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How Can the Same Drug Cost 10 Times More in the U.S. than in Canada?

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In a floor speech May 2, 2007, Sen. Bernie Sanders reflected on his trip to Canada with Vermont women diagnosed with breast cancer to buy affordable medication at one-tenth the price.
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A M (1 год назад)
Bernie Sanders, Canada is better. Our prescription drugs are manufactured in Canada and not in the USA.
Brian Gossard (2 года назад)
10% and 10 times are different things..
DropDeadDork (2 года назад)
I'm only 15 years old and I can't vote, but I hope so badly that he becomes president. I don't want to have to struggle my whole life for food, education, healthcare, medicine. I wanna live in the world this man is promising. If I could vote It'd be for you Bernie. Feel the Bern!
Sendra Low (2 года назад)
He's amazing!
Jamie Gray (2 года назад)
this man is what America needs.
Ben Chesterman (2 года назад)
Unions drive up wages in public sector . Why services costs more
Heem Lo (2 года назад)
So he wants free trade for some things and not for others. He doesn't seem to be very consistent.
Heem Lo (2 года назад)
+AutumnIsCrazy I think I'd like terrorism stopped everywhere and I'd also like all my products cheaper not just drugs.
DropDeadDork (2 года назад)
+Heem Lo He's simply being smart about what he chooses, if you were given the choice of either stopping terrorism in one country or in your own country what would you choose? Probably in your country huh? But you want terrorism stopped here and not there? You don't seem very consistent. You're simply being smart about what you do.
Star ShineOn (2 года назад)
#Truth #Bernie4President2016. Come together people!
Jason White (2 года назад)
I sure hope he makes it near my area on the campaign trail so I can go out to support him.
Daniel 2018 (2 года назад)
It's amazing to see how Ignorant Dumb Bell White American Are Because the 1% are the Cause make Sure the system of Profit Them, and what they care about the rest of the people in this country. We Vote for Bernie 2016!
Stu VS (2 года назад)
Katt Williams talked about his son's school insisting the boy needed to be on Ritalin, and how it changed a happy playful child into a zombie. As he says, the listed side effects were worse than a child being overactive. They better pray they didn't permanently harm the child.
PAREdown (2 года назад)
Keep up the work that you do Bernie! You are a beacon of hope not to just Americans but to so many of us around the world who feel disheartened about the state of the world.
Renbencanaan (2 года назад)
Interested in Bernie Dank Meme Commentary? Check out my vids
Min Lee (2 года назад)
Super Tuesday is coming up. GO VOTE FOR BERNIE! DON'T BE LAZY AND DUMB! Please!
Chris Hein (2 года назад)
Google is always listing anti bernie headlines, and pro hillary headlines. Google is for the establishment
David Schultz (2 года назад)
You're back!
Sin City (2 года назад)
Sanders is a Socialist. Most young voters do not know what this actually means. It translates into the government taking care of you from birth to death. You can forget about capitalism and entrepreneurship. VOTE TRUMP 2016 and become those who made America the most powerful nation in the world within the first 100 years!!!
Contakum (2 года назад)
There should be enough justice in the world where Bernie Sanders becomes the next President of the United States.
Robert De Rush (2 года назад)
you want real change ? deport all the lobbyist and make obstructionism a capital crime. GO BERNIE GO!!!
brbnews (2 года назад)
Question not about price of medicine - question about do we need that drugs ?
JAUX56 a (2 года назад)
That sucks and so do republicans who think I should get a job. Gimme the free stuff, go Bernie
johnbidochka (2 года назад)
Another common sense question that goes unanswered in American politics and governance.
Tik Ng (2 года назад)
Bernie is such a nut that you can realize why he doesn't even stand a chance to beat Hillary feel the burn he sound like a crack addict on steroids he should be looking for a senior home he is out dated feel the burn hemorrhoid burn you will feel it later not like Hillary you will feel it right away
Anathema Nu (2 года назад)
Why? Avarice.
Kroska1 (2 года назад)
This is where monopolies of big pharma are coming and raping the drug market with ridiculous pricing. That isn't economics anymore its swindling.
troublemagnett (2 года назад)
I love Bernie, but he might need to hit some of those talking points just a little less frequently and speak directly to the American people about fighting for what they want and working with him to bring the opportunities they're looking for. The country polls that they want democratic values but votes republican so often because they get hoodwinked by republican rhetoric. Unfortunately democrats appeal to often to thinking people when they have an emotional electorate. some times you do need a blunt instrument to back up your sharp sword
Masculinglish MGTOW (2 года назад)
How? Jew magic. The miracle of a gift economy shall supplant this treachery.
