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Kayla in a Navarro Commercial

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This is a Christmas commercial I did with my brother - we were Santa's helpers. I got to keep the fake ears - but I don't know where they are now!
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Текстовые комментарии (65)
Alice the magical dancer (2 года назад)
Wow Layla was in 2 commercials
e.hannah 6 (2 года назад)
Who is watching this in 2016
Shin P. (2 года назад)
why does kayla had a commercial
Jessica Irene (2 года назад)
What part is she in
where is Kayla????????
+Our family yes
yos# Rizo (2 года назад)
idk lol u seeing this too
Leslie Landu (2 года назад)
i saw kayla , she was REALLY small 2016 ?
RAVEN QUEEN (3 года назад)
wheres kayala
Kelcey Desiderio (3 года назад)
Oh I saw Nicole
Kelcey Desiderio (3 года назад)
I mean kayla
ItsmeALIYAH (3 года назад)
Where is kyla??
Ella Swart (3 года назад)
She's one of the elves +AnnieLagman
Natalie Backup (3 года назад)
was that nicole in 0:23?!
Natalie Backup (3 года назад)
Not kayla nicole
Ronae M (3 года назад)
No, her part is at 0:20...with Santa
Amanda Rodriguez (3 года назад)
•Priya• (4 года назад)
Yu-Lin Yang (4 года назад)
Say Selena 3 times and post this on another video
maysa (2 года назад)
+Yu-Lin Yang why?
Seven Fabtastic Tweens (4 года назад)
why was there so much black
Seven Fabtastic Tweens (4 года назад)
was this aired on tv
jessica basave (4 года назад)
weres kayla
alina lim (4 года назад)
shes the small girl in with "Santa" lol
Joanne Beltran (4 года назад)
Anahy Cruz (3 года назад)
Soph (4 года назад)
lol thats in spanish
Tiffany Pane (4 года назад)
Kittenlover1814 (4 года назад)
Nice that's cute
your mom (4 года назад)
how long ago was that 
Karis Goring (3 года назад)
Nearly 6 Years ago
Kamry Green (4 года назад)
Was being in a commercial fun?
Rowan Blanchard (4 года назад)
I wish I was in a commercial
lauren farrington (2 года назад)
Same I wish I was in a commercial
Caty Leal (4 года назад)
Same here
Kayla Jordan Vlogs (5 лет назад)
you were an elf
Kayla Jordan Vlogs (5 лет назад)
omg you were kissing th little toy
PinkDino174 (5 лет назад)
PinkDino174 (5 лет назад)
How do you get in a came racial
PinkDino174 (5 лет назад)
Can u plz show us the rest of the commercials
PinkDino174 (5 лет назад)
Can u plz
Mohammad Imani Nejad (5 лет назад)
what were u in the commercial????
AmericanGirl (5 лет назад)
wow that was so cute
Cayla Congdon (5 лет назад)
kayla, how do you get in commercial????? please send me a message on how to
shaggyolsen (6 лет назад)
Did you are your Brother get to keep anything fore the store to take home?
Kaitlin Staples Stewart (6 лет назад)
kayla can u unprivate the other commercials plzz
Rocky Oreocream (6 лет назад)
How do you get into commercials?
lildancer280 (7 лет назад)
you loos so little!!!
Emnet Ayele (7 лет назад)
Castle Of Thoughts (8 лет назад)
awwwwwww no way lol cuteeee
Kayla Skyee (8 лет назад)
@pineapple543 thanks!
Kayla Skyee (8 лет назад)
@KoolKate4699 my parents take me - it's fun!
Kayla Skyee (8 лет назад)
yeah - i think i was 5 or 6 - i can't remember!
Kayla Skyee (8 лет назад)
yes but as you can tell it was a long time ago!
Kayla Skyee (8 лет назад)
hi - thanks! commercials are fun - i love acting and singing!
Kayla Skyee (8 лет назад)
ok - thanks !
Kayla Skyee (8 лет назад)
I was 5 1/2 yrs old :)
Kayla Skyee (9 лет назад)
Kayla Skyee (9 лет назад)
I was the littlest elf
xoleeleen (9 лет назад)
Is in spanish too,cool! Nice video,Kayla!
Kayla Skyee (9 лет назад)
I had to audition for it.
kelsey blah (9 лет назад)
Kayla Skyee (9 лет назад)
Kayla Skyee (9 лет назад)
wow I'm suprised you knew that was me!!
Kayla Skyee (9 лет назад)
no this wasn't in hollywood or california but I can't say where it was for safety reasons.

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