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Dr. Richard Wolff - Is the Global Financial Crisis Close?

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Economist Dr. Richard Wolff, Capitalism's Crisis Deepens Essays on the Global Economic Meltdown/Democracy At Work. Is Donald Trump's kleptocratic approach to government the logical conclusion of Reaganomics? For more information on the stories we've covered visit our websites at thomhartmann.com - freespeech.org - and RT.com. You can also watch tonight's show on Hulu - at Hulu.com/THE BIG PICTURE and over at The Big Picture YouTube page. And - be sure to check us out on Facebook and Twitter!
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Johny Domingo (8 месяцев назад)
Marxist on RT. Cliché?
prestwoods1 (8 месяцев назад)
NEW world order psychopaths Satanist fake reality run the whole world order...make up words
S3D Productions (9 месяцев назад)
Early 2018 Markets will crash .... the rich currently have the markets propped up to lure in more victims ... but it is prime for failure, and it will fail .... and then what ??? Austerity ?
David Stanley (11 месяцев назад)
Fascist symbol on the 1959 dime fascist symbols in the houses of govt USA has been a Fascist country for a very longtime. Calling it anything else is stupidity
Phoenix Gremoire (1 год назад)
There was a man saying that this September will be a special moment. I thought maybe he is right, we will see. Then now we are close to September and I see war with north korea. Maybe the dollar will fall. When the dollar will fall. The European power and west will fall. This means Israel will lose its ally. This is a very special moment which happens every 2000 years. The star of David has shown up for the second time. This means that the Jews will lose the world power USA and they will become good again and they will leave Illuminati and do good. They asian countries will take over for nearly 100 years. Then The moslims will have power for 50 years. Then the Jews will rule the world under the power of Jesus, Then peace will be every where. There is cyle of time that you can learn, by holy geometry. This knowledge gives you the ability to know the future.
Mickey G (1 год назад)
Please share this video on your FB if you got one. This needs to be heard. Everything Wolff says should be shared! Please share!
cat whatever (1 год назад)
My word! Richard Wolff is such a powerful teacher; taking incomprehensible terms and elucidating with precision. I watch every vid I can find of him. And am privileged to find such a huge intelligence willing to share with the likes of me. Cheers.
Robert Burnett (1 год назад)
Agree about Reagan's damage. But it was Clinton who deregulated the media...down to 6 owners. And he deregulated the banks.
Kris Ballard (1 год назад)
Richard Wolff is very smart!
Robert Cece (1 год назад)
Good ol fashioned currency wars. The US just collapses the system when China & Russia get too strong. That's all we're doing. We've reached the end of proxy wars & influence peddling. Now it's time for all 3 powers to take their clothes off and let the world SEE who cracks up first (take note on China-Russia mass banning VPNs lol). Will it be 1 billion starving Chinese chasing "elites" around the streets who themselves make $3-6 / day? A repeat of Tiananmen Square this time on steroids? Or Russia's political class cracking up this next election & the 2nd act of the collapse of USSR? With 60% of Russians making slightly more than Nigerians do. Then you have the US. Pop our bubble bitches, we can handle a depression. We've done it before. We'll do it again. And if the East cracks up over 1000 yrs hostilities which it will... we'll reset the system having changed not a thing. Wishful thinking really is a fools errand. Everyone wants to collapse the system and go searching for utopia... right till they stick their debit cards in the ATM and realize someone shut the lights off.
Kalin Dokis (1 год назад)
Is it just me or does Dr. Wolff seem kinda tired of being on this show?
Green Energy (1 год назад)
Let’s build hospitals, schools, roads, bridges, safe water systems and create green energy jobs, instead of wasting our American riches in the sands of Muslim countries that happen to have oil. What is wrong with you Earl Blumenauer? You vote for war, war, and yet more war and NUCLEAR WEAPONS. You support EVIL NUCLEAR WEAPNS and say you are SANE. No More War. No More War. No More War.
Green Energy (1 год назад)
No More War
D' Essay (1 год назад)
Harder to say what the current state of capitalism is than it is not. People who live in a capitalist society are buyers and sellers before they are sovereign individuals. Put it this way at the beginning of capitalism when money functioned normally as a means of circulating the commodities of the butcher, the baker and the candlestick maker the State took the form of a dynasty. When state and private industry fuse together to form a political hybrid it will always bring into conflict corporate entities with the masses. If you accept the hypothesis, that monopoly transnational corporations control of the world economy through the instrumentality of the state, than you accept the consequent reality of free will and sovereignty as abolished.
Alison Jansink (1 год назад)
This man is very smart, the French had a revolution to depose the rich. Time will tell how it happens here.
elliott prats (1 год назад)
Fuck this guy doesn't have a clue STILL- at least while not being about to explain Reaganomics realizes it's not very effective! These nutjobs claiming Trumps the bad guy have forgotten what is good vs bad and what democrats used to staying up for!!!
elliott prats (1 год назад)
Charlie KB That is highly likely but I KNOW the Clinton's are 💯 against the people and ONLY for themselves
Harlie C (1 год назад)
Trump is not on the side of the people, he's one of the bad guys.
