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Iran's Drought: Product of Geoengineering? Irani President Says Yes (Chemtrails?)

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Sources: http://www.eraofwisdom.org/irans-drought-product-of-geoengineering-irani-president-says-yes-chemtrails/ Did you know that the president of Iran accused the West of weather warfare? In this video he addresses geoengineering, and we ponder over the possibility of Iran's drought being manufactured.
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gonzopowers (4 месяца назад)
si supiera Irán que en Europa las estamos pasando putas... con la geoingeinería. Laudato Si del Vaticano y Agenda ONU 2030. A esos tienen que echar las culpas
KALLAGH SIA (8 месяцев назад)
What irritates me the most about this video, is how the stupid so-called news person (script reader), comes with her condescending and social engineering words and attitude to make Ahmadinejad look like a crazy person, when clearly anybody who knows anything about geoengineering knows this is happening! What she's doing serves two purposes. She makes it look like Ahmadinejad is a crazy person, while at the same time, making geoengineering look like something that's not occurring, a "conspiracy theory" that is not true and laughable..This is the thing that most people don't think about, is how words are said and used on TV, on the radio, in public speeches, to lead the people to form an opinion, almost subconsciously, about a specific subject or person in order to lead their thinking on the path that benefits them. This is the thing that upsets me the most about this video! They use this tactic all the time, like when you read an article in the newspaper that says, "mysterious weather phenomenon", or "scientists are baffled about why all kinds of animals are dying" or... Any combination of this. They specifically steer peoples minds away from looking at it academically and intelligently with their reason and rationality ( things many people dont seem to have these days thanks to social engineering)and instead direct them towards thinking that "it's a mystery, that nobody understands these happenings,, not even the specialists, so what chance do I have about putting the pieces together and figuring our why this is happening?" THE SCIENCE IS THERE!!! People just need to look in the right direction and stop being controlled by these people who are practicing social engineering! This is exactly how they get mass amounts of people to support them in causes that are absolutely ridiculous and Horrific, like what's going on in other parts of the world. Ever notice how when they want to sway The public's opinion and gain their support regarding some kind of War that's happening somewhere in the world, they use certain terms of reference for each side, using the positive terms for the side they want us to support, and using the negative side for the people they want us to HATE?!?! These poor people are just trying to protect themselves against the oppressors,but the media will use words like "militants" or other negative words like this to make them appear bad, and, Without anybody thinking about what's really going on, they side with the people who were refered to positively no matter if they are wrong and opppressive tyrantz. They automatically and subconciously go against the people that were refered to negatively..This is total social engineering. I can't stand this kind of manipulation! Thanks for posting it though, I appreciate the opinion of the poster on this subject.
Infinite Wisdom (1 год назад)
You did a great job putting the pieces together. Look in to Sierra Leone, Africa's Diamond Capital and their recent floods.
Val Cronin (1 год назад)
Dane Wiggington? You mean Michael J Murphy (director of What in the World are they Spraying)...who appears to have shizophrenic tendencies as evidenced by his facebook page....not that any of that affects the validity of his work, or changes the truth :p
Val Cronin (1 год назад)
What the actual fuck
Infinite Wisdom (1 год назад)
Val Cronin ...Have fun trolling and being a distraction "tool". You're losing the battle.
Val Cronin (1 год назад)
Lol. Whatever dude
Infinite Wisdom (1 год назад)
Val Cronin ...Then begin by getting to the point when you post a comment, instead of posting so-called intelligent sarcastic riddles. Didn't you come to the conclusion your comment was irrelevant? Why even post it? Furthermore, I don't live my life through Facebook kid. Since you seem more concerned about someone's psychological issues, should I send you a pacifier and a blanket? In the future try stick to the subject matter of the video.
Val Cronin (1 год назад)
You've deduced a lot of wrong information from my comment. If you looked into it at ALL, you'd see that Michael is indeed having a hard time, and posting publicly about it on his facebook page. But I even said it's irrelevant, because it is. Please re-evaluate jumping to wild conclusions based on two innocent comments.
TrumpPutin ForPeace (2 года назад)
Iran and all nations being attacked by Chemplanes should shoot them all down. No questions asked. The whole planet is being attacked by chemical bombers.
Hesam0000 (2 года назад)
Iran = E-RON      Iran # EYE-RAN        There is a lake in the far East section of Turkey just to the west of Iran's Lake-Orumieh. The Turkey lake is full of water, Iran's lake is dried up. Shortly after Iran signed the Nuclear-Deal a massive rainfall caused major flooding in the number of Iran's cities. Oh, they create Earthquakes too, like the BAM Earthquake right when US attacked Iraq, What day did they pick to send the HAARP wave? The Chrismas day in America or Dec,26, 2003 in Iran.

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