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Butterbur | Natural Relief for Spring Seasonal Allergies

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A large study of a butterbur leaf supplement also found that 90 per cent of participants taking butterbur experienced a decrease in their symptoms of seasonal allergies. Discover more natural relief for spring seasonal allergies: https://chfa.ca/en/lifestyle_tips/natural-relief-for-spring-seasonal-allergies/ Follow us for more health and lifestyle tips! Facebook: http://facebook.com/CanadianHealthFoodAssociation Instagram: http://instagram.com/canadianhealthfoodassociation Twitter: http://twitter.com/cdnhealthfood Website: http://chfa.ca
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Denise (1 год назад)
Well you talked about Quercetin and Butterbur for allergies. So how do you use them? Do you take them together or one of them is enough? Thanks
Canadian Health Food Association (1 год назад)
Hi Denise! These can be used individually or together for allergy symptoms. We always recommend consulting your health care practitioner for what will work best for you based on your individual needs. For more information about quercetin and butterbur, check out these links on our website: https://chfa.ca/en/lifestyle_tips/natural-relief-for-spring-seasonal-allergies/diet https://chfa.ca/en/lifestyle_tips/natural-relief-for-spring-seasonal-allergies/butterbur

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