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UF Health researchers uncover how snakes lost their legs

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J. dJ (1 год назад)
the background music is dumb and shouldn't be there
dankdari (1 год назад)
gotta go fast
Ronald Schuck (1 год назад)
So in theory, one could upregulate sonic hedgehog during a python's development and get the python to grow legs?!
Mike V (1 год назад)
This pretty interesting. Alot of scientists don't believe this however creationists believe the event that the snake was cursed in the book of Genesis Ch3. The bible has been around for millenniums and I find it very interesting that what has been there for thousands of years agrees with this discovery. I believe in creation, and I also believe we scientists need to prove the existence of chicken egg (or the chicken itself), or any animal that hatches for that matter, and how was it possible for it spontaneously appear. I went to Stony Brook University and I have Biology Degree (Genetics Track) and always avoided arguing about evolution because I'm Christian. I believe science falls under creation, in other words when God creates something or says something for it to be so, the way it appears in the physical form is through genetics, since that's where all info are stored. It's pretty amazing that God told the snake it would crawl on its belly and we now discover the gene that expresses the limbs gets switched off before the area gets determined.
Jupiter (1 год назад)
satan knows magic ig lol
Ayy Lmao (1 год назад)
Matt Maillet true
Matt Maillet (1 год назад)
and does genetics also explain how snakes lost the ability to speak?

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