Brian Bailey (2 года назад)
If Bernie really wants to win this election he has to take a lesson from Trump: remove the PC filter and start dropping "truth bombs" that the media will not be able to ignore. I.e. The comments on Kissinger went viral. Either Bernie believes in his cause or he doesn't! Remove the stops and expose the establishment and their empire for what it is and where it eventually is going to take us. "We will have Socialism or barbarianism. That is our only choice. ". The elites have is on a one way path of destruction and must be stopped now!!!
MasterBlood187 (2 года назад)
Brian Bailey
박준성 (2 года назад)
샌더스 항상 응원합니다. 한국에도 샌더스 같은 사람이 필요합니다.
brbnews (2 года назад)
+j.s park Are you really from North Korea ?
박준성 (2 года назад)
+brbnews 어딜가나 개소리하는 하는 사람들 있는 건 마찬가지구나. 샌더스 지지하는 거랑 북한이란 무슨 상관인지? 종북타령 지겹구나. 보니깐 글쓴 사람 한국사람인 거 같네.
brbnews (2 года назад)
+j.s park South or North ? If you live South - you can easy go to North and enjoy Korean Sanders modification.
David Schultz (2 года назад)
+j.s park Translation: Sanders always cheering. Korea also require people like Sanders.
Fab24hdumans (2 года назад)
You will feel sorry and forget Bernie quickly after Hilary and the whole institution will put her "in charge" ... Don't be fool! The all caucus is a fraud, lot of women managing those rallies want Hilary as president without a clue of what will happen after their "women support" for "madam Wall Street " which is??? Nothing, like after 8 years of Obama... Nothing good for you ladies, but everything will get worse, that is why Hilary "catering" with bankers. GULLIBLE NATION!!! Every 4 years "hope" come and go...
Grant Owens (2 года назад)
Bernie's in KC Wednesday!!!! #FEELTHEBERN 🔥
focusflute (2 года назад)
WE must VOTE for Bernie Sanders in the PRIMARIES
jw2231 (2 года назад)
420 likes ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
ScreamingForClemency (2 года назад)
hey i just thought of something..... we should all make this man president.
EPL (2 года назад)
My sister's medication costs 2K a month. My parents together (a school teacher and a dental assistant) brought home 60K. Over one third of my family's income went directly into medication. It's absurd. We can't even afford proper insurance either so we're fucked if Bernie isn't elected.
brbnews (2 года назад)
+EPL About "Obamacare" slavery... "Slavery is a legal or economic system in which principles of property law are applied to humans allowing them to be classified as property, to be owned, bought and sold accordingly, and they cannot withdraw unilaterally from the arrangement. " - Can you be withdraw from the arrangement with Obamacare ?
EPL (2 года назад)
+brbnews What are you talking about
brbnews (2 года назад)
+EPL everyone in U.S. must obtain.... MUST ? everyone MUST pay to that government connection mafia? Who did it ? Bush ? You must pay , apply or you'll be criminal - what Obama did to U.S.
EPL (2 года назад)
+brbnews What way then?
brbnews (2 года назад)
+EPL but it is Democrat Obama did it insurance fraud.... not just fraud - he made Americans slaves - who MUST pay ... we need free medicine - but not Sanders way.
mmarieden (2 года назад)
We were watching!! Sanders2016!!!
ThisIsTurok1 (2 года назад)
I agree, that's why I'm voting for Trump. We need a bear to bring back our jobs and get our health care costs lower. Sanders is a nice guy, but I don't think he can rally these corrupt politicians and blackmail them to do the right thing.
PolyTickles (2 года назад)
I love you Bernie
0oBlitzoo (2 года назад)
Don't give up Bernie! We need you and your convictions. The corporate media want us all to think it's basically over... Hillary has won... DON'T BELIEVE IT FEEL THE BERN!!
Shawn S (2 года назад)
Everyone should make a donation of $15 which is what we are fighting for as the hourly wage. If all Bernie supporters can do that, he will be able to compete financially with Hillary and then the Trump bankroll, both of which were made with dirty money from compulsive gamblers whether they were on Wall Street or Atlantic City.
