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AI in Sales #003 - Hire Smart using Machine Learning - Basil Fateen, HireHunt.com

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AI in Sales - Hire Smarter with Machine Learning - In this week’s AI in Sales Podcast I speak with Basil Fateen, CEO of HireHunt, an interactive recruitment experience platform that allows applicants to connect with jobs by showing who you are and what you can do,...far beyond what a simple resume/CV can transmit. In this podcast Basil talks a bit about what's wrong with today's traditional recruitment process and the inherent biases involved in hiring an applicant that can hinder a company's decision making process. He also describes how HireHunt is using Machine Learning to create a different type of job match-making experience that fits today's real-world demands. We discuss how their platform uses text messages or email interactions to qualify a candidate and what the system looks for. All this and a gamification assessment example that quite literally was something I would never have thought of.
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Baldeep Birak (6 месяцев назад)
Great use for AI. Taking away bias from recruitment.

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