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Best Unlimited Data Plan For the Money

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What is The best Cellphone unlimited plan for the money Att Verizon T-mobile Sprint Plans costs And all the ins and outs and caveats of all the plans . Thanks For Watching Subscribe For The Latest In My travel findings side of the road oddities and travel tips http://bit.ly/PineScribe Connect With Me Off Youtube Instagram pineapplepat1
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David Carachure (1 год назад)
I have T-Mobile. I don't know much but I know coming from Verizon we got a wayyyy better deal. I'm in a family plan with my family
Roadside Rick (1 год назад)
+David Carachure oh yeah price wise it would be way better .Verizon is crazy expensive not sure about there service when you go in to the country Verizon always has service even in caves it's crazy
Hissing Thoughts (1 год назад)
Competition not so great out here. My cellphone is prepay $19 per month. Only 500mb data, which is why bemeing holidays meant I had to pay a lot more in add ons. That is still much much cheaper than a plan. Home broadband and phone is unlimited but runs on old copper lines so it can be inconsistent (which affected my beme experience). Upgrading to fibre soon though (and ditching phone landline). Be interesting to see whether my content creator experience improved because getting youtubes up at the moment is something I have to leave for just before bed because it kills all other Internet traffic.
Roadside Rick (1 год назад)
+Hissing Thoughts oh wow that's. not a lot . Fiber is a lot better though . Same thing use to happen at my house when I would upload every ones pin wheels would start turning on YouTube and netflix . With 13 family member it's hard to have the line to your self
Capitan Bastos (1 год назад)
First! I don't know about data plans over there, all I know is, turn it off if you go abroad 😂. (Learned THAT the hard way) And do you have the Sony rx 100m5? I used that until it died on me, now I'm trying to get to know the replacement, the canon 70D.
Roadside Rick (1 год назад)
+Capitán Bastos yeah small mom and pop shops are Great that way .
Capitan Bastos (1 год назад)
Roadside Rick oh yeah, definitely goes under warranty. Actually, the loaner I have belongs to a wonderful young lady who works in the camera shop where I bought the rx 100 m5. She even bought a second (extreme) battery just so I'd have more time recording. And the 70D + the lens I got with it, the sigma 18-225mm, is actually cheaper than the m5. But, talk about great customer service, would never happen if I had bought it at one of the larger electronics stores or online. They even filled out the form for me to make sure Sony understood this was a warranty case.
Roadside Rick (1 год назад)
+Capitán Bastos I have the mk3 works good very best up but a trooper non the less very dependable and loyal . Did you talk to Sony for a warranty or anything like that ? Data has always been a problem for me even worse in the beme days . I get slowed to dial up after 5 gigs so I needed a better solution . But if you don't need just another thing you could live without . Canon is expensive

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