Ricardo Maccotta (1 год назад)
I think is gonna be hard, though and savage, but i believe that the next revolution is gonna be a global revolution..... rivers of blood, seems that it is comming, helpfully global warming will get us all killed to avoid that
Zach S (1 год назад)
Answer: Yes, and we're all about to get absolutely fucked. Nothing we can do about it until it happens.
tremer 2009 (1 год назад)
Thanks The Big Picture RT.:)
buc level (1 год назад)
Deanna Delmar (1 год назад)
buck level Right Winger detected🚧
Brian Booker (1 год назад)
Professor Wolff’s democratize the work place and Peter Joseph’s redefining work and the Corporation is our only viable future, if we can find the will to switch the Capitalist model we are using. In every field of study if the model doesn’t give an accurate description of the final product you are trying to achieve, the model is either improved or you create a new model. We have example after example that the Capitalist model doesn’t work, Roosevelt tried to improve the model and it still doesn’t work; now it’s time to try a new model. Professor Wolff always says we can do better; Capitalism has knocked the planet so far out of balance we will have to do better soon to slow this extinction event. Last week I read an article that said our use of oil and gas has increased steadily even after the Paris accords. As long as nations think growth is necessary we will not take climate change seriously. I’ve heard scientist say that at some point we will get serious, but when. I watched a video that reviewed a paper written by a group of European scientist, the scientist said the Sixth Great Mass Extinction event is well under way and will probably be complete in twenty to thirty years. I just listened to Chris M. pod cast and his guest said the DOD has determined that in a crisis 90% of the American population would be dead within a year, the guest said that grocery stores only carry a three-day supply of food and there is only a twenty eight day supply of medicine. We live in a complex society and I’m sure people think it’s to big to fail but I think it might be just the opposite to big not to fail.
J GALT (1 год назад)
Of course the problem is that, all economic theory is "growth dependent" and despite what you THINK you have heard, Dr. Wolff has NOT made this declaration nor do democratic workplaces "solve" this problem.....
neonyx22 (1 год назад)
Excellent Speaker.
Joe Sullivan (1 год назад)
The entire system was fucked, well before the Trump presidency. Obama was somewhat worse, it could be argued; a wolf in sheep clothing.
Pontus Lindström (1 год назад)
He sounds like Webster Tarpley.
Pontus Lindström (1 год назад)
The left version of Alex Jones
Hugo Teffer (1 год назад)
Alex Jones is snake-oil salesman with no grip on reality, all he does is spew unsubstantiated conspiracy theories. Richard Wolff on the other hand is economist with a Ph.D from yale and 3 M.A s from yale and stanford. To compare the two is ridiculous.
Alien-nation (1 год назад)
I disagree with Wolff on one point. I think the internet is the main reason people lost faith in the 2 party system, not the fact that the rich horded the wealth through government/business ties.
Deep Thought (1 год назад)
Land of the free my arse!free to die from the misery of poverty maybe.
Wedge Wizard (1 год назад)
free to do as you're told
Earl Bramley-Howard (1 год назад)
The real problem is the democratic deficit. In the UK and USA the turnout is so low, that these people get elected on 25-30% of the votes from whole electorate. That means that 70-75% *didn't* vote for them. Likewise with Brexit, with a turnout of 72% it meant that the 52% for Brexit was only representative of 37.4% of the whole electorate. What is needed in both systems is proportional representation & electoral reforms & rule changes around 'lobbying'. In the case of Brexit - any 'Constitutional' democracy would have required a 2/3rds majority to change the constitution, but the UK doesn't have a constitution because its people are 'Subjects' of the Queen. Cameron got elected with 24% of the electorate's votes, then called a referendum in an attempt to fix divisions in his own party - that referendum only got 37.4% of the electorate's support. That ain't democracy.
antonio bortoni (1 год назад)
Shit is going to hit the fan, it's a good time to buy solar panels in credit, they pay themselves.
Guess who? (1 год назад)
NyYankees1985 (1 год назад)
Frank Elyar <-----he's with "her"
sanford sklansky (1 год назад)
JSavic hartman is hardly a traitor
JSavic (1 год назад)
Frank Elyar That's why RT is so popular. They are using the propaganda of truth to undermine America.
sanford sklansky (1 год назад)
While the show carries the RT bug, it is entirely owned by Hartmann's company, which has contractual editorial control over the program. The editorial staff of the show are employees of Hartmann's company, while the TV production staff work for RT. The show is now recorded and broadcast live by RT America, the Washington, D.C.-based affiliate of RT with a presence on both over-the-air and cable TV systems in many major American cities, also continues to be syndicated by Free Speech TV and carried nationwide on both Dish Network channel 9415, DirecTV Channel 348, and on local Public-access television stations across the country.[1] From January 17, 2012 RT's international English-language channel started to broadcast it worldwide in over 100 countries. I am guessing if he was stifled in any way he would leave RT.
sanford sklansky (1 год назад)
he has the freedom to work where he wants. And you should look up the definition of traitor some time. The only thing for you think about is whether you agree or disagree with some of the things he says.
