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Giving Effective Feedback 3 - Unhelpful and Helpful Feedback

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http://www.elu.sgul.ac.uk/wba/ Compare and contrast these feedback sessions following the cranial nerves examination and relate each of them to your responses to the questions about the video clip. Particularly look for: * Starting the feedback session * Involving the student * Identifying student performance of specific aspects of the examination * Giving feedback based on specific observations * Giving feedback that can be acted upon * Setting goals/constructing action plans * Completing paperwork * Concluding the session All content on this website (including text, images, videos, and any other original works), unless otherwise stated, is licensed under a Creative Commons License. These videos have been made for educational purposes only. It must be made clear that the behaviours acted out by the students and staff involved in the video role plays are in no way a reflection of their true/normal behaviour. The names of the students and staff involved in the video role plays have been changed.
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Алихан (4 года назад)
Amani Shaqra (4 года назад)
Very informative video! Many thanks!

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