones: less meat than the average american (hint: that is not vegan). Exercize and moderation are way more important than the radical notion of vegans to abolish eating meat alltogether. The title is fucking bullshit and i've never seen a healthy looking vegan. (nor a die-hard meat eater, the other extreme, they don't tend to look too well either)
Vilarchim (1 год назад)
You should go tell all of the blue zones that eat meat 5 times a month that.
Bigpoppashark (1 год назад)
AwoudeX People who praise moderation of anything rarely accomplish anything in life. Can't go anywhere with the moderation philosophy. Empires and great nations weren't built on moderation
sourcescience (1 год назад)
AwoudeX that post scores moderately highly on the vegan bullshit bingo board.
Z O D I Y A K (2 года назад)
Ja Crispy Who do you know that "Wears cows or other animals that are skinned alive"? I think you know a serial killer and I think that skin is human.
Throngdorr Mighty (2 года назад)
+The Antispeciesist You fucking idiot. The people you're arguing with are apparently trolling you the whole time. Isn't it fucking obvious?
tiffsaver (2 года назад)
Vegans live much longer. They die of boredom.
tiffsaver (2 года назад)
+Clyde Rembrandt The beef and milk lobbies are among the most powerful in Washington...
Clyde Rembrandt (2 года назад)
+tiffsaver I have.  But, for every one PETA ad I run into there are about 100,000 meat, eggs or dairy ads I see or hear.  I don't know where you live, but I live in the US which is one of the biggest per capita meat consuming countries in the world. Meat is heavily advertised here and the advertisements are working. 
tiffsaver (2 года назад)
+Clyde Rembrandt Apparently, you have never heard of organizations like PETA, have you?
Clyde Rembrandt (2 года назад)
+tiffsaver I know what vegan means.  I've been vegan for 9 years and counting.  I was an ovo-lacto vegetarian for 6 months before that.
J.L. Roberts (2 года назад)
Become a fulltime caregiver for people from 85 to 105, and you will not want to live that long. Believe me, I have done it and hope I die by 75, even though my genes may cause me to live to 95.
YouDontKnowMe (2 года назад)
+J.L. Roberts I work several hours a week with this age group and I can see that it is highly overrated. The more and more I consider my future, at age 52, I honestly don't care if 25 years are left right now. It is all energy anyway. When it is my time, what, I just hop another bus.
Clyde Rembrandt (2 года назад)
+J.L. Roberts I'm sure that you've bothered to read the research of Dean Ornish regarding the effects diet has on prostate cancer and heart disease.  Functional capacity decline in humans starts in about the 4th decade of life.  The rate of diminished capacity is different for different people.  Who said anything about immortality?  Do you believe immortality means the same thing as having arteries that aren't full of atherosclerotic plaques?  If so, your confusion about the matter is understandable.  But, I'll apprise you that your definition of immortality is inaccurate.  Chimpanzees will actually exhaust their fruit supply before they seek other foods.  But, I'm not sure what Chimps have to do with the discussion.   
J.L. Roberts (2 года назад)
+Clyde Rembrandt I'm sure you have done a research paper based on quantified facts that proves your statement. Every human that lives to 85 -105 has reduced functional capacities. And most if not all of their friends have died which causes loss of social interaction (loneliness). Leave the selling of immortality to advocates of religious fantasy. Humans and Chimpanzees are omnivorous hunter gathers. Gorillas are herbivores. I am not a Gorilla.
Clyde Rembrandt (2 года назад)
+J.L. Roberts Well, these people also suffer from fewer chronic diseases in old age.
Bottle of Rakija (2 года назад)
Yay if i become vegeterian or vegan i could live to see myself walk with a cane,a deteriorating brain and a piss trough a tube...with no teeth.Fuck it i would rather die at 50,smoking,eating and drinking whatever i want than micromanage everything i eat so i could spend more time micromanaging what to eat.
Dubai Girl (2 года назад)
Lol lets see if you still hold this view when you're 50 ;)

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