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Small country, BIG on education. Study in Denmark

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http://studyindenmark.dk/ WHY STUDY IN DENMARK - Internationally recognised degrees - Innovative education system of the highest international quality - Critical thinking, open debate and problem-based learning - Informal, international and collaborative learning environment - Safe, well-organised and innovative country Study for an internationally recognized PhD, Master's, Bachelor's or Academy Profession degree in Denmark. Read more at http://studyindenmark.dk - the official gateway to higher education in Denmark
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Rasmus Pedersen (2 года назад)
Ah, well, not so big on education much more... The government is pulling away funds from that sector right now. Big time. It really sucks, you know?
RazvanNn (11 месяцев назад)
but it's still better than in eastern countries.
GrantozBoys (3 года назад)
Love this video :)
aoifewest (4 года назад)
is there any funding for a Masters degree?
Psykotiske Hyggen (4 года назад)
What I dont like about US. Show anyone get murdered on TV. Thats OK ! Show the most horrendously TV. Thats OK ! *But* if you show a nipple ! ! ! *THATS NOT OK* *OMG* The Americans are *so* funny :)
tikaveilan (4 года назад)
0:35 - 0:37 is definitely the best part of the video. :)
Cian Martin (4 года назад)
i want to study in denmark but im having trouble with the admission form :(
Ravi Ramani (2 года назад)
+Cian Martin OK
David Hansen (4 года назад)
you are very welcome! ;) i'm happy to hear! :D
Cian Martin (4 года назад)
thank you for responding but ive got it sorted now :) thank you :D
David Hansen (4 года назад)
i'm danish and they can be very hard indeed d: whats the problem?
CoffeeForAll (5 лет назад)
StudyInDenmark seriously lacks both self-criticism and objectivity. Something is very wrong with these videos and it's almost as if the participants aren't allowed to voice criticism or maybe it's something much worse... like fake students. P.S. I'm obviously Danish
Ben Christensen (5 лет назад)
For the record, I actually am an international student in Denmark. Additionally, many of the international students in this ad are my classmates at the IT University of Copenhagen.
Pe3Dee (5 лет назад)
if scientific method and human values were acclaimed, would there still be reason to show money inside this otherwise good short-video? i know education is very good in denmark, but please consider about in what kind of world you put technology into, and what it becomes after released into the monetary public.. you should solve this problem first instead of inducing it any further. Yes there ARE alternatives
Andrei Trandafir (5 лет назад)
I am first highschool year here in Romania and when I will finish highschool, I want to go in Denmark for study...

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