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Conversations with Great Minds with Morris Berman, Part 1. Why America Failed

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Morris Berman, author Why America Failed: The Roots of Imperial Decline. "Why America Failed" is the third volume of his trilogy on the decline of the American empire. In it - Morris Berman examines America's commitment to economic liberalism and free enterprise going as far back as the late sixteenth century, and concludes that this ideology, combined with technological progress, was an inevitable recipe for creating the demise of the American empire as we are experiencing today. He served on the faculty of a number of universities in the United States, Canada and Europe and he currently resides in Mexico where he writes for a number of publications worldwide.
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Electrono9 (1 месяц назад)
I've tried my hardest to read two of Morris Berman's books. That dude is one narcissistic, self-congratulatory, self-involved, unrealistic pessimist. He should do himself a favor and read all of Ken Wilber's books--I notice that in all of his wordy ramblings he completely steps around the insights of KW. Pure jealousy never looked so obvious. A working knowledge of Spiral Dynamics might cure him up real quick. Sure America may be in some sort of decline similar to the one Rome went through. But guess what you pessimists, you can still go to Rome. It's a beautiful place, with beautiful people and a beautiful culture. After the "Fall" of Rome it freed up its resources from empire building to become one of the great culture capitals of the world. It didn't vanish like the doomsday people would have you believe. The U.S. will be fine for those of us who know how to plan, live within our means and act like adults.
Gerald Parker (1 год назад)
Swindlers and hustlers all over the place! That is the Ignited States of 'Oink!'. Even one of the foremost hot-gospellers in the U.S. is Chuck SWINDOL. Spelling off, but the spirit is the same.
Whack a'Billy (2 года назад)
"He currently resides in Mexico where it's cheaper to smoke pot and bang 18 yr old whores".
djiniiiii (1 год назад)
So that's what u do when u go to Mexico....good to know ;-)
Wilbur Wafer (3 года назад)
is it just me or does morris appear a bit stoned here or something?
Joanna d'Arc (1 год назад)
This comments exhibits the Failure empirically
André Bernardo (2 года назад)
I thought the same just by hearing his voice. Interesting conversation.
Kellie Nicholson (3 года назад)
I so agree with his last comment about change coming from the right.  When those people wake up to find out that they've been duped, they are going to be very angry.  That's why our government is trying to collect their guns.  I don't know how it will all turn out, but it's not going to be pretty for ANYONE.
Nicholas Pearson (3 года назад)
The United States is indeed finished. Its only awaiting the coup-de-grace which will be delivered either by another huge financial crisis or terror attacks by angry Islamists or a combination of the same.
J Kacz (9 месяцев назад)
I have to agree with you both, and people are living in an infantile illusion by way of a electronic hallucination..... it's going to get worse..... I hate to say this, but we are a corporate state.......
Kellie Nicholson (3 года назад)
+Nicholas Pearson I am frightened at how selfish, shallow and ignorant most people are.
onlythewise1 (3 года назад)
America failed just like Rome- Italy did
watersignwater (5 лет назад)
at the end he sats he understands why the south was bitter but he never mentioned how the slaves felt.
Payhole Everdouche (1 год назад)
onlythewise1 Some of them did, It's called Liberia.
onlythewise1 (3 года назад)
 they was educated but yet they never went back to Africa did they white hater
TheJack4000111 (6 лет назад)
fuck your adds thumbs down!
Elite244 (6 лет назад)
Oh, right, I saw that movie.
zachary dubski (6 лет назад)
Simply stated, there will be no America after the 2013 pole shift. There will be at most 20 million survivors, probably much less. Continuity of Government is an oxymoron! The minute the ground stops shaking; there various factions in government will be up on top, cutting each others throats. Whoever's got the most manpower and the most dry .50 cal ammo will be the new Ameican warlord, whether it's Barry S. or Jerry Brown or Louis Farrakhan. It will be might makes right for at least a century!!!
hike oganessian (1 месяц назад)
what a showoff..you want to see my body too...how about my ass..
zachary dubski (6 лет назад)
"People.......People, who eat people........are the hungriest people in the World!"
bland old isaac (6 лет назад)
"an humanist" . . . off to a great start there
KhagarBalugrak (6 лет назад)
Morris Berman has said that friendship in America is largely a sham. This is true. I can say that most of the "friends" I thought I had have ended up betraying me, usually because they simply decided I wasn't useful to them anymore.