Victorseafog (1 год назад)
History shows that it will not end well for these rich fucks. At some point the wall they build around their castles won't be tall enough and their heads will be on poles lining the streets in one bloody mess as shown over and over throughout the time man has been on Earth.
Diogenes Laertius (1 год назад)
Until you voice your views on islam and illegal immigration, all I hear is "blah, blah. blah, blah...fucking blah.
Diogenes Laertius (1 год назад)
Wrapping your lips around the professors ass and sucking help no one. NO ONE gets a get out of jail free card. NO ONE! Not bernie, not obama not bush not rump. NOBODY! The professor wants all the illegal aliens we can fit and the good fucking professor LOVES all the muzlambs we can fit too. Go ahead and ask him. Tell me professor, why have our wages and benefits been stagnant or declining for 50 years now? Why dont you do a show on illegal immigration professor? Yoyu never, ever do. Why not?...you too thom. You love the illegals and muzlambs too. Why do you dump on Americans for the illegals? And you know what thom? Why do you censor your own blog...your own people? Hypocrite. Fucking hypocrite. Your bloggers that let you censor?...sheep.
XHellXGeistX (1 год назад)
Global Financial Crisis imminent, environmental collapse inbound, the possibility of nuclear war looming... Fun shit.
wow717 (1 год назад)
Henry Wallace was a true comrade
Charles Kesner (1 год назад)
Thanks for this discussion.
marty mart (1 год назад)
I cannot believe the host asked the obvious question: what is it about our financial system that allows us to make the same mistakes over and over again? well, buddy , because its always the same white old men, including Obama that run things since Abe Lincoln ; white people told the world they are superior to every other race; finally the whole world see how stupid they are
marty mart (1 год назад)
they use ivy league degrees, they created, and hide behind to give them the impression they know what they are talking about... politics is extremely clickist in nature, and the white man have always ruled this country... now look at it.... white people have manage to destroy an entire civilization in 500 yrs! KARMA FOR ALL THEY CRUSHED
daniel spillett (1 год назад)
a Marxist economist on Putin's propaganda network more lies from the Kremlin
JSavic (1 год назад)
daniel spillett I am glad that you can find psychological comfort in the US government. Most people now regard America as a warmonger nation, both economically and morally corrupt. That's what happens when you sleepwalk and let Jews take over your country. Netanyahu has said that he will dispose of you, like a used tampon, once he has sucked you dry.
Accelerationist (1 год назад)
There's 200 trillion dollars in global debt, and only 80 trillion dollars in global currency. The debt-fueled party is over. The collapse is near.
David Lazarus (1 год назад)
The US has been sleepwalking into fascism since Reagan. He started the policy and every President since has continued the ever increasing fascism in the US.
Harlie C (1 год назад)
Very true, not many people understand that fact.
Wretch Gunk (1 год назад)
the US government (aside from a few politicians) has always been at least pseudo-fascist, it was founded by genocidal slave owners after all.... it has built an empire of death in the name of "democracy" and more accurately capitalism
Eric Allen (1 год назад)
ALERT, ALERT: Lots of trolls on this comment page. This is happening a lot just the last two weeks or probably longer. Lots more fake news, but increased trolling of specific sites like Thom's (RT) and not so great news about Democrats. All of these seem to be very Trollish. It's really getting massive. WARNING/WARNING/WARNING
Tom Eubank (1 год назад)
The influence of Newt Gingrich with the rise of Reganomics should not be minimized. His explicit goal was to "reduce the size of the federal government until it could be drowned in a bathtub." And he established the propagandistic cabal that coordinated weekly talking points among GOP politicians, lobbyists, and media. They successfully demonized classic liberalism and institutionalized the successive tsunamis of privatization, upon which the current kleptocracy is founded.
marty mart (1 год назад)
Robert Mercier the billionaire hedge fund..... is who trump answers to... since he and his daughter were the primary bosses who put trump in the white house- want to shrink the government to the size of a pin head... these are not my words... so does peter schiff... and others.... this is what trump is going to do
Marlipk (1 год назад)
Spot on Dr. Wolff! Spot on!
James Cronin (1 год назад)
Dr. Wolff, you sir, are a font of wisdom with the ability to explain complex issues with great clarity. I salute you.
Eric Allen (1 год назад)
He's great, isn't he? Good taste sir.
