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Drugstore Makeup Haul - Kayla Skyee

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*OPEN FOR FUN STUFF* Kayla’s Personal Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/TheSkype111 Instagram: @TheSkype111 Twitter: @Kayla_Skyee Snapchat: TheSkype111x *I don’t have any other official links yet* Music: NO COPYRIGHT INTENDED "Say my Name" - Odesza Remix Lets see if we can get this video to 440 likes(: More videos to come soon!(:
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Текстовые комментарии (124)
Renee banks (2 года назад)
I love her soooo muchhh! she was one of my favorites on ssg!! I'm happy she'll be active on here Ill miss you on ssg at least you'll do more mature videos!
Fantage Mike (3 года назад)
you look like your sad you left SSG
Fugry Fugry (3 года назад)
I think you should make you're eyebrows look taller
Fugry Fugry (3 года назад)
I think you should make you're eyebrows look taller
RS Vlogs (3 года назад)
are going back to SSG
Simply Olivia (3 года назад)
What are your reactions to no more age limits on ssg? Would you go back?
InfinityPets (3 года назад)
Kailey la will u rejoin ssh because the age limit is 17
bellissima (3 года назад)
Kayla, aren't you going to re-join SSG? They changed the age limit!
Laiba Ali (3 года назад)
Hey Kayla they have removed the age limit on ssg and I don't want Mimi on ssg u belong there!!
Laiba Ali (3 года назад)
U also helped them reach 3 million
Gamers (3 года назад)
Come back to ssg plz
rociodaniela 2005 (3 года назад)
I miss you so much on ssg
Claire Shen (3 года назад)
Are you coming back to ssg?
Kyra Faith (3 года назад)
Can't you come back to ssg?
123 123 (3 года назад)
Kayla please replay are you going back to ssg because kathren is back are you going back
Anime._.edits (3 года назад)
U might be able to come back to ssg
dania (3 года назад)
I really miss you on ssg .. That was the saddest day ever :(
Jade McMichael (3 года назад)
Are you gonna go back? They lifted the age.
HGwitch (3 года назад)
I will miss you on ssg
Claire Smith (3 года назад)
I swear if you reply to this comment I'm going to print it out, buy a frame, an put it next to my bed.
Claire Smith (3 года назад)
Awe Kayla! Your too perfect!
Princess Lexox (3 года назад)
kaitlin viramontes (3 года назад)
What editor do you use?
Gabby Servietti (3 года назад)
I invite you to stop by my channel 😊
Gracie Chavez (3 года назад)
hi I am so sad that you left sevensupergirls
TheuMad Clan (3 года назад)
preman Santhi (3 года назад)
I wish you were in ssg
Tao Kanika (3 года назад)
Kayla I miss you so much!!!
StarlightProductions (3 года назад)
I offer you to be in my channel! Since you are 16 and left SSG, We are holding auditions for ages 16-30! Please reply even if you want to reject! Plz! And that's me in the profile picture.
julia thatgirl (3 года назад)
Kayla Please Reply!! I Love Your Channel ^_^ Your Hauls And Covers Like All! I've Missed You On SSG ^_^ And I Was Hoping If You Could Subscribe To My Channel ^_^
Cheyenne Hashida (3 года назад)
I miss you so much on seven super girls
CRYSTALS 4 ever (3 года назад)
Kayla always makes me feel like I'm watching ssg
FaithGraceHope (3 года назад)
Please do a video of u reacting to old videos! Like your introduction video for SSG!
DEVON_h20 (3 года назад)
hia Kayla pls reply soooo sad seeing you say goodbye from ssg channel 😢😢😢😢😢i will miss you from there
Asrcollections 201 (3 года назад)
You awsome
Asrcollections 201 (3 года назад)
You awsome
ColinCraftFTW (3 года назад)
Great video!
