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What has Syracuse University given you?

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Seniors reflect on what the college that they have called home for the past four years has delivered to their lives. Produced by Lauren Bradley and Allie Caren with additional footage by Avery Hartmans for The NewsHouse. More on the end of the year at Syracuse University at http://thenewshouse.com/story/what-has-syracuse-given-you
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wa2ise (4 года назад)
Graduated back in 78, before your mother was born  :-)   Anyway, I went from being essentially worthless (to the job market) to have a good paying job just after graduation.  Also leaned some social stuff, stuff not taught in class but important none the less...
jayman6677 (4 года назад)
Syracuse has given me a ton of snow ... As much rain as Seattle... The most boring shopping scene.. The worst traffic in a city of 600,000.. A poor excuse of a football team.. The best basketball coach with the worst players.... Can't spell sucks without su ...!!!!!!
Jay Coronel (10 месяцев назад)
killer1014021 (3 года назад)
+jayman6677  lol bruhhh

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