Shawn S (2 года назад)
+Boško Igić He indeed did raise the most of any candidate last month!
B. Igić (2 года назад)
+Shawn S He is already competing with Hillary! I heard somewhere that he raised more than Hillary last month.
Steven Caruso (2 года назад)
No dislikes yet!
Shawn S (2 года назад)
+Steven Caruso Give it time. It's the internet. Some Hillary supporter will crawl in here and figure out some way to spin this in a negative way and make it out to be a sexist comment.He was helping women with breast cancer after all. How dare he!?!??!!? He can't possibly know anything that women deal with.(Sarcasm)
Matthew Baran (2 года назад)
pleaseeeee tell this story on stage sanders
randomabilideze209 (2 года назад)
Jonssyy Jons (2 года назад)
+Shawn S The ignorance is in not voting then expecting change and complaining.
Shawn S (2 года назад)
+randomabilideze209 A lot of people aren't ready for a political revolution yet. As much as they say they want change they aren't ready to make it happen. That's the only reason people are voting for anyone else..well ya know that and total ignorance.
Gary Weaver (2 года назад)
It's the typical 1000-years of racketeering
annA48126 (2 года назад)
Lennonavait Raison (2 года назад)
The worst thing for you guys is that we bitch, rightly so, that the prices are much too high for us in Montreal.
Shawn S (2 года назад)
+Lennonavait Raison Well Montreal is a big city. If we go to NYC everything costs more too.
Beat Blasta (2 года назад)
such a positive and smart man!
Beat Blasta (2 года назад)
+OxyCleans Thx dood!
Chimp (2 года назад)
+Relax And Listen To Wax Your a bernie fan. Cool.
MrIzzyDizzy (2 года назад)
The united states is 37th in the world in healthcare outcomes, while being at least twice as expensive or more in every respect. Sadly im sure some women died from lack of medicine after they outlawed such bus trips to canada. However, lets keep in mind that canada is only 25th in the world in outcomes, and they arent the cheapest either. We need to aim higher than that.
Shawn S (2 года назад)
+MrIzzyDizzy Good points. I believe that if everyone had to shop around and purchase their own insurance like myself and other business owners do, they would fully realize how we are being ripped off and hustled by the insurance companies.
MrIzzyDizzy (2 года назад)
+Shawn S Agreed. soo true, we need to start there. Socialised medicne not only has better outcomes and cheaper cost, but it covers everyone too. I think if we can get sanders elected and pressure congress we might end up with a japanese like system that is 70% medicare coverage and 30% private for each person. whatever happens we need to do something, this system we have is literally killing us and driving us into poverty.
Shawn S (2 года назад)
+MrIzzyDizzy Let's start by making sure everyone has healthcare because even if the US was number one in outcomes, that is a moot point for someone who doesn't have insurance. The reality is that someone who doesn't have insurance here will not get the same treatment as someone who does.
Alex Turlais (2 года назад)
a Briton here. we're facing our own political problems here, but if the usa wants to fix itself and be a beacon of hope and democracy, vote this guy in
Mic Norton (2 года назад)
+Organ Anton the problem is corporate media- the insurance companies are partners in crime with hospital chains and big pharma and got their rat-claws even into the university medical school system, and by (corporate media) putting commercial spots on TV, as well as buying the political process, the astronomical profits (no real "product"but money itself) go to financial sector criminals , as well as stupid TV commercials for idiocy like "accident forgiveness",when it's been proven statistically that if you're responsible enuf to get accident forgiveness you're responsible enuf to not get into an accident in the first place..
Alex Turlais (2 года назад)
+CriminalGameplay As boris said, the only reason anyone wouldnt walk around london or new york at night is the risk of seeing donald trump
Organ Anton (2 года назад)
+CriminalGameplay Well I think thats the reason because in London there is literally no one living because they are all killed now.
brbnews (2 года назад)
+I am Your Father Some of states, right ? And now we have slaves - white and black with debt. In NJ color people get voting rights right after revolution. But American revolution was huge push for mankind equality. French revolution, 10 years later - was push to killing and prosecution.
