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The Business of Teaching - 2 - How to Be #1 in Your Market

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Click here to discover The Insight and become a confident, fluent English speaker - http://www.englishanyone.com/speak-fluent-english-confidently-in-6-months/ Click here to see a free survey/email collection app in action - http://www.englishanyone.com/biz/ In this new video series, I explain how I use education to drive my business, and why you should begin doing the same thing. No matter what business you're in - or could potentially enter - education offers you the chance to reach people beyond your local, physical community, and positions you as an authority to be respected and listened to in your niche/market. In this video, I explain how to become the best in your market by being first in the mind of your prospect/client/customer. Either you're first in an untapped niche/market, or you have to create one. If you only follow others, or don't create things that solve real problems in your market, you will never find success. The more popular this series becomes, the faster I'll produce more videos in this series. Click here to discover The Insight and become a confident, fluent English speaker - http://www.englishanyone.com/speak-fluent-english-confidently-in-6-months/
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Текстовые комментарии (54)
Stanley Man (9 месяцев назад)
Thank you drew
Snezana Rosic (1 год назад)
great and valuable learning ...thks
fjbeats music (1 год назад)
This is really wonderful, thank you very much for taking your time to explain the business of teaching , your teaching is the most helpful i have seen so far
Asima Siallagan (2 года назад)
Too much talking. I got asleep at the end.
Halle Sal (2 года назад)
Hey Drew! I'm enjoying your videos but they are not in any logical order. Could you number your videos so that YouTube can direct me to the next video automatically? Halima
ALI HESRI (2 года назад)
nouha chehaider (2 года назад)
Thank you for this video and for your tips You have a good accent and i hope being able to speak just like you one day ...
Ahmed Mujtaba (2 года назад)
Hi forest gump! :)
Lucrecia Monleón (2 года назад)
Hi there Drew, I completely agree with you being the creator of this new category: English fluency guide ´cause you´re more than a teacher... and I´m not trying to minimize this important social role but what you are sharing is of the most importance, what works to get fluent in learning a language and that comes from your own experience. Thanks so much! Best regards, Lucrecia
tuan pham minh (2 года назад)
I need cc on all video to understand clearly, pls. Thanks
Makis Makis (2 года назад)
thank you
Luis Salazar (2 года назад)
Great info, buddy
Cutty Jo (2 года назад)
Cool video, Drew. It helped me (as an educator) to clarify the approach to use. All the best!
sadam samee (2 года назад)
your fluency and the way words are spoken are really excellent.thanks sir.
Learn English with Nadene (2 года назад)
This is a very good series. Thank you for sharing. Perhaps this would make a great second channel.
Amos Kabombo (2 года назад)
I don't have much thing to say but now with your video I try to speak English now!!!
Entesar (2 года назад)
Thank you very much for this video , i really learn new expression like labor the point and take shape, but i have a question please i was looking for particular word you were keep saying more and more and i did not found it , maybe i spell it incorrectly (nitch) would you correct it for me :) and thanks again
Entesar (2 года назад)
+Cutty Jo Thank you 😊
Cutty Jo (2 года назад)
+Entesar Yaseen Drew is American so he used their pronunciation of the term. English pronunciation is NEESH, the word is spelt NICHE.
Inglés Para Todos (2 года назад)
I'm on fan of that speed excellent U should ever speak in that manner! greetings...
Ligia Hamon (2 года назад)
For me, you are the best!
Reema A (2 года назад)
hey man ! don't say whole bunch of things ... you ARE THE BEST !! done ...
vinicius rosa (2 года назад)
Very good the way you talk about pronunciatio, without rules or sign. Could you do a video about pronunciation of TH because there are lots of videos on internet but with so many rules about it. I'm sure you can explain it in a easy way !! IT WILL HELP TOO MANY STUDENTS !! THANKS A LOT !!
Horacio Salazar Gómez (2 года назад)
Hi Drew! Although this vid is not tended to be a formal english lesson, it's so useful! Thanks for sharing! :) I'd like teach something related to graphic art, maybe recording some tutorials, but I need to work more the idea... Have a good one!
Hà Lê Thị Nhị (2 года назад)
Is your speaking is slow speed? Because I found that eventhough I don't focus alot, I still understood what you were speaking
TAT MK (2 года назад)
A dapper haircut!!!
Anton P (2 года назад)
Hey Drew, nice haircut! And again, it is always a pleasure to watch your videos about... anything :) I wish i could speak english so fluently and clearly as you do. Someday!
Daisy Benitez (2 года назад)
thanks for all the tips, you are really helping me!
mohamad farroukh (2 года назад)
how much is the fluency course fees for the first month and for the next months. its not so clear on website.
EnglishAnyone (2 года назад)
That's correct. It's a one-time payment. :)
mohamad farroukh (2 года назад)
ah ok but if i want only the 6 months course it will cost me only $149 for the whole 6 months?
mohamad farroukh (2 года назад)
ah ok but if i want only the 6 months course it will cost me only $149 for the whole 6 months
EnglishAnyone (2 года назад)
It's only $5 for the monthly program for the first month. You just choose if you also want the 6-month program with it or not. You can also just get the 6-month program. :)
mohamad farroukh (2 года назад)
ok so for the 1st month: price of membership(149, 5 or 154).and then 45$ for the next months?
Valerii Tereschenko (2 года назад)
Thank you very much!
Kuba Gawlas (2 года назад)
I think you are the best, Drew :) Great video. Btw. can you write in Japanese? ;)
Bad Bicht but nice (2 года назад)
Luv ur videos! wow you look like a million dollar in this video man! ^.^ Nice haircut.
Derik2 Nicolai (2 года назад)
Thank you very much, your videos are really helpful especially fast speaking ones. But I've one thing to say: personally I get tired if the video is too long (such as this), so I hope if you split the video long video(s) into two or even three parts, and you can say at the end of part one: to be continued (for example). Thank you again.
Whatever (2 года назад)
WHATSUUP guys i'm here to say that i have a whatsapp group for english if you wanna join ^^ then write your phone number below ( REMEMBER YOU MUST WRITE YOUR FULL NUMBER ) i will add u as soon as possible ^^
Whatever (2 года назад)
ايم الله محب الدين (2 года назад)
+Martini M write yours so we can get in touch
Nadia Pflug (2 года назад)
Generally nothing new, Drew. You really talk too much. But it was very nice to LISTEN to you! Thank you!!
Gamal Heiba (2 года назад)
+EnglishAnyone I like your way very much and i understand every word you delivered, I really appreciated your effort and way of teaching kind regards, Dr Gamal Heiba
Nadia Pflug (2 года назад)
Sure, you are right! When I started to work I didn't think about that at all! And it's very important. Only now, in many years, I know about that. Good luck!:)
EnglishAnyone (2 года назад)
+Nadia Pflug Sorry you feel that way, Nadia. These ideas make a lot of sense in hindsight, but I certainly didn't follow these "rules" when I first started. :)
Amal Hadi (2 года назад)
I am huge fan of your lessons. .go a head I learned more from your lesson but be relaxed when you talk I thought you injoy the speach if it slowly.
Medetkhan Altynbek (2 года назад)
+Amal Hadi so far so good
Amal Hadi (2 года назад)
+Medetkhan Altynbek I'm good what about you
Medetkhan Altynbek (2 года назад)
How are you doing?
Amal Hadi (2 года назад)
+Medetkhan Altynbek hii
Medetkhan Altynbek (2 года назад)
+Amal Hadi, hey
M Seleem (2 года назад)
Jeong-eun Jin (2 года назад)
Good video~thanks^^You look skinny.Take care Drew.

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