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Most important drug interactions and side effects for 2015

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Department of Medicine Grand Rounds presentation by Dr. Douglas Paauw, professor of medicine, director of Medicine Student Programs and Rathmann Family Foundation Endowed Chair for Patient-Centered Clinical Education, University of Washington School of Medicine
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BendItLikeBendtnar (2 года назад)
Sat through this and didn't even help, waste of time
Math. ew Ansel (9 месяцев назад)
Ben dItLikeBendtnar
Math. ew Ansel (9 месяцев назад)
write  me and I wlltell if y   have   drugs interaction and of course  charges applies    this is America  no body does  something   for free    but  write  me  DROOGIST PHARMACIST    50     FUCKING  YEARS EXPERIENCE Y  NAME  IT I READ      WITE banaout@gmal.com   if you  do not write and opaola y are the looser  like y  seen on the video     these are     scieces , plus the food and the drugs interaction  with the food and the tprevenetive medicine  what y  use in the  house    f pots and pants , and  many thing y   use around the  house   and THEN  WILL SHAKE YOUR ASS A LITTLE  SEND  IN MAIL  PICURE   OF YOUR     FRIG  CLOSE ON Y   MOBILE AND E MAIL I  WILLTELL  WHAT Y ARE  EATING TOO MUCH OFF AND WRONG AND SEND  TWO  GROCERY  BLLS  AND IF YIUR DIABETIC I WILL TELL HOW TO MAIAIN THAT  DISEASE  WELL AND  KICK ITS  ASS    LIKE I DO   AND  HAVE   FUN  EAT CORRECLY AND MEMEBER INTHE FUTURE BYCOTT THESE  GUSY AARP  HELATH INSURANCE UNTED  HEALTH CARE AD STAY OUT OF UTHRIE CLINICS  AND   AND MAYO CLINIC    BEST MEDICINE IN   CAKIFORNIA TA  U  C LA  MY LAMA MATTER   SO INFOM WHAT STAE  YIU  OLIVE IN AND  HOW IS YOUR WATER SUPLY    WRITE  NO WRITE STAY    UNELATHLY
BendItLikeBendtnar (1 год назад)
pass your drug test fuck outta here stoner, you're lucky I don't report your candy ass
pass your drug test (1 год назад)
seen any good info ? like what strains do what ... like I hate Mexican sativas  I think they have the most paranoia effect  , I never use without a pre dose of CBD
BendItLikeBendtnar (2 года назад)
This is shit

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