Magic Angelz (3 года назад)
I loved kayla on ssg :(
Gamers (3 года назад)
i know but there can be 9 of them 
Magic Angelz (3 года назад)
+joamly gaming they already replaced her
Gamers (3 года назад)
She can come back
sania khan (3 года назад)
i want to join ssg
stranger_crybaby (3 года назад)
Hi Kayla! I miss you so so so so so *hyperventilate* much from SSG! You just earned yourself a subscriber 👍🏼
anjellica65 (3 года назад)
Great video...I subbed
vargasgirl111 (3 года назад)
Kayla, your so pretty🙈maybe reply?
Katie Byrne (3 года назад)
This is really good and interesting! 😊 love your videos Kayla. 💖
kelly v (3 года назад)
Your soo bootiful! Really sad u left SSG. But at least you have your personal channel 😋.
Sunmay (3 года назад)
Kayla plz reply to this! You are a big inspiration to me! Sad you not on SSG anymore but I have to subscribe to this now! Just to see you! You are awesome and I am sad that girl Mimi I think her name was took you're spot on SSG. But it was you're time to leave! U r awesome!
J3nnie 15 (3 года назад)
mimi is insted of you on ssg :) i like mimi
Carolina Vicente (3 года назад)
hi kayla i miss you from seven super girls the videos you made where great plz answer back kayla
Life Aim (3 года назад)
I'm so sad u left plz reply I was bout I cry but I will always remember u
B2Dabest 1 (3 года назад)
I love you Kayla
abby1234 (3 года назад)
Kayla can you please do a live video?? and i like you so so so so sooooooo mach
Acroandrea 04 (3 года назад)
I'm so happy that you have another channel other than SSG because if you didn't I would miss you!!!
Ella Swart (3 года назад)
Can you please do a video with Morgan and Sarah? You guys are awesome together😀👌🏻
Khushi Gupta (3 года назад)
I miss you on ssg
Elmiramel Para Unisa (3 года назад)
i miss u omg ssg
Elmiramel Para Unisa (3 года назад)
i miss u omg ssg
Allie Time (3 года назад)
U look so pretty and ur perfect in every way
iqrasgamingchannel channel (3 года назад)
its so sad that u left ssg but do u know who is the new saterday on ssg
Amelie Grace (3 года назад)
doesn't kaylas new profile picture kinda look like corrine from threadbanger :D
William Xu (3 года назад)
Kayla! Can you please reply? I luv u!!!! I'm very sad you left SSG , I wish you stayed.... But, Kayla , you...you.....are FABOULOS !!!!!!!!!! I wish you'd reply. 8)
Gamers (3 года назад)
+Kayla Skyee come back to ssg
Olivia Miller (3 года назад)
+Kayla Skyee you are awesome I wish I could meet you but I live in Erie Michigan 😢😢😢
Fateema Akter (3 года назад)
+Kayla Skyee Omg I miss you so much! 😂😞😆😢
Kayla Skyee (3 года назад)
awww thank you so much!
William Xu (3 года назад)
+Kayla Skyee Keep it up! 😉😘🌷
that random girl (3 года назад)
Can I have a shoutout please kayla it would help me out a lot if people subscribed to me
that random girl (3 года назад)
Your so beautiful kayla 😻can every1 subscribe too me
Rebecca Barnett (3 года назад)
Kayla your so funny I love you if you have face time or Instagram pleas give me your name
Azaraiah Sheerie (3 года назад)
I miss you on SSG!😢😢💔 Pls make more vid every week!😉
Tarlan K (3 года назад)
Oh my gosh!!! I was the 440th like!!!
Aishaaa Xexoxo (3 года назад)
What is the title of the music
muhammad arshad (3 года назад)
say my name is the name of the song
Paris C (3 года назад)
I miss you on SSG... :( but I still love you Kayla your awesome! 😘
Amy (3 года назад)
MonicaAngel13 (3 года назад)
OMG Kayla what is the name of your editor? PLz answer
jillian vickery (3 года назад)
"Hey guys it's Kayla and today..." I'm so used to "hey guys it's Kayla and this weeks theme on seven super girls is.." LOVE YOU KAYLA!!!!!!! Haha love your makeup videos
jillian vickery (3 года назад)
I have dark circles and I'm 12!