EVUK0001 (1 год назад)
I've had more than enough of this neverending meltdown death-wish Schadenfreude from the solution-less Left. Financial crises hit the bottom 30-50% of the population. People like "bring-on-the-crisis" economists, professors and TV hosts like Hartmann will keep their secure, well-paid jobs if and when the next financial crisis hits. Too many comfortably well-off pundits on the Left just can't wait to be vindicated by another meltdown - they're well buffered and will be cracking open the champagne if/when the next long hoped-for collapse hits. And as always, no genuinely viable, sustainable, coherent, big picture alternative to the status quo is ever described in any detail or depth by the (fake-green) Left. Only the Jill Steins of this world focus proportionately on sustainable big picture alternatives and joined-up solutions. Paul G (EVUK)
Peter Nachtwey (1 год назад)
This is pure non-sense. Trump hasn't even had a chance to do anything with all the fake Russian accusations. I challenge these idiots in the video to show anything Trump has been able to do with regards to finances. Blame 8 years of Obama or the previous 40 years. Give an example of Trump stealing. This is more libtard propaganda. I do agree that the financial crisis is close but that is because 8 years of excessive spending and fiat currency.
Pontus Lindström (1 год назад)
The left wanted him fired, then they changed their mind. #Retard
Joe Marks (1 год назад)
I believe Trump fired Comey. I consider that doing something about the Russian accusations and I'm still eagerly awaiting the pardon and then prosecution of Hillary and the Clinton cartel. Everyone with a Foundation, Institution, or University are avoiding taxes. If you can reform it isn't evasion anymore :-/ #Absurd
smashthestate (1 год назад)
chaos is a ladder.
Dave Bass (1 год назад)
There's no way to delay the trouble coming every day! FZ
Carl Kolchak (1 год назад)
trump should be impeached for his business ties that he has refused to relinguish. he should have never even considered running for the presidency.
Deborah Hoffman (1 год назад)
horatio hornblower His huge ego keeps Trump in denial that he will be caught for his crimes.
Dave Bass (1 год назад)
A great articulator of fact and truth in unvarnished and brutal straightforward analysis of the current and historical context of affairs in human endeavor in a world view tarnished by manufactured semantic  use of language and logic.
Hu Jiaming (1 год назад)
Wow Dr. Richard Wolff is the greatest guest of economists, really like to see him all the time.
Suzanne Reiser (1 год назад)
This definitely describes the Koch Brothers.
Revic .44 (1 год назад)
Wellington Boobs (1 год назад)
All that fraud 'money' is soon going to be worth so much of nothing. Maybe then some of the zealots will realize what they're doing and beg their respective god for forgiveness.
Madrid Perry (1 год назад)
What democracy 😂
James Fletcher (1 год назад)
The US is not a DEMOCRACY and hasn't been for decades. Time to pull your head out of your ass Thom. Yet another delusional liberal.
CyberiusT (1 год назад)
+James Fletcher : There is a difference between "is" (being the current actuality) and "is" (being the ideal). The US is currently an oligarchy, true; however it is *supposed* to be a republic - that is the way it is set up, and the way it refers to itself. The Pledge does not say "and to the Oligarchy for which it stands".
James Fletcher (1 год назад)
+CyberiusT You might want to scroll up and read the Princeton/Stanford study that clearly shows the US is neither a Republic or a Democracy before you shoot off your fucking mouth.
CyberiusT (1 год назад)
+James Fletcher : You might want to read the other 8 or 9 mentions of it being a republic in this very thread before mine before you resort to name-calling. Bonehead. ;p
James Fletcher (1 год назад)
+CyberiusT Are you fucking stupid? The US is not a Republic. Tell me...what defines a Republic?
CyberiusT (1 год назад)
+James Fletcher : "The US is not a DEMOCRACY and hasn't been for decades." It never has been. The US is a *republic* - which admittedly has some common traits with a democracy, but you also have the Electoral College.
Winston Smith in Oceania (1 год назад)
I was about to start watching porn but had to give that idea up to watch Prof. Richard "Dick" Wolff!
Winston Smith in Oceania (1 год назад)
That British guy is unbearable (like any other idiot on Faux News). Prof. Wolff was very cool and and exercised a lot of patience.
Bob Jones (1 год назад)
@Winston, it it the only one I've read of his, but it is fantastic. Like you, when I see Wolff on Youtube I watch! Did you see his interview yesterday where he destroyed that Fox News idiot?
Eric Allen (1 год назад)
Another troll, roaming the corridors of YouTube, looking for places where you can hang out your hideous ass where it just doesn't belong. I really don't like jerks like you and your friends here. Do you really think you made a point here.  Think again. Take a hike.
Alvicbar (1 год назад)
Winston Smith in Oceania (1 год назад)
Hi there Bob! I have not. Is it his best one?

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