John Jones (6 лет назад)
What are you yapping about? How can you challenge anything I'v said? You have been crushed easily.
John Jones (6 лет назад)
Its funny how he doesn't mention that it wasn't "Americans" that were the biggest "hustlers" and "swindlers" on WallStreet. No it was the liberal Jews at Goldman Sachs, Lehman brothers, JP Morgan, etc who literally destroyed Wall Street in 2008 and got the American people to bail them out. They also control the Federal Reserve who help bail them out. He is a joke and a criminal in general.
John Jones (6 лет назад)
Jews like Morris Berman are the original "swindlers". Ergo, he knows very well about Hustling. He is also a parasite who is a traitor to the country while robbing it of its wealth. Ask his Jewish friends in the media, Goldman Sachs and the government.
John Jones (6 лет назад)
Liberal Jews like Berman are the reason for the "decline in America". Berman basically hates WASPS and is consistently undermining American culture. It would be best if WASPS threw liberal Jews like Berman out of America. This would solve most of our problems. They are basically parasites who are undermining our culture while stealing our wealth.
Scatter Brained (10 месяцев назад)
Did you miss the intro of the vid where it was stated that Berman moved to Mexico? What the fuck are you talking about WASPS throwing him out for? He threw himself out, voluntarily, because of people like you. Impasse validated.
KhagarBalugrak (6 лет назад)
Because America has always been a belligerent nation, a violent nation, and this violence runs very deep in American culture. Since the Right Wing is the leading edge of American violence, a populist revolution in America will almost certainly come from the Right Wing. That's why. Occupy Wall Street is an attempt at a peaceful left wing revolution. Obama, like the Republicans, is a fascist along with his other corrupt Democrats.
Ken Able (6 лет назад)
What does he mean that a revolution will come from the Right, and not the left? WHY?
Payhole Everdouche (1 год назад)
Ken Able So Ken, after five years, have you managed to find a few answers to your own question?
Martin Bring (6 лет назад)
Unbridled capitalism promotes the Golden Rule i..e. He who has the Gold Rules and its equivalent -- the best government money can buy. Except in this system, fiat currency is the Gold.
RMondial (6 лет назад)
a nation of hustlers! if that isn't the truth, i don't know what is. i couldn't agree with mr. berman more. true, true, true!
Medvetz63 (6 лет назад)
@mhgreen3000, He's not saying they can't be solved, just that they most likely won't be.
BVale (7 лет назад)
@brscic I agree. But something has happened to all three. We certainly don't have free markets in an environment dominated by corporations: artificial persons created by the government and sustained by it in all their advantages over flesh and blood persons like you and me. They want us to forget that and abolish the taxes that represent the only attempt to level the playing field. Jimmy Carter was the last major prophet who tried to "get us back" to the moral fiber you mention.
Politics & A Beer (7 лет назад)
Makes sense and explains all the gangster rap we hear.
Marcus Green (7 лет назад)
Actually read this book. He makes some extremely interesting and cogent points. However I don't think that all is hopeless, these are after all man made problems which can be solved by man, to paraphrase J.F.K.
brscic (7 лет назад)
Believe you me,.. You don't want any leftist collectivism (Equality in poverty), and you really don't want to go into collectivism of right(even more police state like),... Liberty and free markets with moral fiber of the people and certain responsibility to others is the best system to get back to.
brscic (7 лет назад)
No I think inevitable demise is state, banking and corporate intervention into political system and economy ,.. Now we have banking and corporate neo-feudalism closer to fascism or national socialism, than free market capitalism with moral character of people.

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