Alex Turlais (2 года назад)
+Freedom Fighter free trade isnt always a good thing. look at the EU - one of the pillars of the organisation is free trade between the nations. this is because we are all developed with high standards of life. the EU also establishes many labour laws that protect the worker. free trade USA style simply allows companies to ship jobs to countries where workers are treated like slaves, and the only ones who profit are the rich
Lester Luczak (2 года назад)
NuclearWinter (2 года назад)
Gonna see Bernie tomorrow when he comes to town. Can't wait!!
Zack Nemo (2 года назад)
Preach truth. Love Bernie. FEEL THE FUCKING BERN
roge- (2 года назад)
+Zack Nemo I can feel the white guilt radiating off of you, Paul.
MightyBl00d (2 года назад)
+Zack Nemo Hey, Paul.
Budred123 (2 года назад)
Because our government lets it.
Anathema Nu (2 года назад)
+budred123 - Bernie Sanders FTW - Hell, I think it's fully encouraged.
HASECO1 (2 года назад)
Keep sending these video logs out I am sharing to well over 300,000 people a day. I'm very proud of my presidential candidate Bernie Sanders!
bigdawg 1111 (2 года назад)
+Lily Corvus Thank you for your intelligent comments. The problem that we face is Bernie is not going to win the dem nomination. . So we can't just say "oh well we tried" We have to keep fighting. . Its Trump or Hillary. . You know one tell tale sign that leads me to trump is the clear fact that the establishment republicans do not want him to win the nomination. . They are all up in arms and are plotting against him. This tells me they believe he will infact shake things up. . It is a fact that he is using his own money to finance his campaign. If he was going to be a sellout to the 1% he certainly wouldn't self finance his campaign. . Sometimes you have to read between the lines. . All the career lobbyists and politicians do not want TRUMP. . WHY IS THAT?
bigdawg 1111 (2 года назад)
+Lily Corvus Thank you for your intelligent comments. The problem that we face is Bernie is not going to win the dem nomination. . So we can't just say "oh well we tried" We have to keep fighting. . Its Trump or Hillary. . You know one tell tale sign that leads me to trump is the clear fact that the establishment republicans do not want him to win the nomination. . They are all up in arms and are plotting against him. This tells me they believe he will infact shake things up. . It is a fact that he is using his own money to finance his campaign. If he was going to be a sellout to the 1% he certainly wouldn't self finance his campaign. . Sometimes you have to read between the lines. . All the career lobbyists and politicians do not want TRUMP. . WHY IS THAT
bigdawg 1111 (2 года назад)
I applaud your dedication. . your going to have to make a choice very soon however. . Trump or Hillary. . I encourage you to support trump when the time comes. atleast with Trump there is a chance for change. . Hillary will be the same bs and lies. . a vote for Hillary would be a vote for politics as usual
Dead Man's Shadow (2 года назад)
such a great guy. of American doesn't vote him in a president, they've missed out on a opportunity to really make a change and better they're own quality of life.
Stu VS (2 года назад)
Bernie needs some vocal, heavyweight allies.
Daniel Kim (2 года назад)
no no no what he says he will do will only happen in a utopia. unfortunately, in reality, we cant do that. we're already 19trillion in debt. we cannot afford to do most of what sanders wants done
Rohan Pandey (2 года назад)
+sdkeller72 lol true
Jonssyy Jons (2 года назад)
+sdkeller72 Sad but true.
Andrew Bellflower (2 года назад)
Agreed 100%
Michael (2 года назад)
Enough is Enough!
Jonssyy Jons (2 года назад)
+RoomWithAMoose Right. The pharmaceutical companies are the biggest drug dealers on the planet. I blame them for the Rx meds epidemic in rural areas of America.
angry react only (2 года назад)
Bernie Sanders is the reincarnation of Jesus
Cherokee C. C. (2 года назад)
+Hot Unicorns Lol, could be true. He's a socialist, a jew, and was a carpenter. He's also not a big fan of the rich (generally speaking). Sounds like biblical Jesus.
annA48126 (2 года назад)
+Yasha Unknown :)
Yasha Unknown (2 года назад)
+Hot Unicorns Let's not bring religion into this. Jesus is great but he's no Bernie.
Jonssyy Jons (2 года назад)
+Hot Unicorns LOL Could be.
annA48126 (2 года назад)
+Hot Unicorns I think you're right.:)

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