Calistabrookexo (3 года назад)
Zoe Sparklemustard (3 года назад)
I'll miss her on SSG but now maybe we can see her doing more mature and different types of videos, I'm excited for her!
Gamers (3 года назад)
+SparkleLove she came back
EmmaGT (3 года назад)
Yeah. Katherine left so that just made it worse.
Ann Harada (3 года назад)
Who is going to fill in for ssg
Shiroz Kazani (3 года назад)
Find out tomorrow
I will delete this channel sorry (3 года назад)
Nice makeup kayla..I love u
William Xu (3 года назад)
IKR! Kayla ★RO҉C҉K҉Z҉★! I miss her from SSG
Smileyxalina (3 года назад)
Please do a room tour...love you Kayla your the best...
liviu589 (3 года назад)
nice video kayla
Catherine the Kraken (3 года назад)
Hey guys!!! On my channel I make vlog/beauty type videos & I would love it if you subscribed!!! Thanks so much!!!💋
Graceshaly Perez (3 года назад)
it my b day
Graceshaly Perez (3 года назад)
+Athziry Gonzalez happy b day
Athziry Gonzalez (3 года назад)
It's my birthday too
Queen Kordei (3 года назад)
Happy Birthday!!!
crizzey100 (3 года назад)
I Love that your doing makeup Videos now ! Your beautiful so it fits you perfect ! Can I request three or four different types of lip stick looks Like one a really Glossy Look one like a bright red and one look for school and pick what ever you really love to do !! Hope you can do this Thank you so much !
Galaxy Tab (3 года назад)
even if i'm nit kayla it sounds very nice your comment hope kayla see's it
PixiehollowNora (3 года назад)
"Your so beautiful it's perfect" that's so nice omg I hope Kayla sees this comment :)
colorful succulent (3 года назад)
I'm so happy I can still watch videos from u I loved ur skits on ssg😓😓🎀🎀💐😇
zoe karina (3 года назад)
Hey Kayla! Great video! 💜💜
Tamaia Johnson (3 года назад)
Me to I'm so sad
Danielle Ansell (3 года назад)
You are literally so perfect 😍😍😍
Aishaaa Xexoxo (3 года назад)
she perfectly imperfect
Lud Zeva (3 года назад)
U should do a make up tutorial
CoolBlueWolf (3 года назад)
i still can't believe that u haft to leave i just can't
MyNames Sofiex (3 года назад)
Congrats on 26k! Please can you do a make up collection?
Lily O Sullivan Greene (3 года назад)
Can u do a perfume and body spray collection please💜😊
Yesha Hoe (3 года назад)
21st comment!
AMerfe (3 года назад)
Congrats on 26k!
8pastelgalaxy8 (3 года назад)
loved this Kayla!!! im so glad you're still doing yt and making videos on your personal channel now💜 can't wait for your next video!! xoxox💜
Humaira Ghafoor (3 года назад)
amazing video
The Cloudy Jammer (3 года назад)
Can you do a daily makeup routine?
Molly Lightfoot 16 (3 года назад)
Kayla 1 love this vid 2 Seven Super Girls won't be the same with out you But I'm glad you have this channel so I can still watch new videos that u film xxxxx
Millie brownie (3 года назад)
Please could you do a makeup collection?x
I missed u Kayla the ssg channel without u and Katherine is so bad
Aadfgg Asdfgh (3 года назад)
Love you Kayla!
DONT PANIC (3 года назад)
6th comment
Kimonnie's Life (3 года назад)
can you look at my YouTube channel and give me a shout in your next video
Sayaka Maizono (3 года назад)
+Phoebe Crown i know she left and also Katherine
Phoebe Crown (3 года назад)
+Silver Silver5 she left like last week how did you not already know that
Sayaka Maizono (3 года назад)
She left ssg :(
Phoebe Crown (3 года назад)
Becuase she's definitely going to do that 😂
FluffKin TuffStuff (3 года назад)
second comment cool
Amoke world (3 года назад)
Alexis G (3 года назад)
2nd comment
Yasmin Ahmed (3 года назад)
First comment well done kayla

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